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Updated 14 Apr 2015


7 February This time it only took minutes to sort out the 'missing' Jackson/Mernin children. (If only they were all like that!) It is now quite certain that 'Great-Aunt Minnie', christened Mary Elizabeth was, as thought, the only survivor of the three children of Edward Mernin and Margaret (Jolley). See Albert's 2nd page for a photo of Minnie's daughter, Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) and her cousin Elizabeth Margaret (Cis), his first grandchildren, who were both born in 1895 and obviously very close in age. But which is which? (Your guess is as good as mine!)


July - OctoberDon't be misled by the frequent gaps in 'activity' on this page. New information can sometimes cause a complete rewrite as in the case at present of the Wood and Oldham and other related families. The process is now about halfway through since beginning in July, nearly doubling the number of pages needed (to keep it simple, not more complicated!). The 'new' side to their story is fascinating and should be worth the wait!

15 AprilNew information added about the Jackson and White families. George was following in his father's footsteps as a gamekeeper, with the earliest evidence now back to 1821 and William's dating from 1809, both in Upton Grey. At present only added to Jackson1 which replaces the original file entitle 'William Jackson'.
. More has been added to the story of Joseph Oldham, first of that family. From Bankruptcy in 1808 back to full employment from May 15th 1809 - information straight from Joseph in his own words shows him back in business - and judging by the scope of that quite an entrepreneur!


19 June The process outlined below has now been completed and all the files for the Jackson family have been uploaded, some with new information - e.g. proof that George was a gamekeeper in the 1820s.. A full list with details of the files involved is given in Jackson1 . This is now the best place to start as the original file numbers may no longer contain the same information as before. The separate families - parents and children - should now be much easier to follow.

7 April Albert in the Crimea' updated with some more details. The rest of the Jackson files are nearing completion. Each 'break' in the story now occurs at an important stage such as a move from one place to another, or from one house to another. As events unfold each main character has his or her own story linked in to keep the sequence chronological with the minimum diversion. A new (short) page will give the overall plan to make it easier to follow. It was important here to avoid too much repetition as events like war and marriage separated the family members quite early on, but they later all came together again, a process which has continued over two centuries!

MarchReorganisation and updating of links to very useful websites on this page, with extra information and useful advice for 'newbies'. Don't forget also to look at the ancestors'' page which has been updated with new family names and more information.. This also serves as a quick way of seeing if your family is likely to be involved with any on this site.

February onwardsGeneral updating with splitting up of old files where new material demands. This sometimes involves a whole batch of files as in the case of the Jackson family, so all the files involved will be uploaded together. (No newsletter yet unfortunately as this task is rather more urgent, but perhaps later in the year.) There should now be a more consistent look to all pages.


27 October The story of the Cope family and the coffee shop on the South Bank of the Thames has been updated with new information and partly re-organised, still keeping the pages all linked together.
1. Copes - the overall view of the origins of the Cope family, their connections, their children and grandchildren, with details of those not involved in the running of the coffee shop.
2. Coffee1 - the life of William Cope b.1797 and his wife Sarah née Phipps from the 1820s to William's death on 15 Sep 1883 and the family involvement in the eating-house and coffee shop till then, including in particular the family of his daughter Mary Ann.
3. Coffee2 - the middle years covering the transition from William to his son Henry George and then to his grandson, with details of Henry's family.
4. Coffee3 - Henry's son, also Henry George, but called Harry throughout (as he was known) to avoid confusion, who probably took over after his marriage. Details of Harry's family and various family anecdotes.

10 AprilThe Ricketts page now records all the children found in BMDs and censuses for the three known
generations of the family from the 18th century to the 20th,
1. William Ricketts and Sarah (née Dyer),
2. Henry Ricketts and Eliza (née Cannon)
3. George Ricketts and Emma Grace
(née Janes).

