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The Stockwell Family
Henton and Chinnor, Oxfordshire

Revised and updated November 2014- direct line in bold. Birth years with no day or month given are approximate; BVRI = 2nd edition of British Vital Records Index (LDS).
If place, Vol. and page numbers are not given below, they can now be found on Free BMD

1.William Stockwell & Hannah

These are the earliest records so far found in this Stockwell line. (Common variants are Stockell, Stockall, William and Hannah are identified in the records as parents, but with no other details than their death dates. They had the following children, all born and baptised in Bledlow, OXF :

1. Mary Stockwell chr. 27 Dec 1750 m. William White on 5 Jan 1776 in Bledlow
2. William Stockwell chr.28 Jan 1752
3. Robert Stockwell b. 1753, b, 26 Oct 1755 m. Elizabeth Bowler, on 19 Oct 1778 ; d. 1824
4. Joseph Stockwell chr. 15 Feb 1758 bur. 28 Jul 1759
5. John Stockwell chr. 21 Nov 1762

Hannah died in 1779 and William died in 1797

It is important to note that this part of Oxfordshire is very close to the boundaries with both Buckingham (Bucks, BKM) and Berkshire (Berks, BRK) and that the boundary has changed more than once. Full details can be found on the relevant pages in Genuki and maps at OSgetamap or at Old Maps or at 'Multimap', now part of Bing

2. Robert Stockwell & Elizabeth Bowler

Elizabeth was baptised on 10 Aug 1757 in Princes Risborough, BKM. Robert (sen'r) died in 1824 aged 71 and Elizabeth in 1815 aged 58.
The parish registers of Chinnor give the following, who are all children of this marriage, the father being named as Robert, . No mother's name is given for the first three but the relationship of William, Robert and Isaac is shown by William's will, proved on 24 Jun 1856 in Oxford.

1. William Stockwell, b.1780 Longwith, chr.4 Feb 1780 Princes Risborough, d.3 Feb bur.7 Feb 1856 in Chinnor
2. Ann Stockwell ('Stockall') chr. 23 Jun 1782; bur.16 Aug 1801 in Chinnor.
3. Robert Stockwell chr. 25 Mar 1787 d.3 May 1787 (Chinnor Parish Records)
4. Robert Stockwell chr. 13 Jun 1790 m. Ann Sanders in 1810 at Hughenden BKM d. 1872 in Chinnor
5. Isaac Stockwell b. 1 Aug chr. 7 Aug 1803 (son of 'Robert and Elizabeth of Henton') m. Elizabeth Umfrey.

More details:
1, William Stockwell, farmer, m. Ann (var. Hannah) about 1790; they are given respectively as 60 and 50 in 1841 (with ages adjusted down of course); William married Ann, Oxfordshire - which is as much as that census indicates. [Wycombe Vol 6, p.319] William d. in May 1797; bur. Bledlow 6 May 1797; left a will with important information:
Martha b. 1826 and William b. 1821 were living with them and at first glance could be assumed to be their children, but William is listed as 'M.S.' - a manservant. - in fact a niece and nephew, children of his brother Robert (1790-1872).
William's wife, Ann, died in the Mar Q 1851[Wycombe Vol 6, p.319]

The last will and testament of William Stockwell, who died on 3 Feb 1856, son of Robert and Elizabeth [Bowler] and brother of Robert junior (next) was found by Paul Brazell in 2004) Legatees were brothers Robert and Isaac, and Robert's children, 1. Joseph, 2. James 3. Mary [Howlett], 7. Elizabeth [Britnell] and 8. Martha ['Brassell'], William's nephew and nieces. It's not known why William, no. 6 received nothing but it's possible he benefited in his uncle's lifetime. (Which is what happened also in a similar instance elsewhere in one of our families where someone appeared to have been passed over).

4. Robert Stockwell 1790-18(jun'r; main line, see below)

5. Isaac Stockwell (1801-1864) was a draper in Aylesbury at no.12 Market Square. (In those days the Square would often be full of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep etc) He married Elizabeth Umphrey (=Umfrey, probably should be 'Humphrey' in origin) on 22 Aug 1833. Isaac and Elizabeth had the following children:

i. Emma Umfrey Stockwell b. 8 Jun 1834 in Chinnor, chr. 1 Aug 1834 at Chinnor Independent.
ii. Elizabeth Cowdery Stockwell b. 1835 in Chinnor, chr. 20 Dec 1836 at Chinnor Independent
iii. Ann Stockwell b. 1838 in Chinnor
iv. Herbert Humphrey Stockwell, b. Dec Q 1839 in Chinnor, m. Agnes Brighty Dec Q 1871;
v. William Stockwell b. 7 Jul 1841 in Chinnor, m. (1) Susanna Brighty b. Dec Q 1839, Huntingdon on 5 Oct 1869; she d. 3 Mar 1879 Astwood, Bkm.
m. (2) Eliza Brighty in 1884;
vi. Thomas Umphrey Stockwell b. 1849 in Chinnor, m. Mary Ann - NOT 'Marion' (b.Stepney 1855)
vii. George Stockwell b.1855/6 in Aylesbury

