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Conibear(e)/(Couibren) ; Cockram ; Coles ; Cook ; Cop(p) ; Cording ; Cornwall/Cornwell ;
; Cottrell/Cotterall ; Courtney ; Cox ; Crocher/Crocker ; Crook(e) ; Cruwys ; Curtis/Curtes

Other names : Alford, Besley, Blake, Butterleigh, Clarke, Cleave, Cop(p), Darch, Digby, Ford, Gill, Gosland, Grosvenor, Hagley,
Harris, Hatswell, Heard, Helyer, Hodge, Jackson, Livell, Maunder, Mogford, Murch, Norrish, Pleass (Pleace), Rowe,
Sangar, Sargent, Saunders, Stephens (Stevens), Stone, Stook(e), Tout, Turner, Venn, Webber, West, Wippell

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updated with more names and more census information November 2005

Conibear Family
John Conibear was the farmer at Lower South Coombe in 1901. He was born about 1848 in Stoke Rivers and his wife Kezia' 52, was born in Winkleigh.
They had four children, Thomas, 21, b. Jacobstowe, Mary 16, James 14 and John 13 b. Cadeleigh. They also had two visitors, Ann Conibear, widow, 65, born in Bishops Tawton, and Walter Clarke 25, b.Romansleigh.

John Conibear died 15 Jan 1933 aged 84 and his wife Kezia died on 21 Mar 1817 aged 67 - according to the inscription on their grave at Templeton. The name Conibear was transcribed as 'Couibren' on the 1881 CDs! Only Thomas aged 1 appears in that census for Jacobstowe, with the incorrect name.

William Cook, living at Lagg (village) in 1871 was 29, born in Chard, Somerset. His wife, Sarah, 26, possibly Sarah Hagley who was the same age, was born in Templeton. They had three children, William, 4, Jessie, 2 and Joseph 4 months

Copp / Cop
Burials in Templeton
Thomas Copp, 86, of Tiverton, b. 1745, bur. 24 Dec 1831
John Copp, 83, of Tiverton b.1749, bur. 17 Nov 1832; Will available on the A2A website - proved in 1833 ref. 1078/IRW/C/1121
Will also of 'Grace Copp of Templeton,' 1838 : ref. 1078/IRW/C/1119

Jane Cop m. William Curtis on 10 Apr 1776 in Templeton [Note - in marriage register]

(new)The Thomas Copp above can't be the one referred to in the Apprenticeship Indentures for the parish of Stoodleigh listed on the A2A website when a Richard Hagley was apprenticed to 'Thomas Copp of Templeton yeoman for Great Stoneland' [ref. 2985 A/PO 8/35] but was possibly his father - and perhaps also the father of John and Jane as well?

Mary Cording married John Rowe on 9 Dec 1835 in Templeton


Cornwall / Cornwell Family
Marriages in Templeton
Francis Cornwell m.Mary Tout 17 Apr 1828.
William Cornwell m. Anna Tout 28 Sep 1831
Sarah Cornwele m. John Bryant 6 Apr 1816
Ann Cornwell m. John Gill 13 May 1824

Burials in Templeton
Harriett Cornwall, 4 mths, of Tiverton, b.1833, bur 7 Nov 1833
Samuel Cornwell died 20 Dec 1854 aged 29 - inscription on grave at Templeton.

Cornwall and Cornwell are variants of the same name, with the occasional addition of Cornall and Cornwele etc Either spelling can appear in either family but the spelling used should be recorded when consulting the records or transcripts. The names are interchangeable, spelling not being important at the time but there still appear to be two distinct families who are here listed as found in the records unless there is definite evidence to the contrary. If entering any of these in a database it is probably more useful to enter only one version, but to ensure that the spelling actually used is recorded each time. For searches use both versions - they are not interchangeable in censuses or some (possibly all) databases

(new) 'Susanna Cornwell of Templeton' is listed in 1838 under Estate Duty Wills on the A2A website [ref. 1078/IRW/C/1194]. She must have died in that year or earlier. She could be aged 38 and the sister of Nutcomb Cornwall and or his mother, Susanna née Grosvenor and over 80, or perhaps neither of them. The Will would probably identify her.

