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Families BLU-BUR

Bluett ; Bodley/Bodleigh ; Bond ; Bowden/Bowdon ; Bowland ; Bradford ; Bragg ; Bray/Brey ; Brice ;
; Broom ; Brown ; Bryant ; Buckingham ; Burnet(t)/Bornett ; Burrow

Other names : Alfred, Ayers/Ayre, Bennett, Bidgood, Bow, Bradford, Channing, Collard, Cornwele (Cornwell), Crook, Davey, Gibbings. Gibbons, Goss, Gould, Hagley, Harris, Hillier, Hookway, Horrell, Lake, Langabeer, Lee, Lock, Loosemore, Mallett, Marsh, Martin, May, Mulford, Newcombe, Norrish, Passmore, Pedley, Perkins, Phillips, Pope, Steer, Stook(e), Thorne, Tidbold, Turner, Venner, Voysey, Warren

updated and revised February 2006

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Bluett Family
At Partridge Farm, Templeton in 1841 was John Bluett, 30, ag.lab. and his wife Elizabeth, 25. They had two children, William 3 and John 1. None of the family have been found on the 1851 census for Devon so cannot be identified.

Bodleigh / Bodley
Anne Bodleigh married Robert Stooke in Templeton on 7 Apr 1763
Jane Bodley married Richard Marsh on 11 Apr 1768

Bond Family
Edmund Bond is named in Kelly's directory of 1866, Morris's directory of 1870 and Harrod's of 1878 and William Bond is named in Harrod's of 1873, both being farmers in Templeton.

Edmund was born at Rose Ash. He is listed in the 1851 census as Edmond, aged 22, his father, also Edmond, being a farmer at Pool Cottage, Bishop's Nympton . There are discrepancies in his age as given on the various censuses but in 1851 he was unmarried, and "employed on the farm".

By 1871 Edmund (Edmond) was farming 40 acres at Ashey Farm in Templeton, then supposedly aged 40. His wife, Elizabeth, was 37, born in Morchard Bishop and and they had four children, Frederick 11, born in Cruwys Morchard and already working with his father, and William H, aged 8, Alice 5 and Edmund 1, all born in Templeton.

In 1881 (PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 69 Page 4) the family was still living at Ashey but Edmund is given as 54. His wife was not at home, only his daughter Elizabeth A., 15, and son Edmund, 11. Elizabeth Alice, born 1866, married James Buckingham, farmer, (who was ten years younger) and was living at Linneridge Farm, Templeton in 1901 with two children.

In 1891 the address is given as 'Mount Pleasant' but it is assumed this was still Ashey Farm. Edmund is listed now as aged 43. Elizabeth, whose age remains consistent, was 57 and they then had two sons still at home, William Henry, 28, and Edmund, 21, both bakers born in Templeton. [ Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 26 - Mount Pleasant 1891]

In 1901 Edmund's son, William Henry Bond, 38, now given as an ag. lab., not a baker,was living in Partridge cottage William was married to Sarah, (formerly Mulford), 33, b.Cruwys Morchard, a dressmaker. All their children were born in Templeton, Frank, 6, Frances, 4, Percy, 3, Herbert, 2, and their daughter Evelyn, 1. Sarah's mother, Maria Mulford a widow of 73, born in Cruwys Morchard, was visiting.

Frank Bond, William's eldest son was a well-known figure in the village, probably the last Postman and also the last person to run Templeton Post Office. He had about three children and lived at the Post Office opposite the church entrance in the early 20th century..

