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now with many more details from BMDs and all censuses except 1861
(new - Feb 06) plus some information on wills, apprenticeships & removal orders

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Please read the following notes first if new to this page

People included
Names in blue are those that appear in the account book. Also included are other people born or living in the village. Some of these are families of longstanding, others may only have been 'passing through', many as servants.
All names including servants are now included on these 'family' pages with as much cross-referencing as possible where relevant

Many family relationships to other local families have been recorded here - with links to relevant family and one-name websites - but more information and more links are always welcome.

Working children
Living with the families are numbers of servants in their early teens. Children have been found working as young as nine years old. Many children were sent to relatives at these ages to gain experience, but they did not necessarily remain servants for the rest of their lives - so names of servants are worth investigating. Also "Visitors" are more often than not relatives too even though the Census does not always expressly say so.

All places mentioned are in Devon unless stated otherwise.

Many people in Templeton came from these villages and towns:
Alphington, Ashreigny, Ashton, Bampton, Bedminster, Birmingham, Bishops Nympton, Bradninch, Bickleigh, Bishops Nympton, Bradninch, Bristol, Burrington, Butterleigh, Cadbury, Cadeleigh, Calverleigh, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Chideock, Chittlehampton, Chudleigh, Clayhanger, Colyton, Creacombe, Crediton, Cruwys Morchard, Dalwood, East (& West) Anstey, East Worlington, Exeter, Exford, Halberton, Halstead, Hennock, Hockworthy, Holcombe Burnell, Honiton, Huish Champflower, King's Nympton, Knowstone, Liverpool, Loxbear(e), Meshaw, Mashett, Morchard Bishop, Oakford, Ottery St Mary, Oystermouth, Poughill, Puddington, Puddletown, Rackenford, Redwick, Rose Ash, Sampford Arundell, Sampford Peverell, Sandford, Shebbear, Silverton, Skillgate, Somerton, Stockleigh, Stockleigh English, Stoodleigh, Swimbridge, Thelbridge, Tiverton, Uffculm, Uplowman, Washfield, West Buckland, Whimple, Willand, Winkleigh, Witheridge, Withley, Withleigh, Woolfardisworthy, Woolwich, Yatton
Quite a number of Devon people settled later in the century in South Wales

It is important to notice, looking at the place of birth of the children, how many times all these families moved around, even - or even especially - the 'ag.labs' who could be 'taken on' every year for a day less than a year so that the parish could avoid responsibility for them. (Also 'ag labs' varied enormously, some becoming farmers after only a few years.) The accuracy of material from the Census cannot be guaranteed as people sometimes did not know or simply guessed how old they were, or someone else guessed and their birthplace could be equally uncertain! Moreover the place of birth was often given as the nearest 'postal' address, especially if people had moved to another part of the country - this could account for Tiverton being given as place of birth on those occasions when it should have been Templeton. The same applies even more to other villages nearer to Tiverton.

There are often enormous variations in spelling, but even small ones, like the modern 'Loxbeare' where the 1881 census has 'Loxbear' can lead to failure when looking for ancestors. Try every known variant of all names and places - and a few more - before giving up! Modern spellings are used in these notes so that places can be more easily located on maps. The spelling of 'combe' or 'coombe' (with or without a capital C) is uncertain. 'Coombe' seems to apply only to certain places in Templeton, now as in the censuses, but George Jackson consistently used 'combe'. Other examples - A mysterious village called 'Lummon' has not yet been identified. One large Beedell family was entered in 1851 as 'Berdell'. Is 'Crooke' the same name as 'Crook'? Or 'Cornwall' always different from 'Cornwell'? These are included under separate headings but linked in case they are merely variants on the same name.

Sources - Census
Details have now been added from the censuses of 1841, 1891 and 1901 in addition to those from 1851 and 1881. Other censuses may be used where correspondents have kindly sent information. More details are often available, especially from the 1851 and 1881 censuses for people not personally connected with Templeton. Dates of birth are obtained by subtraction from the ages given in the census and may be about 9 months out. All persons whose status is not mentioned are single.

Sources - Directories
Various directories are mentioned. Kelly's for example was first published 1866 but there were other like Pigot's which were first published much earlier. The directories used were the ones available but there must have been many more as they were usually published annually. They were inevitably about a year out of date so someone could still appear even though deceased! Not all 'repeats' have been noted from the directories and some references must have been missed.

