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The Cannon Family

Corrected and updated March 2012

All villages are near Guildford in Surrey

Most direct Jackson ancestors are marked in bold All dates without Q or month details are approximate

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William Cannon is the earliest known ancestor of the Cannon family, but apart from the fact that he was probably born in Bramley in the early 18th century, nothing else is known about him. No members of the Cannon family have yet been traced further back.

Family of Stephen Burgess & Jane - a doubtful connection!

The link - if there is one - to this family is the marriage of Abraham Cannon and Mary Burgess on 13 Oct 1768 in Bramley. Variations of the name Burgess are Burgis and Burges and there are duplicate entries in the IGI for the same people under all variations. This information is gathered from a submission by an unknown person, probably the same one for each submission.

Stephen Burgess, married Jane (surname unknown) about 1723 in Bramley. Birth dates for both of them, 'abt1702' and 'abt1704', are obviously guesswork. They had the following children, all born in Bramley:

  1. Jane Burgess chr. Jul 1724
  2. John Burgess chr. 18 Feb 1727
  3. Stephen Burgess chr. 6 Dec 1730
  4. Mary Burgess chr.2 Dec 1733

These records can be found on IGI Film nos. 457305, 177914, 178105, 177902, 177992 and 178020 which all repeat the same information. (No 'alpha' prefix' is the clue to tell which records come from submissions of this kind. They are less reliable than those with a prefix which come from sources like church records.) See the family of Abraham Cannon below for the probable identity of Mary.

Unknown but perhaps connected Cannons:

.John Cannon of Bramley,  wife unknown

  1. daughter, chr. 11 Dec 1736, Bramley
  2. John Cannon, chr. 12 Mar 1738, Bramley
  3. boy, chr. 5 Apr 1741, Bramley
  4. Edward Cannon, chr. 5 Jun 1743, Bramley

The known Cannon family line begins with the birth of Abraham, son of William, about 1845 in Bramley

Family of Abraham Cannon & 1.Mary Burgess

Abraham Cannon was probably born in 1745. He was baptised at Bramley on 9 Mar 1745, his father being William Cannon. Nothing else is known of William except that the burial of a labourer named simply as 'Cannon' is recorded for 27 May 1750. (Apologies for the previous mistake in copying the date. NOT 1850!) Perhaps this was him, or John Cannon above, the only other contemporary found in Bramley. Perhaps John was even brother to William.....

Abraham married firstly Mary Burgess. Many thanks again to Barbara Mallyon who found her recorded as Mary 'Burgops', banns being read on 25 Sep, 2 and 9 Oct 1766, the witnesses being Mary Smallpiece and Sarah Burgop. (The IGI gives Abraham as marrying Mary Burgess on 13 Oct 1768 Batch no.M067953)

A possible solution? Although the letter 's' as we know it was in use from early times, there was a fashion in the 18th century for using the old letter which is often mistaken for an 'f''as they looked for 'grace and gentility' first. In fact the bar does not go all the way across the upright. The old version of Baskerville (used first by the printer John Baskerville) did not use the 's' at all and in other typefaces it became common practice to use the upright version first in a double s ('ss'). Perhaps what has been assumed as 'p' in handwriting was in fact an old upright 's'. There are plenty of examples to be seen in old wills. Old pens (as some of us well remember) left many a blot so it is possible the 'o' was actually an 'e'. It often helps to enlarge these letters with a magnifying glass. Blots and ornamental flourishes beloved of some enumerators cause many misreadings in censuses.

Abraham and Mary (whatever her maiden name) presumably had the following two children, though only Abraham is named, not Mary.

  1. William Cannon chr. 24 Jul 1774 in Bramley; bur. 17 Jul 1800 in Bramley
  2. James Cannon chr. 16 Mar 1783 in Bramley; bur. 23 Nov 1864 in Albury

If they were married in 1768 it's quite possible there were several miscarriages or other children who did not survive earlier and between the two, and in view of the record of the birth of James Cannon, (with thanks to Barbara Mallyon who found the details) that he was the 'son of Abraham and Mary of Hambledon House of Industry' it would not be surprising. Whether or not James was born in Hambledon he was certainly baptised in Bramley.

