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Can you identify...

Six photos, from Fleetwood, Blackpool and Preston ?
Only clues - relatives or friends or employees of the Armour, Whiteside, Gill, Kirkham or Myerscough families

Unless otherwise described, all these photos are approximately H10cms x W6cms. Most have an additional photographer's inscription on the front below the portrait, pictured separately along with a view of the back if available. All are on board, fitting the description of cartes de visite


This rather dapper young(?) fellow was photographed in the studios of Richard Salthouse of Fleetwood, Lancashire as shown on the back of the photo. Negatives were always kept, the inscription said, and copies could be had at any time.

His collar looks rather stiff but his waistcoat is of too shiny a material to be his work clothes and he has a handkerchief in his top pocket. Buttonholes seem to have come later for weddings but it was probably taken for a special event. His tie looks more like a shiny ribbon than a modern necktie and the hat appears to be a bowler. He looks altogether more smartly dressed than the other below.

He's perhaps in his thirties or forties - note the receding hairline. The design on the back of the photo suggests the end of the 19th century.

This photo was taken at the studio of Milton G.Wilde of 34, Talbot Rd, Blackpool. The man is about the same age as the one above, is dressed in similar fashion and standing in an even more casual and less artificial pose. However, the lapels of his jacket are higher and the similar shiny ribbon at the neck seems to be tied in a bow. The bow tie and high lapels, together with the fastening of the top button dates from the 1860s but the shortness of the jacket suggests this is later, perhaps the 1880s whereas the bushy moustache could signify 1890s. The original photo is approx. H14 X W11 cm, twice as big as the others.


These men were working for Armours, boatbuilders of Fleetwood around the turn of the 19th - 20th century. 'Snapped' on a break in their work clothes, they all have flat caps and are wearing clogs - note the heels and turned up toes.


The back of this photo of a young girl in Preston, Lancashire, is shown above and below is a further inscription which was across the bottom on the same side as the photo. These have been reduced here and below to keep file size to a minimum as far as possible.



Smalley Bros. at 244 West St (now renamed Lord St)


This lady's dress is rather more elaborate than those above but her pose is just as carefully staged, even to the foot propped on a small, probably velvet, pouffe.