Many of the children have been followed through to 1911, and a few beyond then, including with changes of surname. Since this is now quite a large file - it was an enormous family - it may be split into three pages, especially if anyone has any more photos, which would be very welcome.! At the moment photos are mostly under the heading of 'cousins': for example at <barbsweb.co,uk/cousins/warpics.htm> with several photos of George Jackson, (son of Fanny née Ricketts) who emigrated to Australia. He left England on 10 April 1914 on the SS Indrapura, heading for Melbourne apparently in the company of an (older?) cousin. Several of the Ricketts are also known to have emigrated but so far George's companion has not been identified. Do you recognise any of the others, all in the Australian navy? The 'studio' pictures were taken on their return to England. (I doubt if any who were emigrants expected to be back 'home' quite so soon!)


2 JuneTwo new pages have been added linked to the Arrowsmith page. The two letters written by Samuel Jeston to Sarah Prudence Arrowsmith can be accessed from the main page, with links for returning, and another page also accessed from the main Arrowsmith page expands known details of the related Kent families of Smith, Grant, March and Matson.

The Jackson family has been taken back another generation with Mary Anne, wife of George Jackson the land steward, now known to be a member of the family of David White and Jane Hoskins in Hampshire. This has been a subject for speculation for a long time but is now confirmed by a cousin descended from the White family. Known details are now included.

14 AprilA lot of pages have been updated or tidied up, mainly in alphabetical order. The one with most new information is for the Gill family. Not everything known has been included (to avoid writing a complete book on them!) but more is available by request. With reference to the 'extended' family (19th Feb) links have been added for now to each of the Armour and Ball pages and will be added to the rest of the relevant ones as they are updated. There is quite a lot to come on some of them, so 'watch this space'!

19 FebruaryA new page with a family tree - made with interconnected trees - linking Luptons with Armours in the 19th century, is designed to be printed out for reference if needed while browsing the various 'family history' pages. Several families were involved and the tree should help to understand the resulting multiple relationships! Families involved were mainly Balls, Hulls, Whitesides, Armours, Crookalls and Veritys though many others must also be connected.

22 JanuaryThe Arrowsmith page (originally listed with the Cope family until 2008 and including what is known about the Meager, March, Matson and Grant families) has been updated with new information on Sarah Prudence and her involvement in a bigamy case in 1837 in which she was the 'victim'. All this at Maidstone Quarter Sessions following hard on the case in Chancery the previous year when it went against Alicia and she was obliged to return a legacy received many years before. Sarah Prudence seems to have retained her legacy from Sarah Matson, which could be what led to her unfortunate 'marriage'. A lot of unanswered questions as yet.....


22 February The Ricketts and Cannon families (which both have rather impenetrable brick walls) have now been extended in other directions - back to the 17th century - by means of a new page for the Dyer family. This includes other links between the Ricketts and Cannons through the Dyers, and a number of 'new' names, Strudwick (2 separate families), Russells and a Mary Cole not related to any of the other Cole(s) , Stent, Mills and more. No information on these families has been removed from the Cannon or Ricketts pages

20 January The most recent changes are marked in red for easy checking, and will be removed as new changes are made. Three photos have been added today in a new file in the 'puzzle pages', (also linked from the site map). The main ones are of a couple, who must be husband and wife, scanned directly from a locket passed on from a cousin's effects, in the hopes of someone being able to identify them. (The locket was very small and the scan was done without removing the photos as they were so tiny and could have been difficult to put back). It seems likely that it was the wife who belonged to either the Barnes or the Cope families of the 19th century. The 3rd photo is of the cousin with his parents and other relatives including one unknown person.

9 JanuarySome pages have been tidied up and minor additions or changes made, mostly minor, to two Ball family files (2), the Armour family files (1 & 2) and the Barnes file.


30 November The tree showing the Searles names has been corrected, and the first three Oldham files checked and additions made. The most startling addition is some new information about William Oldham in the 3rd file, Oldham3 which asks more questions than it answers!

November The Barnes page has now been updated, especially from the 1911 census and most of the corrections and new information are shown in a different colour to make them easier to follow.

JuneThe history of Elizabeth Stockwell and John Hester and their children sorted - a table shows they weren't quite as complicated as thought. But here's a puzzle - with the marriage of two of their respective children to each other, can anyone work out just how many extra relationships that makes?

