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of Melton Hall, Suffolk

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Revised and with many additions January 2006.

8th Generation - John Wood senior & Mary Ann Baker

7. John Wood, solicitor, referred to generally as John Wood senior, youngest of the children of Richard Wood and Jane Searles was born on 19 Feb 1766 in Melton and married Mary Ann Baker, daughter of Simon Baker of Ipswich. They had 14 children.

The children of John Wood and Mary Ann Baker were:
1. John Wood b. 11 Jun 1794 d. 3 Dec 1794 bur. Melton
2. John Wood b. 7 Jun 1795 chr. 18 Jun 1795 at St Mary's, Woodbridge m. Isabella Dovee Bax, d. 2 Mar 1858 at Dover
3. Mary Ann Wood b. 17 Dec 1796 chr. 28 Dec 1796, m. Charles Wade, d. 1846
4. Searles Valentine Wood b.14 Feb 1798 chr 20 Feb 1798 at St Mary's, Woodbridge m Elizabeth Gayler on 1 Oct 1853 at Old Church St Pancras London (Mdx) d. 26 Oct 1880.bur. Melton
5. Richard Wood b. 12 Mar 1799, d. 23 Jun 1801 bur. Melton
6. Robert Baker Wood b. 6 Feb 1800 chr. 11 Feb 1800 at St Mary's Woodbridge, d. 21 Jul 1800, bur. Melton
7. Elizabeth Jane Wood b. 25 Apr 1801 chr. 4 May 1801 St Mary's Woodbridge d. 1801 bur. Melton
8. Eliza Rosina Wood b. 19 Jun 1802 chr. 23 Jun 1802 St Mary's Woodbridge d. 19 Jan 1866, bur. Melton.
9. Richard Wood b.& chr.1 Sep 1804 St Mary's Woodbridge d. 9 Nov 1828, bur family vault Melton
10. Caroline Wood b. 3 Sep 1806, d.15 Sep 1806
11. Matilda Anna Wood b. 1 Dec 1807 chr. 3 Dec 1807 Melton m. George James Gunnell 1 Dec 1831 in Melton
12. Frances Sarah Wood b. 27 Apr 1809 chr. 30 Apr 1809 Melton d. 29 May 1824 bur family vault Melton
13. Frederick William Wood b. 1 Aug 1810 chr. 28 Aug 1810 Melton m. Maria Carter
14. Agnes Wood b. 1 Jun 1813 chr 5 Jun 1813 Melton m. Daniel Charles Meadows 13 Jan 1841, d. Jun Q 1885 Hackney

Birth and death details, more information and all corrections are from Wood family records, some baptisms were originally extracted from were extracted from IGI Batch nos. C063251, M063251, and 7215911.for Woodbridge, and those from Melton, Suffolk were found in IGI Batch no. C062701. and C062702.

'A Suffolk Character'

John Wood & Son, solicitors of Woodbridge
John Wood senior (1), b.1766 and his eldest son John (2) above, b.1795 were named in Pigot's directory of 1823-4 for Suffolk as John Wood & Son, Attorney, Woodbridge and again in 1839 as clerks to the magistrates, with an office on Church St. Perhaps each lawyer son lived in the same Woodbridge house, the one left in the will of Richard Wood (4), described as in Well St, as they married and/or became the junior partner, moving to Melton Hall as their fathers died and they became the senior partner in their turn. The 'succession' passed from Richard Wood (4) to his youngest son, John 'senior' (1), then to John 'junior' (2), followed by John Richard (3). (Note - In the 19th century Well St was renamed Seckford St to commemorate a local benefactor).

John Wood, senior

A booklet was produced for an Aldeburgh Festival during the 1950s in conjunction with an exhibition at the festival on six Suffolk 'characters'. One of these was John Wood, solicitor of Melton. This document contains a wealth of fascinating information on the family, Melton Hall, their way of life and their legal business. 'The business which John Wood inherited at Woodbridge from his father and grandfather was typical of this kind of small country solicitor and his family retained an interest in the business until the present century' (i.e. the 20th century) Much of the material in the article was gleaned from the journals of John Wood junr., some entries having been made by his wife. 'The entries in these journals show that business and pleasure were intermingled to a very large extent.' Neighbours might call apparently for just a chat and bring up some matter of business - and then bore the family at dinner or tea, in the words of one entry: 'Mr Cuffley (half crazy) jawing about the Bealings Association for half an hour.' (Note - Great Bealings is a village on the other side of Ipswich).'

