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(pre-Myerscough: 17th Century ancestors in this line)

Barnaby Bradshaw & Jennet Bickerstaffe
1. Elizabeth Bradshaw

1. James Myerscough & Elizabeth Bradshaw

James Myerscough m. Elizabeth Bradshaw on 29 Dec 1698, at St Michael's-on-Wyre
James d. 1729, bur. 7 Apr 1729, Bl.Virgin Mary, Hambleton

1. Thomas Myerscough - 1748, husbandman
m. (1) 4 Feb 1724/5, in St Michael's-on-Wyre, Jane Strickerton
m. (2) 15 Dec 1737, Joan Lytham; Marriage Bondsman: John Hornby of Kirkham
Thomas d. 1748, Grt Eccleston,, bur. 1 Mar 1748, St Michael's-on-Wyre; 1785 named in Will of brother John LRO WRWA

2. Barnaby 1704-1770 m. (1) Jane Hodgson (2) Mabel Ward; See below - next family

3. John Myerscough 1709-1789, husbandman
b. 13 Apr 1709, Out Rawcliffe, chr. Bl.Virgin Mary, Hambleton,
m. 4 Jun 1741, Elizabeth Taylor, St James', Stalmine
John was living at Preesall in 1752, at Stalmine in 1771 and at Preesall Park from 1785.
He d. 1789, Preesall Park. Wills

4. Joseph Myerscough 1713-1775, husbandman
b. 1713, Out Rawcliffe, chr. 28 Jun 1713, Bl.Virgin Mary, Hambleton,
m. 5 Sep 1749 Ann Lund, St Michael's,Kirkham
Joseph d. 1775, Kirkham, bur 17 Feb 1775, St Michael's, Kirkham

5. Jennet Myerscough 1718-
b. 1718, chr 12 Oct 1718, St James', Stalmine
m. James Rushton


2. Barnaby Myerscough & Mabel Ward

Barnaby Myerscough (1704-1770) was a husbandman. He married Jane Hodgson on 4 Dec 1733 at St Michael's and they had three children:

  1. James Myerscough 1735-1790, yeoman b. 1735, 23 Nov 1735, Bl.Virgin Mary m. 13 Mar 1762, Isabel Blacoe, St Michael's-on-Wyre, James was living at Hail Nook, Out Rawcliffe in 1770 and d there in 1790, bur 23 Nov 1790, St James', Stalmine. Wills
  2. Elizabeth Myerscough 1738-1806 b. 1738 chr 1 Mar 1738, St James', Stalmine; from 1796 in Stalmine-with-Staynall; d.1806 Stalmine, bur12 May 1806, St James', Stalmine. Wills
  3. Margaret Myerscough 1743/4-1743/4 b. 1743/4, chr. 1 Jan 1743/4, St Michael's-on-Wyre d. Feb 1743/4, bur 29 Feb 1744, Bl.Virgin Mary, Hambleton 1806
St James', Stalmine
Barnaby m. Mabel Ward 23 Jun 1746, St Michael's-on-Wyre; d. 1761, Hambleton, bur. 29 Mar 1761, St Michael's, Kirkham St James' Church, Stalmine with Barnaby's gravestone (inset)

Children of Barnaby & Mabel Ward

  1. William 1749-1829 m. (1) Ellen Singleton (2) Agnes Rossow
    See below - next family

  2. Mary Myerscough 1756-1828; b. 1756 chr 20 Jun 1756, Bl.Mary the Virgin, Hambleton; m.10 Feb 1778, Nicholas Gardner, St James', Stalmine; Living in 1796 at Moss Side, Stalmine; Mary d 1828, bur 16 Jun 1828, St James', Stalmine

Barnaby d. 1770, Stalmine, bur. 14 Jun 1770, St James', Stalmine
Barnaby's gravestone, set in the wall opposite the church porch reads:

Here lies the Body of Barnaby Myerscough of Stalmine who departed this Life
the 12th Day of June in the Year 1770 aged 66 Years.