Bowden Family
Grace Bowden m. Henry Martin on 10 Nov 1802 [Note - in marriage register]1802
Francis Bowdon married Sarah Steer in Templeton on 5 Aug 1759 [Note, available only from the parish register]

Although this family did not settle in Templeton various members are associated with the village. The earliest known is William born 1791 in King's Nympton whose wife Elizabeth (surname unknown) was born in Templeton in 1785. In 1851 they were living in Barnstaple. Their son Robert was born in Tiverton and his wife Elizabeth came from King's Nympton where their first son William was born in 1846. Two years later they were living in Templeton when their second son, Robert was born. By 1851 this junior Bowden family were living in Tiverton and Robert was working as a journeyman tanner. (A journeyman is one who is paid by the day, from the French, journée, day)

Another William Bowden, born in Loxbeare in 1805, married Sarah May who was born in Templeton in 1813. William was the son of John Bowden and Susanna Venner, both from Stoodleigh. He was born in Tiverton and lived in Loxbeare for some time, eventually settling in Templeton where he died at Hill Cottage of 'heart disease' in 1859 (reported by a James Langabeer - a Templeton resident? - as yet unknown) The coincidence of names continues, for this second William also called his eldest sons, both born in Tiverton, William (1843) and Robert (1844). William and Sarah then moved to Loxbeare where Henry John was born in 1847, followed by Susanna (1849-1850). Henry John married Elizabeth Goss and they had three sons, William H., Alfred J., and Walter T. Elizabeth Goss's father, Thomas, worked for Henry Martin, of Cleave Farm, Templeton for a couple of years before he married Elizabeth Ayers in the early 1830s.

With special thanks to Rick Bowden, a descendant , for many more details.

In 1841 Robert Bowden is listed as an agricultural labourer aged 20, at 'Middle Town Living' where Henry Mallett was the farmer. Sarah Mallett, Henry's wife, appears in the account book as she paid the rent on the farm for a short while before moving away. So far Robert has not been identified at a later date. He had almost certainly left Devon in 1851 but may have returned by 1881.

Thomas Bowland, 10, was working as an 'agricultural labourer' for William Blake at Higher North Coombe in 1841.

Mary Bradford m. Robert Burnett on 26 Mar 1789 in Templeton [Note - in marriage register]
James Bradford was a servant aged 23 at Starraton with Samuel Blake in 1871. He was proably born in Alphington.

Thomas Bragg, 26, of Cruwys Morchard, b. 1803, bur. Templeton on 6 Sep 1829

Bray Family
Burials in Templeton
George Bray, 73, of Tiverton, b. 1763, bur. 4 Jun 1834 in Templeton;.
It was presumably his will which was proved in 1835. A copy[for GDP3.50] can be downloaded from Documents Online

Grace Brey m. Thomas Hagley in Templeton on 25 Apr 1833.

John Bray, a dairyman on Scaddings Farm, Tiverton, in 1851, must have lived for some years in Templeton. His wife, Mary, 40, was born there as were his children, John, 11, Mary Ann, 7, Emma, 6, and William Henry 5. The youngest, Samuel, 1, was born in Tiverton. John senior was born in Stoodleigh about 1801. New information from the 1841 census provides the answer - he was the farmer at Loosland Farm in 1841. Mary is given as aged 30 and John, their only child at the time, was then 1. They also had four people living with them, Elizabeth Collard, a female servant and three ag.labs, William Blake, 20, John Davey 15, and William Alfred, 14.

1. John, born in 1840, had become an agricultural labourer at Knowstone by 1881. His wife Harriett and four children were all born in Knowstone. His place of birth was given as 'Temple' so that a search for 'Templeton' won't find him!

4. 'William H.' aged 35 in 1881, was supposedly born in Cruwys Morchard but it seems likely he was vague about his origins himself as he could not have been more than three when the family moved from Templeton. By 1881 there was probably no-one left with more accurate information. His wife Mary was recorded as from Templeton. In 1881 they were living in Dartmouth with their 6 children.

