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Families BAK-BLA

Baker ; Bamzon ; Banbury ; Barbara ; Beck ; Beedell/Beedill/Beadle/Berdell ; Bennet(t) ; Berry ; Besl(e)y ; Bidgood ; Blake ;

Other names :: Arthurs/Authers, Bristol, Carpenter, Carter, Channing, Cheriton, Collins, Cosway, Crook, Dark, Davey, Dievoiton, Ellicott, Elston, Elworthy, Escott, Flew, Gamlin, Gardener, Gibbons, Gillard, Gould, Hagley, Hall, Hancock, Harris, Hawkins, Hayman, Haywood, Hepper, Hill, Hocking, Hooper, Jackson, Kingdom, Lake, Lee, Lock, Loosemore, Luston, Luxton, Martin, Maslin, Maunder, Norrish, Payne, Perry, Pinkstone, Prouse, Rowe, Rowland, Sanger, Sayer, Selley, Sharland, Snell, Stenner, Sweet, Turner, Venner, Voysey, Way, Webber, West, Westcott, William, Wood, Wright

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Baker Family
Sarah Baker m.John Way . 10 Aug 1810 in Templeton. [Note - see the marriage register] .

William Baker is recorded on the Tithe Commutation in 1836 at Palmer's Field, Calverleigh. He was an agricultural labourer, born in Loxbear. In 1851, aged 36, he was at Higher Town Living with his wife Harriet (nee Flew) 31, born Witherden and two children, John 7 and Ann 4 born in Loxbear. Harriet's mother Elizabeth, a widow of 54, was living with them and is described as 'nurse', obviously looking after the baby, also Elizabeth, aged 2 months, born in Templeton. Another member of the household was another Elizabeth Flew aged 15, 'dressmaker', but only described as a lodger. She could - just - be a very much younger sister of Harriet's but her exact relationship to the family is not given. (The birthplace of William is given as 'Coxbear', an obvious misreading. There is no such place)

Arthur Baker, 14, from Tiverton was working in the Webber household in Templeton in 1881

Mary Bamzon, 82, of Templeton, b. 1732, bur. Templeton, '00' Jan 1732. No-one of this surname has been found in the 1851 or 1881 censuses for Devon so perhaps the spelling is misleading.

Banbury Family
George Banbury was born about 1832 in Tiverton, the son of 'Sarah Banbury' who was born in Tiverton about 1803. A few years later, perhaps about 1840-1841, Sarah married William Stenner, born in Washfield about 1807, a 'general dealer', presumably her second marriage. In 1851 Sarah, 48, and William, 44, lived at Westexe, Tiverton with a daughter, Eleanor, aged 9 and George, 18, described as 'SonL' (son-in-law meaning stepson) who was working as a baker.

By 1862 George had married Mary, moved to Templeton and taken over a cottage from Sarah Blake, paying the first rent for just 3 months, in 1862. He then appears in the account book until the end, November 1864. The somewhat illegible entry in 1871 census lists him as 'Ma? Store Dealer'. George and Mary had one son, George N. Banbury, who was born in Tiverton about 1860. George junior has not been found on the 1881 census and had either died or perhaps enlisted as a soldier. They may also have had a daughter or daughter-in-law, Jane, born about 1853 in Wellington, Somerset though no record has been found to confirm this, only a granddaughter, Blanche.

Blanche Banbury was born in Templeton in 1870 and entered as a 'grandson' on the 1871 census. In 1881 she was living at 'Dwelling:No 2 Little Coleford, Stoodleigh' and described as 'step-daughter' of John Hancock, 29, an agricultural labourer from Bampton. John's wife Jane was 28, born in Wellington, Somerset. It is not known whether Jane, presumably Blanche's mother, was formerly married to George junior (who then died?) or whether she was his sister. Certainly she was only 17 when George was born. John and Jane had three children, Sophia 6, born 'Loxbeare', George, 5, born Bampton, and Bessie, 1, born Morebath.

