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Families beginning with A

Addison ; Alford,(Alfred) ; Andrew ; Anstey ; Arscott ; Arthurs,Authers ; Ayer,Ayers,Ayre,Ayres ; Axon

Other names : Barrow, Beedell, Bowden, Burnet, Burnett, Chamberlain, Chown, Cruwys, Goss,
Leworthy, Martin, Mogford, Roberts, Rowe, Sharland, Stooke, Tancock, Way, Webber

updated November 2005

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Addison Family
Joseph Addison, 15, a carpenter's apprentice, born in Kenn, south of Exeter, was living with John Chown the miller at Templeton in 1891 [Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 1 - Coomb Mill 1891] His father, Peter Addison, was a molecatcher born in Westmorland (now part of Cumbria) though his mother, Selina, came from Dunchideock only a couple of miles from Kenn.

Alford Family
William Alford was an agricultural labourer born in Witheridge about 1828. In 1850 he married Jane Rowe, daughter of William Rowe, the farmer at Clogsmoor and between 1855 and 1875 they had eleven children, all born in Templeton. In 1871 they were living at 'Crop Moor' - a farm not yet identified in other censuses - and in 1881 was at Little Esworthy. By 1901 William had moved to Bridge Cottage (near Templeton Mill). He and Jane were now 73
Their children were, with approximate dates of birth, and their occupations in 1881:

1. Albert William Alford (1855), agricultural labourer. William Albert Alford (so described in 1891) was still living at Little Esworthy but he was now a 'dairyman', and (Not-Empr/empee) that is an 'employee', not an employer. In the 1880s he married Elizabeth, b.1859 in Oakford and had two children, Edith, 3, b.Tiverton and Elizabeth 1, b.Templeton. [Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 4 - Little Esworthy 1891]
2. Frederick Alford (1857), carpenter. Frederick was living in Court Hill Cottage, Templeton in 1891. (Could this be a reference to Cloggs Court - the only one known as a 'court building'?) He was a carpenter, 34, born in Templeton married to Harriet, 28, who was born in Oakford. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 31 - Court Hill Cottage 1891]
3. Elizabeth Alford (1859), unemployed general servant
4. Walter Alford (1860) was at home at Crop Moor in 1871 but in 1881 he was a 'carpenter and miller' living at Templeton Mill as one of the two 'men' employed by John Chown, builder and miller, the other being George Cruwys aged 14.
5. Louis (or Lewis) Alford (1863) had moved to Higher Way Farm, Tiverton by 1881 when he was 18 and was employed as a farm servant (indoor) by William Webber of Rackenford
6. Samuel Alford (1864) is recorded by FreeBMD as dying in the Mar Q 1876, aged 12 [Tiverton Reg Dist. Vol 5b p.339]
7. Mary J. Alford (1866), 15 in 1881, was working at New Cottage, Cruwys Morchard, as housekeeper to Thomas Wood, widower, a bootmaker.
8. Emma Alford (1869)
9. Alma Alford (1871)
10. Alice Alford (1873)
11. Leah Alford (1875)

Richard Alford, not connected with the above family as far as is known, was living in 'Temple Village' in 1871, a carpenter and unmarried. He was born in Cruwys Morchard about 1846, the youngest child of Richard Alford (b.1801 Winkleigh) and Elizabeth Mogford (b.1802 Halberton). Later he married Mary Ann Chamberlain (b.1842 West Anstey) and they had 5 children, all born in Cheriton Fitzpaine, James (1871), Walter (1873), Eliza (1876), Mary (1878) and Ellen (1880)

Andrew(s) Family
Betsy Andrew, born 1846 in East Putford, married William Henry Blake in the Mar Q 1874 in Bideford. As Betsy Blake she is found visiting her brother Alfred at Winslade, East Putford (near Bideford) in 1901. Alfred (1849) married Elizabeth Jane Heal in Bideford in the Dec Q 1875.

William Anstey married Jane Stooke on 29 May 1829 in Templeton.

William Anstey, 3 wks, of Cruwys Morchard, b.Oct 1829, bur Templeton 12 Nov 1829
William Anstey, 72, of Cruwys Morchard, b. 1758, bur Templeton 13 May 1830

Arscott Family
Daniel Arscott (b.Thelbridge 1857) married Sarah Tancock (b.1852 Tiverton). Sarah was the only member of her family not born in Templeton, though the family still lived there until at least 1881. See the Tancock family.

Arthur(s) (Authers) Family
Jane, wife of William Authurs (Stoodleigh, 1787) was born in Templeton about 1798. Their first child Elizabeth was born in Templeton about 1820 though the rest (John 1827, Mary Ann 1830, Maria 1834, Caroline 1836, William 1836 and George 1837) were born in Stoodleigh. The last two are sometimes listed as Arthers or Arthurs but both probably belong to this family. William was not necessarily a twin as these dates could vary by a year or two, or even more where they are derived from baptismal records. In 1881 George was an indoor farm servant in Stoodleigh, working on the farm of Robert Beedell who was born in Templeton There is a puzzle about Robert (was there just one Robert, or were there two?) but it is probably the same Robert who Caroline Authurs above was working for at the age of 15 in 1851.

