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Callard Collard ; Carpenter,(Carpinter) ; Carter ; Chamberlain ; Channing ; Cheriton ; Chilcott ; Chown ; Churchill ; Clark ;
; Conibear(e)/(Couibren) ; Clatworthy ; Cockram ; Coles ;

Other names : Addison, Alford, Beedell, Bennet(t), Blake, Bray, Bryant, Davey, Dicker, Drew, Hagley, Hawkins, Hepper, Hunt, Hurford,
Knowles, Lanksford, Livell, Lock, Loosemore, Martin, Maunder, Mayford, Memery, Mortimore, Murr(a)y, Partridge, Payne,
Perrott, Perr(e)y, Richards, Rickard, Rowe, Sheepwash, Southwood, Strong, Thorne, Tucker, Vicary, Way, Webber, Westron, White.

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updated with more names and more census information November 2005

Callard Family
Listed here under Collard. None with the spelling 'Callard' are shown of the right age or associated with Templeton on the 1851 census. This appears to be a variant spelling on the 1881 census - it is very easy to mistake an 'a' for an 'o' and vice versa. In this case both the original handwritten censuses rather than the typed copies should be consulted.

Carpenter Family
Ann 'Carpinter' married Thomas Murry (Murray?) on 8 May 1815 in Templeton

Burials in Templeton
Ann Carpenter, 69, of Rackenford, b.1751, bur. 24 Feb 1820
James Carpenter, 36, of Tiverton, b.1790, bur 15 Jul 1826
William Carpenter, 36, of Stoodleigh, b.1791 bur. 10 Nov 1827

In 1881 Elizabeth Carpenter, 22 born Stoodleigh 1859, was a servant in the household of Henry Besley in Templeton.

Carter Family
Elizabeth Carter m. William Bennett in Templeton on 26 Mar 1830

Abraham Carter, 46, an ag.lab. born in 'Loxbeer' was living at Cloggs in Templeton in 1871 with his wife Eliza, 26, b. Ashbrittle, Somerset, and their two children, Annie 3, b. Tiverton and Liley 1 month, born in Templeton. Abraham has not been found in Devon in 1851 or 1881 and no occupant has been found at Cloggs to succeed him..

Chamberlain Family
The earliest of this name found is a Roger Chamberlain who married Joan Thorne. Joan, daughter of William Thorne and Catherine Way was baptised in Cruwys Morchard on 8 Apr 1777. (The interest here is in the Chamberlain name but details of the Thorne/Way family are available if required).

Roger Chamberlain occupied Clieve Farm for four years at least, from before(?)1846 to November 1850, taking over from Henry Martin. George Lock replaced him before the following May (i.e.Roger left about November 1850)

Perhaps no connection but on the 1851 Census there was a Mary Chamberlain, aged 80, born in Witheridge and living at Cheriton Fitzpayne with her 42 year old son Robert, born Pinn, along with 12 others of the name. There was also a Peter Chamberlain, his family the only one at Cruwys Morchard in 1851, but 13 of the name in Tiverton and 9 in Bickleigh. (details if required)


Channing Family
James Channing paid rent for a cottage in Templeton from 1849 to 1853. He could be the James Channing, 25, born in Stoodleigh, who was a 'servant in this parish', and married Maria Loosemore

Two of the children of John Channing, shoemaker, were born in Templeton where they were living in a cottage in the centre of the village ('Cott in Town Village') in 1851. John, 27, was born in Tiverton and his wife Anna, 35, was born in Wiveliscombe in Somerset. The two children were Mary C. Channing, 1 and Albert, 1m. They also had a house servant, Sarah Bryant, a widow of 62, born in Kinnerley.

By 1854 John had moved back to Tiverton where his daughter, Ellen Jane, was born. John, described in 1881 as a bootmaker, was also by then a widower. Ellen Jane was a dressmaker of 27 and unmarried. They had two unmarried boarders there, John Hillman, 20, also a bootmaker and Caroline Hooper, 21, also a dressmaker.