The inscription for Mabel under it is mostly illegible. Wills


A tree showing the next few generations from Barnaby is included here (as on the Hull page) to show the connection with a Hull family which can too easily be confused with the other, ancestor on the Lupton side. John and James Hull shown here were brothers, children of James Hull and Ellen Cross. It is not known if they were related to the other James Hull, first of the line on the Lupton family tree. Both James were born within a year or two of each other in Poulton, but the one shown here became an innkeeper in Preston, while the other married Mary Cardwell and moved to Fleetwood. The rest of the Myerscough history below follows William and then his son John 1776-1848. 4 generations showing a Hull connection

3. William Myerscough & Ellen Singleton

William Myerscough b 1749, chr 19 Mar 1749, Bl.Mary the Virgin, Hambleton
m. (1) 2 Apr 1769, Ellen Singleton, St James', Stalmine, d.1781, bur. 22 Nov 1781, St James', Stalmine
m. (2) 10 Aug 1790, Agnes Rossow; b. abt1751, d. 1820, bur. 27 Mar 1820, St James', Stalmine
living at Stalmine Moss Side in 1796; d 1829, Stalmine, bur: 11 Jan 1829, St James', Stalmine; Wills

Children of William Myerscough & Ellen Singleton

  1. Barnaby Myerscough 1770-1834; b. 1770, , chr.25 Oct 1770, St James',Stalmine; m. 14 Jun 1795, Ellen Walker, St Chad, Poulton-le-Fylde;
    Barnaby d. 1834, Poulton-le-Fylde, bur. 10 Oct 1834, St Chad, Poulton-le-Fylde; Ellen d.1854, bur. 25 Nov 1854 St Chad's
  2. Jennet Myerscough b. 1772, , chr. 26 Jul 1772, St James', Stalmine; m. 12 Nov 1798, Isaac Dilworth, St James', Stalmine
  3. John Myerscough 1776-1848 m. Elizabeth Strickland 1776-1842; See below - next family
  4. James Myerscough 1780-1814, farmer; b. 1780 chr 13 Aug 1780, St James', Stalmine; m. 6 Sep 1808 Nancy Cropper, St John, Preston (no children); James d 1814, bur 17 Feb 1814, St James', Stalmine

children of William Myerscough & Agnes Rossow

  1. Thomas Myerscough 1790-1873, shoemaker; b 1790, Stalmine chr 12 Dec 1790, St James', Stalmine; m. 22 Nov 1813, Mary Robinson, St Michael's, Kirkham; living in 1841 in Stalmine, 30 Hay St, Thornton in 1851, 35 Cottage Court, Thornton in 1861, 30 Flag St, Fleetwood in 1871; Thomas d 1873


4. John Myerscough & Elizabeth Strickland

John Myerscough 1776-1848, farmer, b. 1776, chr. 1 Sep 1776, St James', Stalmine; m. 29 Nov 1796
John was churchwarden at St James', Stalmine in 1819; d. 4 Nov 1848, The Tongs, Preesall, bur 7 Nov 1848, St James',Stalmine; Wills

The Tongs, Preesall
John m.. Elizabeth Strickland in St James', Stalmine
Elizabeth b. 1776 chr 9 Jun 1776, Bl.Virgin Mary, Hambleton,
(daughter of William Strickland & Elizabeth)
d. 24 Apr 1842, Preesall,
bur 27 Apr 1842, St James', Stalmine

Children of John and Elizabeth:

  1. William Myerscough 1797-1849, husbandman/innkeeper; b. 1797, Preesall, , 20 Aug 1797, St James', Stalmine m. 17 Aug 1818, Margaret Threlfall, St James', Stalmine; William d 24 Sep 1849, Preesall, bur 27 Sep 1849, St James', Stalmine; accidental death reported in the Preston Guardian
  2. Ellen Myerscough b. 1800, Preesall, , chr 9 Mar 1800, St James', Stalmine; m. 22 Sep 1841, John Bennett in St James', Stalmine; living in Preesall in 1848
  3. James Myerscough 1802-1886 m. Alice Bramwell; See below - next family
  4. Joseph Myerscough 1804-1855, farmer; b. 1804, Preesall, chr 7 Dec 1804, St James', Stalmine; m. 7 Aug 1839, Jane Kirkham, St John the Baptist, Pilling; Joseph d 1855, Stalmine, bur 25 Dec 1855, St James', Stalmine
  5. Elizabeth Myerscough 1806-after1849; b. 1806, Preesall, chr 22 Nov 1806, St James', Stalmine; m 2 Feb 1831, Arthur Simpson, St John the Baptist, Pilling
  6. John Myerscough 1808-1877, farmer/ag.lab.; b. 1808, Preesall, chr 14 Nov 1808, St James', Stalmine; m. (1)10 Apr 1838, Jane Cornthwaite, St John's, Preston; m. (2) 29 Mar 1842, Mary Butler; John was living in Preesall in 1841, Pilling Lane, Preesall in 1851, Cabus Farm House in 1861 and Singleton Cottage in 1871; d 1877, Singleton, bur 24 Jul 1877, St James', Stalmine;
    Note - dau. Mary Elizabeth m. William Shepherd and they had a daughter Jane born in Singleton
  7. Robert Myerscough 1810-1876, shoemaker; b. 1810, Preesall, chr 23 Nov 1810, St James', Stalmine; m. 31 Oct 1848, Isabella Booth, St Mary's, Lancaster; living at Stalmine in 1848; witness at weddings of sister Ellen in 1841 and sister Mary in 1848; Robert d 11 Feb 1876, Preesall, bur 16 Feb 1876, Preesall Cemetery
  8. Alice Myerscough 1813-after1849; b. 1813, Preesall, chr 16 Feb 1813, St James', Stalmine; m 24 May 1836, Isaac Rigby, St John, Preston; living in Preston in 1848; a witness at the wedding of her brother Joseph
  9. Mary Myerscough 1815-after1849; b 18 May 1815, Preesall, chr 11 Jun 1815, St James', Stalmine; m. 28 Nov 1837, James Williamson, St James', Stalmine
  10. Charlotte Myerscough 1817-1855, house servant; b 15 Aug 1817, Preesall, chr 14 Sep 1817, St James', Stalmine; living at The Tongs, Preesall in 1848; a witness at the wedding of her sister Ellen; d 1855, Fleetwood, bur 28 Feb 1855, St James', Stalmine
  11. Anthony Myerscough 1820-1908, husbandman/shop/ag.lab; b 9 Apr 1820, Preesall, chr 7 May 1820, St James', Stalmine; m 20 May 1847, Jane Boardman, St James', Stalmine; Jane b 1831, Preesall, living in 1881 at Ridge Farm, Preesall; Anthony d 20 May 1908, Preesall, bur May 1908, Preesall Cemetery; See below for Anthony's family


5. James Myerscough & Alice Bramwell

Alice Bramwell
Alice was the daughter of Edward Bramwell and Dorothy Parkinson. She was born on 3 Feb 1804 and baptised on the 11 Mar 1804 in St Michael on Wyre. The various census records are all different for her place of birth, variously Sowerby, Pilling, Myerscough or Claughton. Pilling is a mistake, it being the area where her husband and children were born, but the other places are more or less right. Alice's parents were still alive in 1841 and probably still where they had been living for many years. This was at Fisher's Farm in Barton, in the parish of Broughton, which also comes under Preston. (Barton church had not been built then.) These places basically form a ribbon development along the A6, the ancient road between Preston, Garstang and Lancaster. The location of Fisher's Farm is at the northern end of Barton on the border with Myerscough and is clearly marked alongside the M6 on the more detailed OS map. Claughton (pronounced Cli -ton) is just a short distance to the north east, higher up the R.Brock towards the fells. These 'borders' were probably quite vague as far as residents were concerned in the past. Even 'Inskip with Sowerby 'runs into' Myerscough on the west. The farm itself is to the east of this area, scarcely a mile south from the village of Myerscough - which was renamed 'Bilsborrow' much later - leading to some confusion if using a modern map. Myerscough no longer has its 'own' village but is now simply an area. Later changes, like busy metalled roads (the A6) and then the motorways (M6) change the system of communication and either bring places closer together or push them further apart. Fisher's Farm - 99 acres - is now cut off from the west by the M6, and the motorway perhaps also cut the farm in half.

More to come on the Bramwell family.