A newspaper ad. of 1863 lists Isaac as a 'linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, hosier, hatter, and outfitter of Kingsbury'. The date of his death was only found recently, as reported in the Bucks Herald on 13 August 1864 -
'Stockwell - On the 7th inst. in Kingsbury, Aylesbury, Mr Isaac Stockwell, draper, of congestion of the lungs, after a short illness of three days, aged 61 years.'

This record can be seen in the original Aylesbury list but has not been transcribed either by FindMyPast or by FreeBMD, presumably because it is rather hard to read. The name is legible but is squashed in between two lines containing other records and the volume and page numbers are hard to read; they could be Vol.3a p.389. The Bucks Herald report is available under 'newspapers' on Find My Past with a search for Isaac Stockwell, Aylesbury. If Isaac left a will this would only be available (being 'proved' after 1858) from the National Probate Office, but some information might be online at
More details of some of the children of Isaac Stockwell & Elizabeth Umfrey

iv. Herbert Humphrey Stockwell, farmer of 256 acres at Astwood, Bkm m. Agnes Brighty (b. 1843 St Neots, Hunts) at Risbridge, Sfk in the Dec Q 1871. They had 3 children, all born in Newport Pagnell, Bkm., Elizabeth Mary Sep Q 1874, Anne Priscilla Jun Q 1876 and Thomas Umfrey 20 Mar 1877.(Thomas d. in Fiji, 1851). As none of the family (apart from Thomas) have been found after 1881 it is assumed they emigrated to New Zealand with William.

v. William Stockwell and Susanna (Brighty) had four sons, William b. 29 Jan 1871, George, b. 3 May 1872, Edward b. 1876, Thomas Umfrey b.22 Oct 1877, and a daughter, Anne Elizabeth who is said to have died at Astwood - see Herbert , no.3 & below.
Eliza Brighty, William's 2nd wife, was Susanna's first cousin. She had two sons, Robert Brighty Stockwell and Harry Brighty Stockwell. They all emigrated to New Zealand in 1887-8 on three different vessels.
With many thanks to Ian, a descendant of this family.

vi. Thomas U. Stockwell was also a draper, next door to the 'Angel' at 9 & 11 Kingsbury Square only a short distance from Market Square. He married Mary Ann Stancliff Mar Q 1879 in Croydon, Sry.She was, 26 in 1881, b.Stepney and is also listed as a 'draper'. They had no children at that time, but a dressmaker's assistant and two apprentices lived in, as well as two domestic servants. It's a fairly small square but must have been very busy with the Royal Oak at no 13, the Red Lion at no.14, the Cock at no.15 and the Eagle at no. 21! (see the Map, Plate 44. in 'Aylesbury - A Pictorial History' publ. by Phillimore)
Mary Ann was previously given as 'Marion', which of course produced no matches, but should perhaps be listed as an alternative as the two sound so similar. Free BMD gave her full name - when the 'spouse name' was omitted from the search! Thomas was easily identified with his unusual 2nd name of Umfrey.

vii. The birth of George Stockwell who carried on the business after his father's death gives an approximate date for the family moving to Aylesbury. The shop in the Market Square was very much in the best position in the town. No children are listed for George but he was only 25 in 1881, his mother, now 67 and his sister 'Emma U.' (46) living with him, plus two drapers' assistants, an apprentice and two servants.. As far as is known he never married and had no children.