Father and son frequently went on business together, to Aldeburgh or Norwich or even to London, often. travelling in their own carriage,They might stay overnight in Chelmsford or Romford or go by the London coach which left from the Post Office in Woodbridge every day at 10.30 am or the Original Blue which left the Sun Inn at 12.15 pm. The journey took five hours and cost ten shillings.

It is said that John Wood senr. was interested in banking but he also divided his time with a number of public offices. He was appointed by the Dean and Chapter of Ely to the post of Coroner within the Liberty of St Etheldreda in the County of Suffolk on 25 Feb 1786. He was also Clerk to the Magistrates of Woodbridge and had to attend the Quarter Sessions four times a year and Petty Sessions every Wednesday at the Shire Hall. This post also involved interviewing prisoners at the County gaol. The local newspapers, the Ipswich Journal, the Suffolk Chronicle and the Courier report for example the case of a soldier, Thomas MacMahon, aged 21, accused of murder, a Private of the 69th Regiment of Foot from Woodbridge Barracks. After a bout of drinking MacMahon quarrelled with another soldier, Maurice Griffin aged about 19, and stabbed him with his bayonet. MacMahon, imprisoned in Ipswich Gaol was tried at the next Assizes on 25 Mar 1814, found guilty, condemned and then executed on 28 Mar 1814. (From the records deposited by Messrs Wood & Barham) It was John Wood in this capacity of Clerk who began the Register of Woodbridge Petty Sessions in 1801, which have been kept and are complete to 1937.

"The Woods seem to have been sympathetic to those engaged in smuggling and in 1817 John Wood was responsible for a petition on behalf of William Fuller, Robert Dixon and James Turner who were charged on the oaths of Randolph Stap and Thomas Barber, portmen of Aldeburgh, for having conveyed '117½ ankers of foreign Geneva subject to forfeiture under the Act' in a boat and not proving they were passengers in the boat and were committed to Woodbridge gaol by James Neeve. They were discharged on 17th March 1819, by order of the Commissioners of the Customs to the Collector at Aldeburh 'by reason of their being very ill'." (Note - Geneva was Dutch gin)

John Wood senr. was also Clerk to the Directors and Guardians of the Loes and Wilford Incorporation, who administered poor relief in the neighbourhood from 1765 to 1827. An example is given of Rule XIII :

"That all Persons guilty of telling Lies, or profane Swearing, shall have a Label fixed upon their Breasts, with these Words, Infamous Liar - Profane Swearer. And shall be made to stand in the middle of the Hall during the Time of Dinner."

It is evident also from an inscription on one of the graves at Melton old church that the Governor of the 'Melton House of Industry' (i.e. workhouse) was a Daniel Johnston who died on 3 Jun 1807 aged 57. (His grave is a large one under the trees to the right of the photo above) The inscription continues, 'and also Elizabeth, wife of Richard Wood Oldham and also Governor of the said house.' The next reading is problematic as it appears to add 'and widow of the above named Daniel Johnston who died January 21st 1817 aged 18 years.' It concludes with a eulogy on the Governor, his 'Integrity, and his 'Exemplary Conduct' and more such obviously fulsome but illegible phrases. At 18 Elizabeth seems unlikely to have been widow of Daniel before marrying Richard but rather Daniel's daughter. She was certainly the first wife of Richard Wood Oldham, son of Joseph Oldham and Mary Wood and therefore John's nephew but the word 'widow' seemed very clear. Another puzzle. (For Richard's 2nd marriage and details of his family see the Oldham family)

John continued with this involvement as Clerk to the Commissioners who were responsible for the dissolution of this body when it was succeeded by the Woodbridge Union. It was agreed by both the trustees and the County Magistrates that the Justices should purchase Melton House of Industry and its contents for £8000. (The building later became the Suffolk Lunatic Asylum)

