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The Hull Family

revised March 2011

There seem to be two families both originating in Singleton and/or Poulton-le-Fylde (in future referred to simply as 'Poulton') who could be loosely referred to as cousins, which they probably were, though there is not enough evidence to prove it yet. Over the first two or three known generations they were certainly 'connected' at least by marriage and both families are related by marriages to Myerscoughs (another similarly complicated family!) Rather than trying to exclude a 'wrong' line a more flexible approach is now being adopted.

The first problem hinges on the identity of 'James Hull' born in Poulton about 1806.

Ages are freqently erratic since the enumerators in the 1841 census had to round the ages of adults down to the nearest 5. Later it's still important to check if the same age ws given on each census - not everyone knew their exact age or was always honest, and if someone else gave the information to the enumerator they could be quite wildly inaccurate.

In this case there are two James Hulls who may have been born at any time between 1804 and 1806. They will be referred to as the Fleetwood branch and the Preston branch. The 'main' line here is shown in bold. Many dates are approximate - details (some available) have been omitted to keep the table simple.
Note that the generations almost overlap which in itself causes a problem, certainly by the next generation

Fleetwood branch Generation Preston branch
parents unknown -
could be from Singleton

William Cardwell b. Grt Eccleston 1778-1830 m. 29 Jul 1805 in Kirkham , d. Singleton
Elizabeth Adamson 1783-1836
1. Mary 1805-1853
2. Robert 1896
3. Thomas 1808-1827
4. Anne 1814-1860s
5. Cuthbert 1815-1881+
6. James 1819-
7. William 1822-
8. William 1825-1832
Some born in Singleton/ or on the fringe

parents James Hull m. Ellen Cross 1 Jan 1793 St Chad's Poulton
1. 1790-2 Thomas Hull
2. 1794- Henry Hull m. Ann Butcher 1818
3. 1798- Margaret Hull m. Thomas Smith 12 Jul 1820
4. 1802 John Hull m. Ellen Myerscough 19 Apr 1828
5. 1802-66 Matthew Hull m. Jane Blundell 1826
7. 1805-1875 Robert Hull m. Elizabeth Tomlinson 26 May 1828
8. 1811- Ellen Hull m. John Dagger 8 Jan 1837
9, 1816-1851 Ann Hull
10.1819- Betsy Hull m.James Hall 1845
11. 1819-1849 William Hull m. Margaret Eccles 1848

?1806 -4 Mar 1885 James Hull m. Mary Cardwell
17 Apr 1831
James Hull 6. James Hull b. ?1804-1856 m. Isabel Myerscough 25 Jan 1825
1828-1887 Thomas Cardwell ('Hull' in every subsequent record)
1831-1910 Sarah Hull m. William Bonny 1853
1833-1909 William Hull m. Isabella Shepherd
26 Sep 1871
1836-1906 Matthew Hull m. (Isa)Bella Cowell
Jun Q 1862
1839-1839 Elizabeth Hull
1840-abt 1857 Robert Hull (still in research)
children 1. 1826 Ellen Hull
2. 1828-1870s Christopher Hull m. Elizabeth
3. 1830-1840s Isabella Hull
4. 1831-1833 Elizabeth Hull
5. 1834-1870s William Hull
6. 1837 Elizabeth Hull see St Wilfred's chr. records, Preston for 6. 7. 8 & 9
7. 1842- Thomas Hull (blind, deaf and dumb)
8. 1843 - Barnaby Hull chr. 13 Aug 1843
9. 1847 Isabella Hull
James Hull moved to Preston about 1836 & ran the Sun Inn in Friargate and then the Sun Inn on Fylde Rd by 1851

Isabella and Ellen Myerscough were sisters, daughters of Barnaby Myerscough and Ellen (Walker), who married the two brothers, James and John, and are picked out in green as they were cousins of the Fleetwood descendants on the Myerscough line. Ellen was still living on the 'Green' (Poulton Green) with James (9), Thomas (6), John (3) and Ellen (1) though her husband John was visiting James and Isabella on Friargate, Preston at the time of the census.

It is also important to look at the address at the top of the original page as some transcribed versions give a hotch-potch of place-names with Kirkham and Singleton jumbled up with Poulton, and the occasional Marton thrown in for good measure. There may be some ecclesiastical or other reason for this strange naming (rather like the odd address 'Kirkham in Pendle') but it can be misleading to take just the first of several place-names on offer!