5. Samuel, an ag.lab. now 30, and still single, was living with John and his wife in 1881. (details of all three brothers if required)

James Brice, aged 11, place of birth unknown, was a servant at Cleave Farm, Templeton in 1851 in the household of George Lock the farmer.
At Coombe Hill Cottage in 1901 was Charles Brice, 61, ag.lab, b. Bampton and his wife Mary Ann, 63, b. Morebath

Anne Brook married John Lake in Templeton on 3 Jun 1756 [Note - in marriage register only]

Sarah Broom, 10, of Tiverton, b.1819, bur.14 Mar 1832 in Templeton

Brown Family
This family lived in Poughill. See under the Voysey family.

Bryant / Briant Family
Sarah Cornwele m. John Bryant 6 Apr 1816 in Templeton.
She could be the same as Sarah Bryant, 50 and a pauper, living in Templeton Village in 1841.
John Briant, 5, of Rackenford, b.1810, was bur 28 Apr 1815 in Templeton (Son of the above?)

In 1851 William S.Bryant, 32, born in Templeton, was an 'asst.' on a farm of 60 acres then being 'run' by a widow of 76, Jane Wood at Lands Mill, Uplowman. (There was a mill there as well, run by Jane's 15 year old grandson!) This William is also the right age to be son of John and Sarah above. (A 'stray', William Bidgood b. Sampford Peverell about 1821, also working on this farm, is worth mentioning as the name is connected to Templeton.) William Bryant could be a son of Sarah Bryant, a widow of 62, born in Kinnerley, house servant with the Channing family in 1851, who could of course also be the same Sarah Bryant as above. This is all speculative and needs further evidence.

Elias Bryant, born about 1829 in Tiverton was lodging with Richard Pope, a blacksmith in Cruwys Morchard in 1851 and was described as 'wheelwright's servant'. He was lodging at the shop of a blacksmith, Richard Pope and his family and son-in-law William Newcombe aged 13, also described as a blacksmith, in Pankridge, (Loxbear & Calverleigh district) in 1851. Another lodger, James Horrell, 28, born Woolfardisworthy (transcribed as Woolfardiswirtgt) was the wheelwright.

By 1871 Elias was living with his family at Leonard's Moor farm, Templeton as a 'carpenter and farmer of 7 acres', but he is listed in Kelly's directory, 1866, Morris's, 1870 and Harrod's of 1873 as a wheelwright in Templeton. Charlotte is given as 37 in 1871 and her birthplace as Witheridge. However, in 1881 she was 45 and from then through to 1901 she is listed as born in Cruwys Morchard. Assuming this is correct she was formerly Charlotte Hillier, daughter of John Hillier, an ag.lab. of Cruwys Morchard and his wife Elizabeth from Stoodleigh.

As no other Elias Bryant is listed in the 1851 census it must be this marriage which is given on FreeBMD as in the Mar Q 1854 [Crediton Vol 5b p.683- to be confirmed when the other names on that page are added] They had five daughters and a son, all born in Templeton and listed on the 1871 census as Selina 15, Samuel, 9, Thirza 7, Emma, 3, and Arabella, 1 month. Rhoda was born later, about 1874.

Elias died in the Jun Q 1876. In 1881 Charlotte, now a widow, is given as living at No.1 Mill Cottage and working as a dressmaker to support the three daughters still at home, Emma, now 13, Arabella, 10, and Rhoda, 7. The older two girls were working in Belmont Terrace, Tiverton as domestic servants. Selina Bryant, 25, at the home of a retired farmer, Richard Pedley and his wife and Thyrza, 17, at the home of Thomas Lee, a retired baker and his family. Samuel, 18, was working as a servant for his cousin Arthur Bryant, 29, a farm bailiff at Leigh Barton (Farm), Loxbear. Arthur was married with 5 very young children (including another Sidney and another called Elias)

Charlotte was still living in Mill Cottage in 1891 but Samuel had returned to live with her. By 1901 [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 33 1 - Mill Cottage 1891] Charlotte was living alone at Emerald Cottage, now aged 64.