Was it John or his wife who made the following entry as a comment on Christmas 1819? 'A large party in the kitchen, but upon the whole Christmas Day was very dull indeed.' Perhaps it was John in this case who might have preferred a day out shooting. There was a lot of entertaining and they frequently visited friends over a wide area. The boys went to school, first to Bury St Edmunds and then to Chelmsford where they would have boarded. Their father visited them there but they were always glad to get home especially in the summer when they could swim in the river or play cricket. There were also visits abroad. John is reported to have made the long journey to France in September 1818 to see his son Searles Valentine 'who made his career in commerce.' (That may have been Searles' intention at the time but he made his mark in a quite different field. See the later generations of the Wood family). Other greatly enjoyed trips were to the theatre in Woodbridge (performances by David Fisher and his company) or to the races in Ipswich.

John was 91 when he died on 21 Aug 1856 in Melton. The Ipswich Journal commented on the fact that he had died in the house where he was born and where he had lived for most of his life. (See also FreeBMD Woodbridge Vol 4a p.375 Sep Q 1856 ) Mary Anne had died many years before, on 21 Dec 1822 at the age of 52.

The article which has been mainly, but not entirely, used for this account of 'A Suffolk Character' is available in the Record Office in Ipswich, pp.32-36 inclusive. It was produced by the East Anglian Times, Ipswich and is well worth consulting as there are many more details than given here, especiallyof the sources. The bulk of the records are from of the now defunct firm of Wood & Barham and are deposited under that heading in Ipswich Record Office. However the list of documents, divided into several sections for legal records, family memoirs etc, fills a large foolscap ledger, - reflecting of course the labours of 150 years at least so it would not be practicable to obtain any copies without viewing them first. (Perhaps the lists will eventually appear on the National Archives website but this would depend on an enthusiast willing and able to put in the necessary hours in Ipswich). Finally, a portrait of John Wood aged 53 (NOT seen) was also included in the original Aldeburgh display but is no longer available as it is the private property of a family member and was only on loan


2. Mary Ann Wood was born on 17 Dec 1796 in Woodbridge. She eloped with Charles Henry Wade whom she married in 1817 in Stepney. He died in 1844 and she died two years later on 28 Dec 1846 in Stepney, leaving one son and 5 daughters unprovided for. She was buried at St Dunstan's in Stepney.

3. Searles Valentine Wood (sen.), son of John Wood & Mary Ann Baker, was born on 14 Feb 1798 in Woodbridge and baptised on 20 Feb following in St Mary's, Woodbridge, SFK. He went to sea as a midshipman in the navy of the Honourable East India Company (HEIC) in Nov 1811, and became an Officer. In 1821 he married Elizabeth Taylor, born 1791, only daughter of Thomas Taylor of London, solicitor on 12 Apr 1821 at St Andrew's, Holborn, London. Searles left the East India Co. in 1825 and after travelling for a time joined his father John as partner in the Bank at Hasketon, near Woodbridge and settled down to study palaentology. His son also named Searles Valentine was born at Hasketon on 4 Feb 1830 . He retired from business because of ill-health about 1835, but once he was better he settled in London where he served during 1838-9 as a Curator of the Geological Society museum, becoming a Fellow of the Society in 1839. He also joined the Clay Club.

Searles was most interested in studying fossils of the East Anglian Crag, specialising in the Eocene fossil, Mollusca.While in London he also investigated the fossils of the metropolitan district along with Frederick Edwards and published a catalogue of crag shells in the Annals and Magazine of Natural History between 1840 and 1842. The first complete volume of his findings, his 'memoir on Crag Univalves', was published in 1848, by the Palaentological Society. His chief work ran to three volumes. For A Monograph of the Crag Mollusca (1848-1856) the Geological Society of London awarded him their highest honour, the Wollaston medal, in 1860.

For about a year Searles travelled abroad with his son 'for his education' - presumably the Grand Tour. He had a house at 13 Bernard St in Holborn which is listed in Pigot's London Directory for 1841, p.996.. In 1845 he was living in Staines and then in Brentford, retiring eventually to Suffolk in 1875 and a house at Martlesham near Woodbridge.

