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Not yet back to 1066! The earliest is the Wood family of Ripon, Yks. The vital link of the Whitesides of Thurnham to their origins in Lytham and Marton in the south Fylde has not yet been proved, so their earlier history from the 16th century to the mid-18th (including the Gillow family) is not yet included. All the other families have been traced back to the 18th or early 19th century. Information - on more than just genealogy - is grouped with related families and is collected under the following headings:-

Frank's family

Name Origins.... Related families
Armour Scotland, Londonderry, Armour, Cearns, Collins, Cowell, Forshaw, Gill, Hesketh, Rogerson, Rossall, Wilkins,
Ball Lonsdale & Lancaster Copeland, Taylor, Walmsley, Winder,
Bickerstaffe Lytham Whiteside - connection not proved but puzzling
Cornthwaite Lonsdale, Lancaster Addison, Armistead, Ball, Bleasdale, Brogden, Bruce, Chippindale, Cuerden, Dowbiggin, Greaves, Gregson, Hodshon/Hodgson, Kirkham, Laurenson, Townson, Whitesdie, Winder,
Gill Myerscough, Blackpool, Fleetwood Armour, Barnett, Bateman, Blackwell, Brown, Coulson, Cowell, Davenport, Drummond, Edsforth, Fidler, Fletcher, Gill, Harrison, Hayes, Higham, Hodkinson, Hulme, Hutchinson, Inch, Kirkham, Moss, Moorhouse, Murphy, Parkinson, Ronson, Roye, Souter, Swarbrick, Taylor, Unsworth, Waddington, Walmsley,
Kirkham Poulton, St Michael's Thornton Armour, Ball, Bradshaw, Cornthwaite, Gill, Holmes, Lucas, Park, Swarbrick, Taylor, Waddington, Wallace, Wheeler
Myerscough Over Wyre - Cockerham, Fleetwood, Pilling, Aindow, Bramwell, Bennett, Bickerstaff, Birchall, Boardman, Bradshaw, Butler, Cardwell, Coggins, Cornthwaite,Evans, Fleetwood, Gardner, Hodgson, Jones, Rushton, Strickerton, Taylor. Ward, Hull, , Lythgoe, Miller, Parkinson, Pearce, Pickup, Redman, Rhodes, Rigby, Rossow, Rushton, Shepherd, Simpson, Strickerton, Strickland, Taylor, Threlfall, Walker, Ward, Whiteside, Williams, Williamson"
Strickland Hambleton, Myerscough, Pilling, Preston, Stalmine, St Michael's, Barton, Clarkson, Croft, Lawrence, Myerscough, Preston, Thornton, Wilkinson, Williamson,
Whiteside Lytham, Thurnham & Lancaster Armour, Bickerstaff(e), Carey, Corney, Creary, Gillow, Hayse, Leeming, Shaw, Shepherd, Swarbrick, Taylor, Verity,
Parkinson, Shaw, Taylor, Swarbrick, Bradshaw, , , Porter, Singleton, Gerard, Ward,(Fylde), , , Russell (Lancaster & Lonsdale)
Billington Woodplumpton & Fylde Adcroft, Battersby, Billington, Blacow, Brown, Carter, Cottam, Cross, Diggles, Eaves, Eccleston, Emon, Etherington, Fairclough, Glover, Goodear, Goodier, Gornall, Hathornthwaite, Hodgson, Hodson, Hodskinson, Hornby, Kitchen, Kitchin, Laurenson, Lee, Livesey, Lupton, Melling, Miller, Myerscough, Noble, Parkinson, Porter, Rushton, Singleton, Thompson, Threlfall, Tootell/Tootle, Travis, Turner, Ward, Waring,
Cardwell Over-Wyre Adamson, Blackburn, Cardwell, Cronan, Cross, Hull, Moon, Rogerson, Shepherd, Swarbreck, Wilding,
Goodear/Goodier/Goodere etc (or 'Diggles') Fylde nr Kirkham Billington, Catterall/Cattral, Diggles, Goodear/Goodier/Goudier Goodhear/Goodhere, Horn, Tootell/Tootle/Toutle/Tootell/Tootle/
Hodgkinson Over-Wyre Green,
Hull Poulton, Fleetwood Adamson, Blackburn, Blundell, Bonney, Bonny, Butcher, Cardwell, Carter, Coulston, Cowell, Crumbleholme, Dagger, Eccles, Hornby, Hull, Lupton, McNicholas, Myerscough, Shepherd, Smith, Swarbrick/Swarbreck, Thornton, Tomlinson, Walmsley,
Lupton Over-Wyre Billington, Bolton, Gornall,Green, Hodgkinson, Hull, Jemson, Scott, Webster, Wilson,
Shepherd Salwick & Fylde Crookall, Hull, Verity, Woods,

