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The Strickland family


William Strickland & Elizabeth Croft

Only one family has been researched so far in this line. William (b1736), a husbandman of Stalmine, married Elizabeth Croft (b.1749) in Pilling on 23 Apr 1771. They had 8 children:

  1. William Strickland chr. 16 Aug 1778 in Hambleton, m. Margaret (1770-1819)
  2. Ellen Strickland m. Thomas Lawrence
  3. Martha Strickland m. Thomas Preston
  4. Alice Strickland chr. 3 May 1772 in Stalmine, m. John Barton
  5. Margaret (Peggy) Strickland chr. 24 Apr 1774 St Michael's on Wyre m. James Clarkson
  6. Elizabeth (Betty) Strickland chr. 9 Jun 1776 in Hambleton m. John Myerscough 29 Nov 1796
  7. Anthony Strickland b.1780 m. Jennet
  8. Ann Strickland chr. 10 Aug 1783 in Hambleton, m.Thomas Wilkinson (b.1782) of Whalley on 4 Sep 1804 at Preesall

Further notes on the children:-

1. According to his father's will (below), William was living in Preston in 1823 but by the time the will was proved in 1825 he had returned 'over Wyre'. He was a butcher by trade.
2. Ellen and her husband Thomas Lawrence were living in Preesall in 1823.
3. Martha and her husband Thomas Preston were living in Preston in 1823.
5. Peggy and her husband James Clarkson were living in Rawcliffe in 1823.
6. After her marriage Betty lived at Tongs Farm in Preesall where she died aged 66 (like her mother) in 1842 (Death Cert.), her cause of death being 'spasms'. She was buried on 27 Apr 1842 in St James' Stalmine. Her son Robert Myerscough was the informant.
Tongs Farm Tongs Farm in 2002 before re-development of the area. It had already obviously been unoccupied for a some time.
7. Anthony was a witness on 4 Sep 1804 to the marriage of his sister Ann (#8) to Thomas Wilkinson at Preesall. He is described in the Will as 'of Stalmine'.

Elizabeth [Croft] Strickland died on 13 Dec 1815 in Stalmine, aged 66 and is not therefore mentioned on her husband's will. William sen'r died on 21 Apr 1825 at the age of 89. His gravestone is now incorporated into the wall of Stalmine churchyard, near that of John Myerscough, his son-in-law.

The Will of William Strickland of Stalmine, 1823

I William Strickland of Stalmine-with-Stanal in the County of Lancaster, Husbandman, Do make Publish and Declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following, revoking all other Wills before made by me, that is to say I order and direct all my just debts Funeral and Testamentary expences to be paid and discharged with all convenient speed after my decease, and with the payment thereof I charge my Personal Estate by my Executors, which will be hereafter named, to take possession of all and every part thereof as soon as my Decease may happen wheresoever or whatsoever nature or kind they may find therein, and after my Decease as soon as all my just Debts, Funeral and Testamentary Expences is ascertained and paid thereout,
I charge my Executors to place out at Interest upon Land or Good Banking Security the sum of one hundred pound,
the interest thereon I give and bequeath to my daughter Alice now wife of John Barton(?) in Pilling during her natural life and to commence as soon as my decease and after her decease the said principal I have hereafter declared I also give and bequeath unto
my daughter Ann, now wife of Thomas Wilkinson of Whalley, the sum of five shillings,
I also give and bequeath unto my son, William Strickland of Preston, the sum of one hundred pounds
I also give and bequeath unto my son, Anthony Strickland of Stalmine, the sum of thirty pounds and also all the remainder and residue of my Personal Estate of what kind Nature or Quality wheresoever or whatsoever it may be found after all my just Debts Funeral and Testamentary Expences being paid,
the one hundred pound placed out at interest for my daughter Alice natural life to be excepted,
the principal I give and bequeath after her decease equal and coequal betwixt my Sons, William Strickland and Anthony Strickland, or their heirs respectively

the Remainder I give and bequeath unto my children:- that is to say
Peggy, the wife of James Clarkson in Rawcliffe
Betty, the wife of John Myerscough in Preesall
William Strickland in Preston
Anthony Strickland of Stalmine
Ellen the wife of Thomas Lawrence in Preesall, and
Martha, the wife of Thomas Preston, in Preston,
to be Divided in six equal shares and to be paid accordingly to them or their heirs respectively

and I do also Appoint my son William Strickland of Preston, Butcher,
and John Myerscough of Preesall, Husbandman
Executors of this my last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I, the said William Strickland, the Testator, have hereunto set my hand and seal this Fifteenth day of July One Thousand eight Hundred and Twenty three

Signed sealed published and declared by the said Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence at his request and in the presence of each other have hereto Subscribed our Names asWitnesses - William Williamson James Williamson The mark of William Strickland

Updated February 2005