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Names beginning with D

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Darch ; Dark(e) ; Davey/Davy ; Delling; Dicker ; Dievoiton ; Dimond ; Dobell/Doble ; Drake ; Drew(e) ; Duckham ;

Other names : Ayre, Beck, Beedell, Berdell, Blake, Cockram, Collard, Cruwys, Davies, Eastmond, Ebdon, Frankpitt, Fry, Gould, Kingsland, Lake, Letherby, Maunder, Page, Pepper, Sanger, Sargent, Saunders, Slocombe, Smith, Strong, Thorne, Treble, Webber, Westaway, Winsley

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Darch Family
Mary Darch, 20, from Sampford Peverell (spelt Pevell!) was visiting Ann Southcot 69, widow, the farmer at Loosland in 1891. Her birthplace was not given in the 1881 census and possibly may not have been Sampford Peverell though her family were living there earlier. She was the 3rd of 7 children of William Darch, a farm labourer aged 43 in 1881. (Perhaps Ann had been only recently widowed?) Ann was either the second wife or had herself been married before as her two sons were named James and John Smith, James being 39 and John 32. All three were born in Sampford Peverell and perhaps Mary Darch was a married daughter? [Enumerator 06 Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 22 - Loosland]

Hannah Jane Darch, b. Cruwys Morchard about 1870 married George Cruwys, b. about 1867 in Oakford, in the Mar Q of 1891. George had already been living in Templeton since he was 14, working as a carpenter at the mill with John Chown. He probably moved into 'Bridge Cottage' on his marriage in 1891 and in 1901, with seven children, they were still in Mill Village at 'Mill Cott. no.1'.

Dark(e) Family
Charity Dark married William Beedell on 22 Oct 1785 in Templeton. A note is added in the parish register.
Another Charity Darke married William Treble on 2 Apr 1813 in Templeton.

Davey (Davy) Family
William Davey married Charity Tout on 10 Jun 1829 in Templeton. They were living in Templeton Village in 1841, William described as 30, a mason, and his wife Charity 30 with four children, William 11, John 8, Nathanael 5, and Edwin 1. .

1 William Davey, mason and labourer, occupied a cottage in Templeton from 1846 to 1859. The 1851 census refers to it as 'Cott in Town Village'. William was born in Witheridge in 1806 and was a widower by 1851 with two children at home, Edwin, 11 and Harriet 7, both born in Templeton. William is recorded as a mason on the marriage certificate of his son Edwin on 26 Nov 1866. The death of a William Davey aged 78 is recorded at Tiverton register office in the March Q of 1872 [Tiverton Vol 5b p.333] which tallies with the birth date of 1806.

With thanks to a descendant for the date of Edwin's marriage

1. William is given as 20 on the 1851 census. Born about 1831 in Templeton, he was working as an indoor servant for George Maunder at Colston Farm, Templeton. His age suggests he could have been a son of William Davey the mason, above.

2. John Davey, now confirmed as the mason William's son, was an indoor servant, aged 17, at William Blake's farm, Lower North Combe, Templeton in 1851. Later, as a labourer, he took over his father's cottage and lived in it until at least May 1862 and probably till after 1871. He married Elizabeth Crocker who was born in East Worlington about 1833, on 12 Jul 1856 in Templeton and they had 9 children, the first seven being born in Templeton. They were Emma (1858), Mary Ann (1859), Edwin (1862), William (1864), Thirza (1867), Jessie (1869), Alma, (1871), Walter (1873), and Albert (1875). Walter and Albert were born in Tiverton, and then in 1881 the census shows them living at Lower Park, Cruwys Morchard with just the three youngest children.William, born 1864, is said to have been a sailor, to have gone to America and married a Blackfoot Indian. He died in Cardiff in 1917.

With many thanks to Joan, a great-great-granddaughter of John for the new details (2006)

These must be John's children:

Edwin Davey, 19 in 1881 and an agricultural labourer, was lodging at 3 Lewards Court, Tiverton, the head of the household being John Kingsland, 59, born Poughill with wife Mary, 58, born Down St Mary and there was another boarder, John Westaway, 21, a 'masons labourer' born Winkleigh.