Ayers Family
Elizabeth Ayers married Thomas Goss who worked for a year or two in early 1830s for Henry Martin of Cleave as an ag.lab. earning 2/6 a week. Their daughter Elizabeth Goss married Henry John Bowden b.1847 in Loxbeare. See also Goss

Ayre Family
(new) In 1748 William Ayre was apprenticed to William Maunder of Templeton 'for Northcott by consent'. The record for this is in the Parish records for Cruwys Morchard, listed under 'Overseers of the Poor - Apprenticeship Indentures' and the reference is given on the A2A website.[ref. 1092A/PO 167]

Certificate of registration of death for burial purposes, for Thomas Ayre of Rose Cottage, Templeton. Devon Record Office - ref. 1556 A-3/PR/9 - date: 1926

In 1851 Henry Ayre, 27, born Morebath about 1824, was a farmer of 70 acres at Woods, Rose Ash. He and Ann, his wife, were probably not long married, for their first child, Sarah Ann, must have been born shortly after.
By 1881 he ran another farm in Rose Ash of 57 acres (where he was said to be from Bishops Nympton). His wife Ann was 52, born Bishops Nympton and a son, William, aged 19, born Rose Ash.
By 1891 he was living with his daughter Lydia and her husband Thomas Burnett in Templeton but 'Living On His Own Means'.

William was born about 1852 and then Lydia about 1856. Ann - as Sarah Ann is recorded in the 1881 census - now 31 and Lydia, 25, were both still single, living with their 'mother' at Ash Mill in Rose 1881. The 'mother' who is described as 'Independent' is not Ann but Elizabeth, 67, , born like Ann in Bishops Nympton, but about 1816 not about 1827. This therefore appears to be a second marriage for Henry, but it remains to be confirmed. Elizabeth Ayre, 67, born in Bishops Nympton is listed as a widow and 'independent'.

1. (Sarah) Ann never married. She was described as 'Independent' in 1881. By 1901 she was a grocer and shopkeeper in Templeton and her niece Lydia Burnett, 10, daughter of her sister Lydia, was living with her.

2. William was not married in 1881 but living at home with his parents, Henry, 57, and Ann Ayre 52.
In 1891 William Ayre, 39, of Rose Ash was the farmer at Town Farm, Templeton in 1891. His wife Ellen, 31, was born in Tiverton and their two daughters, Ellen Jane, 3, and Mary Ann, 1, were both born in Templeton. They also had four servants in 1881, Mary Lock, 19, a domestic servant born in Bishops Nympton, and three farm servants, Charles Rowe, 19 of Cruwys Morchard, John Keen, 16, of Tiverton and Thomas Sharland, 10, of Cruwys Morchard.

3. Lydia married Thomas Burnet about 1883 or so. They lived at 'Templeton Cottage' and had four children by 1891, all born in Templeton.
By 1901 Lydia was widowed but still living in Templeton, Town Cottage no.2, with three of her children and was now the village postmistress.. Next door her daughter Lydia aged 10 was living with her unmarried sister Sarah Anne Ayre aged 51, grocer and shopkeeper born Rose Ash.

*The 1881 census gives Elizabeth as aged 65. The 1851 census gives no match for an Elizabeth born in Bishops Nympton in 1814 so perhaps she was out of the county.
*Alternatively Elizabeth might have been married after the 1851 census so her surname could be formerly Barrow, Bowden or Leworthy (all names which occur also in Templeton)

In 1891 Thomas aged 42, an ag.lab, born in Rackenford was living at 'Crossmoor', Templeton. He was the 4th child, born about 1848, of Richard Ayre. In 1851, Richard, 52, born about 1799 in Rose Ash, and Anne, 48, born in Cruwys Morchard were living in Rackenford but were probably related to the Ayre family, above. Richard could even be the father or uncle of Henry Ayre.
Thomas married Ellen born about 1851 in Cruwys Morchard . They had five children, John 19 and Richard 17, both ag.labs, born in Witheridge, a daughter Mina aged 9 born in East Anstey, and two more sons, Tom 7 and Archibald, 1, born in Templeton. Jessie Ayre aged 16, born in Witheridge was probably also their daughter. She was a housemaid in the household of the Rector, James Fowler. They left Cross Moor by 1901 as George Roberts is listed there then. [Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 23 - Crossmoor 1891]

Axon family
Joan Axon, born in the early quarter of the 18th century married William Way on 18 Nov 1744 (old calendar!) in Cruwys Morchard. There were several Way families associated with Templeton and they are also of interest here as grandchildren married into the families of Webber and Chamberlain. Another family name was Thorne.