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Album of the Jackson family

George and Mary Ann

On retirement in Sussex in the 1870s

Mary Anne (1803-1882) George (1796-1879)

Cloggs, the house where George and Mary Ann lived from about 1850 to 1864 - much improved since then!

George's only son, Albert, then aged 19, left here to enlist in the army in 1854. He fought in the Crimea and in India, retiring in 1875 to live, eventually, in Woking. He can be seen here with his wife, Margaret, and their first two grandchildren, Cissie Jackson and Maggie Taylor, in the mid-1890s.

Albert with his wife, Margaret, and their first two grand-children, Cissie Jackson and Maggie Taylor, in the mid-1890s.

Below is Albert's son, George, father of Cissie. He enlisted in 1914 although then 47, well over age, and became a sergeant in the Royal Engineers, serving firstly in Western Europe (details unknown) and then in Salonika which straddles the border of Albania and Greece. By 1918 he was in Malta, the 'nurse of the Mediterranean', recovering from malaria. (See Jackson4 for photos and details)


Left: George in the Royal Engineers 1914
He spent some time in hospital in Malta with malaria in 1917-1918. see Mtarfa

Right: George and Fanny (née Ricketts)in the mid-1920s
After Fanny died in 1928 George went to live in Brighton and married again to Mary, known to grandchildren as 'Auntie'.

A photo from about 1920 with visitors from 'down under.'
Back row R.


Minny Pretoria (Tor)

Arthur (Fr.Hugh)

Elizabeth Margaret (Cis)

Front row L. to R.

George Albert senr

Fanny Elizabeth

Margaret (Maggie)

George Albert junr

Standing in the middle - George Arthur 1918-1992

First instalment of the family history begins with William and George

TopGeorge (jun'r) in Woking