In 1901 Eli Alfred Barrow was the farmer at Great Esworthy. He was born about 1870 in High Bray and was married to Lucy, 33, of Hawkridge, formerly Westcott, for her brother Tom was a 'horse carter on farm Hawkridge'. They also had a servant in Elizabeth Sharland, a general domestic servant who was 16 in 1901, born in Tiverton.

Joan Barbara m. Samuel Elworthy 5 Dec 1757 in Templeton. [A note is added in the parish register]
This has not been found in Devon as a surname and is probably wrongly entered because the surname was unknown.

Christian Beck m. William Dievoiton 27 Oct 1754, [Note - in marriage register]

Beedell Family
Marriages in Templeton
William Beedell m. Charity Dark on 22 Oct 1785 [Note - in marriage register]
Elizabeth Beedil m. Henry Besley on 16 Mar 1820
Elizabeth Beedle m. John Sanger on 21 Dec 1822.
James Beadle m. Elizabeth Payne on 10 Feb 1826.

Burials in Templeton
William Beedell, 73, of Tiverton, b. 1759, bur. 8 Dec 1832
Charity Beedle, 70, of Rackenford, b. 1760, bur, 2 Jun 1830
Ann Beedle, 12, of Rackenford, b. 1803, bur. 13 May 1815
James Beedle, 2, of Bickly, b.1815, bur.13 Feb 1817

In 1841 James Beedell, born about 1793 in Templeton is listed as the farmer at Lower Town Living, his age being given as 45 and his wife Elizabeth as 35. They had six children, Isabella 12, Caroline 9, Elizabeth 6, Agnes 4, Ann 3, and Emilly 4m
Also living with them were Mary Luston, 40, Harriett Kingdom 18 and Sarah Harris 13, female servants (FS), and four ag. labs., William Martin 20, William Wood 25, William Selley 15 and William Sanger 10. Only the first two are 'new' names, but perhaps Luston is the same as Luxton? (See the stepson of Robert Beedell below)

James Beedell 'disappears' on the 1851 census, his name and that of all of his large family, all born in Templeton, being mis-transcribed as 'Berdell'. It is quite obvious once found. Known facts were that James Beedell and Elizabeth, his wife, were buried at Templeton, though the details on the gravestone are illegible. On the first page (inside front cover) of the account book is a cryptic note "Beedell 10 yrs Lady Day 1842 - 160 1/2 yr". He is then listed from 1846 farming at High and Low Town Living and is confirmed by the Tithe document of 1836. From 1847 till May 1852 he also paid rent for Cloggs. The reason for this is not clear as George Jackson was living there from at least 1851 according to the census, if not from 1847.

In 1851 Caroline Beedell, 19 and born in Templeton, was no longer at home but living with James and Charity Prouse in Bampton St, Tiverton in 1851, described as 'niece'. If the two records are of the same girl it must be through Charity who would therefore be formerly Charity Payne and sister to Caroline's mother, but so far no other evidence is available to prove this. (Any further information would be very welcome) Caroline is the one person not with the family in 1851 when James Beedell (as 'Berdell') now aged 58, was farming 305 acres at Higher Somer, Thelbridge, with his wife Elizabeth, 48, also born in Templeton. The rest of their children were 'at home', all born in Templeton, none married yet, with the only son employed on the farm and 4 girls 'Emp in the House'. They were Edwin 25, Isabella 20, Elizabeth 17, Agnes 15, Emily 10 as before, and two more, Dinah 7, and Mary Ann 3.

