Cottam, Lancashire

The corner by the Post Office in 1892

Census 1891 - details
Census details at the corner 1891 (Notes below)

* Nos 1-7 along Cottam Road (after the Tabley Arms at the beginning of the road) were followed by the Lodge and by Haydock Grange. There are no more properties before the Post Office.
After no.5 Hoyles Lane there were no more properties in that direction.
*The writing on the copy is blurred, only the word 'over' being clear but it suggests that there was a loft over the stables. A blurred word in front of 'farmer' (ref. Willian Noblet) is probably 'retired'. His son John's occupation is quite illegible though it may be clearer on the original.
* After the school (now used as a nursery) the enumerator continued up Sandy Lane, to Maxey's Farm and then to Bartle Lane in Lower Bartle, which runs parallel to Hoyles Lane. This is all 'in the parish' of Woodplumpton, or as the BVRI (LDS British Vital Records version 2) confusingly puts it, 'Plumpton Wood'
* The enumerator mis-spelt Rectory as 'Recorty'. In 1881 it was correctly called a 'Presbytery'and is still in use as such.
*Cottam Hall was to the south off the map, between Ingol and Lea, extensively developed in the last few years but still 'Cottam'.

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