Cornwall/Cornwell Family
George Cornwell, an ag.lab., was living in a 'House in Templeton Lane' in 1841.( The 1851 census tells us that he was 28, not 25, (38 in 1851), born in West Worlington. His wife was Rebecca, 37, b. Halberton and they then had three children, Susan 5, Mary 3 and Ann 9 months. Also living with them was John Collard, ag.lab aged 20. In 1851 they could only just have left Templeton to live at Townsend, Tiverton as their youngest child Benjamin George aged 1 was born in Templeton..

children of George and Rebecca:

  1. Susan, b.1836 Bampton, was working at the woollen factory. She married Henry Stone, b. Meir, Wilts on 17 Aug 1855 and had 11 children in Bampton before moving about 1881 to Whitchurch Glam. Wales, where their 12th child was born. (Details available)
  2. Mary b.1838 Chipstable, Somerset m. Richard Hole b.1837 in Timberscombe, Som. In 1881 they were living at Heath, Whitchurch Glamorgan, Wales with Annie, 19, and George, 18, 'behind the Roll in Tin Works', both born Clyngar, Thomas 15, a sheet iron marker in the tin works, and Richard 14, farm labourer, both born in Bampton, Emily 13, Ellen 9, John 5 and Blanche 4, all born in Whitchurch.
  3. Ann b. 1840 who does not seem to have survived.
  4. Sarah A.,b.1843 Stockleigh
  5. Emily b.1848 Templeton. Emily married James Webber, b. 1840 in Bampton. Their first three children, Emily Louise 1867, Charles Henry 1868 and Henry 1871, were all born in Bampton but the rest of their large family were born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan, Polly Jane 1876, Elizabeth Emily 1877, Edward John 1879, Mabel 1880, Alfred 1885, Walter 1888 and Gladys 1889.
  6. Benjamin George, 1, b. Templeton, married Hannah, b. abt 1854/5. They had 6 children Mary Rebecca 1877, Rebecca, 1879, Thomas 1880, Emma E. 1882, George 1885 and William 1889.

Benjamin George is shown with slight variations in age (possibly due to different census dates) and a couple of other differences:
a) 1881 - aged 31, b. Temple, living in Heath, Whitchurch, Glamorgan,with his wife Hannah 26, b.Hopeford
b) 1891 - aged 42, b. Bampton, head labourer, living in 1891 at 48 Court Road, Grangetown, Canton, Cardiff. His wife was Hannah was now , 37, b. Oakford. Their daughter Mary (no middle name given) was working as a domestic servant in Cardiff.
There are some obvious discrepancies - Hannah is given as born in Hopeford and then Oakford. This could be a simple mishearing.
Temple is quite commonly used in Templeton, so correct. Bampton however is unlikely to be a mishearing, so perhaps the information was given by someone else who was guessing. Benjamin himself may even have thought he was born there as George certainly lived there for some time.
Whitchurch is on the northwestern outskirts of modern Cardiff. Canton is near to the centre and not far from Cardiff Castle and they must have moved there about 1890. The birth of the children, given as Whitchurch in 1881 is possibly more accurate, but it could still count as 'Cardiff'.

With thanks to a descendant, Russ Davies, for yet more new information, and to Veronica Montgomerie who gave Russ much of his information.

Cornwell/Cornwall Family
The following account includes some independent research plus a lot of new information from Mike Cornwall,a descendant of this family.

This family, with very mixed spelling,(though generally the earlier ones are 'Cornwell' as in the Templeton account book), is descended from Francis Cornwell (also listed as Cornall) chr. 5 Oct 1761 at Coldridge, Devon, who married Susan Grosvenor on 18 Jun 1787 at Sandford, Devon. The parents of this Francis were Andrew Cornwall and his wife Joan (nee Cleave) Joan was born in Morchard Bishop in 1736.

Children of Francis Cornwell & Susan (or Susanna) Grosvenor:
1. William Cornwell was born 3 May 1806 in Witheridge and chr. 30 Jan 1807. He was the Templeton miller for many years, living at 'Templeton Mill' in 1841, 'Mill Tenement' in 1851, Coombe Mills in 1871 and 'Temple Bridge' in 1881, i.e. the same place. He is listed in the 1851 census with his wife Ann, formerly Tout, probably a year older than William (cp census 1851 and death date) born Templeton, who he married on 28 Sep 1831 in Templeton. (She is entered in the marriage record as Anna, but it could perhaps be a mis-reading of the other spelling, Anne) All their children were also born in Templeton. In 1871 William is described as a 'landowner' and it would be interesting to know if he had only just acquired the 10 acres with which he is credited or had them for much longer.

