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New page February 2012

This tree is designed to illustrate some of the complicated relationships of these families. Only the links are shown. If your ancestor was a brother or sister of any shown here then the same relationships may apply. Dates shown are birth years of the individuals which should help to identify them. The two shown in red are the same persons, as are the groups shown in blue, in lieu of inventing a tree in 3D! Other surnames not shown - to save further complications here - can be found on the relevant family pages, as can marriage dates and census reports where known.

If more than one of these 'trees' is applicable to your family it would be advisable to print this image out for easy reference - in landscape mode - and if your printer allows it, 'print to page size' (It has been shrunk by 20% from the original to reduce file size but that will restore it and fill an A4 page. There is a slight loss of quality but it is quite clear enough)

Links  are given below to all the relevant pages, which should make clearer some of the apparent discrepancies, e.g. the difference in age between Alice Shepherd and John Crookall (she was his 2nd wife) , and the age difference between Margaret Abram and her daughter Mary. (Mary was the 14th child; their first was born in 1815; Mary appears at 1 yr old on the 1841 census with most of her family. The first 4 died in infancy; most were born at intervals of 1-2 years, the only real gap being the last, 4-5 years between the last two. Margaret survived till the March Q 1858 - she was certainly tough!)

Further complications - two of Elizabeth Kirkham's siblings married Holmes siblings.
The Hull and Myerscough connections probably had common origins in Singleton.
Elizabeth Kirkham's son John Gill married a Hodgkinson and Mary, wife of Joseph Shepherd was a Hodgkinson
Elizabeth Kirkham's brother John Kirkham married a Cornthwaite. Jane, wife of John Ball was a Cornthwaite.
Some of these common surnames (and there are more) may prove nothing but are of interest at least.


Where there are several pages covering any one family, the link is to the most relevant one


The other two surnames listed, Verity and Crookall, are not ancestral to the Lupton and Armour families.
Verity can be found on the Whiteside pages and new information on the Crookalls with the Shepherd family