A display in Ipswich Library mentions his work on molluscs. He wrote two papers at least on these which are in the possession of Cambridge University. Searles also wrote with his findings to Charles Darwin. Three of his letters have been preserved, two on molluscs, in 1846 and 1862 and one in 1866 about barley growing from old oat stalks. In a 'monograph' for the Palæontographical Society in 1854 Charles Darwin paid particular tribute to his research. Searles also corresponded with the geologist Sir Charles Lyell.

Searles died in Woodbridge on 26 Oct 1880 aged 82.[Woodbridge Reg. Dec Q 1880 Vol 4a p.422] and was buried in Melton. He jokingly once said, 'I was born in sight of one crag pit and shall probably be buried in another.'

With thanks for research done by others on various websites - read more by entering a Google search for 'Searles Valentine Wood'. There is also a page on him in the Dictionary of National Biography and another on his son.

Searles Valentine Wood appears in the records of the Sun fire Office (Guildhall Library Records Cat. Ref. SUN MS 11936/491 in documents 1001163 and 1001164 dated 20 Jan 1823) This is interesting as mentioning the following persons: 'Insured: Francis Turner Kings Bench Walk Temple esquire, John Wood Woodbridge Suffolk gent, Gustavus Thomas Taylor Featherstone Buildings Holborn gent, Robert Taylor Featherstone Buildings Holborn gent, trustees of Searles Valentine Wood Elizabeth Taylor spinster.' Whether there is more than just a legal connection between Francis Turner, the three Taylors and theWood family is not known.

Searles Valentine Wood (jun.), son of the above Searles Valentine must now be included here. He was born at Hasketon, Sfk on 4 Feb 1830. The 1881 census records him as 'S.Giles.S.V. (Esq) Wood, solicitor, but the name Giles has not yet been found recorded elsewhere..He studied law at King's College, London and travelled in France, presumably with his father. He received his articles as a solicitor in 1851 and practised in London, settling in Brentford. He married Elizabeth Gayler, born in Newport, Essex about 1831-2, at Old Church St Pancras on 1 Oct 1853, (as 'Searles Valentine, but no 'S.Giles') They had one adopted daughter, Elizabeth..

When his partner retired in 1865 Searles took the opportunity to retire as well and went to join his father in his geological studies. He became a Fellow of the Geological Society in 1854 and published a map of the East Anglian drifts. He spent several years studying the deposits of the Crag and glacial drifts in Essex and Suffolk and also in Norfolk with F.W.Harmer and wrote nearly sixty scientific papers. In 1875 his health deteriorated but he continued to work at and write about his favourite studies, travelling to places like St Erth's in Cornwall. He died at his home, Beacon Hill Farm, Martlesham, SFK in the Dec Q of 1884 aged 54 [Woodbridge Reg. Vol 4a p.493] and was buried near his father at Melton.


6. Eliza Rosina Wood d. 19 Jan 1866 aged 63 and was buried in the family vault in Melton. (also recorded by FreeBMD, Mar Q 1866 aged 63, Woodbridge Vol 4a p.429)

9. Richard Wood was born on 1 Sep 1804 and became a solicitor. He was injured by a kick from a horse at the age of 24 and died on 9 Nov 1828

11. Matilda Anna Wood was born on 1 Dec 1807 at Melton Hall. She married George James Gunnell, Clerk of the House of Commons, at Melton on 1 Dec 1831. Matilda died on 1 Sep 1863 and was buried at Abbeywood. Matilda and George had three children, George, Matilda and Francis (sic) . Francis Gunnell married J.E.R.Connolly, a Maj.Gen. in the Royal Marines and they had 2 sons and five daughters. He died in 1903.

12. Agnes Wood married Daniel Charles Meadows on 13 Jan 1841. She appears to have been his 2nd wife, the first being Martha Sprigge who Daniel married at Brockley, Suffolk on 12 Jun 1836. Daniel and Martha had two children, their first, Charles Philip Pierrepont Meadows being baptised on 12 Jan 1838 at Great Bealings, Suffolk (not far from Melton). The 2nd, James Sprigge Meadows, was born on 26 Feb 1839 ( IGI Film no 537401) but died on 25 Mar 1839. Martha herself died a couple of weeks later on 12 Apr. Charles Philip's birth is confirmed by FreeBMD in Mar Q 1838 (Woodbridge Vol.12 p.441) and his death must be the one listed as 'Charles Philip P. Meadows' in the Jun Q 1869 in the registration district of Bishop's Stortford, Herts (BS Vol.3a p.153)