William's children:

  1. Isabella Cornwell b.abt 1832 recorded in 1841 aged 9, living at home, and 1851in Bickleigh aged19, as a servant in the household of William Wippell. She died in the Honiton district in the Jun Q of 1871 aged 40.
  2. Harriett Cornwell, b. abt 1834, dressmaker, apparently did not marry, but William's granddaughter, 'Harriett A.' recorded on the 1861 census as 1 month old and in 1871 as aged 10, was probably her daughter, Harriet Ann, also born in Templeton. In 1881 she is recorded as aged 40 but this must surely be the same person: Harriet Cornwall, of 9 Wellbrook St, Tiverton, unmarried, and a boarding house keeper. Her daughter Harriet A.Cornwall was an elementary school teacher aged 19, born in Templeton. Harriet Ann, whose age is correct, married a Lewis Parish in the Jun Q 1889 and in 1891 they were living in Monkleigh with a daughter Elsie aged 2.
  3. Jane b. abt 1838, was living with her parents in Templeton in 1841-1851. In 1861 she was in service in Lowman Ward, Tiverton. (The 1871 census has not yet been consulted) She married Eli Venn (1849-1926) on 27 Dec.1876 in Templeton. See that family for more information.
  4. Emma b. abt 1840 Only recorded to date from 1841-1861 living at home with her parents.
  5. Susan Ann (or Susanna) b. abt 1840 and listed in 1851 as Susan A.Cornwell, married William Webber of Tiverton, uncle of Walter Alford. William was a farmer of 60 acres at Higher Way Farm, Tiverton in 1881. His sister Ann Webber, unmarried and 32, was helping out and 18 year old Louise Alford, perhaps a niece, was working as an indoor servant. There were also other Webbers associated with Templeton.

William Cornwell also appears in Kelly's Dir.1866 and Morris 1870. He died in the Dec Q of 1871 aged 66 (though the age recorded may not be correct) and Harrod's Dir. later shows a Mrs James Cornwell, presumably a relative, as the miller at Temple Bridge. A search of the 1851 census has not revealed a James Cornwell so he was perhaps living outside the county at that time. Anna Cornwall - note the spelling! - was registered in the deaths in the Tiverton registration district (which includes Templeton) in the first quarter of 1878 (i.e. Jan-Mar)

2. Nutcombe Cornwell (1794-1876) was a thatcher but also for some time the parish clerk, listed as such in Morris's directory of 1870 and Harrod's of 1873. He was born in Witheridge abt 1794. In 1851, Nutcomb married Elizabeth Harris (b. Washfield 1790), on 20 July 1820 in Templeton.
In 1841 they were living at Common Close Cottage, Nutcombe Cornwell listed as 45, Thatcher and Elizabeth as 50. They had three children, Henry 15, Samuel 15, and Edmund 14. (Henry was actually 19 and Samuel 16)

Nutcomb's children:

  1. Henry Cornwell, born in Templeton in 1822, was living at Common Close Cottage with his parents in 1841. He married Elizabeth b.abt 1822 Cruwys Morchard (surname not known) and had the following children: Thirza (1850) Elizabeth (1852) Sarah A. (1854) Samuel (1856) Harriet (1860) and William H.(1864).
    All his children were born in Cruwys Morchard or Tiverton.(All dates approximate, from 1851 & 1881 censuses)
    In 1851 they were at Eveleighs, Cruwys Morchard but by 1861 had moved to West Oldborough (presumably a farm), Tiverton. In 1881 Henry was farming 50 acres at Furze, Cruwys Morchard. The only one of his children not recorded in 1881 is Thirza who was perhaps married and has not yet been traced.
  2. Samuel Cornwell b.1825, died 20 Dec 1854 aged 29 (as on the Memorial in Templeton churchyard)
  3. Edward Henry Cornwall b.abt 1827 He is listed in 1851 as 24, unm. and as a schoolmaster at Tiverton, in the Union workhouse.(It is possible he was he was a teacher there, not an inmate, if workhouses had teachers - more information on this welcome)

No other children have been found - yet, and in 1851 Nutcomb, now aged 57, and Elizabeth, 61 were living by themselves at Common Close Cottage, Templeton. In 1871 Nutcomb was living alone at Mount Pleasant, his wife having died. He himself died in the Jun Q of 1876, aged 83.

