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This page is dedicated to the memory of :

my husband

Frank (left)


my brother (right)



Our ancestors

What's in a name?
Genealogies from Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Hampshire, Kent, Lancashire, London, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Westmorland. With key to family photo albums (One new!).

Cousins Old photos - albums of related families
(Frank's) Boatbuilders ;
(Barbara's) 30s Celebration ; Taylors ; Celebration07; Australians in WW1
Family Stories Memorable characters - stories passed on by the family and/or uncovered by research, many with background details. They include the occasional famous person with a family connection!
Puzzle Pictures Unidentified photos found in family albums - mostly 19th century
Many more to come. Album 1 - Armours? Album 2 - Barnes or Cope?
Templeton, Devon A village and its people in the 19th century, inspired by the account book of George Jackson, land steward who knew many of them.

The background to family stories : local and other history -
a sample of some of the pages....
Burton Park, Sussex
Knaphill School, Woking, Surrey (photo)
Mtarfa, Malta 1918 - WWI - photo of 19 named soldiers, plus a new photo album of the military quarters at Mtarfa
London - Frost Fair 1814
Fleetwood - Boat builder
A corner of Cottam, Lancs 1892

Other family websites

Some updates needed!

Garry Gibson

Paul Jackson

Ken Billington

Robert Stockwell

Paul Brazell

Jim Armour


Links - to useful genealogy websites


Church web site - with photo albums of walks in Lancashire, the Lake District, Yorkshire and visits to Scotland, Norfolk, Cornwall, Italy and Malta
'Churches Together' - including church photos, details of records etc
New section on Fylde (Lancs) genealogy

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This is our strangest family story. "No," I said, confronted with a family tree and being asked whether the titled person on it was one of our Cope relatives, "I'm afraid not." Then after a pause for reflection I added, "but he is one of Frank's!"  Right name, wrong family, The gentleman concerned married a not too distant cousin of one of Frank's ancestors.

Updated March 2013