There was a very large workhouse at Bramley in the 19th century which is 'officially' stated to have opened about 1788, but it must have begun rather earlier, probably endowed by some local worthy to help those who for one reason or another - accident, illness, lack of employment - were too poor to survive on their own. Hambledon is another small village several miles to the south where those poor enough to necessitate being 'on the parish' in Bramley would go. Bramley was in the rather large 'catchment area' as we would now call it, for Hambledon.

When James died in Albury in 1864 his age was given as 82, i.e. born in 1782, but on the 1851 census his age of 62 gives a birth date of 1789. The 1861 census gives his age as 78 which tallies with his age at death. Discrepancies of this kind must depend on who gave the information to the enumerator, in this case probably Sarah - who died before the 1861 census! If James was born in the workhouse at Hambledon this could account for the delay in his baptism.

One possibility is that Abraham and Mary were also the parents of Henry Cannon (1773-1844) ancestor of Barbara Mallyon. Henry married Jane Cole (abt.1779-1859) in Bramley on 20 Jan 1801. In 1841 there were not many Cannons in Bramley and they were probably all related. Henry's approximate birth is calculated from his age at death and there seems to be no record of a baptism

Barbara Mallyon found, on trawling through the actual records, the death of a Mary 'Beaucannon'. This name is unusual and extremely rare. Some spelt 'Bucanon' in 1891 are probably mis-spellings of 'Buchanan'. In this case it could be a simple mistake or mis-hearing. It seems highly likely it should simply be Cannon, especially considering the date. She was buried on 27 Mar 1783 - only 11 days after the birth of James!

Family of Abraham Cannon & 2.Jane Humphries

Abraham Cannon married Jane Humphries, on 5 Sep 1788 in Bramley so the natural conclusion is that there was only one Abraham (there is no evidence for any other), that his first wife died, and that Jane was his 2nd wife as previously believed. The IGI has a christening record for a Jane Humphrey in Dorking on 12 Jul 1843, her father being Edward Humphrey and her mother Mary.(C074073) It is not certain of course that she is the same person as Jane Humphries, especially if she was actually born in Cranley about 1751. (see below) The marriage to Abraham took place in Bramley on 5 Sep 1788. (IGI Batch No.M067953) Their children were of course half-siblings of William and James Cannon, children of Mary Burgess

Abraham Cannon and Jane had the following children:

  1. Edward Cannon, chr.1 Mar 1789 in Bramley
  2. George Cannon, chr. 16 Sep 1792 in Bramley;

It must be this Abraham who was buried in Bramley on 12 Feb 1819. His age as given, 78, could be a mis-reading of 73, though of course ages were often vague at this time and there was sometimes a gap between birth and baptism! Jane can perhaps be identified with the Jane Cannon, aged 74, buried at Bramley on 16 Jun 1825, so born about 1751, ten years after Abraham and aged 38 and 41 at the birth of her children.

Family of James Cannon & Sarah Russell

The following is mainly based on this family, each linked member being head of up to
3 generations more. Follow your chosen line or read straight through..

Sarah Russell was baptised in Stoke ('Stoke-next-Guildford') on 13 Jun 1790, daughter of Thomas Russell and Hannah Strudwick.

The family origins of Thomas Russell and Hannah Strudwick are still speculative, but the Strudwick line is a very interesting one as the evidence suggests that Sarah's daughter Eliza and her husband, Henry Ricketts, were 3rd cousins. The Ricketts' connection to the Strudwicks is listed on the Dyer page and the Russell connection to the Strudwicks is being developed on a new Russell page. All the names, both first names and surnames are very common in Surrey so it's difficult to identify anyone with absolute certainty in the 18th century. Any information about these - or contra-indication - would be very welcome.

Sarah was born in Stoke-next-Guildford in 1790 according to the 1851 census, agreeing with her baptism there on 13 Jun 1790 as recorded by the IGI. She presumably moved (hardly any distance at all) to the parish of Merrow, with her family as a child for she married James Cannon there on 25 Mar 1809 at the age of about 19. As he was a labourer he was presumably in Merrow in search of work. They lived in Merrow for a while and then moved to Albury.. Their children were as follows:

  1. William Cannon, chr.29 Sep 1809 in Merrow (not found later)
  2. Henry Cannon, chr. 12 May 1811 in Merrow; probably the one Bramley 19 Jul 1835, aged 22.
  3. Sarah Cannon chr. 3 Oct 1813 in Albury
  4. Mary Ann Cannon, chr. 13 Oct 1816 in Albury
  5. James Cannon, chr.10 Oct 1819 in Albury m. Jane Coles 26 Dec 1840 in Albury
  6. Martha Cannon, b. 14 May 1822, chr. 26 May 1822, Albury. m. James Dyer (b.1823) 3 Jun 1848 in Albury
  7. Eliza Cannon, chr.2 Dec 1824 in Albury, m. Henry Ricketts on 22 Mar 1845 in West Clandon. They may have been third cousins! See note
  8. Jane Cannon chr. 20 May 1827 in Merrow. She is almost certainly the Jane who was a witness at Eliza's wedding.
  9. Abraham Cannon, chr. 6 Dec 1829 in Shere, m. Sarah Punter on 29 Jan 1853
  10. Emma Cannon, chr. 3 Mar 1833 in Albury, m. Henry Styles (b.1830) on 25 Dec 1856 in Albury
  11. Mary Cannon chr. 5 Apr 1835 in Albury

In both the 1841 and 1851 Censuses this family is shown as living at Newlands Corner, Albury. Sarah died and was buried at Albury on 13 Feb 1855 and James was buried there too on 23 Nov 1864.

The main account now continues from the marriage of Eliza Cannon to Henry Ricketts on the Ricketts page Follow the links above for footnotes and/or many other descendants on this page.

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Notes on the other children of James and Sarah Cannon

2. Henry & 7. Eliza Canning-Cannon children of James Canning and Sarah [Russell]
]Henry was entered as 'Canning' rather than 'Cannon' on his burial record and Eliza as 'Canning' on her marriage record. This spelling is a 'mistake'. George Canning had been Foreign Secretary twice and was briefly Prime Minister in 1827. The local minister could have spelt it that way hearing only 'Cann'n'. Return

3. Sarah Cannon, b. 1813 daughter of James Cannon and Sarah [Russell] was also probably the mother of Mary Ann chr. 5 Apr 1835 in Albury and George Cannon, chr. at Bramley on 25 Dec 1836 (IGI Batch no. C067951). She did NOT marry into the Trusler family as was previously thought and there is at present no known connection of this family with the Truslers. (She was confused with Sarah Cannon, b. 1816 daughter of Henry Cannon - origin unknown - and Jane Coles) . Return

8. Jane Cannon, daughter of James Cannon and Sarah [Russell]. The IGI record for Jane[C109881] has her baptised in Merrow. In 1841 she was living with the rest of the family at Newland's Corner, Albury, then aged 12. In 1851 she was living in Holy Trinity (now the Cathedral) parish in Guildford at 163 High St with a Sarah Moon, both being house servants. What 'house' is a mystery - on one side was a bargeman and on the other the Grammar School. She gave her birthplace as Albury but perhaps there were two occasions (her eldest two siblings were also born in Merrow) when her father who was an 'ag.lab' worked in Merrow, and in any case she was under two years old when they moved back to Albury so was probably unaware of it. After 1851 no further trace of her has yet been found in deaths or marriages. Return

 5. James Cannon m. Jane Coles on 26 Dec. 1840 at Albury. (IGI Batch no. M017111) There are several of this name but the best 'matches' are 1) a labourer found at Wonersh in 1881 and 2) a marriage to Jane Coles at Bramley in 1840.

Whether Henry Cannon, ancestor of Barbara Mallyon, was related to Abraham Cannon and Mary Russell is uncertain as Henry's origins are unknown, but recent research has revealed a definite connection here through the relationship of their wives. The spelling Cole or Coles is immaterial - they appear as family with both. The two Cole families are shown here with colour coding for extra clarity as the relevant parents in each generation had the same names, William and Hannah, their son, also William, also marrying a Hannah.

Henry married Jane Cole on 20 Jan 1801 . She was baptised on 5 Mar 1780 in Shalford, daughter of William Cole and 'Hanah' [[P013741] Henry and Jane had 10 children, as listed from the local records (with many thanks to Barbara Mallyon) with those also listed by the IGI in italics for easy reference, with dates and place of baptism: William 24 May 1801 Shalford, Mary 21 Apr 1805 and James 19 Jul 1807 Bramley, Martha 3 Dec 1809 and Henry 8 Aug 1813 Godalming, Sarah 21 Jan 1816 Shere, and in Bramley again, George 19 Apr 1818-1872, Edward 18 Feb 1821, Eliza 1821, and Charles 30 May 1824-1825.