This family could be related to John Bryant who was born in Tiverton in 1821. John is listed on the 1851 census as an agricultural labourer living in 'Juris Hayes Cottage', Tiverton. In 1881 now aged 60, he was living at 'Hill', Cruwys Morchard, and was a farm bailiff. His wife Elizabeth, the same age, was born in Cheriton Fitzpaine. In 1851 there were four children, William, 7, Zena, 5, Freda 2, and Lovedy, 8 months, all born in Tiverton. In 1881 they had one son at home, Sidney A.Bryant aged 23, who was dumb. Lovedy worked as a laundress in Tiverton in 1881 and probably married William Harris, a carpenter from Black Torrington. Neither Zena nor Freda appear in Devon in the 1881 census.

Charlie Bryant, 14, born in Tiverton about 1887 and working as a horse teamster for John Gould at Little Esworthy, Templeton in 1901, could be a member of one of these families.

Mary Buckingham, born at Rose Ash about 1847, was a granddaughter of George and Elizabeth Loosemore of Lower North Combe and living with them, aged 4 in 1851.

*Mary Buckingham, (not Mary above of course) was 48, born Molland about 1853, a widow and living at Loosland (Farm) Templeton in 1901. Living with her were Alice Mary, born in Clapham, S.London, Percy 12, born in Molland. Also in the household was Edmund Bond, 31 a 'Shepherd and Hind' born in Templeton, George Hookway, a widower of 70 born in Silverton, Rhoda Lucy Perkins a visitor of 43, born Silverton and a child of 4, Rhoda F.D. Perkins born in Tiverton who must be Rhoda Lucy's daughter.

*Another Buckingham family was living at Starraton, Templeton in 1901. This was Benjamin Buckingham, his wife Mary Ann and their five children. Benjamin, the farmer, born about 1834 in Twitchen was 67 and his wife was 56. Mary Ann was born about 1845 on Exmoor, Somerset. Their first two children, John 24 and Ben 22 were born. at Lower Sherdon, Exmoor, Somerset where Benjamin farmed 140 acres in 1881. The younger three children. Bertha (or Bessie as she is named in 1881), 18, Charles, 15 and Mary Ann, 7 were born in Twitchen. They had two older children as well, Dorothy who was 22 in 1881 (born about 1859) married a Passmore, and James born about 1876. The age gap between Dorothy and the rest of the family suggests that Benjamin may have been married before, as Mary Ann at 14 was surely too young to be Dorothy's mother.

In 1901 James Buckingham and his wife Elizabeth A. were living at Linneridge Farm. James was 25, born about 1876 in Twitchen must have been Benjamin's eldest son. James's wife Elizabeth Alice was 35, born about 1866 in Templeton. Their two children, Clara Elizabeth, 3, and Frederick John 5 m months were also born in Templeton. Elizabeth was the daughter of Edmund Bond, farmer of 40 acres at Ashey Farm, Templeton in 1881.

Burnet(t) Family
Robert Burnett m. Mary Bradford on 26 Mar 1789 in Templeton [Note - in marriage register]

Robert Burnet was living with the Turners in Thorne Tenement (holding) in 1841. An agricultural labourer, he was listed as 35 (the number rounded up perhaps). Even if he only appeared as a lodger it is possible he was still related to the family as these details are not always given.

A Robert Burnett, 51, an ag.lab. and John Burnett, 54, his visitor was not far away at Hagley's Tenement in 1851. Robert and John look like brothers and with John being a 'visitor' they could be related to the Hagleys who lived there, possibly the wife's brothers? Whether the difference of spelling is of any importance it is impossible to say at present, except that the spelling of names was partly dependent on the literacy of the people who had them!