Daniel and Agnes called their first child, born on 4 Feb 1842, Daniel John Wood Meadows. Another five children followed in rapid succession, Clara Agnes in 1843, Richard Graves in 1844, Herbert Rouse Brewster in 1846, Florence Louisa in 1848, and Manvers Frederick in 1850. Daniel Charles (senior), who appears to have been a solicitor - which explains one initial connection with the Wood family - died aged 62 on 27 Nov 1874 in Hastings (FreeBMD & IGI Film 537401) followed on 4 July 1877 by Richard. Agnes presumably went from Hastings to live with her eldest son Daniel John who was a teacher of mathematics in Hackney, London. She was there, aged 67, in 1881, living on the income from her 'property and interest'.. By this time they had changed the spelling of their name to de Medewe (listed in records under D not M). This was an old spelling of the family name which appears in the Domesday Book. The family's ancestral home was Witnesham Hall but they had connections or property in France and possibly in Holland as there are a number of Dutch(?) websites (not translated) dedicated to their name. Daniel Charles was undoubtedly related to this ancient family but how closely is not known at present and the main interest here is centred on Agnes.

Herbert, now 34, was also living with them at 169 Amhurst Rd, being employed as bank clerk. Two servants, a cook and a housemaid, completed the household. Agnes died in Hackney in the Jun Q 1885 and Daniel John died on 14 Oct 1897 . It is not known what happened to the others, Clara, Florence or Manvers but none of them have yet been traced in 1881.

Many of these dates are given in the IGI record on Film no.537401 where the Meadows family can be traced back to the 16th century, though unsourced records like these should always be checked against primary sources, i.e. the original registers. It does appear that the various middle names preserve the surnames on the female side of the family, e.g. Daniel John Wood was named for his mother, Richard Graves for his grandmother, Elizabeth Graves, and Herbert had the Brewster all the way from Frances Brewster, grandmother of his grandfather Philip Meadows grandmother. 'Pierrepont' was one of the names of Charles Philip's uncle. The origin of Pierrepont or Manvers is unknown but a Lord Manvers is said to be a member of this family. Much more on the 'de Medewe family', though not relevant here, can be found with an online search.

With thanks to a correspondent in Texas connected to the Meadows family for much new information, particularly the relevant link to Agnes.

13. Frederick William Wood was born on 1 Aug 1810. He married Maria Carter, daughter of the Rev. Thomas Carter of Walton on the Hill, Liverpool and they had one daughter.

14 Agnes Wood was born on 1 Jun 1813 at Melton Hall. She married Daniel Charles Meadows, solicitor, of Great Bealings, west of Ipswich, on 13 Jan 1841 and they had 4 sons and 2 daughters. Daniel Charles was invited to become a partner in Woodbridge with Thomas Churchyard, solicitor, of Melton, better known now as an artist, in 1836 but he left presumably to set up on his own about 1843.. [See the article online on Thomas Churchyard]


9th Generation - John Wood junior & Isabella Dovie Bax

Cousins of the Oldham-Stockwell families

1. John Wood, solicitor, referred to as John Wood junior, eldest son of John Wood and Mary Ann Baker, was baptised on 18 Jun 1795 at St Mary's, Woodbridge. He married Isabella Dovee Bax (Ironside), born about 1803, on 22 May 1822 at West Malling, Kent. (Her middle name has often been transcribed as Doree, Dovée and Dovie) Most of the baptismal records of their children unusually record either one or both names - Dovee or Dovee Bax - which makes them easy to identify as belonging to this family.