James Myerscough 1802-1886, master butcher
James, 3rd child of John Myerscough and Elizabeth (Betty) Strickland, was born on 7 Oct 1802 in Preesall and baptised at St James',Stalmine on 7 Nov 1802. He married Alice Bramwell, daughter of Edward Bramwell and Dorothy (nee Parkinson) on 30 Jun 1829 at St James. and they set up home in Pilling.

bramwell.gif - 23996 Bytes

In 1871 James was living with son-in-law James Birchall, husband of Alice, here at the Victoria Hotel,

Glasson Dock. As a master butcher James used to deliver meat over a large area.One dreadful day he was witness to a grisly murder and then the dramatic suicide of the perpetrator at Forton.

Whether they moved to Preesall or were just on border for the births of 3 of their children, from 1831-1834 is unknown, but James and Alice were back in Pilling by 1836. Altogether by 1850 they had 11 children. By 1861 only two were still unmarried and living at home but they had two grandchildren living with them. In 1871 James's was living at the hotel (left) where son-in-law James Birchall was the publican. Soon after this, as their granddaughter explained, they could not afford to keep house together so fitted in where they could with their children's families. So, by 1881 James was living with daughter Alice, her husband Henry Gardner and their 11 children at Moss Side, Pilling. He died in January 1886 and was buried on the 16th at St John, Ellel

In 1871 Alice was visiting their son John in Manchester. She probably went back to join James at Glasson at first but by 1881 she was living as a 'Dependant' with her daughter Ann and husband John Whiteside in Fleetwood. With the River Wyre between them and either a ferry or a long journey round via a toll bridge the now very elderly couple, James 79 and Alice 77, perhaps rarely if ever, saw each other, but Alice in fact only survived her husband by two months.

Alice nee Bramwell with her husband James Myerscough and their first grandchild, Alice Whiteside (who later married Will Boardman)

Their children:,

1. Elizabeth Myerscough 1829, chr. 5 Jan 1830 St James' Stalmine, m. James Coggins 7 Feb 1852; possibly m. George Redman, (b.Pilling, ag.lab., living at Gradle Cottage, Stalmine); ('other marriages'); census for Hambleton 1851 ('housemaid'), living in Cockerham (parish) 1852, Hambleton 1861. Only child known - presumably illegitimate: Joseph Myerscough b. abt Nov. 1846 in Pilling, chr. 21 Jan 1847, d. Pioneer river, Mackay, Queensland, bur. 11 Jun 1883, Cemetery Atillackay Queensland, Australia.

2. John Myerscough b. 7 Jul 1831 in Preesall, chr 7 Aug 1831 at St James', Stalmine

johnmysco.jpg - 22581 Bytes

John was born in Preesall on 7 Jul 1831, chr. 7 Aug 1831 St James Stalmine; In 1841 he was living in Pilling , and by 1842 in Ellel. He married at least 3 times and was living in Ellel in 1852.
11 May 1852 m. Barbara Cockerham. A son, Osborne L., was born in 1856 in Thurnham, just a short distance away.

Jun Q 1860 m Hannah Evans (b.Tanmere, Cheshire 1834) John was working as a butcher and they were living at 50 Grt Homer St, Everton in1861 when a daughter, Mary Alice, was born but she died in the Sep Q 1863. By 1868 they had moved to 29 Whitefield Lan, Everton; in 1871 and John was now a greengrocer. John's mother was visiting them and in both 1871 and 1881 they had a niece, Margaret Pearce (b. 1861) living with them at 75 Welcombe St, Hulme, Manchester ; then 125 Clarendon St and 17 Dunham St, Hulme. By 1881 John was working as a joiner and living at 30 Water St, Rhuddlan, Flintshire.

1888 m. Ellen (b. abt 1862 Whitchurch Shropshire) and had a daughter:
Ellen P. (b Sep Q 1893 Rhyl, Flintshire)
In 1891 John was still a joiner and still at the same address. No more details of this or of other marriages have yet been found and no census details for 1901 but he is known to have died in 1908 at St Asaph, Denbigh.