Apart from the two James Hulls above there are two others listed in the 1841 census:

  1. James Hull aged 35, and his wife Nanny living in Weeton, with two children, John (6), and Thomas (4 months)
  2. James Hull aged 35, and his wife Margret, 30, living in Singleton with four children, Margret (9), Robert (7), John (4) and Thomas (1)

Perhaps they too were distantly related, especially the last, living in Singleton. However, as there is at present no evidence for this suggestion, no further details are given here.

An abbreviated family tree is included here (and also on the first Myerscough page, with the Myerscough family in red) to illustrate the connection between the James listed at 1. above and the Lupton family. The Whiteside link follows in the next generation after James Myerscough and Alice Bramwell.

Families certainly 'clustered' on occasion! In 1841 Ellen (and John who was visiting in Preston) lived next door to a William Butcher and his wife Mary (Hull, b.1794) at no.124. In 1851 they were still at no.123 but at no.122 were Ellen (Hull, no.8 above) and her husband John Dagger, and taking up most of the next page were William Myerscough and mother Ellen (85, formerly Singleton) at no.126, and after a William Pickup, farmer at no. 127, was James Butcher (son of William listed in 1841) and wife Alice at no.128. Most of these are associated with the Hull and Myerscough families in this study.'

Tree showing the Hull/Myerscough connection

William Myerscough and Ellen Singleton who married in Stalmine in 1769 were ancestors of Luptons but through their son John, 1775-1848, whose granddaughter, Ann, married a Whiteside, not through the Hull family. (Ann still has living granddaughters who remember her). Their older son, Barnaby (1770-1834), who married Ellen Walker, was the father of Ellen and Isabella and there is no known connection of them with the James Hull, first known ancestor of the Hull/Lupton family.No changes have yet been made to the Myerscough pages, though details of Barnaby's family will now be added as part of the current updating and removed from here. Hull family history is particularly confusing owing to the constant repetition of the same first names, across as well as down the generations of apparently unrelated families, though whether there is any 'naming pattern' involved has not been investigated..



First generation : James Hull & Mary Cardwell

James Hull, referred was born about 1806 in Poulton-le-Fylde. (His age is given as 55 in 1861, 67 in 1871 and 75 in 1881, 2 to 1 in favour of nearer to 1806) He and Mary Cardwell had their first child in 1828, nearly three years before their marriage in 1831 so he was correctly named as Thomas Cardwell, not Hull. Mary Cardwell was the daughter of William Cardwell (1778-1830) and Elizabeth Adamson (1783-1836). The BVRI gives a date for the marriage of 17 Apr 1831, (presumably at St Chad's) and they went on to have five more children, all named Hull of course. They lived in Singleton at first, then later in Queen's Square, Poulton. All their children were baptised in the Catholic chapel of St John the Evangelist, the list below giving also the godparents' names (sps - sponsores, as the register was in Latin). Some of these are obviously related, perhaps aunts and uncles of the child.

  1. Thomas Cardwell b. 14 Jul 1828, chr. 20 Jul 1828, d.1 Nov 1887, bur. St John's, Poulton, Robert Cardwell, Mary Adamson
  2. Sarah Hull b.18 Sep 1831, chr. 28 Sep 1831, see below, sps.William Blackburn, Margaret Crumbleholme
  3. William Hull b.16 Dec 1833, chr.22 Dec 1833, sps. Robert Swarbrick, Ann Cardwell
  4. Matthew Hull b.30 May 1836 chr.5 Jun 1836, m. Bella Cowell (b.1842) sps. Cuthbert Cardwell, Ellen Hull
  5. Elizabeth Hull b.21 Feb 1839 chr.24 Feb 1839 sps. Robert Cardwell, Ann Cardwell, d. Dec 1839, bur. 13 Dec 1839 at St John's
  6. Robert Hull b. Aug 1840, chr. 27 Sep 1840 sps. Robert Cardwell, Ann Cardwell

Notes on the children:
1. Thomas is listed as Cardwell in St John's records (CRS 15, p.608) before his parents married, but he adopted the name Hull later. The only match found for him on the 1881 census is a Thomas aged 51 (b.1830 in Singleton); unm.servant in the house of annuitant Nancy Thornton at Sandybank, Thornton.

A Mary Cardwell married a Thomas Walmsley. They had four children, all baptised at St John's;-

A Mary Walmsley, wife of Thomas d. 14 May 1832 aged 45 and was buried at St John's on 17 May.

