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The Account Book

A copy of the first double page spread of the original documents can be viewed here. These files are large in order to to retain legibility but are in two separate parts, on the left hand page rents (69k) and on the right hand page bills (64k)

The book is like an exercise book with hard cover and the normal entries are in ink. This has survived well and is rarely illegible. Rents were entered on the left hand page and bills on the right. The amounts at the foot of each page are individually reckoned. Payment was made half-yearly, due the first working day after Lady Day (Mar 25th) or Michaelmas (Sep 29th). These copies, which vary from about 12k to 31k in size, are produced here with rents first and then bills with a line indicating the change of page. The original formatting has been preserved as far as possible. If making a printed copy the page break should be made at the line to make the two facing pages.

March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation (9 months before Christmas) was once the first day of the year - the financial year still keeps to a date based on this old practice - and Sept.29th was the Feast of St Michael the Archangel, the half-year.

Inside the front cover there is a pencilled note about money owed by Farmer (James?) Beedell in or since 1842. This was £160 for ten quarters.

Summaries of all the information can be found on the pages for Farms and Cottages

All pages are available now as Portable Document Files (PDF)
If not already on your system a Reader for these files can be downloaded free from Adobe.

Double-click for Rents (left-hand page) or for Bills (right-hand page) to download for printing.

Lady Day     Michaelmas    
1842 and notes          

1846 - May 7th

1846 - November 4th
1847 - May 9th 1847 - November 3rd
1848 - May 3rd 1848 - November 1st
1849 - May 2nd 1849 - November 7th
1850 - May 1st 1850 - November 6th
1851 - May 7th 1851 - November 5th
1852 - May 5th 1852 - November 3rd
1853 - May 4th 1853 - November 2nd
1854 - May 3rd 1854 - November 1st
1855 - May 2nd 1855 - November 7th
1856 - May 7th 1856 - November 5th
1857 - May 6th 1857 - November 4th
1858 - May 5th 1858 - November 3rd
1859 - May 4th 1859 - November 2nd
1860 - May 2nd 1860 - November 7th
1861 - May 1st 1861 - November 6th
1862 - May 7th 1862 - November 5th
1863 - May 6th 1863 - November 4th
1864 - May 4th 1864 - November 2nd