 William Coles junr was baptised in Shalford on 18 Apr 1784, son of William Coles and Hannah and brother of Jane who was baptised on 1 Dec 1822 in Albury, daughter of William Coles and Hannah [C017113] The two Janes were therefore aunt and niece, and Henry and James were at least uncle and nephew by marriage.

Jane Cole married James Cannon on 26 Dec 1840 and they are both shown on the 1841 census living with William Coles junr, aged 55 and his wife also Hannah (like his mother) aged 45, in Albury. William Coles junr and Hannah then had three children at home, Eliza 15, Henry 11 and after James Canon 20, Jane Canon 20, i.e. James' wife formerly Coles. This is on the same page in the census as James Cannon's parents, James Cannon 1783-1864 and Sarah [Russell] 1786-1855, which of course explains how the young couple met!

James and Jane seem to have had 13 children, though some either died young or did not marry.
  1. Mary Cannon, chr. 8 Aug 1841 in Albury, m. Shadrach Raggett - 3 children
  2. Eliza Cannon chr. 12 Feb 1843 in Albury m.John  Legg Jun Q 1876 ; 3 children
  3. Henry Cannon b. 1845 (1861 census)
  4. George Cannon chr. 24 Jan 1847 in Bramley m. Ann Allen (b.1850, Effingham) on 31 Mar 1868 in Shalford, 5 children
  5. Abraham Thomas Cannon chr. 6 May 1849 in Wonersh [IGI C055921] m. Elizabeth Durrant, 9 Aug 1873 [IGI M055922] in Wonersh, 7 children
  6. Emma Cannon b. Jun Q 1851 Hambledon Reg Dist. Vol 4  p.216
  7. James Cannon chr. 14 Nov 1852 in Wonersh, m. Barbara Esther Blackmore (b. 1858 Watton Herts) on 3 Nov 1877 in Wonersh, 1 daughter
  8. Jane chr. 24 Apr 1855 in Wonersh
  9. Clara chr. 20 Aug 1857 m. George Clark 1878, 3 children
  10. Jane chr. 4 Nov 1857 in Wonersh
  11. Sarah Cannon b. 1860 in Wonersh m. Peter Bish, Jun Q 1888;10 children
  12. Jane Mary Grover Cannon b. 1860 (on 1861 census)
  13. William Cannon chr. 1 Nov 1863 in Wonersh, gun powder maker

iii - George, an ag. lab., is entered on the 1881 census as born in Shalford. His wife Ann was a laundress and they were living in Wonersh though their three children, Jabez aged 8, William 6, and Minnie, 3 were born in Blackheath. Ann is given as born in Effingham, Kent but Effingham is halfway along the road from Guildford to Leatherhead, in Surrey. Blackheath is a village near Wonersh between Shalford and Albury (pop.220)

iv - Abraham Thomas and Elizabeth appear on the 1881 census. Abraham Thomas appears as Abraham, or Abram, Abraham T. or just Thomas, and as born in Shalford rather than Wonersh, though his age is correct, but the move from Shalford to Wonersh obviously took place around this time. He was a labourer at the gunpowder works. The ages of the two older children tally with the date in the IGI

  1. Alice Cannon chr. 18 Jan 1874 in Wonersh [IGI C055923]
  2. James Isaac Cannon chr. 17 Sep 1876 in Wonersh [IGI C055923]
  3. Thomas b. 1879 in Wonersh
  4. George chr. 9 Mar 1890.

v. - James and Barbara appear on the 1881 Census for Wonersh with one child, Susannah J. Cannon b. 1880 in Worplesdon

vii & viii. - The fact that Clara and Jane were both baptised in 1857 may not mean they were twins - baptisms were often delayed, perhaps because the family kept moving but the parents in both cases were given as 'James Cannon and Jane'. The 1881 Census gives only the last two at home, along with a grandson, Frank P. Cannon - see more about him below..

ix. Sarah's first five children, born before her marriage, were Frank Peter Sep Q 1879 (who was with his grandparents, James Cannon and Sarah [nee Russell] in 1881), Edith Emily Sep Q 1881, Sarah Elizabeth (known as Elizabeth) Jun Q 1883, Albert Sep Q 1884, and Isabel Mar Q 1886. Sarah then married Peter Bish in the Jun Q 1888 and had 5 more children named Bish, Walter Mar Q 1889, Frederick Isaac Mar Q 1890, Sidney Mar Q 1892, Percy Mar Q 1894 and Daisy Sep Q 1895. (All source details available on request)

