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husband in locket wife in locket

These photographs were scanned from two tiny ones which were fastened back to back in a locket about the same size as the lady here is wearing. They were from the estate of Ted Perry, grandson of Tom Barnes and Ada (née Cope) and could be from either the Barnes or the Cope families.

In this photo Edie (née Barnes) is at the back on the left next to her husband Edward Perry.
Their only son Ted is at the front.
Edie's family

The lady on the right at the back is perhaps Dorrie, wife of Walter Barnes (Edie's brother) and mother of the two children on the bench, Dennis and Daphne. The gentleman in front of her is unknown though he bears some resemblance to the man in the query above.

Perhaps Walter took the photo.


1. Could the wife above at the top be Ada's sister, Elizabeth Caroline Cope, born 1862? (see the story of Lizzie in the history section). Ted was born in 1858. They look about the right age for a photo taken in the 1890s. The date of their marriage is still unknown, though it was definitely between 1891 and 1901. Ted died in 1926 and Lizzie in 1934. The quality of the photo considering its very small size implies a couple who could afford the expense, and they would rate fairly high in that respect.

2. Ada had no other sisters but Thomas Barnes had three, Elizabeth who married Thomas Curd in 1895, Kate who was still single in 1911 at the age of 32, and Jenny, born 1886 who married Gus Turney in 1908 (and is probably too young).

3. The one other possibility is that this couple were members of the Perry family. The family photo above was taken only a few years before Edward died.