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Cottage Workers of Templeton


This list is of people who were paid for work done in the village so it only includes those shown as being paid for this in the account book. Where no dwelling is shown there was no rent paid to Chichesters and they may not have lived in the village. Notes in blue are supplementary information found in directories (years in brackets)

Name 'Address' first mentioned paid for
Beril ---- 1852 repairing ponds
William Chown cottage 1846 masoning
John Chown William's cottage? 1858 labouring (William's son?); 
also grocer, miller, carpenter (1870-1880)
John Collard ---- 1862 labouring
William Collins cottage 1850 labouring
William Cornwell "land to mill" 1846 thatching; miller, Temple Bridge (1866/1870); succeeded by wife,(1873)
Nutcombe Cornwell ---- 1862 thatching; 
parish clerk (1873)
Mary Cottrell cottage 1854 1st known schoolmistress, her daughter being her assistant; at one time the schoolroom was in Cloggs cottage.
William Crook cottage 1846 thatching; "ripping bark" 1853
George Curtis ---- 1863 labouring; "cutting ivy"
William Davey cottage 1846 masoning
John Davey cottage 1857 William's son; labouring (his father was still alive)
Easterbrook ---- 1847 ironmonger, "TarrCord, nails etc"
Goodlands ---- 1850 slate; tiles [this firm still existed in mid 1980s]
George Grattan cottage 1850 smith, ironwork, nails etc
Heathcoats or
---- 1850 bricks
Hobbs ---- 1855 "plumbering"
Robert Hockworthy* cottage 1846 labouring
William.Hunt cottage 1846 labouring
George Jackson Washfield & Templeton abt1827-1864 landsteward (book account), gamekeeper, farmer
Emma Jackson   1851 dau. of George; lady's maid to Miss Eliza Chichester (at Burton Park, Yks, 1851 Census)
Albert Jackson Templeton Nov 1853 labouring; son of George; enlisted for the Crimea 1854
Joseph Mogford cottage 1846 carpenter
Notts ---- 1846 ironmonger
Osmond ---- 1860 glazier, repairing windows etc
Amos Partridge cottage 1846 labouring
George Stevens ---- 1861 labouring
John Venn house/smith's shop 1862 smithing & ironwork; blacksmith & wheelwright (1878)
White ---- 1846 glazier; plumber
Saunders   1846 Exeter Bank {also Coutts & Co, and Cox & Co)
.     Fire Insurance Co

* Name written Robert Hockworthy under "rents paid" but "Hackworthy" under bills. Probably but not certainly the same person. No first names are given on the bills.

Other notes of interest:
Money was received occasionally for stone or wood and frequently in November for bark......"Received of Parish for 106 yds of stone, 13s.3d."......Fire Insurance - bonus allowed; Four & a half years tithe for lands in hand (bill for 2. 6s 2d)...deduct (Lady Chichester's?) coach fare to and from Linton......Bill for one & a half yrs tithe for Woods, Plantation etc; received for Old Pump Lead......Bill for half yrs Tithe - Family Lands in hand......"paid for Butter Railway Carriage etc - 10s."......1863 May: "Paid for Pork given to the Poor, Prince of Wales wedding day"; indecipherable - "Received for Stone for Tiverton Touthes"......."Paid for Railway Carriage of Cream etc to London";

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