Peter Bish was born in Balcombe, Sussex, son of Isaac and Sarah Bish and 4th of their 5 children. He left home before he was 15 (1871) but before the next census (1881) he had moved to Surrey and was living at St Martha's in the Hambledon registration area and working in the gunpowder factory so he could easily have been the father of Frank Cannon - his second name of 'Peter' could be relevant. Hopefully Sarah named the father of her children on their birth certificates! If so he could also have been held liable for their support. Unfortunately Peter died in the Jun Q 1895 (It would be quite interesting to know his cause of death since he was working with gunpowder!)

In 1901 Sarah is listed as a packer in the gunpowder factory - perhaps this is how she initially met Peter Bish. But in 1902 she married again, this time to Charles Howick, and the three of her Bish children, Walter 22, Percy 17, and Daisy 15, who were living with her in 1901 moved with her to Aldingbourne in Sussex. Charles was a 'cowman' as were also Walter and Percy, a job that perhaps paid less but was a good deal safer!

Isaac and Sarah Bish had no more children after their 5th so 'Burt James Bish', mentioned here previously is now discounted as irrelevant to this line of enquiry.

With many thanks for much of the information on this family to Dennis, husband of Diane, a Bish descendant


6. Martha Cannon, daughter of James Cannon and Sarah [Russell] was born 14 May 1822 and baptised on the 26th May (IGI Batch no.C117113). She married James Dyer, son of Thomas Dyer, on 3 Jun 1848 at Albury. (IGI Batch no. M017111) . (Go to the Dyer Family for more on this line)

Dyer-Cannon-Ricketts family chart

A slightly more detailed view of this tree is given below and again on the Dyer Family page. Return


9. Abraham Cannon, son of James Cannon and Sarah [Russell]
The only record found for Abraham Cannon is for his baptism on 6 Dec 1829 in Shere.(IGI Batch no.C013774) although the 1881 Census gives his birthplace as Albury, which matches with the rest of the family. He married Sarah Punter on 29 Jan 1853 (IGI Batch no.M017111) Sarah, a laundress, was the daughter of John Punter and Mary. If this John Punter is one and the same as the lodger, John Punter, who was living with George Cannon and his wife Jane (Punter) of Bramley, then Sarah Punter and Jane Punter were sisters.

Abraham and Sarah had nine identified children: [Stoke is of course Stoke-next-Guildford]

  1. William Cannon chr.12 Feb 1854 in Albury, d.Jun Q 1874 Guildford
  2. John Cannon chr.29 May 1855 in Merrow m. Ruth Mathews Mar Q 1888 Guildford d. Jun Q 1902
  3. Emma Cannon chr. 28 Sep 1856 in Merrow, m. James Dudman 25 Dec 1877 in Stoke, 8 chidren; Emma d Mar Q 1907 aged 50
  4. Ann Cannon chr. 29 Aug 1858 in Merrow, m. James Cockrell Dec Q 1888 (no children) d. Jun Q 1917 Guildford
  5. Elizabeth Cannon, chr. 30 Sep 1860 in Merrow, d. Dec Q 1864 St John's parish, Stoke
  6. Mary Jane Cannon b. 13 Jul 1863, Slyfold Green, chr. 5 Oct 1879, Stoke, m. James Wyber 13 Aug 1881,Stoke, d. 27 Aug 1925 in Guildford
  7. James Cannon b. 1866 in Stoke m. unknown Dec Q 1888 Guildford
  8. Henry Cannon b. 6 Apr 1868 in Bellfield, chr. 5 Oct 1879 in Stoke, m. Caroline Styles d. 2 Sep 1948 in Guildford
  9. Alice Cannon b. 1876, chr. 5 Oct 1879 in Stoke

No evidence has been found for an Abraham between ii &.iii, nor for a Sarah b. 1879 in Stoke, originally listed here, so these entries have been removed.- Nov.'09
A grandchild, Elizabeth Mercer, born 1879 in Stoke was living with Abraham and Sarah in 1881. She has not been found on other censuses yet and it is still not known who her parents were. The name Mercer appears again later in the family as Beatrice Adelaide Wyber (b.1886) daughter of Mary Jane (vi) .married a Frederick Mercer.
Ann married James Cockrell in Dec Q 1888 and the 1891 census shows her brother Henry and his wife Caroline as lodgers on Stoughton Terrace in Stoke.