The following servants - two with 'familiar' names - were employed on the farm in 1851: Thomas Elicott, 39, b.Washfield, John Pratt, 24, b. Halberton, and the two from Templeton, Robert Hagley 16, and Nathaniel Davey, 14

There is a further puzzle with a Caroline who married Thomas Beedell of Washfield. In 1851 a John Beedell, 63, and his wife Mary, were living at 'Stoodleigh Barton', (presumably Barton Farm, Stoodleigh) with their three sons, James, b.1823, Thomas b.1822 and Edward, b.1831. The farm was then 175 acres. In 1881 perhaps it was John's 2nd son who was the Thomas Beedell listed as farmer of 198 acres at Stoodleigh Barton, employing 2 men & 2 boys. If so there is a 3 year discrepancy on the ages, Thomas being given as 56 in 1881, but 29 in 1851 (i.e. born about 1825 rather than 1822) though in both cases his place of birth is given as Washfield. In 1881 Thomas's wife was Caroline who is given as aged 49, again agreeing with the previous two censuses of 1841 and 1851. If this was Caroline Beedell perhaps they were cousins. Thomas and Caroline had four children still living at home in 1881, all born in Stoodleigh, Mary 23 (b.1858), Elizabeth 21 (b.1860), John T. 19 (b.1862), and Herbert 12 (b.1869). There were also 2 servants, Lucy Perry, 1861, and James Snell, 1867, both born in Washfield.

~ Robert Beedell, the miller, born in Templeton in 1810, turned farmer and is found working 204 acres at Wheatland Farm, Stoodleigh in 1881. Living with him were his wife Mary, born Harberton 1824, a stepson, Charles Luxton, born Stoodleigh in 1865, a nephew Thomas Beedell, born in 1831 at Stoodleigh (and not of course the same Thomas as above), who was a farm bailiff, a domestic servant, Mary A.Wright, born Tiverton 1867 and a farm servant (indoor), George Arthurs, born in 1837 at Stoodleigh. Thomas's father was William Beedell, who must therefore be Robert's brother, born in 1806 in Templeton.

There is a discrepancy on Robert's age, as the 1851 census, taken on March 1st shows him as 37 and the 1881, taken on 3rd April shows him as aged 71, that is, born in 1813/14 or in 1809/10. He is the only one of this generation shown in 1851 and mistakes with ages are quite common. In 1851 Robert's mother, Nancy, 68, a widow, was living with him and also two nephews, Thomas B.Sayer 7, b. Stoodleigh and James Cummins 9, b. Bristol. There were also two servants, Caroline Authers, 15, b.Stoodleigh and Thomas Rawle, 16, b.Shobrooke. There is a strong possibility that Thomas Rawle whose mother was a Mary Beedell, was also a nephew of his. Mary married David Rawle, veterinary surgeon, on 6 May 1824 at Stoodleigh.

~ William Beedell was born in Templeton in 1806 and in 1851 was farming 200 acres at Dipford, Stoodleigh with 8 labourers. His wife Jane was born in Washfield in 1810. Their children were all born in Stoodleigh, Thomas in 1832, Harriet, who married William Channing in 1833, Robert in 1835, Edwin W. in 1841, John F. in 1842 (Tiverton Vol.10 p.301), Emily Ann in 1845, Adela Louise Mary in the Mar Q 1847 (Tiverton Vol.10 p.302), Helena Hatswell. in the Sep Q 1849 (Tiverton Reg Dist Vol 10 p.261) and an infant son who is entered as '2' which must mean 2 days rather than 2 months as the name is not given and the nurse, Mary Hancock (married) 58, b. Tiverton, is staying in the house. Also in residence were two ag.labs, William 19 and James 17, Rabjohns (presumably brothers), both born in Tiverton and a house servant Grace Sharland, 18, b.Puddington.

Elizabeth Beedell was born in Templeton in 1798. She married John Sanger, born 1792 in Tiverton and had 3 children by 1851, all living in Exeter.

Bennet(t) Family
Marriages in Templeton
Elizabeth Bennett m. John Besly on 9 Jun 1792 [Note - in marriage register]
Mary Bennet m. John Cheriton 24 Jul 1834

William Bennett b.1807 Witheridge and Elizabeth Carter b. 1811 in Tiverton were married on 26 Mar 1830 in Templeton. They had as far as is known two daughters, Matilda b. Templeton 1831 and Mary Ann b. Thelbridge 1834. William was a dairyman and farmer, presumably living in Templeton for a few years around 1831

Berry Family
Elizabeth Berry married Thomas Voysey on 11 Jul 1754 in Templeton.
Sarah Berry married William Hooper in Templeton. on 20 Dec 1768.

