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The Armour Family

new album January 2007 - numbers refer to generations

Armour family in Derry, Northern Ireland
James 2 with wife, Elizabeth [Gill]
James 2 and his wife Elizabeth, nee Gill, Fleetwood
Photo from the Studio of J. Glass, Carlisle Rd, Londonderry   children - James (left) & John (right)
James 2 and Elizabeth Elizabeth & John ?
actual size of original - 4 ins x 2½ ins.

left - H.B.Jones, Northgate,Blackburn
above - J.Gresty, Dock St, Fleetwood

full photo with initials
John A. is assumed to be John Armour - he does look very like the John below, especially with the 'droopy' right eye
but the other initials are a puzzle.

Armour Bros and workforce John 2

John 2
James 3 - new apprentice

James 3

James 3
middle back John 2; middle front James 2, brothers John 3, son of James 2 James 3, son of James 2


Family of James 3


Back row, l - r

John (Jack), Anne, Barbara, Alice, Joe, Jim

Middle row, l - r

Bet, Tessa, Mum (Catherine), Dad (James), Meg, Kit (Catherine)

Front row,

the twins, Tom & Frank

Armours 3-4

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