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a little younger than above My Grandma earlier than the beach scenes

Centre :Wal with Tom & Ada, between 1907 and WW1

on the beach - where? Eastbourne? family group Can you identify this group?
Ted with Tom and Ada

Ted with Tom & Ada - maybe taken the same day as the photos above, but compare Ada's hats!.
War-time or just before WW2 ?

Is it Eastbourne? Further around the beach beyond them is a long pier. The same beach - and the same dog - appear in two photos
See also Wal's family at the seaside -
the same day at least as one of these?

keeping up with the times


.Ada in her favourite blue and white dress in the thirties.The photographer has Ada standing because it balances the figures better.

Ada (in her favourite hat) and Tom
Welsh view?

This photo and the one on the right above were probably taken in North Wales during WW2

Almost certainly Ada in her 80s, well after Tom had died The hat was a navy straw. The coat appears to be black and furry.


Ada in her favourite hat