Besley Family
Burials in Templeton
John Besley, 52, of Rackenford, b.1765, bur. 15 Sep 1817;
It was presumably his will [ref.1078/IRW/B/765] which was proved in:1818
Elizabeth Besley, 59, of Cruwys Morchard, b.1767, bur. 14 Aug 1826 ;
The Will 'of Elizabeth Besley of Templeton' [ref.1078/IRW/B/756] was proved in1827.
John Besly, 17, of Rackenford, b.1797, bur. 10 Sep 1814
Mary Besley, 30, of Cruwys Morchard, born 1800, bur. 13 Feb 1830
Nathanael Besley, 16, of Bampton, b. 1812, bur.19 Apr 1828
Samuel Besley, 19, of Bampton, b. 1809, bur. 4 Oct 1828
Louise Amelia Besley, 9 wks, of Tiverton, b. 1834, bur.29 Dec 1834
Mary Besley, 1 yr 9 mths, of Tiverton, b. 1836, bur. 2 Jan 1836
Grace Anne Besley, 2, born Tiverton 1835, bur. 9 Jul 1837
Copies[for GDP3.50] of the wills can be downloaded from Documents Online

Marriages in Templeton
John Besly m. Elizabeth Bennett on 9 Jun 1792 [Note - in marriage register]
Henry Besley m. Elizabeth Beedil on 16 Mar 1820

Stoodleigh and Templeton
Henry Besley above looks like a brother of George Besley who was born about 1795.

On 21 Jan 1829 George Besley married Isabella Venner (b. abt1810) at Stoodleigh. They probably went to live at South Coombe Farm then and were certainly there in 1836.

1841 They are listed there on the 1841 census as George 45, Isabella 30, John 11, Thomas 10, Samuel 8, Henrietta 4, and Cecilia 1.
1851 - the listing of their children is: - John 21, Thomas 19, Samuel 17, Henrietta 14, Henry 9, Louisa Ellen 5 and Isabella 2.
At that time the servants at 'Higher South Coomb' were James May, 20, b.Tiverton, William Ford 24, b.Skillgate, Som., George Way 15, b.Tiverton, John Hagley 12 and Sarah Cottrell 20 both born in Templeton.

George paid rent for Lower South Coombe Farm, taking on Landfoot (farm?) as well for a while in 1863, at least until 1864.

1871 census - George 76 and Isabella 63, had moved to Great Esworthy (farm) Templeton with Lousia E.(Ellen) 25, and Isabella 22, still at home but also two grandchildren, Ellen 14, and George 8 born in Illinois, USA. Also on this census an Emma B. Besley, also born in the USA was living at Higher North Combe with the farmer John Hepper and is described as his niece. She must be another grandchild of George and Isabella as Henrietta, their daughter must be the Henrietta aged 34 married to John Hepper. It must also be yet another grandchild, Clara Besley aged 11, born in the USA, who was boarding with the family of John Chown at the Temple Hill grocer's shop.

George and Isabella also had a servant, Thomas Sweet, 17, from Cruwys Morchard.The Besleys in Templeton also had servants, Thomas Ellicott 25 ag.lab, James F???, 20, ag.lab, George Loosemore, 15, ag.lab. and two female servants, Anne Rowe, 15 and Jane Bowden 13.
George died in 1875 aged 80 and was buried in Templeton.

Isabella Besley, widow, staying with Jane Payne who could be her sister, at Bridge Cottage, Templeton in 1881, was almost certainly George's wife. She is described as 'Farmer's Wife Retired'. There is just one discrepancy, in the ages as she is given here as born in 1807.