In 1871 John Channing, 23, born in Stoodleigh, was a shepherd at the farm of Middle Town Living, working for Edmund Bidgood. By 1881 he had married Jane, 31, born in Welland, moved to Lower Shockerwick, Bathford, Somerset and become a farm bailiff. They had five children (including twin girls), the eldest aged five, and three lodgers, all from Wiltshire.(Details on request)

Also in 1871 a Frederick Channing, 14, born in Stoodleigh was a 'farm indoor servant' at Higher North Coombe with the Hepper family. He has not been found in Devon in 1881.

In 1881 William Channing, aged 55, was a farmer of 200 acres at Higher Rifton, Stoodleigh. He and his wife Harriet, formerly Beedell, 48, had five children, Helena,24, Annie,22, William, 20, Lucy, 18, and Sidney, 14, all born in Stoodleigh, and a servant, John Cheriton, 22, born Templeton. Also living with them was William Beedell, 75, retired farmer, born Templeton, Harriet's father, (he is given as William Channing's father in law on the 1881 census.)

In general the Channings do not appear to have settled in Templeton for long as none appear there on the 1881, 1891 or 1901 censuses. Albert, son of John the shoemaker above, had either died or left the county

Cheriton Family
The two John Cheritons, father and son, appear on both the 1851 and 1881 censuses in Templeton. John senior, 39, born at Kennerly (or Kinnerley) was living in a house at Temple Hill, listed there in both 1841 and 1851. He married Mary Bennet, born 1810 in Morchard Bishop on 24 Jul 1834 in Templeton. All their children were born in Templeton, Jane 1835, (obviously, even though she does not appear in the 1851 census), Eliza, 1839, Mary A. 1840 (5mths old at the 1841 census), Emily 1843, John 1846, Emmanuel ('Emanuel') 1849 (appoximate years) and Dinah b. 1 Sep 1851.

In 1871 John and Mary, 62, were living at Clare Farm in Templeton, though John was not at home on the census night and it is not known at present where he was. By 1881 aged 70 and 72, they were living at 2 Paynes Cottages.

1. In 1851 Jane was not at home. She 'matches' the wife of Thomas M. Memery, a tailor b.Totnes 17 years younger than herself at 46, with one child and living in Dartmouth, but so does Jane Maunder. She could of course have died..

2. In 1851 Eliza, now 12, was working as a house servant at Sampford Peverell on the farm belonging to Robert Blake, father of several Templeton farmers and living there himself about the time she was born. Her name is transcribed on the CD as 'Charaton'! She 'matches' the wife of John Curtis of Loxbear, farmer at Washfield, who had 8 children by 1881.

3. It is not known at present what became of Mary A. Cheriton, though she may have married a Bray or a Crocher.

4. Emily married John Hagley, ag.lab., born 1839/1840 in Templeton but her husband's relationship to the rest of the Hagley family is not known at present. In 1881 Emily, 38, and John Hagley, 41, were living at Gibbet Moor, Stoodleigh [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 18 Page 5] They were not in Templeton in 1891 but by 1901 John, now 62, and Emily, 58, were living at Pond Head Cottage in Templeton. Listed with them is a granddaughter, Letty Cheriton aged 7, born in Tiverton. This surname is a puzzle at present unless another Cheriton married into the Hagley family! Emily died in the Jun Q 1907 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.273]. Her age is given as 66 which is not quite in agreement with the census details .

5. In 1871 John junior, now 25, was living at Partridge (farm) with his wife Eliza née Perrott, 28, born in Clatworthy in 1844. They were married in the Sep. Q 1870 [Tiverton Reg. Dist. Vol.5b p.697] In 1881 they were at Hill Cottage (possibly the one at Temple Hill?) John being an agricultural labourer, and they had a daughter, Mary, aged 7, born in Templeton. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 70 Page 5] Perhaps John Cheriton aged 8, b. Templeton, living with his grandparents at Clare Farm was their son? They were not in Templeton in either 1891 or 1901.

6. Emmanuel has not been found on the 1881 census for Devon.

7. Dinah married Thomas Chown, born 1850 in Templeton, son of William Chown and Elizabeth Tucker. Dinah and Thomas were living at Partridge Farm in 1881 but in 1891 they were visiting the Richards family at Clogsmoor (Clogs Moor)

At Manor House, Templeton in 1881 was Peter Cheriton, born in Cruwys Morchard in 1855. His wife, Mary J. was born in Chumleigh, Devon in 1858.
Yet another John Cheriton was born 1859 in Templeton. In 1881 he was working in the house of William Channing (above) at Higher Rifton, Stoodleigh.