3. Luke1 Myerscough 1831-1914 - the first of three of that name.
Luke1 was living in Pilling in 1841 and Cockerham in 1851. He must have been living in Liverpool for some time before he married Sarah (b. Wallasey 1834) daughter of Joseph Jones of Wallasey, on 29 Mar 1857 at St Nicholas, Liverpool. He is shown on the 1861 census as a licensed victualler, living at 92 Netherfield Rd Everton, Liverpool but he had probably been working there from the early fifties.
Luke and Sarah had two children, James born about 1859 and Luke in 1860. The death of a Luke Myerscough aged 84 has been found in 1814 in Preston but it is puzzling that if it is Luke1 that he has not been found so far on any later census, although Sarah, still given as 'married' (not 'widow') was on her own in 1881 named as 'Myerslough' aged 44 and back living in Wallasey as housekeeper to a William Lythgoe.

In 1871 Luke2 though, now aged 10, was living in the household of William, Sarah's sister, in Brewers' Buildings in New Brighton. At 20 he is listed as a general labourer but by 1891 he was back in West Derby as a licensed victualler manager. He had married his first cousin, Hannah, daughter of his uncle John Jones, a beerhouse keeper of Wallasey, in the Wirral in the Dec Q 1887. Two years later Luke3, son of Luke2 and Hannah was born in West Derby.

Footnote - Joseph Jones, born 1897 and his wife 'Easter' (or Esther) had 8 children altogether, all living in Wallasey in 1841

4. Joseph Myerscough 1834/5-after1891 m. Mary Wright

5. Ellen Myerscough 1835- m. Henry Gardner

6. William Myerscough 1836-1871 m. Ann Jane Williams; they had two children:
(i) Alice Jane (chr. 14 Apr 1861 at St Peter's, Liverpool); she m. Charles Williams
(ii) Robert William b. 26 Jul 1863, chr. 12 Jan 1870 in St Peter's; he m. Alice Aindow. and they had two children:
(1) Annie b. abt 1892
(2) William b.1899 Robert d. 24 Jan 1940 at Park Hospital, Lee, Kent.

7. Alice Myerscough 1840-after1881 m. (1) James Birchall (2) --- Porter; living in Pilling in 1841, at Foulback, Hambleton in 1851, Cockerham in 1861, the Victoria Hotel, Glasson in 1871; in 1881 Alice was living with her brother Joseph and her daughter Annie Porter, aged 9, at Dragon Houses, Ellel. She is not described as a widow but her husband was not present. She may have had other marriages!

8. James Myerscough 1842-after1892 pub manager/gen.lab./cooper/porter
m. (1) Jane (d. bef1881) (2) Sarah (b. Liverpool)
James was living in Cockerham in 1851. He moved to Liverpool and was at 'The Grapes', 33 Northumberland St, Toxteth Park in 1870-1878, at 159 Mill Rd, Everton in 1879, at 196, Phythian St Low Hill in 1880, in Kensington St, West Derby in 1881, at 23 Doddridge St in 1886, at 21 Vivian St in 1889-1890, at 37 Ruthin St, in 1891-1892
He must hold the family record for moving house!

9. Ann Myerscough 1844-1909 m. John Whiteside 1841-1902
annmysco.gif - 19910 Bytes Ann's genealogy continues with the Whiteside Family

10. Jane Myerscough 1845-after1881- m. Thomas Miller

11. Edward Myerscough b. 1849 d. 1850, bur 8 Jul 1850 at St John's, Ellel

Descendants of the children with the larger families are listed separately below - use the links given



5. 'Uncle' Anthony Myerscough & 'Aunt' Jane Boardman

Anthony Myerscough, farmer of 30 acres; market gardener/cab proprietor
b. Preesall 1820/1 m 20 May 1847, Jane Boardman, b. Ridge Farm, Preesall 1831/2 Living at Preesall in 1841, Church St, Thornton in 1851, Ridge Farm, Pilling in 1861, Grange Farm, Preesall in 1871, Ridge Farm, Pilling in 1881, Sandy Lane, Preesall in 1891, Preesall Mount Villa 1892-1895, Preesall Pleasant View in 1902