3. Francis Cornwell, born about 1801, married firstly Mary Tout in Templeton on 17 Apr 1828. She died in 1842. In 1841 the census shows Francis as a shoemaker. Marywas about 40, and they were living then in Mount Pleasant Cottage.
In 1844 Francis married secondly Frances Maunder (nee Ford). She was the widow of John Maunder whom she had married in July 1833 in Exeter St Sidwell. John died about 1841. The 1851 census shows Francis now as a farmer with over 60 acres. No children have been found from either marriage.

Comment - It would not be that unusual if Ann(a) Tout, William's wife, and Mary Tout, wife of Francis, proved to be sisters, especially as there was in 1851 a William Tout aged 63, (b.abt 1789) a mason, living in Mill Village. Mill Village was a very tiny, fairly isolated, hamlet, buried in a deep wooded cleft carved out by the river. This would of course be more or less 'next door' to Ann, her husband being the miller! William Tout was about 17 years older than Ann(a), which confuses guesses about any possible relationship!

Not yet linked to either of the above families:
*John Cornwell 15, an ag.lab living with the Collings family at Ashey farm in 1841 has not yet been identified.
*Andrew Cornwall 60 (b.1821 in Templeton) unm. was a Relieving Officer and Registrar (M.N.R) living at Paternoster Row, Ottery St Mary. He had a Visitor in John Saunders, 14, draper's apprentice, born Ottery St Mary. Ignoring the spelling, he probably belongs to the second, 'Cornwell', family, especially as.the first 'Cornwall' family mostly seem to have moved to Wales, and the name Andrew also occurs earlier in this family.

*The deaths given as 'Q' are from '1837online' and may also be available from freeBMD.
*Any information on a connection between the two families outlined above - which seems very likely - would be very welcome, both for this page and for the family members!


Cosway Family
John Cosway is given in Morris's directory of 1870, and William Cosway in Harrod's of 1873 as farmers in Templeton.

William B. Cosway, 28, was farming 165 acres at Lower North Combe Farm in 1871, employing 1 man. His wife was Emma, 30, b. Thorverton and they had a son, also William B. Cosway aged 2 and a daughter Emily aged 6 months both born in Templeton. The family must have lived in Templeton from 1868 or 1869 at least, for several more years as William and Emma had another daughter, Hannah L.Cosway in Templeton in 1872. They must have moved away after that as two daughters were born in Cadeleigh, Edith A.H.Cosway in 1877 and Sarah B.Cosway in 1879.

One 'indoor farm servant' at Lower North Combe in 1871 was Samuel Gosland, 18, b. Sandford and a 'general servant' was Emma Turner aged 12. Perhaps Emma was a member of the Turner family of Templeton but her birthplace was given as 'not known'. There is no 'match', even approximate, on the 1881 census either as 'Emma Turner' or just as 'Emma' so any further information about her would be welcome.

With many thanks for this extra information from a Gosland descendant.

Cottrell Family and the Village School / Cotterall
James Cotterall m. Mary Crook 2 Apr 1829 in Templeton. In 1841 they were living at Lower South Combe, James being an ag.lab (on the farm of George Besley. George Jackson, land steward was also living in a cottage attached to the farm at that time.) James was given as 35 and Mary as 45. They had two children, Sarah 11 and Martha, 9. Also living with them was Elias Crook, 70 who was probably Mary's father?

In 1851 there was a house attached to 'Higher South Coomb' farm described as 'unoccupied, uninhabited or being built'. and no evidence of a 'Lower South Coomb', but in 1881 it was Lower South Coomb again with no apparent Higher South Coomb.

In 1851. Mary Cottrell was living in Mill Village, (schedule no.14), a widow of 57, born in Templeton and described on the census as School Mistress. Mill Village, now known as Templeton Bridge, is about a mile from Templeton itself. She lived in Templeton until at least 1864 - or at the least paying rent as she appears throughout the account book. She was not there in 1881 but had probably died by then.

1. Sarah was born in Templeton about 1833. In 1851 she was a house servant aged 20, living and working on George Besley's farm at Higher South Combe (which was where she grew up). In 1881 aged 48 she was living with her uncle, Abraham Cottrell and his wife in West Bagborough, Somerset and helping to run their grocer's and baker's shop. Abraham was given as born in Oakford in 1816.