There are connections between Hulls and Walmsleys but no others known directly with Cardwells. This is a good example of how cautious one needs to be. Mary Walmsley's former surname was given at the baptism of Jane - 'olim Cardwell' (olim=formerly) but at the baptism of Seth the records adds: 'olim Cardwell, olim Swarbreck'. In other words, Mary was married twice and her maiden name was not Cardwell at all but Swarbreck! ( So who was her first - Cardwell - husband?) Only two days later comes the baptism of Thomas Cardwell (though born the same day as Seth), son of 'Mary Cardwell and James Hull'

2. William Bonny, husband of Sarah, was born in 1834 at Peel, Marton (nr Blackpool). He went to work as a labourer on the harbour at Fleetwood. He and Sarah had two (known) daughters, Ann (1860) and Elizabeth (1871) , both born in Fleetwood. William d.12 Aug 1912 in Fleetwood. Ann is described as a Mill Servant (Fas Hand?) on the 1881 census.. James Hull, Sarah's grandfather and also Cuthbert Cardwell, 64, (unm. b.Singleton), labourer, Sarah's maternal uncle were living with them at 25 Walmsley St at that time. (Both incorrectly given as William Bonny's grandfather and uncle). The age gaps of the children suggest there might have been more? Sarah died on 12 Jan 1910 in Fleetwood

[NB The name was often spelt Bonney in the earlier part of the century. Not too fine a line should be drawn between them]

Note on Walmsley St, Fleetwood, in 1881:-
At no.22 was John Cardwell, 62, b. Poulton 1819
At no.25 (opposite no.22) were William Bonny 45 and Sarah [Hull]
At no.51 was Thomas Bonny 69, b. Lytham
These may of course merely reflect how common these names were, Hull being one of the commonest in Poulton and Bonny/Bonney on the Fylde coast. Very many of them moved into Fleetwood mid-century as it grew from the 1840 'new town' and some were only a street or two away.

Because of the later involvement and friendship of the Hulls and Luptons with a Bonny family it is important to distinguish between the two lines. William Bonny of Singleton (1833-1896) m. Caroline (b.1828 in Manchester) and they had two children, Ellen (1862-1946) and William (1854-1920). Ellen married Thomas Smith and was Joseph Lupton's godmother. William married Rachel and they had one child Joseph William. (Details from gravestones in Fleetwood Cemetery) These 'Singleton' Bonnys as far as is known, were not related to those descended from Sarah Hull, above, the 'Lytham' Bonnys, or any other Bonnys mentioned in these pages. Any further information either way on this would be welcome.

4. Matthew Hull also moved to Fleetwood where he worked as a porter. His wife Bella (probably an abbreviation for Isabella) Cowell was born in Fleetwood about 1842. They are listed on the 1881 census living on Poulton Rd with seven children, James (1863), Mary (1868), Ellen (1870), Robert (1875), John (1877), Margaret (1879) and Matthew (1880) [Birth dates approximate, based on the census] The 1901 census shows Matthew, now 64, as a gardener, James, 38, Robert 26, and Matthew 20 as bricklayer's labourers and John 24 as a stonemason's driver.

5. Elizabeth died at 10 months old which is presumably why her parents chose the same godparents for their next child

6. Robert Hull has not been found in Lancashire on the 1881 census unless he can be identified with a Robert aged 44, widower, a farmer and blacksmith at Poulton with 7 children aged from 17 downwards. More evidence is needed for this.



Second generation : William Hull & Isabella Shepherd

William and Isabella married on 26 Sep 1871 in St Mary's Fleetwood. They had five children, all baptised at St Mary's. The Marriage Certificate gives James Hull, labourer as William's father and Joseph Shepherd, deceased, joiner, as Isabella's father. William himself was a labourer aged 34, living with his father at 25 Walmsley St (household as given in 1871 census) and Isabella was 27, a farm servant at Springfield

  1. Mary Alice Hull b. 23 Apr 1873 m. Thomas Lupton 30 Apr 1899, d. 18 Aug 1946
  2. Joseph Hull b.1875 m. Isabella, d. 12 Nov 1938
  3. Catherine Hull (Kate) b.1877, m. Patrick McNicholas (1875-1950), d.16 Apr 1843, bur.19 Apr 1843
  4. Sarah Ann Hull b. 1879, d. 7 Oct 1933
  5. Ellen Hull b.1882, m. Joseph Walmsley (1879-1946), d.17 Feb 1950

William and Isabella lived on 16 Cop Lane in Fleetwood. He is listed as aged 66, a china clay labourer, on the 1901 census, Catherine 23, and Ellen 19, were laundrymaids, Sarah, 22, was a domestic servant and Joseph, 26, was a house painter.
Patrick McNicholas ran the off-license on Walmsley St (This house had been used as the Catholic chapel many years before this until St Mary's Church was built on Lord St in 1866). Pat was the first Catholic Mayor of Fleetwood.

William died on 10 Dec 1909 and Isabella died on 7 Jun 1912