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Family Stories

Updated May 2014

Family Stories with special thanks to aunts, cousins and others,
including some descended from ancestors' neighbours!

The Wood family
- 2 centuries of attorneys/solicitors
Yorkshire, London & Melton Hall, Suffolk
Searles (with related Syer family) and
an elusive Seedall family of Preston, Lancs
new pages with extensive revisions
A House Divided ?
The Arrowsmith family of Kent and London now on a page of their own with their cousins from the Meager, Grant, Matson and March families, plus the case in Chancery involving them all,
and a bigamous marriage!
New light on the Oldham Family
A prolific family full of surprises - now in 5 parts
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
(England, Wales, South Africa &Australia)
Many pages are illustrated with photos of people or the places where they lived,
from England & also Malta!

Beginning with the Taylor family,
Photos from the Jackson family album

Cardwell, Hull, Shepherd & Strickland -
Lupton ancestors
Some unidentified people -
Whiteside-Armour family or cousins.
Can you help?
The Lupton line
Preston & Over-Wyre
"From canals to railways"
Templeton Interlude
a study of a village in Devon, plus
George's a/c book 1846-1864
"Jackson shot a rabbit"
in Templeton, Devon
The Armour Family
Blacksmiths and shipbuilders
A Fleetwood Story
Armour brothers and their boats
The Mauna Loa comes home!
.1. Near Miss!
Albert and the Crimean War
The Whiteside Family
1st instalment
Blacksmiths all
the Gill family -
Fylde & Fleetwood
2. Port Out, Starboard Home
Albert in India
The Kirkham family
'common ancestors' to 2 family lines!
Burton Park - West Sussex.
Background & photos, general interest.
3. Mine Host! illustrated
Innkeeper, fireman and omnibus proprietor
The Ball Family
Lancaster and Fleetwood
Emma and the Mason Family
Jacksons in Slindon and Burton Park
4. Albert's big 'send-off'
(from 800 Woking people)
Report from Woking newspapers of 1903
Ball Family Wills .The Oldham Family
along with Wood
Knaphill School (photo),
Woking historical interest
The Goodear Family of the Fylde
(or Goodier etc)
- the link with the Billington family
The Stockwell Family
Bledlow and Chinnor
'Escape' from Salonika 1918'
photo & details of WW1 soldiers
at Mtarfa, Malta
Billington of Cottam Lancashire Victorian Lambeth
Social background to the Coffee Shop
(1) William Cope
(2) Henry George Cope
(3) 'Uncle Harry'
5 generations Over Wyre
linked to Whiteside line
The Barnes family
of Aylesbury, with photos
Lambeth Coffee shop
Cope family & a hundred years of serving coffee..
Myerscough Wills
of the 18th century
including some full texts
The Janes Family of 'Brighthelmstone'
another link to the Ricketts: 'Regency' Brighton?
Frost Fair January 1814
William Cope crosses the Thames on foot
Cannon of Bramley Surrey
with link to the Ricketts
Happy Wanderers
Ricketts family of
Guildford and Brighton
Great-Aunt Lizzie (
The Cope family & the Parnells
Life above and below stairs
'Lady's maid'

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