Information from Devon Record Office about the Abstraction of Education Returns of 1833 states that a daily school which was supported by the Rector and the Curate was begun in 1827 for ten pupils, presumably with Mary Cottrell, then 34, running this in her own cottage. Mary Cottrell is first listed in the account book in November 1854 and may have moved into a cottage vacated by William Collins, remaining there throughout the rest of the period of the account book, i.e. to at least 1862. This is identified as in 'Mill Village'.

2. Martha aged 18, living with her mother in Mill Village, was an 'Assistant in School'. She does not appear to have been in Devon in 1881.

Later the school was run for a time at Cloggs which had a large room more suited to the larger numbers of children. By about 1847-1864 George Jackson had taken up residence in this house as Land Steward (apparently rent free). According to Kelly's Directory of 1866, the parish school was "in the gift of Sir John Reeve de la Pole, Bt. " It stated: " There is a school for children of both sexes, which is principally supported by the Rector and the small payments of the children." From 1871, when elementary education became compulsory, the school was run by Elizabeth Sargent. There are an increasing number of records from then on.


James Courtney, 16, born West Anstey, was an indoor servant with the West family in Templeton in 1881.

Cox Family
Robert Cox m. Sarah Heard on 30 Sep 1792 in Templeton.(Note - only recorded in the original register)

Crocher / Crocker Family
'Crocher' may have been pronounced as 'Crocker' as shown by the record of Sydney from 1881 to 1891.

William Crocher, an agricultural labourer was living in Mogford's Cottage in Templeton in 1881. He is recorded as born in 1842 in East Worlington but is not recorded on the Devon list in 1851. His wife Mary was born in 1840 in Templeton. Her maiden name is not known but there are three 'candidates' of the right age, Mary Cheriton at Temple Hill, Mary Collard in Lagg Village and Mary A. Collings at Ashey. By 1881 William and Mary had three children, William H. born in 1870 at East Worlington, Elizabeth A. born in Rackenford in 1876 and Sydney born in Tiverton in 1878. In 1891 Sydney 'Crocker', now 13, was a farm servant with the Helyer family at Higher South Combe, Templeton (now given as born in Rackenford).

Another contradiction! W. Henry Crocker, now 31, an ag.lab., is given on the 1901 census as born in Poughill. His wife Elizabeth was 37, born Cruwys Morchard, and they had 6 children: Albert Henry 11, born Templeton, Francis George 9, born Calverleigh, Edith Ellen 7, born Tiverton, Ernest James 6, and 'Florance' May 3, both born Templeton, and William John, 8 mths, born Tiverton. They were living in 'Hillside Cottage' in Templeton (not identified).

A Dorset 'stray' was Charles Crocker, born about 1847 in Stourton Caundle in that county. In 1871 he was lodging in the house of William and Elizabeth Chown in 'Temple Town' but along with James Livell, another lodger from Essex, he was working as a 'labourer (drainer)' in the village. By 1881 Charles had returned home and was then living with his mother Betty, a widow of 76 and, still single, was working as an ordinary agricultural labourer.

Crook(e) Family
Marriages in Templeton
Alexander Crook m. Joan Sangar 21 Dec 1760
Alexander Crooke m. Agnes Heard 2 Feb 1761
Richard Crook m.Christian Mogford 6 Feb 1780
William Crook m. Elizabeth Maunder 20 Apr 1786
Elias Crooke m. Mary Stephens 18 Mar 1792
Jane Crook m. Robert Stooke 29 Jun 1794. [There is a note available only from the parish register]
Sarah Crook m. John Richards 30 Mar 1825
Mary Crook m. James Cotterall (Cottrell?) 2 Apr 1829.
Sarah Crook m. John Simon Murch (known as 'Simon') 4 Jun 1834

Burials in Templeton
Catharine Crook, 64, of Rackenford, b.1752, bur.9 May 1816
Alexander Crook, 65, of Stoodleigh, b.1752, bur.1 Jun 1827
John Crooke, 78, of Tiverton, b. 1753 bur 9 Mar 1831.
Mary Crooke, 63, of Cruwys Morchard b.1760 bur 9 Mar 1823
Elias Crooke , 18, of Templeton, b. 1795, bur. 5 Dec 1813
Elizabeth Crook, 19, of Bampton b. 1809, bur 18 May 1828

There may be four brothers in the earliest identified generation of this family, 1. William 1784, 2. George in.1787, 3. Thomas 1789 born in Rackenford, and 4. John 1790 in Witheridge (according to the 1851 census) . John's relationship is proved by a will.