3. Robert Stockwell & Ann Sanders

Ann Sanders was born in July 1785 in Hughenden, BKM, daughter of John Sanders and Martha Stevens (relevant ancestors but nothing known at present). Ann married Robert Stockwell in 1810 in Hughenden Robert is described variously as a shepherd or a farmer (probably a sheep-farmer!). They had the following nine children all born and baptised in Chinnor, the last four at the Independent Chapel in Chinnor:

  1. Joseph Stockwell b. 23 Jun 1810, chr. 12 Aug 1810, m. Elizabeth Tipping, b. 1817 in Saunderton, BKM.
  2. James Stockwell b. 21 May 1812 chr. 14 Jun 1812 m. (1). Sarah Britnell (1809-?) on 14 Nov 1835 in Bledlow, (2) Martha Oldham (1823-1865) at Wallingford Baptist Chapel on 31 May 1848, (3) Elizabeth Sharp on 14 Feb 1866 at Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Aylesbury, James died 1872.
  3. Mary Stockwell b 6 Jun 1814, chr.3 Jul 1814, m. John Howlett, widower, on 4 Aug 1833
  4. William 1815-1818, bur. 28 Nov 1818 in Chinnor
  5. *John b. 17 Feb 1818, chr. 18 May 1818; d. 10 Aug 1835, bur. 12 Aug 1835 at Chinnor
  6. *William Stockwell b. 17 Sep 1819, chr. 31 Oct 1819, m. Mary Plastow(1833-1887) on 29 Oct 1856 in Chinnor (family)
  7. *Elizabeth Stockwell b. 2 Oct 1820, chr. 12 Nov 1820 at Chinnor Independent, m. 1. abt 1845 Jonah Britnell, brother of Sarah, James's first wife 2. John Hester of Henton, Chinnor
  8. Martha Stockwell b. 29 Sep 1822 , m. Joseph Brazell (1821-1867) at Chinnor Independent on 14 Mar 1842, d. 25 Oct 1899
  9. Robert b.& d. 1824
    * Those where the mother is named as 'Ann Sanders', not just as 'Ann'. (An alternative spelling could be 'Saunders')
Ann [Sanders] may have died in childbirth with Robert but so far the evidence is inconclusive.

1. Joseph Stockwell, son of Robert jun'r.
In 1841 Joseph Stockwell was working at Great Latchford as an agricultural labourer. By 1851 he had married Elizabeth Tipping b. Saunderton (in the Jun Q 1847) and become a baker and grocer in Stokenchurch. For a while they moved to Downham Market, Norfolk, Joseph by this time a 'druggist and herbalist' then by  the next census in 1871 had moved on to Great Dunmow in Essex. By 1881 Joseph had returned to Buckinghamshire and opened his herbalist's shop on Bell St, Princes Risborough where he remained till his death in the Jun Q1896.[Thame Reg.Dist Vol.3a p.388] Joseph and Elizabeth had no children of their own.

A Loosley (Looseley, Loosely) Mystery
There could be a clue to family relationships - as given to the Head of the household - in the 'niece', Elizabeth Loosely staying with Joseph and Elizabeth in 1851, probably a daughter of an Elizabeth Loosely, a lacemaker born about 1801 or a daughter of William Loosely, a farmer. The child is recorded on the 1841 census with her mother as Elizabeth, but no father in evidence, so William can be ruled out as his wife was named Ann. It's also worth noting that Elizabeth junr was a lacemaker in 1851 and children learnt this craft at their mother's knee; in another Loosley family in the same area a child of 4 is listed as a lacemaker! (Working long hours by candlelight often ruineerd their eyesight) Children's ages were not usually rounded down but must have been in this case as the IGI has a record of an Elizabeth as the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Loosley, born in Lacey Green, Princes Risborough (Batch #C029212) in 1832. Between the censuses two Elizabeth Loosleys died in that area,  in 1841 and 1845. One may have been William's daughter, the other may have been Elizabeth senr who might be assumed to be formerly Stockwell - except that Joseph had a well-attested sister Elizabeth born in 1820.  (This does not guarantee that the right Elizabeth has been found of course.) After 1851 neither mother nor daughter can be  found but in 1891 a Mary Loosley, also a niece, aged 42, turns up living with Joseph and his wife! No connection has yet been found between the two 'nieces' among the possible families involved so far, so the mystery of who they were remains unsolved.

3. Mary Stockwell is mentioned in her uncle's will. She was born in Henton, Oxon on 6 Jun 1814 and christened on 3 Jul 1814 in Chinnor. The witnesses at her wedding on 6 Jun 1833 to John Howlett, a widower, were Joseph Stockwell (brother), Mary Horseman and William Fryday.

Note: A number of very interesting discussions have been held on the Oxfordshire mailing list run by Rootsweb. These can be accessed via their archives. Search for any of the surnames involved and look in particular at 2002.