Sources - Dates
Anyone recorded as paying rent in the account book would of course have been there for the previous half-year but the date is always given as the one on which rent was paid. So those people who were listed from May 1846 would have lived there from the previous November. Another important point is that according to White's directory of 1850 only two farmers in Templeton actually owned their own farms and it is unlikely this situation changed over the period of the account book. Birth dates giving only the year but no more precise date usually mean this is obtained from the census and could be a year out.

People of Templeton and their families are listed under the family name.
Families where one of them appears in the account book - and some information is therefore unique - are shown in bold.
Many of the heads of households also appear on various tables under Farms and Cottages
'Other names' include related families, servants etc, some not included elsewhere, many new ones (November 2005)
Several names have variants and they are included in the same section.
Click on the linked names below for details known. Use 'Edit/Find' as well, as many appear under other family headings.
Look for 'other names' on the relevant page(s) with . Many names are referred to more than once.
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It should especially be noted that those who lived in properties shown in the account book would still be paying rent to the Chichester family of Calverleigh
after 1864 when the book ended. (See farms and cottages) The successor to George Jackson as land steward is not known. There could be later records to be found in record offices in Exeter or in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, in the Chichester family archives
Families A :

Addison ; Alford,(Alfred) ; Andrew ; Anstey ; Arscott ; Arthurs,Authers ; Ayer,Ayers,Ayre,Ayres ; Axon ;

Other names : Barrow, Beedell, Bowden, Burnet, Burnett, Chamberlain, Chown, Cruwys, Goss, Leworthy, Martin, Mogford, Roberts, Rowe, Sharland, Stooke, Tancock, Way, Webber

Families BAK-BLA :

Baker ; Bamzon ; Banbury ; Barbara ; Beck ; Beedell/Beedill/Berdell ; Bennet(t) ; Berry ; Besl(e)y ; Bidgood ; Blake ;

Other Names : Arthurs/Authers, Bristol, Carpenter, Carter, Channing, Cheriton, Collins, Cosway, Crook, Dark, Davey, Dievoiton, Ellicott, Elston, Elworthy, Escott, Flew, Gamlin, Gardener, Gibbons, Gillard, Gould, Hagley, Hall, Hancock, Harris, Hawkins, Hayman, Haywood, Hepper, Hill, Hocking, Hooper, Jackson, Kingdom, Lake, Lee, Lock, Loosemore, Luston, Luxton, Martin, Maslin, Maunder, Norrish, Payne, Perry, Pinkstone, Prouse, Rowe, Rowland, Sanger, Sayer, Selley, Sharland, Snell, Stenner, Sweet, Turner, Venner, Voysey, Way, Webber, West, Westcott, William, Wood, Wright

Families BLU-BUR :

Bluett ; Bodley/Bodleigh ; Bond ; Bowden/Bowdon ; Bowland ; Bradford ; Bragg ; Bray/Brey ;
; Brook ; Broom ; Brown ; Bryant ; Buckingham ; Burnet(t) ; Burrow

Other names : Alfred, Ayers/Ayre, Bennett, Bidgood, Bow, Bradford, Channing, Collard, Cornwele (Cornwell), Crook, Davey, Gibbings. Gibbons, Goss, Gould, Hagley, Harris, Hillier, Hookway, Horrell, Lake, Langabeer, Lee, Lock, Loosemore, Mallett, Marsh, Martin, May, Mulford, Newcombe, Norrish, Passmore, Pedley, Perkins, Phillips, Pope, Steer, Stook(e), Thorne, Tidbold, Turner, Venner, Voysey, Warren

Families CAL-COL :

Callard Collard ; Carpenter,(Carpinter) ; Carter ; Chamberlain ; Channing ; Cheriton ; Chilcott ;
Chown ; Churchill ; Clark ; Collins/Collyns/Collings ; Conibear(e)/(Couibren) ; Clatworthy ; Cockram ; Coles ;

Other names : Addison, Alford, Beedell, Bennet(t), Blake, Bray, Bryant, Davey, Dicker, Drew, Hagley, Hawkins, Hepper,
Hunt, Hurford, Knowles, Lanksford, Lock, Loosemore, Martin, Maunder, Mayford, Memery, Mortimore, Murr(a)y, Partridge, Payne,
Perrott, Perr(e)y, Richards, Rickard, Sheepwash, Southwood, Strong, Thorne, Tucker, Way, Webber, Westron, White

Families CON-CUR :

Conibear(e)/(Couibren) ; Cockram ; Coles ; Cook ; Cop(p) ; Cording ; Cornwall/Cornwell ;
; Cottrell/Cotterall ; Courtney ; Cox ; Crocher/Crocker ; Crook(e) ; Cruwys ; Curtis/Curtes