1. William Crook senior was born in Rackenford in 1784, son of John Crook and Mary Mogford who were married in Rackenford on 10 Jun 1781. In 1841 William was living with his wife Elizabeth, '45' in a house in Templeton Lane. Four of their children were living with them, William 17, John 9, Ann 7, and Isabella, 4.
In 1851 they were living at Ashey near Mount Pleasant both William, 66, and his son William, now 26, working as thatchers. Elizabeth, nee Pleass, 58, came from Tiverton, She died in Hill Cottage in 1856 and William in Road Cottage in 1869. In 1851 there were two of their children at home, William 26 and Isabella, 14. It must be this William, as head of household, rather than his son, who is listed in the account book (which ends in 1864). A further study of the tithe records by a descendant names some of the plots of land which he rented from the Chichesters and others, namely Plots 231-Cottage and Garden, 232-Orchard (but from George Maunder), 343 and 344-part of Great Cross Moor, and 345-Garden. It appears that William paid £1. 2s 1d rent to George Maunder and £1. 6s 4d to the Chichester family, rents collected by George Jackson the land steward.

William and Elizabeth had at least nine children who included:

i. William Crook (1822) thatcher (see below) was followed by
ii. Jane (1827) who married John Norrish, (son of John, the miller at Ottery St Mary), in Tiverton on 17 Feb1851. By 1881 John had succeeded his father as miller at Withleigh. They had 5 children. Jane died at Withleigh Mill 6 Jul 1893.
iii. George (1830) married Mary Norrish, (sister of John Norrish junr above) on 5 Jan 1853 in Tiverton, moving to Withleigh after a few years. They had 9 children.
[Note - this is a case of a sister and brother marrying a brother and sister - not uncommon in these close-knit families. It also occurred in the Chichester family, involving 2 of the 4,owners whose inheritance included some houses the Crook family lived in. Their children were cousins twice over!]
iv. John (1832), born in Templeton. (Perhaps the John Crook whose death was registered in Tiverton in the Sep Q 1853 [Tiverton  Vol 5b p.251] as he hasn't been found elsewhere, but this was the time of the Crimean war and many young men were encouraged to enlist in Tiverton, even for lengthy service, as did Albert Jackson b. Templeton in 1835, son of George the land steward in 1854 who was subsequently sent to India for many years.
v. Ann (1834). born in Templeton, married John Collins, farmer at Cruwys Morchard, on 25 Oct 1859. They had one child at Witheridge, Jessie, 1866, who married William J.Digby. Ann died at Ottery St Mary in 1911.
  [John and Ann, nos.iv & v, aged 19 and 17 in 1851, were both working for George Maunder at Colston in 1851, John as a house servant and Ann as an 'indoor servant'].
vi. Isabella (1837) married John Ware Butterleigh in the Independent Chapel in Peter St, Tiverton on 19 Nov 1859 and had two children. She died in 1927 in Clacton, Essex.
vii. Mary (1838) remained single and died in Tiverton workhouse,
viii. Elizabeth married a thatcher, John Hodge, in St Peter's, Tiverton on 25 Dec 1838 and had 5 children. He seems to have died in the Jun Q 1890 and she died in Withleigh in 1891. [Tiverton Vol. 5b p.275 and Vol.5b p.350]

i. William Crook jr, was also a thatcher. He was born in Templeton in 1822 according to a descendant of this family, quoting a death certificate. He was still living with his parents in 1851 at Ashey, near Mount Pleasant, along with the youngest of the family, Isabella, aged 14. It seems likely therefore that it was William senior, head of the household, who is the one listed in the account book on every page from 1846 to 1864.

In 1871 William, who never married, is described as a thatcher aged 46, living on Temple Hill. In 1881 he, was living at 'Mount View' (Mount Pleasant) Cottage. The censuses of 1851 and 1881 are inconsistent, one listing him as 26, the other as 52, neither being correct. There are three possibilities, that the informant was not William, that William himself was not sure or that the handwritten version of the age given was illegible and the version quoted really just a guess by the LDS copyist. There is nothing unusual in this - people were often vague about their own age (John Hodge also) - some of the 'probables' here are due to such uncertainty. Certificates where available should be sufficient to identify the correct person.