The children of John Wood junior and Isabella Dovee Bax were:

  1. John Richard Wood b.10 Feb 1823 chr.14 Feb 1823 m. Isabella Woodhouse 10 Feb 1847
  2. Henry Searles Wood b. 1824 chr.3 May 1824 Melton, d. Melton
  3. Isabella Rosina Wood b. 1825 chr. 21 Apr 1825 (living in 1881 with John Richard and his family), d.& bur.(unm.)1907 at Witham
  4. Alexander Bax Wood b. 1826 chr. 9 Sep 1826
  5. Herbert George Wood b.1828 chr 21 Mar 1828, d.1828
  6. Anna Sophia Wood b.1829 chr. 10 Apr 1829 m. Edward Browne Heawood 1863
  7. Adelaide Eliza Wood b.1831 chr. 9 Jan 1831 d. 1837
  8. Agnes Octavia Wood b.1832 chr. 2 Feb 1833 m. George Wainwright d.1891
  9. Jane Anne Wood b. 1834 chr 22 Sep 1834, m. Robert Pearse 1862 d. 1865 Calicut, India
  10. Edward Negus Wood b.1835 chr. 11 Dec 1835
Children of John Wood junr (
1. John Richard Wood - see below

6. Anna Sophia Wood 1829-1906 married the Rev. Edward Heawood Browne of Cheltenham on 9 Jun 1863 at St Mary's, Marylebone, London. They had four daughters, Sophia, Margaret, d. 1 May 1945, Leonora d. 1891 and Alice d. 1947

8. Agnes Octavia Wood was born in Woodbridge in 1832 ( the IGI has mis-transcribed her name -'the 8th' (!) - as Anna Victoria from the baptismal record) She married George William Read Wainwright, born about 1829 in Bloomsbury, London, a solicitor, on 4 Apr 1876 at Allingham, Kent. In 1881 they were living at 1 Lenister Yard, Paddington, Mdx. The rest of the household consisted of a butler, a cook, two housemaids and a kitchen maid. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0020 Folio 12 Page 17]

10. 'Edward N.Wood', born in Woodbridge and aged 45, is listed as a solicitor in Greenwich in 1881 with one daughter, Mary L.Wood, 13, born in Dover.. He was living at 71A Ashburnham Gr. (Grove), Greenwich, with his wife Miriam Agnes (née Schiller), 38, born in Poplar Mdx, and one daughter, Mary aged 13 born in Dover, Kent. They had one servant, Madeline E.Salisbury 15, born in Bow, Mdx [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0720 Folio 95 Page 40] He should therefore appear in the appropriate directories for both Dover and Greenwich.
Mary Louise Wood, born 1864 married John Maitland Howard in 1895. She died in 1922. (More generations incl. names Strathman, Davis, Browne, Tofts & Seymour)

'John Wood junior, Woodbridge' appears in several records deposited in the Ipswich Branch of Suffolk Record Office. Three documents involve a will of 1854 in the records of the Rous family, Earls of Stradbroke. Another two, dated 9 Jul 1885, and seem to suggest that John acted as autioneer on occasions in additon to his duties as coroner (Pigot 1853-4) and as clerk to the magistrates. (Sales Catalogues ref: HE401/5) He is described under Dallinghoo as 'Late Mr John Wood, Auctioneer Moulton & Fisk, Farm Buildings' and 'Late Mr John Wood, Auctioneer Moulton & Fisk, Manors of Dallinghoo, Dallinghoo Campsey, Bredfield Campsey, Bart Brodish'.

John Wood died 2 Mar 1858 in Dover aged 62, and Isabella died in 1864 in London aged 61. Both of them were buried in Melton in the vault surrounded by railings, shown below, next to that of John's parents, Richard and Jane Wood.

Inscription on the large black slab surrounded by railings beyond the vault erected by
Richard Wood on the death of his wife,
Jane formerly Searles.