Sarah [Punter] was 48 at the birth of her youngest child and lived to 83, dying in the Mar Q 1916. She had been a widow for 21 years, Abraham having died in the Sep Q 1895.

A 'happy' mistake in 1911 - a bonus!


Several houses on 'Stoughton Terrace' in Stoke-next-Guildford figure quite often in the Cannon history.


1881 Henry Channon, 26, was living at no.14, not of this family but of interest to others.
space Abraham Cannon and Sarah [Punter] were at no.15 with their children (inc.Henry aged 12 but not Emma or Annie)
1891 James Dudman and Emma [Cannon] were living with their children only few doors away from
space Henry Cannon and Caroline [Styles] with lodgers James Cockerell and Ann [Cannon]
1901 Sarah [Punter], widow, was at no.14 with James, Henry, Caroline and 4 grandchildren, 3 Cannon (children of Henry Cannon and Caroline [Styles], and Edith Dudman, listed below)
1911 Sarah [Punter] now 80, was still at no.14 with Ruth Cannon daughter-in-law, b.1858 as domestic servant. Someone made a mistake at first and wrote in her children (all as married) Annie 52, Mary, James, John and Alice. At the 2nd attempt they added James Cockerell 48, and wife Annie [Cannon] 52, married 23 yrs, a grandson Edgar Gibson, 14, and Ruth 53, widow, also married 23 yrs, and had to cross them out as well. The 2 schedules were written - and signed, but as Sarah on one and James on the other - in a distinctive, very neat hand,obviously by just one person, probably James, giving 14 Stoughton Terrace as the address on each but stating that there were 2 rooms (one was the kitchen) in Sarah's part and 3 in the other where James and Annie were living, along with their 'nephew' Edgar Gibson b.1897 in Dagshi, India, (and in the next column 'British subject by parentage'). A different hand wrote the next entry for a 2 yr old 'visitor', Gladys Young b. Cranleigh(Cranley), Annie's? - she would be the one looking after her). James spells his name 'Cockerell', not 'Cockrell' as often in censuses, but here. Annie (?) probably also wrote 'Five' for rooms, then scribbled it out and added 'Three', which makes sense if adding Sarah's 2 rooms. James (presumably) also confirmed that he'd been married 23 years. The strictly illegal part was of course for one person to sign both names!
___It certainly paid off here to consult the original as none of these mistakes are recorded in the transcript, and not even the number of rooms. But finding Edgar's parents may be somewhat harder. Alice (ix) is the 'unknown' one, only found in the 1881 census aged 5 and not the 1891 census, aged 15. Perhaps she married a soldier and went to India with him where Edgar was born in 1897. It was quite common to send children like Edgar Gibson home alone if there was someone to look after them, but this is just guesswork at present. Return

iii - Emma Cannon married James Dudman, a bricklayer, in Stoke on Christmas Day 1877 James Dudman was born in Stoke in 1856. They had 7 children, most born in Stoke, Mary J. 1882, Thomas J. 1884, Rosa Etty Jun Q 1885, Alice Maud Jun Q 1887, Grace 1889, Louisa Sarah Grace (aka Grace) Dec Q 1889, Walter Sep Q 1895 in Worplesdon, and Edith May Jun Q 1896. In 1891 the Dudmans were living on Stoughton Terrace in Stoke with five children. The birth of Grace in Stoke suggesting that they moved to Pannell's Terrace close to the centre of Guildford about 1900. In 1901 Edith May was staying with her grandmother, Sarah [Punter] Cannon. Emma died in the Mar Q 1907. James died 7 years later in the Dec Q 1914 but hasn;t yet been found in 1911.

No viii- Henry Cannon and Caroline [Styles] had three children, Dorothy Anne 1891, William H. abt 1895, and Charles J.. abt 1899. In 1901 the three children were staying with their paternal grandmother, Sarah [Punter] Cannon.