It is worth explaining here why 'chr.' has been used throughout these records rather than 'bapt.' This is only for convenience to distinguish it easily from 'b.' for 'born' and doesn't refer to baptismal practices. The Stockwells and Oldhams were probably mostly Baptists, certainly by the time of the last few births. 'Christening' in contrast to 'baptism' is frequently used as meaning the same as 'baptism' but whereas baptism obviously refers to the pouring of the water - the essential part of the ceremony - christening can imply the rest of the ceremonies, such as an anointing with the oil of chrism or the touching of the person's mouth with salt, plus a number of additional prayers welcoming them into the church or chapel. The only essential part of the initiation into the Christian faith is the baptism with water, signifying rebirth. William Carey, the famous Baptist minister, was himself baptised in the Anglican church as a child and then received a 'believer's' baptism of full immersion in the R.Nene in 1783. Some Baptists consider only total immersion to make sense, like Carey pouring scorn on the sprinkling of infants which he called 'rhantism'. The symbolism is certainly more vivid.


4-1. James Stockwell and Ann Britnell

James Stockwell, b. 21 May 1812 chr.14 Jun 1812, was until late in his life a baker in Chinnor. He and Sarah were witnesses at the marriage of Sarah's sister Patience to George Styles two years before they themselves were married, along with Isaac Smith and Mary Ann Styles (George's sister?). He then married Sarah Britnell in Bledlow on 14 Nov 1835. Sarah was the 6th child of Thomas and his wife Ann Pewsey of West Wycombe, b. 1 Sep 1809, chr. 1 Oct 1809 in Holy Trinity, Bledlow, so James was 23 and Sarah 26. Their witnesses were William Britnell, (her older brother or the first cousin who married Sarah's sister Mary), Elizabeth Jones, John Clark, Thomas Edmonds (brother-in-law?) They had one child :

1. Ann Stockwell b. 11th Apr.1836 at Henton chr. 29th May 1836 at Chinnor Independent (Baptist) Chapel m. William Henry Eborn(e) on 11 Aug 1870 at St Mary's, Aylesbury, BKM

Ann was a lacemaker before her marriage at the age of 34, like most girls in the Britnell family and must have been taught as was usual by her mother from an early age. It was said that if a child didn't learn early enough they could never master the intricate neat stitching properly. It was a common cottage industry in the area at that time, often with several in a family taking part, and probably very hard work, both on the eyes and on the fingers!

A detailed and interesting account of lacemaking at this time is given in Cottage Industries by Marjorie Filbee publ. David & Charles 1982

Sarah died on 23 Sep 1847, of 'inflammation', a vague enough term to cover a multitude of complaints, not childbirth at that distance of time as previously assumed. Annie married on 11 Aug 1870 William Henry Eborne, a gardener, b.1844 in Aylesbury, and they had at least one daughter, Rosa S. Eborne, who is listed on the 1881 census, aged 9, when they were living at 10 Ripon St, Aylesbury. William was later one of the witnesses at James Stockwell's 3rd marriage.

Many thanks to Mary Anne Britnell who sent full details of several generations descended from Thomas Britnell of Bledlow chr. 9 Feb 1779 at Holy Trinity, to cousin Robert Stockwell who added the Eborne information, and also to others on the BKM Rootsweb mailing list where relevant 'threads' can be found.
Other Eborn(e)s can also be found connected with the Hester family under 'Cousins' below.


4-2. James Stockwell and Martha Oldham

James Stockwell later married Martha Oldham in the Baptist Chapel at Wallingford, BRK on 31 May 1848 (copies of both birth and marriage certificates), the marriage witnesses being Jane Oldham and John Oldham. Martha's sister and brother. They all signed.

Martha's family were settled in Fish St, Wallingford where her father was a woollen draper and tailor born in Melton, Suffolk, in 1791. Martha was baptised on 11th March 1823 at Wallingford. The Oldham family all appear to have been Baptists and Martha's older brother became minister of the Independent Chapel at Pangbourne. (see Oldham family)

Some records quoted by the IGI were only available from Dr William's Library in London. This library specialises in non-conformist church records though it is possible they have now been deposited at the PRO at Kew..

James and Martha lived mostly in Chinnor St, Chinnor where all the children except the last were born. (Some excellent photos of this village are available through a link on the Bucks pages of GENUKI) They had eight children plus Annie who was still living at home in 1861, then aged 25, but George, the last, was almost certainly born in Aylesbury.

