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Sons of James Barnes & Mary Ann

(née Stockwell)

photo of Barnes brothers about 1904-6

Thomas 1868 (front centre), George 1870 (front right?)
James 1876, Henry 1880, William 1884
and Fred 1888 (centre back)
This photo was probably taken at a wedding about 1908, from oldest to youngest, not left to right as their ages are not obvious, and not their own wedding or surely the groom would be in the middle at the front, which also applies to Harry, married in 1909. Thomas was married in 1889 when Fred was only 1, Elizabeth when Fred was 7, George when Fred was 9 and James when Fred was 11. If it was a family wedding - which is not certain - the most likely person being married is Mary Jane (Jenny) in 1908, especially as the story below came from Ethel, her niece, who maintained contact with Jenny's family for many years.

Mary Jane would not allow the girls to be in the photo as " their hats would spoil it!"