BORN 10.FEB.1823 DIED 1.FEB.1891

DIED 5.SEP.1864

DIED 19.JAN.1866

BORN 10.JULY 1858 DIED 26.JAN.1868



DIED 21.DEC.1822


DIED 9.NOV.1837
The grave with the railings is that of John and Isabella Wood


10th Generation - John Richard Wood & Frances Isabella Woodhouse

Cousins of the Stockwell-Barnes family

John Richard Wood and family at Melton Hall

John Richard Wood, solicitor, born 10 Feb 1823, son of John Wood and Isabella Dovee Bax m. Frances Isabella Woodhouse (b.1826) Frances Isabella appears sometimes just as Isabella and in one case 'Iserbille' and her first name is transcribed as 'Francis' on the 1881 census. They had thirteen children.. A 'draft deed of enfranchisement' was drawn up in 1866 to 'John Richard Wood of Melton esq, of a messuage formerly the gate of Woodbridge Priory'. This document is listed in the records of the 'Rouse Family, Steward Family and others' in the Rouse estate and family, 'manors of Woodbridge late Priory and Woodbridge Hasketon' (ref. HB 54/B1 Stewards' papers) .
Melton Hall, 19th century
  1. Ellen Rosina Wood b.10 Dec 1847 Melton, chr. 10 Jan 1848 m. Arthur Littlewood Tate in 1881
  2. Gertrude Dovee Wood b. Sep Q 1849 Vol.12 p.472; chr. 20 Sep 1849
  3. Alice Margaret Wood b. 1850 m. James Grimshaw in 1883 d. 6 Mar 1929 bur. Melton
  4. Clara Frances.Wood b.1853 Paddington d. 1932, bur.Melton
  5. Henry Bax Wood and
  6. Mary Constance Wood were twins, born in 1854. They both died that year and were buried in Kensal Green Cemetery.
  7. Francis John Woodhouse Wood b. 1855 m. Ethel Hayward (1864-1944) d. 2 Jan 1918
  8. Ernest Richard Wood b.
  9. Gilbert Hilary Wood b. 10 Jul 1858 chr. 6 Sep 1858 d. 26 Jan 1868 aged 9 (Free BMD Mar Q 1868 Vol 4a p.378)
  10. Arthur Thorley Wood chr. 9 Oct 1860
  11. Walter Gunnell Wood chr. 18 Jan 1862 d.1942 in Camberley, Sry
  12. Maud Thyra Wood chr. 29 May 1863
  13. >Lewis Ironside Wood chr. 8 Dec 1866 d.1915 in Flanders
1. Ellen Rosina Wood m. Arthur Littlewood Tate on 21 Apr 1881 in Melton [Free BMD Woodbridge Reg.Dist. Jun Q 1881 Vol 4a, p.1017]
Arthur was born in Wardleworth, Rochdale in 1853, the son of William Tate and Anna Catherine Littlewood who were married in Rochdale in 1852. [from Lancs BMD] The 1881 Census gives him as a 'General Practitioner' aged 27, born in Rochdale and living at Shadbroke House, Reigate Rd, Sutton, Sry with his sisters Edith, 26 and Amy 24 and also one servant. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0758 Folio 16 Page 26] They had two children, Sybil Tate and Arthur Stoddart Woodhouse Tate. (One further generation recorded in Australia)
3. Alice Margaret Wood was born in 1850. She married James Robert Grimshaw on 5 Jul 1883 in Melton. He was a civil engineer, born in Ireland about 1851. Alice died in 1929 and was buried in Melton.
4. Clara Frances Wood is given in the 1881 census in Melton as aged 28, born in Paddington; FreeBMD gives a Clara Wood born in Edmonton, London Mar Q 1852, Vol.3a p.135. She died in 1932 and was buried in Melton.

7. Francis John Woodhouse Wood, born 1855 was a solicitor. He married Ethel Zoe Hayward, born 1864, daughter of the Vicar of Tunstall, Suffolk. Francis died in 1918 and was buried in Melton. (Two more generations recorded)

9. Ernest Richard Wood, solicitor, son of John Richard Wood and Frances Isabella Woodhouse, was born 25 Jan 1857. He married Katherine Grace Poingdestre, dau. of twice widowed Harriet Eliza Rogers, 52, of St Marylebone. in the Mar Q of 1888 in Kensington [Kensington Reg.Dist. Vol 1a p.130] and they had 6 sons. They lived in Hampstead, later in East Bergholt in Suffolk and eventually by October 1915 to Melton Hall. Three of their sons (right) were killed in Flanders and are listed on the memorials at Melton::

2. Hilary Bonham Wood 1890-1891

5.. Lt John Ironside Wood born1894, of the Border Regt, and a solicitor, was wounded.