John Chilcott, 22, was working as an indoor farm servant with Samuel Blake and his family at Starraton (farm) Templeton in 1871. Assuming he was born in Washfield he had become a carter in a lace factory by 1881, his wife being Harriett aged 32 and born in Tiverton. This couple had two children, Ellen aged 3 and John 6 months.


Chown Family (extensively revised November 2005)
The earliest couple known in this family were William Chown and Ann, married probably at the turn of the 19th century.
John Chown was christened at Cruwys Morchard on 10 Jul 1803, son of William Chown and Ann.

John Chown, born 1803/4 in Cruwys Morchard, is listed in the 1851 census as living at L. (Lower?)Volscombe in Cruwys Morchard. His wife Ann, 48 was born in Ottery St Mary. They had three children, William about 1835, John about 1837 and Sarah about 1838 in Cruwys Morchard. The only match found for Sarah in 1881 is the wife of Henry Southcott living in Exeter, with four children.

William Chown, mason, was born about 1806 in Cruwys Morchard . He appears on both pages of the account book, paying rent for a cottage, a 'House in Templeton Village' as the 1841 lists it, and being paid for work done, throughout the whole period covered by the account book.
He married Elizabeth Tucker b.abt 1811 in Cruwys Morchard.

There is a simple explanation for the child John aged 4 on the 1841 census, previously claimed here to have disappeared! In fact there were two John Chowns born about 1837, the one above, son of John and Ann, and another, son of William and Elizabeth. (More information would be welcome!) The two families have now been separated out and account for the two Johns independently.

There seems to be strong evidence that the fathers of both wives were brothers. Both were named Way, both were born in Rackenford and both were tailors.
*Robert, father of Mary Ann, was born in 1793. His wife Mary Ann, born in 1811 in Stoodleigh, was a dressmaker, and at least his two eldest sons were tailors in Rackenford which suggests that Robert was as well.
* John Way who was born in 1787 in Rackenford had set up in Templeton as a tailor, his daughter Ann b.1822 was a sempstress, Louisa herself, wife of John Chown, was a dressmaker and Raymond, b.1827 was a tailor who went to Swansea where he was a 'tailor and outfitter', though his son Frederick became a schoolmaster.

.1. John Chown senr born in Cruwys Morchard and his wife Ann who was born at Ottery St Mary about 1803. Their second child, John, born about 1837, married Mary Ann Way in the Sep Q of 1876. Mary Ann was born in Rackenford about 1846, daughter of Robert, a tailor, and Mary Way, a dressmaker. They had six children, all with Way as a middle name.

John Chown junr and his wife Mary Ann Way
*It is not known where this John Chown was in or before 1871 but he was not in Templeton. There are two 'candidates' shown on the 1851 census but neither a blacksmith's apprentice nor a cooper's servant look entirely convincing. His first definite appearance is Harrod's Directory of 1878 and White's of 1878-1880 which show a John Chown as miller and carpenter at Temple Bridge

In 1881 John Chown, now 44, was a builder and miller living at 'Corn Mills Coomb Mills' in Templeton and employing 2 men He married Mary Ann Way, 34, born in Rackenford where her father was a tailor. Their daughter Rosa Way Chown, 3, was born in Templeton.
[PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 68 Page 1] They also had two servants, William Alford 21, born in Templeton, Carpenter and miller and George Cruwys, 14, born in Oakford and listed as a carpenter.