  1. Mary Jane Stockwell b.1849, chr. 3rd March 1849 m. James Barnes 14 Aug 1867 at Holy Trinity, Aylesbury
  2. John Stockwell b. 3 Jul 1850, m. (1) Annie Coker and had 5 children (2) Millicent L. Ellis on 2 Jun 1895. He d. on 13 May 1911
  3. Henry Stockwell b.1853 d. 17 Dec 1856
  4. Martha A. Stockwell b. 30 Jul 1854, also known as 'Patty', m. 1. Samuel Ponsford 2. John Goodchild
  5. Robert Stockwell b. 2 Sep 1857 in Bledlow, m. Mary Ann Stonell on 24 Nov Zion Hill Baptist Chapel, Clapham d. 9 Aug 1922
  6. Jessica Stockwell (Jessie) b. 2 Jun 1859, m. William Hill 20 Jun 1882, emigrated to New Zealand
  7. George Stockwell b. 17 Feb 1865 in Aylesbury, d. 1865

It would have been between the census of 1861 and the birth of George in 1865 that James and Martha moved into Aylesbury. George was born on 17 Feb 1865 and Martha [Oldham] Stockwell died on 27 February 1865. She died not as a direct result of the birth but from bronchitis, at Kingsbury in Aylesbury. George, only ten days old, did not thrive and he died (of 'debility') only ten days after his mother on 9 Mar 1865.

A photo in the Phillimore Pictorial History of Aylesbury shows the baker's shop, a tiny two-storey building one room wide with lattice shop window, dwarfed by the 3 storey building of Makrill & Sons Engineers and a frontage of six larger windows next door. This square has already been mentioned as the place where Thomas Umphrey Stockwell had his draper's shop, at nos. 9 & 11 in 1881. However, Thomas was born in 1849 so only about 16 in 1856. If his family had moved to Aylesbury by then he would have been still at home working as an assistant to his father in the Market Place.


'born at sea' about 1869 was living with Samuel and Martha in 1881.

Samuel Ponsford died in 1890 and Martha married John Goodchild in the Dec Q of 1893 in Lambeth [Vol 1d p.749]
At present it is not known whether Martha had any children. Return

With thanks to a descendant of Anna Ponsford for extra information

5. Robert Stockwell moved to Lambeth where he was apprenticed to Robert Banks, printer, of 5 Racquet Court, Fleet St. At the time of his marriage he was living at 76 Dalzell Rd, Stockwell, a printer's reader. His wife, Mary Ann, was living in Clapham, the daughter of Thomas Stonell, a retired baker and was aged 23. They were married at Zion Hill Baptist Chapel, Courland Grove, Clapham, the witnesses being Thomas Stonell and Susan Stonell. This was a Strict Baptist Chapel and by the end of the 19th century they were worshipping at another Strict Baptist Chapel, the Surrey Tabernacle, Wansey Street, Bermondsey. Baptism

The children of James and Martha Stockwell:

1. Mary Jane Stockwell, known as 'Polly', was just over 18 when she married James Barnes, then 21, on 14th August 1867 at Holy Trinity Church, Aylesbury. James was baptised on 5 Apr 1846 in St Mary's, Aylesbury, the fifth of 8 children of George Barnes and Mary Hedges.

The Stockwells had been living in Aylesbury (see above) from before 1865. The Baptist chapel on Walton St, no. 44, must have been more or less opposite the 'Horse and Jockey' run by George Barnes, father-in-law of James at no.45. (Very few of the old buildings on Walton St remain) It definitely seems, however, that Mary Jane 'conformed', especially as the Barnes children were all baptised in the Anglican church, one, Thomas James Barnes later at times organist or sidesman in his local church. Thomas was, as one of his children said, 'low-church' Anglican.

Mary Jane (Polly) died on 1 Aug 1922 in Walton, Aylesbury, probably in the house they had occupied for many years at Canal Terrace, on the canal 'near the white bridge'. Her daughter 'Jenny' lived next door. For further details see the Barnes Family

>2. John Stockwell was the grocer on 38 Castle St, Reading (St Mary's parish) who is described in the 1881 census as 'born in Chumnor'.He also, not surprisingly, appears in the local directories. He married Ann Coker on 26 Dec 1872 at the register office in Reading. Annie was the daughter of a butcher who probably had his shop on the same street, Castle St, in Reading though he had died by 1872.
John married again as a widower, aged 44, to Amelia Charlotte Ellis on 2 Jun 1895 at Carey Baptist Chapel in Reading. She was aged 33, the daughter of a 'builder' (who was listed as a 'stone mason' in 1881 and had came from Sussex via Surrey and Hampshire before perhaps arriving in Reading.) Amelia herself had been a governess to several young children of a farmer in Bedfordshire in 1881. Whether Amelia had any children is not known, but John Stockwell died on 13 May 1911, at 29 Castle St, Reading.
John and Annie had 5 children, John Oldham 1875, Charles James 1876, Frederick William 1883, Florence Jessie 1884,  Annie May 1886 and 2 grandchildren by 1901
Charles & his wife Annie