  1. Joseph Myerscough - 1876 see note below
    John had two children, John Simpson Myerscough, b.1873 and Robert, b.1876 (related family : Pickup)
  2. John Myerscough 1859-
  3. William Myerscough 1862-
  4. Susannah Myerscough 1863-
  5. Robert Myerscough 1866-
  6. James Myerscough 1867-
  7. Richard Myerscough 1869-

Drowning in the R.Wyre at Knott End
One Wednesday evening in 1876 Joseph and his young brother William, then 14, set out from Knott End by ferry across the mouth of the River Wyre to fetch sacks from Fleetwood on the opposite bank. On their return they took a flat-bottomed boat instead of using the ferry. In the dark the boat collided with the chain of a pontoon which had no hazard warning light and capsized. William, then 14, managed to cling onto the chain and was rescued but Joseph was swept away. His body was washed up on the beach when the tide went down and was found by Thomas William Roskell, landlord of the Strand Bridge Hotel, the next day.


6. Joseph Myerscough & Mary Wright

Joseph Myerscough 1834, butcher; b. 1834, Pilling, 4th child of John Myerscough & Alice Bramwell; m. Mary Wright b 1840 Galgate; living in 1851-1871 in Cockerham but in 1881 in Dragon Houses, Ellel and still there (Galgate) in 1891
  1. Margaret Myerscough, b. Galgate 1862, Silk Mill Hand
  2. James Myerscough b. 1865, Cockerham, Silk Card Minder
  3. William Myerscough b. 1864, Cockerham, Silk Card Minder
  4. Mary A.Myerscough b. 1880/1, Galgate (3 mths old at 1881 Census)

6. Ellen Myerscough & Henry Gardner

Ellen Myerscough 1835- b. 1835, Pilling, 5th child og John Myerscough & Alice Bramwell, m. Henry Gardner b 1825 Cockerham, farmer of 15 acres employing 4 men; living in 1881 at Moss Side (farm), Cockerham

  1. Joseph Gardner b. Galgate 1862 - , Farmer's son
  2. James Gardner b. 1863 - , Cockerham, Farmer's son
  3. John Gardner b. 1865 - , Cockerham, Farmer's son
  4. Dorothy.Gardner b. 1868 - , Cockerham
  5. Ellen Gardner b. 1870 - , Cockerham
  6. Alice Gardner b. 1874 - , Cockerham
  7. Henry Gardner b. 1868 - , Cockerham
  8. Richard Gardner b. 1865 - , Cockerham
  9. Mary Gardner b. 1871 - , Cockerham
    Lived in the bungalow known as "Molly's Cottage"

Also living with them were Richard Gardner, Henry's brother, joint occupier, and James Myerscough, Ellen's father and husband of Alice (Bramwell). Another brother or a cousin (?), Robert b. 1830 Cockerham, was a farmer of 150 acres, employing 4 men and 1 boy. He lived at Threlfalls Farm, Cockerham in 1881. Among his indoor servants were a Jane Lupton aged 21, b. Halton, and an Elizabeth Wright "domestic nurse" (= Nanny?). Ellen Myerscough's brother Joseph m. Mary Wright

6. Jane Myerscough & Thomas Miller
Jane b. 1847, Pilling; m. Thomas Miller b 1844 Glasson Dock, Ship's Carpenter; living in 1861 at Hill House, Cockerham, and at 76 Kemp St, Fleetwood in 1881

  1. Alice Miller b. 1865- , Glasson Dock, Waterproof Coat Maker
  2. James Miller b. 1870, Glasson Dock
  3. Osborne Miller b. 1876- , Fleetwood
  4. Margaret Miller b. 1874, Fleetwood

6. Elizabeth Myerscough & Arthur Simpson

Elizabeth b. 1806, Preesall, chr 22 Nov 1806, St James', Stalmine; m 2 Feb 1831, Arthur Simpson, St John the Baptist, Pilling; Elizabeth, (known as Betty), a widow living with her son Arthur in Pilling Village in 1881

  1. Arthur Simpson b. 1844 Pilling, shoemaker, m. Grace, b. 1849 St Michael's-on-Wyre and had 2 children:
    (i) William Simpson b. 1864 Pilling, shoemaker's son
    (ii) Mary Alice Simpson b. 1866 Pilling


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