[Note - previous link - incorrectly - to the Norrish family now corrected]

(new) A record dated 1885 in Devon Record Office under the heading of Devon Methodist Chapels - Deeds [ref: 2997D-2/6] list a file labelled 'John Chown of Templeton, carpenter and farmer.' This would have to be consulted to see exactly what it is, but this does suggest at the very least that John Chown was a Methodist. (See the A2A website)

.In 1891 John Chown junr, miller and carpenter, was still at 'Coomb Mill' , aged 54. Mary Ann was 44 and they had 5 children at home, Rosa having left home. Their children were 'Mara', 13, Earle Way Chown, 9, Mary Ann Way Chown, 8, Ruth Way Chown 3, Dorothy Way Chown 5 months, all born in Templeton. There was also a carpenter's apprentice, Joseph Addison, 15, born in 'Kenn' (Kennerley?) [Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 1 - Coomb Mill 1891]

In 1901, still at 'Coombe Mill' John Chown is listed as a builder and farmer, 64, Mary Ann was 54 and still at home were Robert Earle 19, carpenter (previously named as Earle Way), Polly (Mary Ann Way) 18, Ruth, 13, and Dorothy 10. The name 'Way' is not included this time.
They also had two servants, William Rickard, 17, carpenter, born Templeton and Frank Tarr, 12, cattle tender born Barnstaple. The transcription 'Rickard' suggests that it might perhaps be 'Richard', the name of his brother-in-law, James Richards (below) The name Rickard was common around Plymouth, Devonport and Stoke Damerel but there were none around Tiverton about 1881. When William Crook died in 1900 at Emerald Cottage it was this John Chown of 'The Mills' who was the informant and who attended to his burial. In fact John was the local undertaker - no doubt using his skills as a carpenter - as well as the miller!

2. William Chown
In 1841 William and Elizabeth were living in Templeton village with their son John aged 4, and an ag.lab. John Channing aged about 30.

In 1851 William now 45, and Elizabeth née Tucker, 40, were presumably still in the same cottage in 'Town village'. There were now three more children, William 4, Ann 1 and Thomas 6 months, all born in Templeton, but John now 14 and able to work, was not with them. If this is correct it gives a date for the Chowns to move into Templeton in about 1836-7. There were also two lodgers, Henry Perry and Richard Perrey, 25 and 23, the first a journeyman carpenter, the second a journeyman shoemaker, both born in Tiverton. The difference of spelling is most likely a mistake as they look like brothers.

The 1871 census lists William, now 65, as a mason but disabled. They had lodgers, both decribed as 'Labourer (drainer)', Charles Crocker, 24, from 'Stourton C.' in Dorset and James Livell, 35, from Ilford, Essex. William died in the Mar Q of 1879, aged 73 [Tiverton Reg. Dist. Vol.5b p.341]
In 1881 Elizabeth Chown, now 70, is listed as "Formerly Mason's Wife". She was living with her brother-in-law Henry White, and was the twin sister of Ann, his wife, who was also born in Cruwys Morchard.

John Chown, eldest son of William and Elizabeth, and his wife Louisa Way

John Chown junior, aged 4 in 1841 is the more likely to be the 14 year old John Chown born in Tiverton who was working at Thorne, Cruwys Morchard in 1851 as a servant to John White the farmer. John White, born in Templeton was probably a brother of Henry White, John's uncle by marriage.

John married Louisa Way, dressmaker, who was born in Templeton in 1823 and was 14 years older than him. She was the daughter of John Way, tailor, of Rackenford and his wife Sarah, of Rose Ash, both born about 1787. In 1871 John is listed as running a grocer's shop on Temple Hill and is also listed as a grocer in Templeton in Kelly's Directory of 1866, Morris's of 1870 and Harrod's of 1873.

John and Louisa had two daughters, Dinah born 1859 and Louisa born 1861 in Templeton. In 1881 'Dina' Chown, 23 (unm), born Templeton, was cook at Norton Rectory, Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, and her sister Louisa Ann Chown, 21, was "House & Parlourmaid".

It is not known what became of James Chown, 2nd son of William and Elizabeth.

Their 3rd son was William Chown junr born in 1847 in Templeton. He married twice, firstly in the Mar Q of 1868 to Emma Hawkins born about 1848 in Ashbrittle, Somerset and aged 24 and 23 they were living in the cottage next to Nutcombe Cornwall (the parish clerk) at Mount Pleasant. Emma died several years later and William married Anne (surname unknown) born in Wakefield Yks about 1847. In 1881 William and Anne were living at 45 West Exe South East Side in Tiverton. William was no longer a mason as in 1871 but an Agent for the Prudential Assurance Co. and they had two children, Sarah A., 2, born in Templeton and Annie E., 1, born in Tiverton. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2235 Folio 150 Page 10]
They also had two servants, Walter Alford, 21, born Templeton, carpenter and miller, and George Cruwys, 14, carpenter, born Oakford.

