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The Cardwell Family

updated April 2012

William Cardwell was the son of a Cuthbert Cardwell, born in the mid-18th century, perhaps the one baptised on 17 Feb 1744, son of Thomas. His wife's name is unknown but Cuthbert had two sons:

  1. James Cardwell chr.2 Feb 1777 in Copp Chapel, Great Eccleston
  2. William Cardwell chr.8 Nov 1778

Assuming that this is the right William, he married Elizabeth Adamson, daughter of the Thomas Adamson who is buried in St John's RC, Poulton.

Thomas Adamson & Catherine

Thomas and Catherine had two daughters (perhaps more children?):
1. Margaret b. 1775, d. 21 Oct. Great Singleton, bur.23 Oct 1830 St John's, Poulton le Fylde
2. Elizabeth b. 1783, m William Cardwell, St Michael's, Kirkham 29 Jul 1805, d. 10 Sep, Poulton Green, bur. 13 Sep 1836, St John's

William Cardwell & Elizabeth Adamson

William Cardwell married Elizabeth Adamson on 29 Jul 1805 in St Michael's, the parish church in Kirkham. Whether all seven children listed here were theirs is still uncertain. The most important factor to take into account is that they were Catholic but often had no alternative to being baptised, married and buried in the parish church, St Chad's, Poulton, or Copp Chapel at Great Eccleston. The Baptismal Register of St John the Evangelist's Catholic chapel at Poulton only begins in December 1814. Before then there was a Catholic chapel in Singleton but no records are known for the 18th century.

(sps = sponsores, i.e godparents)

  1. MARY CARDWELL chr .29 Dec 1805 in St Chad's, m. JAMES HULL 17 Apr 1831 at St John's Poulton, d. 23 Nov 1853
  2. Robert Cardwell
  3. Thomas Cardwell b.1808 in Great Singleton, bur. 18 Jun 1827 St John's Poulton
  4. Cuthbert Cardwell b. 30 Nov chr. 1 Dec 1815 St John's Poulton, sps. Thomas Wilding, Ellen Hull
  5. James Cardwell b. 7 Feb 1819, chr. 18 Feb 1819 in St John's sps. William Blackburne, Ann Rogerson
  6. William Cardwell b.& chr. 25 Nov 1822 St John's sps. William Cronan, Mary Swarbreck
  7. William Cardwell b. 1825 Singleton, d. 22 May 1832, bur. 24 May 1832 St John's Poulton

Confusingly there appear to have been two Williams and two Elizabeths, namely
* The couple who married in Kirkham in July 1805. Elizabeth Adamson was definitely the mother of William, no. 6 so it does look as if this was a Catholic couple. The range of dates however is rather large!
*William Cardwell & Betty Moon married in St Chad's, Poulton on 6 Dec 1805. The BVRI gives six children, most of whom must be theirs, the mother being listed each time as Betty except in the case of Thomas whose mother's name is given as Elizabeth. Their children were:

  1. Robert b. 2 Sep 1806, chr. 28 Sep 1806
  2. Robert b. 23 Nov 1810, chr. 10 Dec 1810
  3. William chr. 7 Feb 1813
  4. John chr 27 Aug 1815
  5. Thomas 4 Mar 1821
  6. Alice 7 Aug 1825

Both couples, whatever their religious allegiance, were supposed to marry in the parish church before 1830. Many still did for a long time as there might not be a chapel nearby. This was not the case in Poulton of course, but the chapel (as it still was) of St John the Evangelist's had to serve a very large area indeed, including the rapidly developing coastline northwards through Carleton, Thornton and the new town of Fleetwood. Unlike many other chapels it also had its own burial ground. (Occasionally a tolerant vicar might set a corner of the parish churchyard aside especially for Catholics) In Fleetwood the municipal cemetery with its Catholic section eventually meant that they didn't have to make the difficult trek to Poulton (on unmetalled roads!)

The priest at St John's always gave the mother's name as Elizabeth for the Cardwell family above - or it's simply a translation of the Latin, Elizabeta, the original record being in Latin and the CRS version a translation. She is listed as Betty in the records for St Chad's which must be what she was always called.

2 & 4. Robert Cardwell and Cuthbert Cardwell.were living with the Hull family on Queen's Square in Poulton in 1841 so presumably must be Mary's brothers though that census does not give relationships.

3. The record for the burial of Thomas Cardwell in 1827 says (as translated by the editor from the Latin):-
June 18th Died Thomas Cardwell, Son of William and Elizabeth Cardwell of Great Singleton, aged 19
N.B. - Thomas C. was interred in the same grave with Thomas Adamson 2d Grave 3d Row
which confirms that he was the son of William Cardwell and Elizabeth Adamson and that Thomas Adamson was his grandfather..
A Thomas Adamson aged 79 of Little Poulton is recorded as being buried at St John's on 6 May 1818, but the Thomas above is more likely to be identified with the Thomas Adamson of Great Singleton who died on 22 Sep 1823. Unfortunately his age is not given (illegible?)
A Catherine Adamson, 'relict of Thomas Adamson' died in Great Eccleston aged 83 and was buried at St John's on 9 Dec 1830

6 & 7 Although no death record has been found for the first William he must have died before 1825. The second was '7¾' when he died

An Elizabeth Cardwell 'of Poulton Green' , perhaps William's wife, died aged 53 on 10 Sep and was buried at St John's on 13 Sep.1836

Any further information on any of these above (even if only to 'eliminate them from our enquiries') would be very welcome!