Dorothy married Henry John Wyber, a soldier, in Stoughton Barracks, Guildford, her first cousin. Henry J's mother, Mary Jane Cannon, b.1863 was sister to Dorothy's father Henry Cannon, b. 1868. So Abraham Cannon and Sarah [Punter] were grandparents of Henry John as well as of Dorothy

William married Olive (surname unknown)

By 1911 Sarah was living on her own, in the same house as before. Quite a few of the wider family lived in this street from time to time. (This type of 'clustering' is not uncommon and is even more pronounced in the related Ricketts family)

The following tree shows some of the repeated surnames. The numbers refer to the individual's position in their family; dates of the marriage where known. Other details, shown in the text above, have been omitted to keep it simple. See the Ricketts page for more on that family. Eliza (or Elizabeth)[Ricketts] Styles had a 'nurse-child', Alice Worsfold aged 4, living with them. Eliza's father having died, her mother, Sarah [Dyer] Ricketts married John Worsfold in 1845 so there is presumably a connection there with the Worsfold family.

With grateful thanks to Linda, my 4th cousin, a descendant of vi. Mary Jane, and James Wyber,
for extra information backed up by certificates and other records.


Summary :
Emma Cannon b. 1833, m. Henry Styles, son of Richard and Elizabeth
Henry Cannon b. 1829 m. Caroline Styles, daughter of William and Harriet
Emma Cannon, b. 1833, daughter of James Cannon and Sarah Russell was the aunt of Henry Cannon b.1868
Abraham Cannon, her next older brother, and Sarah [Punter] were the parents of Henry Cannon so he was the nephew of Emma.
No connection has been found between Henry Styles b.1829 and Caroline Styles b. 1867 though their paths crossed in Clandon and both families remained in the Guildford area for several generations.

Details :
10. Emma Cannon, daughter of James Cannon and Sarah [Russell], a laundress, married Henry Styles on Christmas Day 1856. Marrying on this day was quite common as it was usually the only day they had free. Henry was a gardener, born in Worplesdon in 1830, son of Richard and Elizabeth (recorded in 1841 as 'Stiles'). They had 5 children but only one married:

  1. Arthur Richard Styles chr. 10 Jul 1859 in Albury, d. Mar Q 1860 in Albury
  2. William Styles, b. 1863 in Albury, a railway servant, m. Hannah Smith Dec Q 1893 in Guildford (she had 3 children)
  3. Alice Betsy Styles b. Sep Q 1863 Albury; d.unm. Dec Q 1906 Lambeth aged 42
  4. Amelia Styles, chr. 31 May 1869 in Merrow, d.unm. 1896 in Bath
  5. Emily Caroline Styles chr. Christmas Day 1870 (C109881), d. Mar Q 1871

In 1881 they were living in Merrow Road, Merrow, with William and Amelia and also a six-year old 'boarder', Emma Mumford, b. 1875 in London. That year Alice was a servant in Woking, in the household of Edward Ryde, President of the Institute of Land Surveyors.
In 1891 Amelia was employed as a general servant with her aunt, Ellen Styles and her family, in Portsmouth (It was common practice for girls to be sent to a relative's house to learn 'household management', especially as preparation for their own marriage, though Amelia never married.)
Emily's birth registration was dated Mar Q 1871 but the date recorded is that of registration, not necessarily birth. The length of delay might have been little more than a week, probably normal and certainly not delayed by any festivities! There were no public holidays then and the festive 'season' was basically just one day off in a working week! Return

Family of Abraham Cannon & Jane Humphries

- half brothers of James Cannon (husband of Sarah Russell)

1. Edward Cannon and Mary were living on Farncombe St, Godalming in 1841 and 1861, but they have not been found so far in 1851; in 1861 Edward is incorrectly listed as married (he was widowed). His wife was Mary Curyer (or Currier), b.1789 who died Mar Q 1850, being buried on 8 Jan in Godalming. They had six children, all BMDs in Godalming :

  1. Ann Cannon chr.5 Jan 1809
  2. George Cannon chr. 20 Jun 1813 m. Sarah Joy 1 Jan 1839, prob.d. Sep Q 1868
  3. Sarah Cannon chr. 30 Sep 1815 m. 1) Stephen Joy 10 Dec 1843; 2) James Hackman 1 Oct 1853
  4. William Cannon chr. 16 Aug, d. 29 Aug 1818
  5. Hannah Cannon chr. 11 Apr 1824 m. William Hackman 6 May 1843
  6. James Cannon chr. 15 Jan 1826, d. 17 Oct 1834