Their 4th child was Ann(e) Chown born in 1850, or more probably 1849, in Templeton (her younger brother Thomas being born in 1850!). She married James Richards, 31, of Tiverton, ag.lab, and was living at Halberton in 1881, with 3 children. all born in Templeton. They returned to Templeton by 1891, James having become the farmer at Clogs Moor, but were not in Templeton in 1901. (See James Richards for more details)

Last in the family was Thomas, 6 months old at the time of the 1851 census.
In 1871 Thomas married Dinah Cheriton, daughter of John Cheriton, farm labourer.. Thomas was 19 and Dinah 18, both residing in Templeton. Thomas is described on his marriage certificate as a journeyman carpenter and Dinah as a domestic servant.and the witnesses were Frederick Payne and Richard Mayford, neither of whom can be identified. All their children were born in Templeton.
In 1881, now 30, Thomas was still living in Templeton and was Bailiff at Partridge Farm. (Richard Westron was recorded as being at Partridge in 1864 but no farmer seems to be in residence locally in 1881). He and Dinah had five children, William 9, Emily A., 7, John, 5, Thomas, 3 and Henry 11m .[PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 69 Page 3]
In 1891 Thomas Chown now 40 was a (domestic) gardener aged 40 - perhaps gardening was also part of his occupation when bailiff. Dinah was 39. They were not 'at home' but visiting their daugher Ann and her husband, James Richards, at Clogsmoor, Templeton. James and Ann, both 41, had two children, Elizabeth Anne 16, and Charlie 13, both born in Templeton. [Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 24 - Clogsmoor 1891] A child, Annie Cruwys aged 6, born in Templeton, appears to be Thomas's niece as she is listed after them, not with the Richards children. It is not clear where their own children were at this time, but not in Templeton and at the ages of 19 down to 10 or 11 probably all working and/or in service somewhere else.
Thomas and Dinah had three more children by 1901, Charles in 1888, Alice in 1889 and Dorothy in 1895.

With many thanks to Jo for extra information, 2003


Churchill Family
In 1891 Michael Churchill, 75, born Witheridge, was the schoolmaster, living at Cloggs which was presumably still the schoolhouse. His wife was Prudence, 52, born in Fremington, and they had two children, Emily Catherine, 22 born 'Charlton On Moor, OXF' and Willie Edwin, 17, also born in Oxfordshire, at 'Tship' (Township? Oxford?) [Folio 58 Page 4 Sched. 15 - Clogg 1891]

John Clark m. Sarah Mortimore in Templeton on 4 Apr 1831

Clatworthy Family
Henry Clatworthy, 27, born 'Chittlehamholt' (Chittlehampton?), an ag.lab., was living at Common Close Cottage in 1901 with his wife Elizabeth, 24, born Atherington.

Cockram Family
Mary Cockram married William Webber in Templeton on 25 Feb 1770
Betty Cockram m. William Dicker in Templeton on 27 Dec 1781

George Cockram, born in Rackenford about 1843, son of John and Martha, was an ag.lab. living for many years at Pond Head Cottage in Templeton. He married Harriet, daughter of William Davey b.1806 in Witheridge who was born in 1844 in Templeton. In 1871 their children were Mary A., 7, William H., 4, George 2, and Emily 11 months, all born in Templeton. At this time Harriet had brothers and sisters not far away, each with fairly large families but by 1881 they had moved to Hensleigh Cottages in Tiverton. They had three more children, Lucy born 1875, Lily 1878 and Mark 1880. George was still a farm labourer but has the added detail of 'shepherd'.

John Coles was employed as a servant by Robert West at Middle North Coombe in 1871. He was born about 1843 in Somerset. Nothing more is known of him, though there was a widower, William Maunder, 77, a disabled ag.lab. born in Somerset visiting at that time.