With thanks to Cousin Robert Stockwell


4. Martha Stockwell, daughter of James, was born on 7 Sep 1854 in Chinnor. She moved to Lambeth where at the age of 25 she married Samuel Ponsford, a widower aged 78, in the Dec Q of 1879 [Lambeth Vol 1d p.866] Samuel was born in Moreton Hampstead, west of Exeter in 1801, but had moved away before 1851. In 1881 Samuel and Martha were listed as living at 7 St James Rd Lambeth, Samuel being a retired nurseryman. Samuel had married his first wife, Elizabeth Frost, in Exeter in 1825. Elizabeth died in the Sep Q of 1879. They had several children, possibly Sophia, John and Samuel, but definitely Anna. A grandchild, Samuel J.Wilkinson who was intriguingly

By 1880 and the birth of their 2nd child, Frederick Reginald, on 21 Dec. Robert and Mary Ann were living at 17 Willington Road, (wrongly printed on the LDS CDs of the 1881 census as 'Wellington'. Robert was also confusingly printed as born in 'Bliddow' Oxfordshire. 'Bledlow' was in Bucks but Chinnor in Oxfordshire) They had 9 children in all.

By 1903 on the marriage of his son Frederick, Robert is given as a Master Printer. On 2 Oct 1914 now a widower of 57 and resident at Clapham Common, Robert Stockwell married a 2nd time, his wife Sarah Lawrence [formely Boulden], aged 55 and resident in Camberwell, being a widow. The ceremony took place at Surrey Tabernacle. Robert died in 1922, by which time they were at Streatham Hill but he actually died in the street, in Catford.

Robert's cousin, Thomas Barnes, his sister Polly's son lived not far away from the 1890s onwards though Thomas kept moving - 7 times in 7 years a daughter said. Thomas was certainly 'aware' of Robert's whereabouts so they may have kept in touch to some extent, but perhaps also at family reunions, such as the wedding where the Barnes brothers were photographed together about the turn of the century. (The wedding itself has not been identified.) Return

With many thanks to cousin Robert, descendant of this family, who supplied many details backed up by a large number of BMD certificates.

6. Jessica Stockwell, the youngest of this family was aged 21 and working as a governess in High St, Halstead, Essex, for the children of a draper, Randall Woodland. She married William Hill at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Bournemouth, Hants on 20 Jun 1882. He was born in Poulton, Glos., a farmer of 870 acres employing 7 labourers, and one of the 9 children of Edmund Hill who had a farm of 570 acres at Down Ampney (famous as the birth place of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams). Three of his siblings were living with William at the time, but Jessie and William emigrated to New Zealand where they had 3 children. Return

Other Baptist records concerning the 'earlier' family of Oldhams were found on an entry from Dr Williams Library in London, a collection of nonconformist records, and only came to light through the LDS Vital Records Index. The records of the established church are easier to find!

continue - main lines...

Oldham Family

4-3. James Stockwell and Elizabeth Sharp

James, with his surviving 7 children aged from 7 to 17, married for the third time, his wife being Elizabeth Sharp, at Holy Trinity Church, Walton, Aylesbury on 14 Feb 1866. They had one child, Ada  born in the Dec Q 1868. James died at Anchor Row Aylesbury on 7 Apr 1870 and Elizabeth married again, to William Pearce of Great Missenden. Ada, 12, was living with them and William's son Abimelech, 20,  in 1881 in Lee in the Missenden area. In 1891 Elizabeth was staying at the Vicarage in Lee, the Vicar not being present, only his servant, aged 20, but nothing has yet been found for Ada in Free BMD or the censuses after 1881, even allowing for adopting her stepfather's name. [Abimelech married Emily Buckingham in 1882 and had several children over the next few years]

Joseph Brazell (senior, father-in-law of Martha, last child of Robert Stockwell and Ann Sanders) also had a son William Brazell who became a baker. William began his own bakery in Waddesdon where he married Mary Ann Windmill on 7 May 1860. Their first two children, Louisa J.Brazell and Kate Brazell were born in Waddesdon but then the family moved to Aylesbury where the rest of the children were born. William died about 1879, leaving his wife, Mary Ann with 8 children. Mary Ann is then recorded as the baker in the shop on Kingsbury Sq. in 1881. The children were Louisa J., 19, baker's assistant, Kate, 18, a printer, Joseph, 15, baker's assistant, Ellen 13, Francis A. (sic, a daughter), 10, Fredrick (sic) 8, Beatrice H.,4 and Percival W., 2. [Census of England & Wales, 1881, April 3/4, RG11/1472/74 p.8, RG.11 Series] In 1891 Joseph, Frances, Frederick, now a printer compositor.and Percival were still living in Kingsbury Sq with their mother.