FebruaryAn exciting breakthrough in the Whiteside history! Found - an uncle for Thomas Whiteside, husbandman of Thurnham? And several new puzzles. If you know something of the history, read the uncle's will first!

JanuaryA 'simple' update of the Cannon family history turned into more of an upheaval! A large number of new families have been added continuing with up to 3 generations more with many new names, beyond the connection to the Ricketts family and going further back on some marriage partners to establish relationships. These proved fascinating, with connections from Cannons to one or two other families more than once. A mistake made on the 1911 census by one of the Cannons themselves (as they had to fill in the return for the first time) revealed family members who would otherwise have remained unknown! Many problems have been solved, others remain to tantalise, such as the identity of the Cannon who went to India, the parent of the schoolboy Edgar Gibson, and all the relevant links have been revised.


18th of her generation
Dahlia Natasha
(pron. Darlia)
at ten days


DecemberUpdating of the whole family tree has begun with the Barnes family and a brand-new page on the Hedges connections originating in Whitchurch, Bucks. At present there appear to be two separate families from Whitchurch, one of each having married into the same line of the Barnes family. It's possible they were related further back (in the 18th century). Barnes siblings have been followed as far as possible at present and some old mysteries solved. Where to next may be influenced by input on any of the families listed.

NovemberThe extended family continues to grow in size as well as detail. An update of the Cannon family is now available, with some changes and a lot of new information. During the period covered most of them did not move very far from the Guildford area and could often be found livng very near each other. Names of married partners that crop up more than once are Punter, Styles and Cole or Coles. If the first is correct - and so far there is nothing to contradict it - the families involved all have more than one relationship to each other. New ones include Dalman and Bish.

AugustFive files have been updated and corrected, for the Barnes, Lupton and Stockwell families - with a few surprises - and minor changes have been made for the Billington and Cannon pages. It has not been possible to mark all the new material for the first three as some of it changed the view of the family, sometimes in more than one generation. The days of relying and basing one's evidence on one or two censuses and the IGI alone are gone, and the unexpected twists and turns that were commented on in March have continued in these families too.

MarchWorking through the details of all the available censuses for each family in turn has often resulted in much more nformation than expected. The following are the main ones which have been updated so far: The will of Ann Dobney, formerly Seedall, sister of Mary Seedall (who married Richard Wood (3) in London) has provided some more family members, answers - or questions - for both Wood and Seedall families in the 18th century, and a second, and earlier, case of bankruptcy in the family than the Oldham one. On the Arrowsmith page the marriage of Alecia's parents has now been found and confirms the Grant connection. For the Jacksons, the marriage of Margaret [Jolley/Waugh] to Edward Mernin in Cork has also come to light on a new website, thus completing the records of her three marriages. In the Myerscough family a closer look at the 1841 census lead to finding a farm (so far only on a map, but it should be possible to see it from the southbound lane of the M6) run by the Bramwell family - in Myerscough! A photo of it can be seen in a local history book, 'Looking Back at Barton.'

February New information includes earlier and later additions to the Arrowsmith family history, the earliest known date now being 1752. The number of known children of Thomas and Mary Grant (grandparents of Alecia/Alicia Eliza) has risen to six, taking the earliest known date for the Grant family back to 1749. Also the odd 'career moves' of the unmarried three daughters and a granddaughter (all Arrowsmiths) of Alecia Eliza have been followed through the censuses to 1871.

January The 5th Oldham page has now been revised and updated with a lot of new information. A review of the other Oldham pages and the Stockwell page are now being undertaken before making a switch to a different family.