2. Thomas Besley, George's 2nd son, born Templeton in 1832, was a Railway Parcel Clerk in 1881, single and living alone, at 7 Orchard St, Weston super Mare.

3. By 1881 Samuel Besley, George's 3rd son, born in Templeton about 1834 and now 47, was a Municipal Relieving Officer in Brook St, Bampton. Everyone else in the household was born in Bampton. There was Eleanor Escott his wife, born 1852, their children, Samuel D., 1869, Lucy E.,1870, Eleanor, 1871, Mary A.,1874, Lewis J.T., 1879, Bessie Escott, Samuel's sister-in-law (presumably Eleanor's sister), 1859, who was an assistant in Samuel's baker's shop, and a general domestic servant Sarah A.Gardener, born in 1866. Another (?) of Samuel's sons, Lara William, emigrated to New Zealand.

5. In 1881 Henry Besley, George's 4th son born in Templeton in 1842, was a farmer of 344 acres at Pillavin, Witheridge employing 2 men and 1 boy. He married Elizabeth Payne, daughter of Thomas Payne in the Jun Q of 1867 (Tiverton Vol 5b, p.767) Their family were all born in Stoodleigh, Theresa, 1869, Edith, 1872, Elizabeth, 1877, Alice, 1879, Charles, 1869, Frank, 1870, Arthur, 1874, Harry, 1875, and Thomas, 1880 (11m) (The strange order is as given) The servants were Elizabeth Carpenter, 22, born Stoodleigh 1859, and John Bristol, "agricultural labourer indoors", born Thelbridge in 1866. Henry Besley is also listed as farming in Templeton in Harrod's Directories of 1873 and 1878. He was buried in Templeton (gravestone in churchyard)

6. Louisa Ellen Besley never married and died on 7 Mar 1914 aged 68. She was buried at Templeton.

1881 So, by elimination, the father of the four children, Ellen, now 24, Emma B. 22, Clara 21 and George 18, was probably the eldest son John, by now, 51 if still alive. It is not known what happened to him. His son George's age does not match the George in 1881 who, though born in the USA, was 21, stationed on HMS Implacable at Portsmouth as servant to a Warrant Officer in the Navy. There is no match for an 18 year old, as he should be by then, and Ellen is not found either so perhaps they had returned to the States.

Two older Besleys could perhaps be brothers to George. James Besley was living at Esworthy Farm, Templeton in 1851. He was 43, an agricultural labourer born in Templeton and one of three ag labs living there, the other two being William Manley, 70 (with his wife Susannah) and William Pitts, 30. . James's wife Ann, 47, was born at Poughill and they had one son, Henry aged 2, born in Templeton, living with them.

Two other, probably also related, Besley families came from Templeton but had moved away by 1851. One was William Besley aged 50, married to Mary born in Knowstone about 1811. They were living in St Leonard St Thomas.

The other was a Mary Besley, a farmer's widow aged 53, born in Templeton, and her five children, all born in Calverleigh, who were living at New Inn in the Loxbear & Calverleigh census area . Neither the deceased farmer's name nor his place of birth are known at present. The children were Ann, 25, Emily 20, Elizabeth 18, John 15, and Amelia 12. They also had one servant, Thomas Rowland, 20, born in Morchard (though which Morchard is not given) Elizabeth is given on FreeBMD as 'Elizabeth Bennett Besley' at the time of her death in the Jun Q 1896 (Vol.5b 273) which suggests that Mary may have been formerly Mary Bennett

Bidgood Family
Thomas Bidgood was at Loosland farm, Templeton in 1851, working 100 acres with the help of two labourers. Thomas, 64, and his wife, Elizabeth, 63, and their unmarried son, William, aged 30 were all born in Tiverton. Loosland Farm is on the western edge of the parish bordering on Witheridge Moor. The farm bailiff in 1851 was Thomas Hayman, 59 and married, a 'lodger' and born in Tiverton.