New information Feb 2006
John Burnett appears in the records of Settlement Examinations in Devon Record Office in 1841. He seems to have been constantly on the move for well over 20 years. Born in Rose Ash about 1896, which of course agrees with the record above, he was living in Cruwys Morchard in 1841, aged 45. He went to work for Mr Robert Mildon of Cruwys Morchard for a year when he was 21 or 22. He then stayed with Mr Robert Ballamy, (Bellamy?). yeoman for about 9 months, made an arrangement with Mr Mallett of Templeton but left him within days through and returned to Cruwys Morchard for the next 3 years. After that he went on for a year to Mr Abraham Cole of Moor Farm, yeoman, then about 1825 or 1826 for 9 months to Mr William Beedell, yeoman. He was in and out of jobs after that, by the week or the year, and lastly as a day labourer in 1841, for Mr Robert Channing of Rifton Barton, Stoodleigh, Mr Joseph Gibbings of Bellworthy, Rackenford, Mr William Bennett of Thelbridge, yeoman, John Bidgood of Witheridge, yeoman, Mr John Thorne of Yeadbury Farm, yeoman, Mr John Norrish of Thorne, Mr Tidbold of Way Farm, Tiverton, Mr Richard Ayre of Witheridge, Mr Bow of Rose Ash, Mr Phillips of Poughill. The document itself should give the exact date as it is not obvious whether John Burnett was 'visiting' at Hagley's Tenement before or after this episode when he was, presumably, 'on the parish'. It should also say which parish was responsible for his welfare - they were often only too keen to move their problems on!
Settlement Examination - John Burnett ref. 1092A-1/PO 99 - date: 1841
Most of the surnames of these yeoman farmers appear elsewhere here and were related to, if not identified with, those in Templeton.
Further information on 'what happened next' - and whether the following applies to the same person would be welcome.

Mary Warren, widow in 1881 and mother of Thomas Burnett was probably the wife of John 'Bornett' on the 1851 census (a spelling which is fairly consistent in that census in Rose Ash but may merely indicate the same person was the transcriber each time. More details if required of the 'Bornett' family in Rose Ash). John 'Bornett' was an ag.lab. of 37, also born in Rose Ash, and they then had two children, Robert 5 and Mary, 2. They were living in Ash Mill Village in Rose Ash.

By 1881 Mary Warren, widow for the second time, was living alone at 'Midle Week' in Bishops Nympton. She is described as a nurse, aged 60, born in 'Roseash' (i.e. Rose Ash).
By 1891, Mary, now aged 70, was living at 'Templeton Cottage' and is described as 'sick nurse'. It is impossible to tell who it was that she was nursing.

The household was that of her son, Thomas Burnet(t), 31, 'shoeing & jobbing smith'. He and his wife Lydia (formerly Ayre), 35, both born in Rose Ash, had four children, all born in Templeton, :William Ayre Burnett, 7, Mary Burnett, 5, 'Fredric' Burnett 6, and Lydia Burnett, 11 months.

Also living with them in 1891 was John Lock 16, blacksmith's apprentice to Thomas Burnett who was his uncle. John Lock was not born in Bishops Nympton as the 1891 census has it, but in Rose Ash. He was living with his parents John and Grace in Bishops Nympton in 1881. [Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 10 - Templeton Cottage 1891] Presumably Grace, 28 in 1881, born about 1853 in Rose Ash, was Thomas's sister. (This needs to be checked from the 1861 census or other source!)

In 1901 Thomas and Lydia's daughter Lydia was now ten years old but living with her aunt Sarah Ann Ayre, 51 and unmarried, a grocer and shopkeeper born in Rose Ash. They were living in Town Cottage no.2, next door to Lydia's mother, now a widow at age 45, who was the village post mistress. Three of the Burnett children were still 'at home', William 17, working as a gardener, Frederick, 13, and Annie, 8.

George Burrow 24, m. Mary Ann Gibbons on 30 April 1878 in Templeton. George, 30 in 1881, farmed 163 acres at Down, Witheridge. Mary A. Gibbons was 27, born in Bradninch and by 1881 they had one daughter, Katie aged 1, born in Witheridge. One of their servants was Ellen Crook, 15, from Cruwys Morchard.