Quite extensive additions have been made to the first two Oldham pages, principally concerning Joseph Oldham and four of his sons, Richard Wood Oldham, William Oldham, John Oldham and Searles Wood Oldham and their 'business interests'. All of them were 'Gents', a couple belonged to the militia (a 'Home Guard', and also local police force when needed) and one was grandfather to a soldier with a famous brother-in-law, probably known to rather more people than William Morris is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


AugustThe Myerscough and Hull pages have been corrected. It is now obvious that two James Hulls born at the beginning of the 19th century were confused but were two distinct individuals. James Hull who married Mary Cardwell and moved to Fleetwood was NOT the son of James Hull and Ellen Cross of Singleton. He may have been a cousin of some degree but the 18th century history is unclear. This leaves James Hull born about 1806 as the earliest known ancestor of Mary Alice Hull who married Thomas Lupton. The other James Hull moved into Preston as an innkeeper and bricksetter. There is still a family relationship with his wife, Isabella Myerscough and also to Ellen, Isabella's sister, who married James's brother John Hull (two sisters marrying two brothers) - they were first cousins through the Myerscoughs to the Armours, so descendants of these Hulls are still of course related though not so closely as thought. This odd group is illustrated with a small family tree now included on both the first of the two Myerscough pages and on the Hull page.

Amendments were also needed to the Lupton page, with more details of Thomas II's brother Richard who did not after all have any children, and also died not long after the 1871 census.A photo of St Walburge's has also been added and the sad story of Henry Lupton and his doomed family.

May The new and revised Oldham pages are now available! They have been expanded from one page to five in order to avoid too much scrolling, but with extra links to facilitate moving between them. They are now divided into the following topics:

Part 1. Overview of three separate Oldham families which were very well-known to each other, descending from William, John and Joseph. Only Joseph is known to be an ancestor of Isobel, below! Whether the other two are related is unknown but William's son married John's daughter - an Oldham marrying an Oldham. Read and refer to this page to understand references elsewhere as the repetition of the same first names many times in the Oldham families can be confusing.
Part 2. Joseph Oldham and his wife Mary Wood and their 15 children with two of their sons on separate pages (for reasons of length)
Part 3. Joseph's son William Oldham and his family
Part 4. Joseph's grandson, also called Joseph, and the Dorning family
Part 5. Joseph's son John and granddaughter Martha, the main line, leading to the Stockwells.

5th May - Isobel, 5 weeks old to the day and smiling at her mum!

Isobel at 5 weeks

MarchIsobel Jane

born 9.20 pm, 31st Mar
7 lbs 13 ozs
(photo - just 16 hours old)

new arrival for Jane and Andy,
and sister for Josh

Isobel A few hours later Meeting the family

17th grandchild -

13 girls

4 boys

February The Arrowsmiths are now on a new page with lots of new information and a new family tree including the Meager, Grant, Matson and March families who are all inter-related. It includes an account of a case in Chancery and either some carelessness or some sleight of hand with the Arrowsmiths largely picking up the bill! More to come on the Oldhams next with some equally intriguing new connections....

January Beginnng of a major update with new census information, new families and some interesting, occasionally surprising, discoveries. The first phase (updated 23rd Jan) contains some puzzles, largely owing to incomplete entries - no relationships given, wrong dates, impossible dates etc and some mis-spellings in indexes (quite apart from the fact that there was no 'standard' spelling!) - plus new 18th-early 19th century information, all related to the Arrowsmith family and at present added to the introduction to the Cope family of Lambeth (/history/cope.htm) Much more to come on a variety of other families.....


May Correction to dates in the Wood/Searles family - Richard Wood and Jane Searles were married in 1752 (from mf in Ipswich Record Office), not 1753 - that date was taken from the IGI record which incorrectly read the surname Searles as 'Barth'. (All was entered correctly in the quote from the family bible)

More photos added to the previous collection, Memories, now expanded to two overlapping and linked files. The new album, Conga, (you'll see why the name) includes a big family party in the garden of what appears to be a dormer bungalow somewhere in the home counties. Can anyone identify any of the people and/or the locations? More to come for both north and south....

Congratulations! Announcing the birth of Rosalind Anna, a new daughter for Mike and Karen, 4th grandchild and 3rd granddaughter for Denis & Anna

April Family celebration from March - photo albums (all images reduced in size and quality for easy viewing)
Full copies available for Barnes descendants by request

Recent updates on Templeton pages - see News
January Correction made to the present earliest known generation of Armour family history
New Armour family photo album added


December Website moved to new address. Bereavement notice added

October Arrival of Nina Martha, second child for Mark and Emiko and 14th grandchild for Angela

September Entry removed on the Cannon page. (The note on that page about this will be removed at the next update) Family members who receive the newsletter please note that the latest edition will be unavoidably late. It is 'under construction' A new modem has solved the access problem. Any future changes can now be announced here.