Other names : Alford, Besley, Blake, Butterleigh, Clarke, Cleave, Cop(p), Darch, Digby, Ford, Gill, Gosland, Grosvenor,
Hagley, Harris, Hatswell, Heard, Helyer, Hodge, Jackson, Maunder, Mogford, Murch, Norrish, Pleass (Pleace), Rowe, Sangar,
Sargent, Saunders, Stephens (Stevens), Stone, Stook(e), Tout, Turner, Venn, Webber, West, Wippell

Families D :

Darch ; Dark(e) ; Davey/Davy ; Delling ; Dicker ; Dievoiton ; Dimond ; Dobell/Doble ; Drake ; Drew(e) ; Duckham

Other names : Ayre, Beck, Beedell, Berdell, Blake, Cockram, Collard, Cruwys, Davies, Eastmond, Ebdon, Frankpitt, Fry, Gould, Kingsland, Lake, Letherby, Maunder, Page, Pepper, Sanger, Sargent, Saunders, Slocombe, Smith, Strong, Thorne, Treble, Webber, Westaway, Winsley

Families E :

Eastmond ; Ebbet ; Ebdon ; Edwards ; Edworthy ; Ellicott ; Ellis ; Elston(e) ; Elworthy ; Eveleigh

Other names : Barbara, Besley, Bidgood, Dicker, Hex, Hodge, Norrish, Sanders, Simmons, Skinner, Wright

Families F :

Farr,(Tarr) ; Fewings ; Flew ; Ford ; Foss ; Fowler ; Fuens ; Fulford

Other names : Ayre, Baker, Besley, Blake, Cross, Elton, Hamsnett, Hiles, Hill, Kilcoame, Lloyd, Madge, Miles, Mills, Parker, Parr, Reed, Roberts, Tarr, Wood

Families G :

Gale ; Gard ; Gardiner ; Gibbet(t) ; Gibbons ; Gill ; Gold/Gould ; Gosland/Godsland ; Goss ; Govier ; Grattan ; Greenslade ; Gueritz ; Gunn ;

Other names : Blake, Bryant, Burrow, Cornwell, Cosway, Helyer, Madge, Maunder, Palmer, Panes, Sanders, Snow, Stevens, Sullivan, Tucker, Venner, Webber, West, Whiddon

Families H-K :

Hackworthy/Hockworthy ; Hagley/Hagly ; Hammett ; Hancock; Harford/Hurford ; Harris ; Hawkins ; Hayman ; Heard ; Hepper ; Hunt ; Hynam ; ; Heriper ; Heywood ; Hex ; Hiles ; Hill(s) ; Hobson ; Holmes ; Hooper ; Horwood ; Hurford ; Jackson ; Kerslake ; Kingdom ; Knight ; Knowles

Other names : Arthur, Authur, Authurs, Beedell, Berdell, Berry, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bray, Bryant, Burnet(t), Cheriton, Collard, Collings, Collins, Crook, Crooke, Crocker, Cox, Davey, Ebbet, Gard, Gibbons, Leworthy, Matthews, Maunder, Murch, Norman, Payne, Reed, Roberts, Sparks, Stephens, Stevens, Tapp, Taylor, Tout, Venn, Warren, Whiddon

Families L-M :

Lake ; Langsford ; Lanksford ; Langston ; Lawdon ; Lee,Ley ; Letheby ; Lewis ; Lock(e) ; Lockett ; Loosemore ; Lugg ; Luston/Luxton ; Madge ; Mallett ; Manley ; Marsh ; Martin ; Maslin ; Mathews/Matthews ; Maunder ; May ; Mildon ; Milford ; Mogford ; Mogridge ; Moore ; Morrish ; Mortimore ; Murray/Murry ; Murch

Other names : Allen, Ayre, Beedell, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bodley, Bond, Bowden, Brice, Brook, Buckingham, Burnet, Burnett, Carew, Carpenter / Carpinter, Chamberlain, Channing, Clark, Collard, Collins, Cornwell, Crocker, Crook, Curtis, Davey, Davis, Drake, Elston, Gardiner, Goss, Govier, Gunn, Hagley, Harris, Helyer / Hillyer, Heywood, Holmes, Hooper, Hussey, Johnson, Lawdon, Lewis, Loosemore, Melhuish, Morrish / Morrishle, Mosegrove, Northcott, Palmer, Parker, Pester, Pitts, Pleace, Pole, Patterson, Poole, Prouse, Roberts, Row, Rowe, Snell, Stevens, Tucker, Venn, Venner, Veysey / Voysey, Webber, Wills, Wreford, Wyatt