Although the families above have been listed separately, links have since been discovered showing that they are not as 'separated' as once thought. See the Family Links page for the unexpected connections! Two other families may also be of interest - Verity (related to Whiteside) and Crookall (related to Shepherd)

Barbara's family

Name Origins Related Names
Arrowsmith Kent & London Grant, March, Matson, Meager,
Barnes Warwicks & Bucks Adams, Baker, Barnes, Brazell, Cook, Cope, Curd, Drewitt, Hedges, Lovegrove, Oldham, Scutchings, Short, Simons, Smith, Stockwell, Turney
Cope Lambeth, Surrey Alderson, Arrowsmith, Bridgens, Brown, Colwell, Cope, Fowler, Futcher, Garrett, Goldick, Goodson, Goward, Grant, Hendley, Hill, Lack, Meager, Mersom, Morgan, Musto, Phipps, Povey, Powell, Powers, Sedden, Strachan,
Hedges Bucks - Whitchurch & Aylesbury Allison, Barnes, Clark, Driscoll, Harris,
Oldham Suffolk & Oxon, Wales & Liverpool (now many in NZ, SA & Oz)) Brooks, Carkeet, Dorning, Doyle (sister of Sir Arthur C.), Dryden, Evans, Johnston, Lambert, McFarlane, McMillan, Morris (sister of William), Roberts (NZ), Rogers (SA), Searles, Stockwell, Sutton, Thomas, Voyce, Watson, Westley,
Searles Suffolk, Carthew, Jeaffreson, Syer, Wood,
Stockwell Bucks & Oxon Bowler, Brassell/Brazell, Oldham, Barnes, Boulden, Bowler, Brazell, Britnell, , Eborn(e), Hedges, Hill, Howlett, Lawrence, Plastow, Sanders/Saunders, Sharp, Stevens, Stockwell/Stockall/Stockhall, Stonell, Umfrey/Umphrey, White,
Wood Ripon Yks, London & Melton Hall, Suffolk Fagalde, Lambert, Oldham, Searles, Seedall (of Preston Lancs), Whimper


Cannon Bramley, Surrey Allen, Bish, Blackmore, Burgess, Burgis, Burges, Cannon, Canning, Chambers, Clark, Cockerell, Cockrell, Cole, Coles, Currer, Currier, Curyer, Dalman, Dudman, Durrant, Dyer, Edwards, Gibson, Hackman, Humphries, Legg, Mathews, Mercer, Millgate, Mumford, Punter, Raggett, Ricketts, Russell, Smith, Smither, Smithers, Strudwick, Styles, Tusler, Trusler, Trussler, Voice, Voyce, Wyber,
Dyer Surrey - Guildford area Bristow, Cannon, Canon, Carpenter, Cole, Cox, Dier/Dyer, Monk/Munk, Ricketts, Stent, Streduk/Stredwicke/Strudwick(e)
Jackson Hants Barnes, Burrows/Burroughs, Holdaway, Hoskins, Jolley (Co.Carlow, Ireland), Mason, Mernin, Ricketts, Smith, Taylor, White
Janes Brighton Carr, Ford/Foord, Marchant, Ricketts, Wood,
Ricketts Guildford, Brighton Bartlett, Browne, Browne Browne, Butcher, Cannon, Channon, Cooke, Dainty, Darnell, Day, Deedman, Dyer, Daws, Ford, Foord, Gilbert, Glaysher, Grover, Hawthorne, Hyde, Jackson, Janes, Jones, Kemp, Lawrence, Locke, Lower, Martin, Mears, Mullins, Neaves, Newton, Nicholls/Nicolls, Over, Parsons, Ricketts, Rogers, Scarce, Scarlett, Searle, Sims, Trigg, Woods, Worsfold,
Wood Brighton  
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