August Sorry, no newsletter this month; there may be delays on the next edition but it will be resumed as soon as possible

JulyArrival of Anwen Siriol, third child for Adrian and Mererid, and granddaughter for Angela

JuneNew section with 20th century photos of family relatives and ancestors added

May General check and update of links

April More Wood and Oldham updates, also Searles

March "Ice Wedding" - photo album in preparation, (delayed by other events)

February Updates and checks to the Templeton pages with additional links and some new names. Photos from Ripon added to Wood pages where relevant.

January Oldham family page updated with some more information and 3 updates to the Wood family pages. Date corrected for Burgess on the Cannon page


December considerable additions to the pages on the Wood family of Suffolk, London and Ripon, Yorks. Also addition of note on new name, Seedall from the Preston, Lancs, area on this same branch.

November Updates to most of the Templeton pages; some wills now included

February Most of the family files removed. This section is undergoing reconstruction.
Mystery pictures - first photos in a new section - mainly 19th century, though some yet to come will be more modern

Templeton Updates on the families of Crook, Chown, and Way.
More direct links to 'background' pages added to Farms and Cottages (with explanatory notes)


December The Wood Family of Suffolk - several generations of a Melton and Woodbridge family, including details from family wills. The Oldham Family of Suffolk, Wallingford and Liverpool - more details and some details from wills

Templeton - October & November
All family pages in the Templeton section revised with a very large number of additional names.
New information added from the 1841, 1851, 1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses and also from correspondents.

Family News:arrivals in 2004:
Connie Mae, first child for Mike and Karen and second grandchild for Denis and Anna
May Emily Catherine, first child for Richard and Mary and first grandchild for Denis and Anna
Simon Matthew, a second son for Paul and Elizabeth and new grandson for Larry
Montague Blythe, second son for Stephen and Sian and grandson for Angela
Aidan Huw, first child for Mark and Emiko and grandson for Angela

June The Oldham Family: There are more details of all those with the name 'Searles' as first or middle names, and interesting connections with Charles Darwin and William Morris, now in five parts.
Armour boats: a correction to the details about 'Alpha' built 1904, not 1911, but still sailing after a century!

March The Whiteside Family - the main page is now updated and includes four generations of Whitesides. Some Whiteside cousins, with an article on the Archbishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev Thomas Whiteside, 1857-1921, appear on a new page.

Templeton Pages updated with details from the censuses of 1841, 1851, 1881, 1891 and 1901 in Oct-Nov 2004. Further updates from information given by family members - more to come.



October The arrival of Robert James
Completion of Albert's story - 4 linked chapters on the Crimea, India, Woking and his funeral (attended by 800 people!)

September The arrival of Alice Isabel 2003

August The wedding of Michael and Karen
The Goodear Family Ancestors - also known as 'Diggles' - of the Billington family, from Bryning, Westby, Lea and Kirkham, now given their own page and including a little on the Tootle (or Tootell) Family of Westby
Account of the Billington Family of Cottam and Woodplumpton has now been enlarged to include the whole lifetime of James (1800-1892!) and more background details.
The Whiteside Families of Lytham and Thurnham - a couple of generations from the late 18th to the middle of the 19th centuries - much more to come.
The account of the Ball Family of Dolphinlee and Lancaster has been updated and more Wills are now included (all in full)

July Pages for the Oldham families and especially the Stockwells updated with new information
A photo of children and teachers at Knaphill School, Woking, Surrey at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. 'Uncle Hugh' is seated cross-legged on the left of the front row. The story of the Jackson family is continued with an account of Albert and the Crimean War

March Emma and the Mason Family Reunion of the family - from Devon to West Sussex Jacksons in Slindon and Burton Park - a corner of West Sussex. Background & photos, conservation area, history, Cardinal Manning, general interest...

February Ricketts of Surrey and Brighton - revisions and additions. More on Brighton...