Collard / Callard Family
Marriages in Templeton
Charles Collard married Mary Southwood on 19 Jul 1801 [Note - in original register]
Jane Collard m. Henry Lanksford on 3 Apr 1809 [Note - in original register]
Sarah Collard m. John Way 9 Aug 1825
Jane Collard m. William Drew 18 Feb 1831

*Charles Collard and Jane. Charles is given as 35 on the 1841 census (actually about 37) born in Templeton was an ag. lab. at 'Leneridge' Moor Farm, or as the 1851 census has it 'Leonard Moor Farm'. Perhaps he was the son of Charles and Mary above? His wife Jane was about 30 in 1841 but died before 1851. Four children are listed in 1841, William 9, Mary 7, Ellen 4 and Charles 1. In 1851 William was not there, Mary Ann 16, was a dressmaker, Ellen was 14, and there was no Charles, only a new son Robert aged 8. Charles may have died before 1851 and Mary Ann had left home. Charles senior, aged 65, born in South Molton also an ag.lab. was living in Crooks Cottage in 1841, his wife Mary, still alive, aged 60 but by 1851 as a widower and now 74 he had moved in with his son.

*John Collard 1 and Elizabeth In 1841 John Collard, ag.lab., born about 1807 in the village, was living at Cloggs Farm, Templeton as an ag. lab. in the household of Thomas Payne. This was not the same as Cloggs Moor Farm where William Rowe was the farmer, but perhaps the one nearby in the village, sometimes known as Cloggs Court (the oldest house, once used as the local magistrate's court, and later as a school).l. John, about 30 and Elizabeth his wife, about 25 had two children, Charles 2 and Mary 4 months. Head of the household was Thomas Payne aged 65 and 'independent'. (Perhaps Thomas was his wife's father) There was also an unidentified child, Mary Knowles aged 3, perhaps a grandchild of Thomas Payne.

By 1851 they had moved to Lagg Village, Templeton. (George Jackson, the land steward, was living at Cloggs from about 1847) John was now 44 and Elizabeth, 36, given as born in Cruwys Morchard. They had five children, all born in Templeton. Charles can't be found and had perhaps died but living at home were Mary now aged 10, Harriett 8, Robert 6, Isaac 3 and Ellen 1. Mary Knowles, 14, born Cruwys Morchard, was working as a servant in the household of George Bisby farmer at North Sidborough, Tiverton. There must have been another child, Dinah, born in 1852 in Templeton as in 1869 Dinah Collard married James Vicary, born 1845 in Newton St Cyres (See the Vicary family for details) They were living in Templeton in 1871 in 'Temple Town', the main village.

In 1871 Isaac Collard, 4th of John's children, was living or staying with the Hurford family at Lower South Coombe. He was 24, described as brother-in-law to William Hurford his sister Ellen having married William in the Sep Q of 1868 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.711]
In 1881 Isaac, now 33, had married Ann Hagley, 31, born in Templeton and they were living at 2 Mill Cottages. Their son William, 6, was born in Oakford, James, 5, in Templeton, Jessie, 3, in Rackenford, and Harriet A., 1, in Templeton. Crooks Cottage where Isaac's parents were now living, was probably just up the hill from Mill Cottages, a short but steep walk away. Ann Hagley was the daughter of Thomas Hagley and Grace Bray, born about 1850 and she and Isaac were married in the Jun Q. of 1872. [Tiverton Reg. Dist. Vol.5b p.737]

In 1871 John Collard and Elizabeth were living on Temple Hill , now aged respectively 63 and 56, John working as a labourer on the roads, and two more children are listed, Emily 16, a servant 'out of employ' and John aged 8.
By 1881 John Collard had moved to Crooks Cottage, Templeton with his wife and a granddaughter, Salome Collard, 6, born in Templeton. Perhaps Salome was the daughter of the missing Charles?