It is quite possible that William Brazell took over the shop during the 1860s before James Stockwell died, or even that James was never more than a lodger. The families had been quite close for a long time, before even Martha Stockwell's marriage linking them. (The 1861 and 1871 censuses will hopefully provide an answer to the Kingsbury Sq question about who ran the shop). By the turn of the century James Brazell was recorded not only in directories but in the name just visible over the shop in the photo referred to above.)

Oldham Family
Barnes Family .

Stockwell Cousins

Elizabeth Stockwell & Jonah Britnell  (revised Nov 2010)

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Stockwell & Ann Sanders, married Jonah Britnell on 2 Feb 1843 in the Independent Chapel in Chinnor. Three children are recorded, Eliza Britnell, (1845), Emily (1847) and Robert Thomas (1850). Jonah died on 22 Jun 1851. Elizabeth's uncle, William Stockwell died on 3 Feb 1856 and Elizabeth is mentioned as a beneficiary in his will.

In the Jun Q 1856 Elizabeth married John Hester of Henton Chinnor, a widower, who had 5 children by his first wife, Ellen Jerred..  Elizabeth's and John's children became linked a few years later by the marriage of Eliza and William. All but a few of the 35 (known) grandchildren below were still living in 1911. One particular difficulty with these three families (including that of Jonah Britnell and Ellen Jarred) is the frequent use of the same first names, and another is the boundary between Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire which changed over time and can be misleading. The Hester children were born in Hempton (Wynnal) and the Britnells mostly in Chinnor.

Children of Elizabeth Stockwell & Jonah Britnell - Chinnor

Children of John Hester & Ellen Jerred - Towersey & Hempton

1. Eliza Britnell b.Sep Q 1845 m. William Hester Sep Q 1863
2. EmilyBritnell b.1847 (not found after1861)
3. Robert Thomas Britnell b. Dec Q 1850 (not found after 1871)
An ag.lab, he was lodging in a pub in Watford, Herts in 1871 No more records can be found for Emily or Robert, even as Hester.
1. James Hester b.1843 in Towersey (Bkm, but not far away)
2. William Hester b.1846 m. Eliza Britnell 1863 (15 children)
3. George Hester Dec Q 1847- Jun Q 1852
4. John Hester b.Dec Q 1849 (probably d. before 1858)
5. Eliza Hester b. Jun Q 1852 m. David Ginger (10 children)

Children of Elizabeth (Stockwell) /Britnell & John Hester - 'Hempton Chinnor'

1. George Hester b. Dec Q 1855 (or Mar Q 1856 as Hester Hester!) m. Mary Ann Jackman ('Sarah Ann' is a mistake in 1891) Sep Q 1876, Wycombe Reg.Dist. 10 children
2. John Hester  1858- Mar or Jun Q 1865 (On the original 1861 census page- the only one - it seems to be written as 'Jesse' but is transcribed by FindMyPast as John)

James Britnell - aged 3 mths on the 1861 census  named as 'illegitimate' & 'stepson', in John Hester's household ; b. Saunderton, near Princes Risborough.; parentage unknown; (probably a son of Eliza Britnell,- according to the 1861 census she was 16, but then why born in Saunderton - except as suggested by Linda, a correspondent - for which many thanks - that Saunderton was where the Wycombe Union Workhouse was situated. He can't be Elizabeth (Stockwell)'s son as both children she had with John Hester are of course surnamed Hester and she seems to have died about 9 months before James was born. Even if Elizabeth's date of death is wrong and he was her son, he would surely still have been called 'Hester'? So Saunderton is now assumed to be correct as is also the surname Britnell.

The evidence now all points to James 'Britnell' and James Hester, b. 1861 being one and the same. (see also Emily Elizabeth!)
* James Britnell, according to the Workhouse record, was born on 21 Jan 1861 which agrees with the census age of '3 months' (where it states that he was illegitimate. [Wycombe Reg.Dist. Bkm Vol 3a p.307]
*A search of all birth records finds no James 'Hester' born in Oxfordshire in 1860 or 1861, nor does not appear in the census for 1861.
*No James 'Britnell' is listed in 1871, but by then Eliza was married to William Britnell so it's not surprising to find James, as the census has it, born 'Saunderton, Bucks' now named as 'Hester'. There was no system of legalised adoption (which only came in about 1926) so it does not imply a relationship to William who like Eliza, was about 16 at the time.
*James was also 4 years older than the next oldest, Emily. From then on Eliza had a child every one or two years until 1889, 16 more after James and all born in Hempton or Henton, Chinnor.