Edmund Bidgood is given in Morris's directory of 1870 as a farmer in Templeton. This must be the same Edmund as given, aged 36, in 1851, from the census at Loxbeare and Calverleigh as farming 58 acres at 'Leigh Town, Tiverton' and in 1871 aged 56, farming 375 acres at Middle Town Living in Templeton. He married twice, his first wife being Agnes Mare, born about 1816 in Morchard Bishop who he married in Morchard Bishop, on 27 Oct 1842 [ Jun Q 1842, Crediton Vol.10 p.115] They had four children, John, Edmund, Fanny and Walter.. Agnes died in Loxbeare in the Mar Q 1855 [ Tiverton Vol.5b p.417] and on 3 Jun 1858 Edmund married his 2nd wife, Ann Frost (b.Cullompton abt 1823) in Burlescombe, N.Devon. They had two children, Elizabeth and William (Further details from the 1851 census available if required, but not relevant here. Agnes's mother Thomasin was formerly Wreford but no connection is known to the Wrefords of Templeton) In 1871 the servants at Middle Town Living were John Channing, 23, of Stoodleigh (shepherd), John Lock 23, a carter born in Tiverton, Henry Hawkins, 16, a shepherd's man from Ashbrittle in Somerset, and George Wood, 15, a carter from Tiverton.

Abraham Bidgood and his wife Agnes (formerly Gillard) never came to Templeton as far as is known, but their son Abraham, born at Halberton in 1838 married Selina Elston of Tiverton. Selina was the daughter of Samuel Elston and sister to the William Elston (b.1837) who married Mary Jane Maunder.

Abraham Bidgood jun (b.1838) and Selina had four children, John Charles (1867), William Henry (1869), Bessie (1870) and Annie Alice (1871). William Henry Bidgood was the only one born in Templeton [Mar Q 1869 Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.471]. In 1881 William, then 12, was working as a farm labourer at Millhayes, Bickleigh in the household of his uncle William Elston 45, (b.1837), who farmed 270 acres there. Selina had died in the Jun Q 1874 at the age of 30.(Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.297)

Another member of the household at Millhayes was Isabella E. Norrish, 22 and unmarried, acting as housekeeper, who was born in East Anstey. This does not at first look relevant to Templeton but see the Norrish family who were related to the Crook and other families of Templeton and connections begin to look more likely. (New information on Isabella July 2007 - see the Norrish family)

A Bidgood who has a more distant link to this family was Walter Bidgood, 22 in 1851, who was born in Tiverton. He was found as a 'stray' at the Royal Artillery Barracks of Woolwich Arsenal as an unmarried soldier. [Ref: HO 107/1588 #174826] (Thanks to Lesley in Australia)

See Personal Links for One-Name Study. Many thanks to Don Bidgood for interest and corrections. Much more detailed information is available.


Blake Family
Robert Blake, 20, of Tiverton, born about 1813, was buried in Templeton on 29 Jun 1833.
Robert Blake d. Thrucombe, Stoodleigh 12 Feb 1883 aged 26
William, his brother, d. at Thrucombe, Stoodleigh 19 Jul 1895 aged 23

Between them at one time the Blakes farmed a large portion of Templeton and also many farms in the surrounding areas. On the 1851 Census there is a William Blake aged 32 born Woodleigh, a sowser(?). Wests were related, by marriage at least.

In the 1841 census William Blake, born Oakford in 1808 appears as farmer at Higher North Combe. He is listed as 40 and his wife Sarah as 25 and 'BOD' - born out of Devon. There were 4 ag labs on the farm, John Thomas 50, Richard Sweet, 20, Robert Yandle, 20 and Thomas Bowland, 10. There was also a female servant, Jane Harris aged 16. Last comes Mary Hagley, 65, who was probably William's mother in law.