Stephen Joy, son of John, died in the Dec Q 1846 so his place of birth is not known. He appears on the 1841 census in Farncombe, now a suburb of Godalming with Mary 54 (b.1787), Henry 16 (b.1825) and Mary 10 (b.1831)
Sarah Joy was also the daughter of a John Joy but she was married before the 1841 census so there is no other clear evidence of her family.Nor is there any evidence for her being the sister of Stephen except to say it is possible. Unfortunately she and George don't appear on the 1851 census although they are clearly shown as living in Godalming in 1841 and 1861 when she was given as born in Brill, Surrey (it seems to be in Bucks!) in 1814. The place-name has been misinterpreted, there is only one 'l' in the word and it looks like Bramley with a mere squiggle for the final 'ey'. [The page can be found at RG09 Piece 429, Folio 109, page 28]

William Hackman and James were brothers, sons of William Hackman and Hannah Chambers, married in Farnham on 5 May 1818.

 2. George Cannon senr, son of Abraham and Jane [Humphries] was born about 1792. He married Sarah Smither(s) b.Shalford 1789 on 16 Apt 1816 in Godalming. George is listed with his family on the censuses of 1841 to 1861 as a toll gate keeper or collector and died aged 72 in the Sep Q 1865 at Bramley. Sarah died in Bramley in the Dec Q 1863 1863. They seem to have moved to Shalford for several years and then back to Bramley from the birth of their youngest child George junr. (Mistranscriptions concealed the 1851 census for a while with names like Cannor and Carmon living in 'Broomley'!)They had 4 children:

  1. Eliza Cannon chr.6 Jul 1817 Shalford; m. George Dalman (1814-1895) 4 Jun 1836 in Godalming; Eliza d. Dec Q 1877
  2. James Cannon chr.4 Jun 1820 Shalford, m.Harriet Edwards 21 Jun 1863 in Stoke next-Guildford
  3. Harriet Cannon chr. 6 Jul 1823 Shalford [C013744], bur. 1 Jun 1840 Bramley
  4. George Cannon b.abt 1833 Bramley m. Jane Punter 26 Apr 1862 Bramley [IGI Batch no.M067953]

i. George Dalman, grocer, and Eliza Cannon had 6 children, Ann 1837-after 1851, Emily 1840-after 1881, George 1842-1863, Susan 1845-after 1871, Robert 1847-after 1851 and Albert 1851-1886. None appear to have married or had children.
ii. James Cannon and Harriet Edwards (b.abt 1831 Ripley) also had 6 children: John 1864, Henry 1865, Edward 1868, Alice 1870.Arthur 1871 and Elizabeth 1875, all born in Bramley.[Batch no.C067953]. Of these John and his wife Emma Millgate from Kent,had 2 children, Beatrice 1888 and Alice 1890. They have so far been traced to 1911 when they had lived in Brighton, Sussex for over ten years. The rest have been mostly traced to 1891, all still living at home. This research is ongoing.
iv. George Cannon junr 1843 (d.1878) m.Jane Punter (chr 13 Dec 1835 Bramley), Susan 1845-1854, Robert 1847-1876, and Albert 1850 who died unm. in Croydon in Dec Q 1886. A few more details if required.

 iv. Jane Punter was, as far as can be established, the daughter of John Punter b. 1807 and Mary Ann Voice (or Voyce), married on 14 Apr 1832 in Bramley. (Mary Ann came from Cornwall but her husband was from Surrey.)
- James of 1783 and George of 1792 were probably uncle and nephew.
- Sarah Punter 1831 and Jane Punter 1835 were probably sisters.

Both couples had daughters of similar age called Mary Jane but they can be sorted by their birthplaces. George Cannon and Jane were both born in Bramley and died there. George and Jane's 2 children, Harriet (6 Sep 1863) and Mary Jane (3 Jun 1866) were born in Bramley and are listed on the IGI, Batch no. C067953.

In 1841 the John Punter born about 1764 must be Jane's grandfather (Jane's mother Mary, b.1773, was still with them in 1851) and in 1881 there was a lodger also named John Punter, widower, b.1809. But as in 1851 the word 'lodger' is in the 'relationship' column; he must surely be John (now widower), husband of Mary Ann Voice, and Jane's father.
More information, confirmation or corrections, etc on this family welcome.