William was living at Emerald Cottage, Templeton in 1891, aged 67, working as a thatcher. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 30 - Emerald Cottage 1891] He died at Emerald Cottage, Templeton on May 4th 1900, John Chown of Templeton Mill being the informant.

iii. George Crook, another son of William senior, was a carpenter. He was born about 1830 in Templeton and is listed in the 1841 census as working for his uncle John Crook at Deepaller, Tiverton. In 1851, George was working as a carpenter with William Gooding at Cruwys Morchard and his wife to be, Mary Norrish, born at Ottery St Mary in 1833, was living at Calverleigh Mill, her father being the miller there. They were married at St Peter's, Tiverton on 5 Jan 1853. In 1881 they were living at Withleigh where the seven of their nine children still at home, were born, William George, 20, Frederick, 18, Albert, 14, Clara Ellen, 12, Mabel, 10, John Norrish, 7, and Eva Jane, 3. Elizabeth Ann (b.Withleigh) and Amelia Ellen (b.Cruwys Morchard) are not listed. George and Mary are buried at St Catherine's, Withleigh. (See Source Notes)

2. George Crook b. 1787

4. John Crook is listed on the 1851 census as born in Witheridge in 1791. He is the only one of that name with a wife called Mary. John, younger brother of William senior, married Mary Pow, (chr. 24 Jan 1790 in Templeton), on 8 Sep 1816 in Tiverton. They had one daughter in 1851, Jane aged 19, born in Tiverton, but another daughter, Eliza, b. 1827 in Tiverton, was already married to Abel Blake, son of Robert.. John was farming 38 acres with the help of 1 labourer at Park, Loxbear.

A Mary Crook, born in 1818 in Templeton, was visiting the Collins family at Witheridge Moor Farm in 1881. There could be a connection with Annie Collins, wife of John the farmer, as she was also born in Templeton, though in 1835. They could be aunt and niece for there was certainly an Ann Crook of the right age born in Templeton. This Ann was aged 17 and working as a servant on Colston Farm, Templeton in 1851 as was also a John Crook aged 19 who was her brother. The definite connection however was the marriage of a William Crook to Elizabeth Maunder on 20 Apr 1786 in Templeton (the register has an additional note). This other William still needs to be identified as William the thatcher appears to have married some two or more years earlier.(For the farmer and his family see George Maunder)

There was a connection with the Murch family as John Simon Murch (known as 'Simon') married a Sarah Crook in Templeton on 4 Jun 1834, and their son Alexander was given Crook as his middle name. However it's not clear which family Sarah belonged to and there was another Sarah Crook who married John Richards in Templeton on 30 Mar 1825. Alexander was an old family name, one marrying a Joan Sangar on 21 Dec 1760 and another, Alexander Crooke (though spelling wasn't be very important then) marrying Agnes Heard on 2 Feb 1761 in Templeton. The Alexander born in Stoodleigh in 1762, who was buried at Templeton on 1 Jun 1827 aged 65 was perhaps a son of one of these grooms.

With many thanks for much information from a descendant of this family, backed up by sources cited (e.g. certificates) and for updates and corrections

More information has come to light on Alexander Crook and Joan - or rather Johannah, as she appears in the 1851 census. (Perhaps it was the way they said 'Joanna'!) This Alexander was 52 and born in Templeton. Joanna was 54 and an invalid. They had two [known] children, Mary Ann born in 1834 in Rackenford and Hannah born 1844 in Witheridge. Mary Ann married William Manley. (For more details see that family) Hannah has not been followed further here at present but it is looking more hopeful that these two families can be sorted out...

It is not known who the following other earlier members of this old Templeton family who married in Templeton were but the names suggest they are all related, a Richard who married Christian Mogford on 6 Feb 1780, Elias who married Mary Stephens on 18 Mar 1792, Jane who married Robert Stooke on 29 Jun 1794. Elias could perhaps be the father of Elias Crooke who was buried in Templeton on 5 Dec 1813 aged 18.


Cruwys Family
The Cruwys family seem to have moved into Templeton in search of work. In 1851 George, 19, was a farm labourer at Hole (Farm), Witheridge. In 1881 now a dairyman and agricultural labourer, he was living with his wife Ann, born in Oakford, 49, and their son John, 19, born in Tiverton, who was a mason's labourer.