On the 1851 census William is listed again as farmer of the 313 acres at Lower North Combe, Templeton with more details. In the account book he is entered as paying rent for both Low and High North Combe. (He must have taken over at some stage between 1836 and 1846 from George Loosemore) His wife Sarah, born 1813, came from Wellington, Somerset. They had a niece aged 5, Mary Ann Cosway, born in Thorverton, living with them but no children of their own. There were 3 indoor servants and 3 'indoor farm servants' resident. Three were born in Templeton, John Davey 17, Robert Turner 15, and Richard Pinkstone 15.

In 1836 in the Tithe document and also from 1846 to May 1850 Robert Blake is listed as the farmer at Starraton. The census of 1841 says he was 'BOD' born out of Devon. He was then about 60 and his wife Sarah, b.Halberton, was about 50. It is assumed for the present that all 7 children were theirs and none were grandchildren, Joseph 25, Sarah 20, Mary 20, Henry 15, Abel 15, Samuel 10 and Robert 4. There were two ag.labs living in, James Hall 20, and William Harris 9 (all ages over 14 rounded down of course)

(new) A document in Devon Record Office dated 1835 is described as 'Methodist circuit correspondence' by 'Robert Blake of Templeton, gent' who sounds like the farmer at Starraton. [Ref.: 2514D-1/852-853] Is it the same Robert Blake who appears in the Deeds for land 'within the town boundaries' of Tiverton in 1834 and 1835? Robert is described this time as a yeoman and the deeds are for an orchard, 3 houses and gardens and 'Leat' (a water-course conducting water to a mill?) The first is dated 8 Jul 1834 (ref: 213 M/T/59) and the second 2 Mar 1835 ( ref. 213 M/T/60)

The 1851 census has Robert aged 72, born in Milverton, Somerset and Sarah, 63, born in Halberton now farming 32 acres in Sampford Peverell, Tiverton. The only other relevant detail is that they had a servant aged 12, Eliza 'Charaton' who was born in Templeton. This was of course Eliza Cheriton. Robert's 4th son Samuel, (listed in full below among Robert and Sarah's children), now more accurately 24, had taken over Starraton Farm.

1. Joseph Blake was probably the farmer of 136 acres at Rose Ash in 1851, aged 35, born Oakford and married to Grace, 34, b.Willand (no children)

4. Henry Blake, 27, born Templeton 1824, was farming 150 acres with 3 labourers at Champles, Stoodleigh in 1851. His wife Ann (formerly Hocking), was born in 1827 in Thorverton according to the 1851 census and Bideford according to the 1881 census which is puzzling as these two places are nowhere near each other. An Eliza Hocking, Visitor, was born in Bideford in 1821 so perhaps this is an instance of the census enumerator asking the wrong question, i.e. "Where do you come from?" Eliza was presumably Ann's sister.
Henry and Ann had three children as far as is known, William Henry, John and Jane. 'William H. Blake' was born at Stoodleigh and appears on the 1851 census as aged 10 months. John was born about 1853 and Jane in the Sep Q of 1860, both of them in Templeton. Henry took over High and Low Town Living from James Beedell in 1852 and was still there in 1864. Lower Town was 171 acres. By 1881 he was farming 244 acres, employing 1 labourer, at Babeleigh (Farm), Parkham. Jane Blake married Frederick Hugh Gibbons and went to live in Bideford, which backs up a Bideford origin for her mother's family. (See also her Sarah Blake, daughter of Samuel below, also marrying a Gibbons, - they became in-laws but could also be cousins?)

5. Abel Blake b. Templeton 1826, was another of Robert's sons. In 1851 Abel was farming at March Week, Witheridge. He married Eliza Crook, (daughter of John Crook, b.1791 in Witheridge and Mary.b. 1789 in Templeton). He and Eliza, b. 1827 in Tiverton, then had just two children, both born in Witheridge, Joseph 2, and Emily 6. Their servants in 1851 had names that occur locally though connections have not been found, William Gould, 18, b.East Worlington, Joseph Haywood, 18, b. Thelbridge and Rhoda Pook 14, b. Stoodleigh.