Robert 'Callard', aged 35 in 1881 and born in Templeton must be the Robert aged 6, son of John above as he is the only person in the 1851 census to 'match'. He was living at 'Paradise', Crediton with his wife aged 25 and four children. His eldest daughter, Mary A. was 12, born in Witheridge and his second, Emily was 8, in Rackenford. The other two were Arthur 3, b. Crediton and Selina D. 1, b. Rackenford. His wife's age and the gap between the children shows that he was married twice and the 1891 census reveals his second wife's name as Agnes. She was 38, born in Sandford. By then Agnes had 6 children, Arthur now 13 and Selina Ellen now 11, plus Walter Henry 9 born in Crediton, and three born in Templeton, Agnes Alice 6, Mildred Ethel 4, Sarah Jane 9 mths. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 27 1 - Crook Cottage 1891]

*Thomas Collard 2, born in Templeton about 1811 looks like a brother of Charles and John above. An ag.lab, he married Elizabeth, b. abt 1808 in Cruwys Morchard and settled down there at Tithing Close No.1 to raise four daughters by 1851, Sarah 14, Ann 8, Elizabeth 6 and Jane 1. Neither Thomas nor his wife appear on the 1881 census for Devon.

*William Collard 2 born in Tiverton about 1832 was a servant in Henry White's house at Little Esworthy, Templeton, in 1851, aged 19. There is only one 'match' in 1881, a William aged 49, living at Bridge House Gold St, Tiverton, now working as a builder employing 2 men and 2 boys. His wife Elizabeth was born at Cadeleigh and his daughter Mary, 6, was born in Tiverton.

In addition the household consisted of a lodger, Mary Parker, 46, unm. b.Cadeleigh, a visitor Mary A.Partridge unm, 26, b. Witheridge, a general servant Ellen Nickols (Nichols?), unm. 15, b.Oakford, an errand boy Charles Strong, 12, b.Tiverton, a lodger and general labourer Isaac Ashton, 33, b.'Isle Abbotts', Somerset, a lodger and carpenter, Alfred J. Will, 19, b.Monksilver, and lastly a lodger and photographer Henry E. Sheepwash, unm. 23, b.Canterbury, Kent.

*John Collard 2 born about 1821 lived in a 'House in Templeton Lane'. He was '20' in 1841 and an agricultural labourer, perhaps a lodger or servant. The household consisted of George Cornwell, his wife Rebecca and 3 children. The 1881 census shows him as 58, born in Rackenford ('Rakenford') and employed as a 'hostler', i.e. ostler, at a hotel at 26 North St, Bristol St Paul. He was married to a barmaid, Ellen who was from Langley, Glos. aged 38. In spite of these extra details he is still elusive in the 1851 census.


Collins Family
John Collyns married Mary White on 16 Mar 1760 in Templeton.
Sarah Collins, 77, (b.Colyton about 1774) widow of a farmer, was living with the Murch family in Templeton in 1851. A family connection?
John Collins married Mary Cornwell on 21 May 1830 in Templeton.

William Collins occupied a cottage in 'Town Village', Templeton from 1850 to 1854. He is listed on the 1851 census as an agricultural labourer, born in Tiverton about 1797. His wife Elizabeth was born in Washford Pyne in 1802 and they had a lodger William Hunt, agricultural labourer, born in Templeton in 1786.

John Collins, labourer, born in Witheridge in 1840, farmed at Witheridge Moor, Witheridge, in 1881. His wife Annie, 46, was born in Templeton. Jessie Collins, 15, their daughter, was born in Witheridge and they had a Visitor in Mary Crook, 63, born in Templeton. (Any information on relationships in these families would be welcome.)

George Collins born in Templeton in 1858 was living in the household of farmer Samuel Blake at Thrucombe Stoodleigh in 1881.

Collings Family
This may be a variation on the name Collins but the family living at Ashey Farm are distinct from those above. In 1841 John is given as aged 35, his wife Mary as 30, and they had 3 children, Samuel, 9, John 7, and Selina 3.
There was one servant, Maria Quick, 15, and two ag.labs, John Cornwell 15 and Isaac Knowles, 13, living with them.

In 1851 John Collings, 47, was still the farmer of 295 acres at Ashey with the help of three labourers. He was born in Tiverton, his wife Mary, now 41, was born in Witheridge and they had two more children. There was Samuel, 19 born Templeton, John 16 and Selina 13 born in Cruwys Morchard, and Mary A. 10 and Dinah 6 born in Templeton.