Families N-R :

Nicholls ; Norman ; Norrish ; Northcott ; Nott ; Nutters ; Packer ; Page ; Palmer ; Parker ; Parslew/Purslew ; Partridge ; Payne ; Pearce/Pearse ; Pepper ; Perratt/Perrott ; Pester ; Pitts ; Pleace/Pleass ; Pole ; Pool ; Prouse ; Quant ; Quick ; Radford ; Reed ; Reese ; Richards ; Roberts ; Rowe

Other names: Alford, Ayre, Beadle, Beedell, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bryant, Cheriton, Chown, Collard, Collins, Collings, Cording, Crook, Cruwys, Dobell, Doble, Elston, Eveleigh, Fulford, Gould, Hill, Holman, Horwood, Jackson, James, Knight, Knowles, Lake, Lee, Lockett, Loosemore, Manley, Manning, Martin, Maunder, Mogford, Morrish, Radford, Reed, Richards, Rowe, Sanger, Sayer, Stephens, Stevens, Tapp, Tucker, Veysey, Voysey, Webber, White

Families S-T :

Salter ; Sanders/Saunders ; Sangar/Sanger ; Sargent ; Selley/Sulley ; Sharland ; Simmons ; Skinner ; Snell ; Snow ; Southcote/Southcott ; Southwood ; Sparkes ; Steer ; Stevens / Stephens ; Stook/Stuke ; Strong ; Sullivan ; Sweet ; Tancock ; Tapp ; Tarr ; Taylor ;
; Tout ; Treble ; Tucker ; Turner

Other names : Anstey, Ayre, Back, Baker, Barrow, Bassent, Beedell, Beedle, Blake, Bodley, Bodleigh, Boundy, Bowden, Buckingham, Burnet, Channing, Chichester, Clapp, Coles, Collard, Cooksley, Cornwell, Cosway, Crook, Curtes, Curtis, Darch, Darke, Doble, Drake, Duckham, Edwards, Elston, Elstone, Farr, Fulton, Gibbet, Gibbons, Gold, Gosland, Hackworthy, Harris, Hex, Hill, Hunt, Jackson, Kerslake, King, Knowles, Lock, Loosemore, Lugg, Mallett, Manning, Mildon, Mogford, Morgan, Murch, Nagle, Nott, Paun, Perham, Pole, Punchard, Radford, Rowe, Sanders, Smith, Tapp, Toole, Tozer, Veysey, Webber, West, White, Wood, Wreford, Wyatt, Yendale

Families V-W :
Venn ; Venner ; Vesey , Veysey, Voysey ; Vicary, Vickery ; Vile ; Waller ; Warren ; Waller ; Way ; Webber ; West ; Wescott / Wescott ;
Westron /
Western ; Whiddon ; White ; Wood ; Worth ; Wreford ; Wright

Other names : Baker, Baring-Gould, Barkill, Barrow, Beedell, Berry, Besley, Bidgood, Billing, Blake, Bowden, Brown, Burnet, Burnett, Cheriton, Chown, Cockram, Collard, Collins, Cornwall, Cornwell, Cross, Courtney, Dalling, Darch, Edworthy, Ellies, Fowler, Gale, Gardiner, Gibbon, Gibbons, Goss, Greenslade, Hatswell, Heard, Hill, Hobson, Hooper, Kilcoame, Lloyd, Lock, Loosemore, Manley, Martin, Maunder, Mitchell, Mogford, Mogridge, Morrish, Packer, Page, Pellow, Philips, Pitts, Saunders, Snow, Squire, Stevens, Strong, Tapp, Thorne, Titball/Tidball, Tout, Tucker, Turner, Yendale

Rectors of Templeton

/BEO2/5 1791-1821 Certificate of admission of Charles Hobbs, clerk, as domestic chaplain to the Hon. John Poulett, 15 Jan. 1791; deed of Thomas Hobbs, clerk, relating to the purchase of the advowson of Shapwick, 23-24 Oct. 1801; certificate of admission of Thomas Hobbs, clerk to the rectory and parish church of Cossington, 28 Oct. 1801; and certificate of admission of Thomas Hobbs to the rectory and parish church of Templeton, Devon, 23 Mar. 1821. (4 docs)