James is found as a next-door neighbour to George Hester of 1855 in the 1881 census, married (in 1876) to Rose Eborn (b. 1859 in Grt Haseley), daughter of Joseph, but the 1891 census is so smudged it has been entered as James b. 1850 and Rose named as Ann. (It looks much more like Rose, and one of her daughters is Rose Mary) 1901 has James born in Slough but he has filled in the 1911 census himself as aged 50 - i.e. born in 1861 and his birth as in 'Hempton Chinnor' (and not Saunderton!) Rose is not listed but James simply enters 'married' but doesn't say how many children they had. He and his two daughters,Emily and Louisa, were living in 3 rooms..

James Stockwell's daughter Ann (her mother being Sarah Britnell) married William Henry Eborn.(see above) No connection has yet been found between these Eborns but curiously - beside the Britnell connection - William died in Headington (1924) and James living in Wheatley in 1911 was in the Headington Registration District. William and Sarah also called their daughter b. 1872 Rosa, but this could all be just coincidence.

Some details of the above cannot be reliably confirmed without birth and death certificates. Births with no Q are taken from censuses and have not been found in any BMDs but registration was not yet compulsory. Alternatively they may turn up in nonconformist records. One oddity is that James Hester is listed in the 1881 census as Eliza's brother (brother-in-law of the head of the household, David Ginger) with a birth date of 1847 rather than about 1843 (as listed in 1851 and 1871) It seems likely that he was confused here with George who had presumably died in 1852.

Census details for the above three families and the two families in the younger generation are available if required.

William Stockwell & Mary Plastow

William is described, like his father Robert, as a labourer of Henton, in the parish register of Chinnor. He and Mary had 6 children, 5 being baptised on the same day, 25 Apr 1872. Why such a 'batch' baptism, which included the mother, Mary, nee Plastow, is unknown but the other similar one in these records was also in 1872 (see the Ricketts family in Guildford). It could be just a coincidence, a zealous clergyman or perhaps an alarming outbreak of disease? In the case of Annie, baptised soon after birth, she probably was in imminent danger of death.
Their children were:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Stockwell b. 28 May 1858
  2. Lucy Stockwell b. 26 Sep 1859
  3. Eliza Stockwell b. 10 Feb 1864
  4. Annie Stockwell b. 14 Dec 1866, chr. 23 Dec.1866, (her parents given as of Hempton, not Henton)
  5. Emma Stockwell b.16 Apr 1868
  6. Rosie Stockwell b.10 Aug 1869

In 1881 the only child remaining at Home was 'Rose', now aged 11 and given as born in Henton Chinnor, which suggests that 'Hempton' was a mistake.. William, now 62, is given as born in Chinnor, and is described as a farm labourer. Mary, his wife, was 47, born in Haddenham, BKM. (She is given at her baptism as 'nee Plastow' and in the record following of the baptism of the 5 children as the daughter of Peter and Ruth of Haddenham.) [1881 Census - PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1470 Folio 153 Page 2]

William Stockwell and Mary Plastow are the ancestors of Jeanne Helm and Harry Newman, to whom many thanks are due for information and discussion.

Martha Stockwell & Joseph Brazell

Martha Stockwell, 20, married Joseph Brazell, 21, a saddler and harness maker, son of Joseph Brazell (senior), a baker, in the Independent Chapel in Chinnor on 14 Mar 1842. They had 12 children:

1. Ann Brazell b. 16 Mar 1843 m. Thomas Busby
2. Herbert Stockwell Brazell b. 9 Jan 1845 m. Sarah Stratford
3. Jane Brazell b. 1846 m. William Pollard
4. Joseph Brazell b. 1848
5. Sarah Brazell b.1849 m. William Wright
6. John Brazell b. 1851
7. Emma Brazell b. 1853 m. George King
8. Maria Elizabeth Brazell b. 1856 d.1873
9. Martha Brazell b.21 Sep 1857 m. Walter Jones
10. William Henry Brazell b.1859 d.1876
11. Arthur Brazell b.1861 m. Amy Redgrave
12. Anne Marie Brazell b.1864 d.1868

Joseph died on 5 May 1867 in Chinnor. On the 1881 census only Martha is listed as still at home, 23, unmarried and a dressmaker, living with her widowed mother. She married two years later. Martha [nee Stockwell] Brazell, died on 19 Oct 1899 aged 77..

Unfortunately the relevant Brazell website on this family appears to be no longer available. Any information ould be welcome!

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