1. Joseph b. 1848 in Witheridge was a cattle dealer in Tiverton in 1881
2. Emily b. 1845, fate unknown
3. Several unknown children? A 3 year old granddaughter, Elena Gamlin, born Cadeleigh 1878, lived with Abel and Eliza Blake.
4. Abel junior was still at home aged 16 in 1881, on his father's farm, 176 acres at West Sidborough Farm, Loxbear.

Their servants in 1881 were: William Lee, born Torquay 1856, Henry Maunder, born Tiverton 1868 (perhaps related to others of that name in Templeton), and Mary Davey, born Templeton 1859.

Eliz [Crook] Blake d. 11 Jun 1908 at West Sidborough,

6. Samuel Blake 24, born Templeton about 1827, married Mary Ann, formerly Hill, daughter of William Hill, born at East Anstey in 1830. They are recorded in the 1851 Census when they were only 24 and 22 with one child, Sarah, only 5 months old. Samuel had already taken over at Starraton which at 140 acres was perhaps becoming too much for his father. Their servants in 1851 were: Jacob Maslin, aged 16, born in Dibden, Hants, presumably the son of Matthew Maslin, 39, a shoemaker who lived in Lagg village, Templeton. Simon Simpany, also 16, born in Tiverton and Ann Flew, 19, born Rackenford.

tree showing relationships between Blakes & Gibbons

By 1871 Samuel, now 44, had the help of four labourers. There was quite a houseful - his wife Mary Ann, daughter Sarah Gibbons, 20, recently married to John Gibbons, Elizabeth, 16, Robert 14, Samuel 12, Mary A.H.Blake 9, Ellen 4, Louisa 1, and a nephew Frederick H.Gibbons aged 13, born in Bradninch. In that year Samuel was also the enumerator for the census in Templeton.

Samuel's daughter Sarah married twice, firstly about the age of 20 to John Gibbons in January 1871 but he died the same year. There was one child of this marriage, Christian Gibbons, also born in 1871. Sarah subsequently married Robert West, then a widower, in 1873 and they had seven children.

The rest of Samuel's children, also born in Templeton, were still living at home in 1881, Robert, (24) b.1857, Mary A.H.,(19)b. 1862, Louisa, (11) b. 1870, and William,(8) b. 1873.

Samuel appears in the account book as paying rent of £40 each half year for Starraton from 6 Nov to the end, 2 Nov 1864 and in the local directories, Kelly's of 1866, Morris's of 1870, Harrod's of 1873 and 1878, and White's of 1878 to 1879. But by 1881 he had moved to Thrucombe (Farm), Stoodleigh, and was managing the 140 acres there with one labourer, probably not the same person as their indoor servant George Collins who was born in Templeton in 1858. (a William Collins rented a cottage in Templeton 1850-1854 but no connection has yet been found).

Elizabeth Blake, 26, occupation 'farmer's daughter', remained in Templeton and is recorded living at Middle North Coombe in 1881, in the house of her brother-in-law, Robert West, the farmer. (Perhaps she was helping out with Sarah's large family!) Robert Blake, the eldest of Samuel's (recorded) sons, died two years later on 12 Feb 1883, aged 26. There is a memorial to him in the churchyard at Templeton. It also records William Blake, Samuel's youngest son, who died on 18 Jul 1895 aged 23.

The same names, of Robert, Sarah and Abel, all born in Witheridge, also turn up in the family of James Blake, b.Oakford about 1810 who was farming 160 acres in Rackenford in 1851. In 1871 Robert, 33, the eldest of James' children, now a farm bailiff, was visiting his brother-in-law, William Hill at Colston Barton. It would therefore appear that William Hill's wife Sarah was Robert's sister, born in 1839. (A William Flew, 31, of Rackenford was one of James's servants in 1851 - related to Ann Flew above?) The repeated names and the complicated relationship with the Hill family imply that this Blake family was closely related to those farming in Templeton.