6. Lt.Col.Ernest Wood R.A. born 1906, became Rector of Ifield, Kent.

War Memorial, Melton new church

Names of Wood family, WW1
1. Lt-Col Richard Poingdestre Wood MC, aged 26, of the York & Lancaster Regiment,
9 Oct 1916
no known grave, commemorated at Thiepval

3. Lt Geoffrey Dayrell Wood aged 24 of the 7th Batallion, Suffolk Regiment,
13 Oct 1915

4. Lt Robert Basil Wood aged 23 of the Border Regiment (attached 2nd Battalion)
25 Apr 1915

buried in Tancrez Farm Cemetery, Belgium

13. Lt-Col Lewis Ironside Wood, 2nd Battalion, Border Regiment, killed in action in Festubert
25 April 1915
buried in Le Touret Military Cemetery
Awarded the CMG

Lewis, youngest of the children of John Richard Wood and Frances Isabella Woodhouse, born on 11 Sep 1866 at Melton Hall and a boarder at Rugby School in 1881. Lewis was of course, uncle to the three sons, above, of his brother Ernest.

Besides this War Memorial there is a WW1 panel with details in the church and also a separate family memorial.

10. Arthur Thorley Wood MRCS, LREP, was born 7 Jul 1860. He was educated at Rugby School and was later a Medical Student at St George's Hospital but at home for the census in 1881. In 1901 he was living in the parish of St Mary Elms Entire, Ipswich, listed as 'Physician and Surgeon' and in 1935 he was practising in Ipswich. He married Susie Grace Boyd-Houghton in 1885 and they had one son. Arthur died in 1948.

11. Walter Gunnell Wood, born in Melton on 19 Oct 1861, was a student ('none-scholar') at Egham College, Surrey in 1881. He must have been studying civil engineering there. (Walter's great aunt, Matilda Anna Wood b.1807, his grandfather's sister, married George James Gunnell in 1831). Walter wento into the Indian Civil Engineering Service and married Mary Charlotte Woodhouse at Naini Tal in India on 28 Dec 1892. He was awarded the CSI. His Journals dated 1929-1940 are in Surrey Record Office (Ref. NRA 3518 Surrey RO misc.) He died in Camberley, Surrey, in 1942. (Probate - ref. D/EBB B3/757 - date: 1943) Mary Charlotte died many years later.

John Richard's sister, Isabella Rosina Wood, now 55, and unmarried was living at Melton Hall in 1881.. There were also four live-in domestic servants.
John Richard Wood died 1 Feb 1891[FreeBMD, aged 67, Mar Q of 1891, Vol.4a p.595] and was buried in the family vault at Melton. Frances Isabella survived him by 18 years and died in the Mar Q of 1909 [Free BMD, aged 81, Vol 4a 619].

Summary of family relationships

common ancestor
Richard Wood 4 &
Jane Searles
brother/sister 1st cousins 2nd cousins 3rd cousins
John Wood 1=
Mary Ann Baker
John Wood 2. =
Isabella Dovee Bax
John Richard Wood 3 =
Frances Isabella Woodhouse
Ellen Rosina Wood
& 12 others
Mary Wood=
Joseph Oldham
Martha Oldham=
James Stockwell
Mary Jane Stockwell
=James Barnes
Thomas Barnes
=Ada Cope

Examples for those not in the same column -
Thomas Barnes is 1st cousin twice removed (two generations removed) from the John Wood who married Isabella Dovee Bax .
Mary Jane Stockwell is 2nd cousin of John Richard Wood and 2nd cousin once removed from Ellen Rosina Wood.

Wood Family 16th-18th century Wood Family - 18th century Wood Family - 19th-20th century

In conclusion - a puzzle!

In 1881 Rosetta Elvis aged 55 claimed to have be born at Melton Hall. [Dwelling: 19 Clarendon Sq. Islington, Mdx. PRO REf. RG11 Piece 0198 Folio 57 Page 4] She was born Rosetta Munson, the widow of George Elvis who she married in Islington in the Sep Q of 1866 [Free BMD Islington Vol 1b p.513] . There was a George Turner Elvis baptised in Melton on 25 Jul 1801, son of William Elvis and Dinah. [IGI Batch no. C062701] If this was the 'right' family, presumably George Turner Elvis would be the father of Rosetta's husband.

But who was Rosetta and was her claim genuine?