Another dairyman, William Cruwys, also born in Witheridge, was 28 in 1851 and working as a servant on Higher Dart (Farm), Witheridge, which suggests he could be an older brother of George above. In 1881 William's wife Ann was 56, born in Hunsham and their daughter Rebecca, 12, was born in Oakford. They were living in Thornes Tenement, Templeton. By 1891 William Cruwys born about 1823 in Witheridge had left Templeton.

George Cruwys, born in Oakford in 1867, now 14, was working as a carpenter with John Chown at 'Corn Mills Coomb Mills' in 1881.

In 1891 George Cruwys, carpenter, 23, was living at Bridge Cottage in Templeton with his wife Jane, 21. This is often referred to as Temple or Templeton Bridge or as Mill Village. It's only yards from the mill and George was probably still working with John Chown. George was only just married, in the Mar Q of 1891, to Hannah Jane Darch who was born in Cruwys Morchard about 1870. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 32 - Bridge Cottage 1891]

In 1901 George and Hannah Jane were still living in Mill Village, though with seven children they might have moved to a larger cottage - 'Mill Cottage no. 1' might not be the same one as Bridge Cottage. George was 33 and Hannah Jane 32 (presumably known as 'Jane') They now had seven children: Lily, 8, George Herbert Sydney Darch (Cruwys), 4, Frank 3, William Henry 3, Charles 2, and Elizabeth Ann, 9 months, all the children being born in Templeton.

Another Cruwys was Annie aged 6 in 1891 who was born in Templeton and seems to have been accompanying Thomas and Dinah Chown of Partridge Farm Templeton on a visit to their daughter and her husband, James Richards, at Clogsmoor, Templeton. The visit could be quite a short one, even one day if the weather was fine as the two places are not far apart [Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 24 - Clogsmoor 1891] Annie's identity is still a puzzle.

Curtis Family
William Curtis m. Jane Cop on 10 Apr 1776 in Templeton [Note - in marriage register]

George Curtis, labourer, born in 'Loxbear' about 1841, could be the George baptised in Loxbear on 14 Feb 1841, one of the three sons of son of William and Sarah 'Courtis'. On the 1841 census they were living at 'Hayes Cottage' and in a later census an entry which is difficult to read appears to be for a Wood Hayes Cottage near Loxbear Barton. In the 1851 census George appears at Loxbear Barton , aged only 10, as an ag.lab. working for a farmer named Norris which makes the above speculative identification look more likely. In 1868 George married Eliza Hagley who was born in Templeton about 1846 [Mar Q 1868 Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.744] They lived in a cottage on the Templeton estate for the final year of the account book, 1863-1864. By 1881 they had five children, William George, 12, and Jane Hayley, 10, John, 8, all born Clyst Hydon, Fred (sic) 4, born Tiverton and Annie Eliza, 11m., born Burlescombe by 1881 when George, now aged 40, had risen to be a farm bailiff at Bridge Farm, Stoke Cannon.

John Curtis of Stoneland, Stoodleigh, born in Stoodleigh about 1820 is possibly a relative? He was a "dairyman renting 8 cows (Grazier)", and his wife Ann was born in Templeton about 1823. There is no good match with the 1851 census so perhaps he was working out of Devon in 1851.

Jacob Curtis was born about 1831 in Rose Ash. He is listed on the 1851 census as Jacob 'Curtes', 20, indoor farm servant to Kate Stevens at Middle North Combe, Templeton.

Another John Curtis, aged 44 in 1881, was born in Loxbear (transcribed wrongly as Loxbeer). In 1851 he was working as a servant for a farmer, William Hatswell at Little Headon, Washfield. In 1881 he was described as a farmer of 60 acres employing 1 man and 1 boy at Hashes Card Mill, Washfield. His wife Eliza, 40, was born in Templeton and their children were all born in Washfield. There was John, 16, Eliza, 14, Maria, 12, Elizabeth, 10, William, 6, George, 3, Henry, 1, and "Hariet", 5 (given in that order).


Sources for the Crook family:
'Mountpleasant' is marked on the large-scale OS map, just up the hill from Templeton Bridge. Ashey was just behind it.
The initial information was taken from the account book and filled out from the censuses of 1851 and 1881. Ages or years quoted are worked out from the censuses. For further details added, many backed up by birth, marriage and death certificates, I am indebted to a descendant of this family. (December 2001) Crook family