Thirza Davey, shown on the 1881 census as 14 and born in Templeton, was a domestic servant at Yowlstone Farm, Puddington in 1881 The head was James Eastmond, farmer of 290 acres and employing 4 men. James, 48, was born at Witheridge but the rest of the family were born in Puddington. There was his wife Mary, 43, and children, Clare, 19, Edith S.G. 14, James R.W. 12, Margaret S. 10, Nathanail(!) W. 8, Constance L.E. 16, Antonia 6, Ellen W. 4, Reginald A. 1, and Anthony R. Winsley, 75, and his wife Lydia, 71, Mary Eastmond's parents. There was a governess, Charlotte A.Page, 21, place of birth not listed, and a servant Robert Webber, 19, born Woolfardisworthy. In the June Q 1885 a Thirza Davey was married [ S.Molton Reg.Dist.Vol.5b p.789] to either William John Crocker or Albert John Simms.

Jessie Davey, a general domestic servant aged 12 in 1881 and born in Templeton was living at Westlane, Cruwys Morchard on a farm of 57 acres run by James Strong, 54, born Hockworthy. James' wife Hannah, 65, was born in Kentisbeare and their daughter Mary A. Strong was 22, born in Plymtree. There was also another servant, Richard Frankpitt, 23, born Halberton.

3. Edwin Davey, son of William the mason, was born in 1840, was living 'at home' in 1851 and became an 'ag.lab.', He married Harriet Alford born (or chr.) 4 Jan 1839 in Cruwys Morchard on 27 Nov 1866 at the Methodist Chapel in Tiverton. The 1881 census traces their movements with the birth of their children, in Templeton at first where William, 13, Sidney, 12, and Edith, 9 were born. then to Hockworthy where Richard, 6, was born and on to Middle Beer, Uplowman and the birth of Joseph, 3, and Charity 1.

4. Nathaniel Davey 14, born in Templeton about 1837 and working on the farm of James Beedell (transcribed wrongly as Berdell) at Thelbridge. All but two of this large household were born in Templeton.

A William Davey, 69 in 1881, was also born in Templeton and possibly related. He was living at "13 Cheriton Row, Private House ", in Bedminster, Somerset, a police constable. His wife Anne was born in Cheriton and they had a lodger, William Fry, 19, born Bedminster, who was "Stoker Steamboat (Seaman)". He does not appear on the 1851 census so perhaps his family had already moved to Somerset by then.

In Templeton in 1841 a John Davey, aged 11, was employed as an ag. lab by William Rowe on Cloggs Moor Farm, and another John Davey, 15, was working for John Bray on Loosland Farm

Although he seems to have no connection, even remotely, with Templeton, it is probably worth mentioning a 'stray' here, a William Davey found at Portsea, Hants, 32 in 1881, staying at the "Sailor's Welcome Coffee Tavern". He was a Private in the Royal Marines and was born in Woolfardisworthy.

Many of the following Daveys could be related to the above families:

In 1881 another John Davey was innkeeper at the Wheatsheaf, 24, Leaf St, in Tiverton. He was a widower aged 62, born in Cadeleigh, and his daughter Emily, 21, was born in Tiverton. There is no 'matching' person of approximately that age or birthplace in the 1851 census. Emma Davey, 23, born in Templeton is listed as a General Servant (Domestic) but could of course be a niece. A "Visitor", Annie M.Davies, born "Devon" may be no connection, though mis-spellings are common! The other person in the household was James Slocombe, 21, a boarder, born Wiveliscombe, Somerset.

James Davey (spelt without the 'e'on the 1881 census) born abt 1870 in Exeter is identified as a nephew of John Gould, farmer of Esworthy Farm, Templeton in 1881 where he worked as an indoor servant. By 1891 he was joined by his brother William b. abt 1875 in Collaton. Esworthy was a farm of 65 acres employing one boy. John Gould was born in 1850. The slight discrepancies in his age can be attributed by the census dates (31 in 1881 and 42 in 1891) [1891 - Enumerator 06 Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 3 - Esworthy]

A family connected by marriage to a Templeton family lived in Ide Road, Exeter Alphington. The head was George Davey in 1882, 52, born in Morchard Bishop. It was his wife, Sarah S. who was born in Templeton in 1831. Their children, George H., 18, tanner's labourer, William A. 15, miller's labourer, Walter J., 11, and Thomas 8, all born in Alphington.

Daveys were cattle breeders of Rose Ash and one wrote a book(?) called "Herd Breeder" 1851

The Rev.William Davy 1743-1826 was for many years curate at Lustleigh

Delling Family
In 1871 John and Mary A. Delling were living in Lagg (village), Templeton [HO/107/1886 Folio:78 p.2] .John was 29, an ag.lab. born in Witheridge and Mary A. was 28, born in Cruwys Morchard. John's brother-in-law, John Thorne, aged 24, also born in Witheridge, was living with them, which suggests that Mary was formerly Mary A. Thorne. John and Mary had three children, Frank, 5, Eda A., 2, and Clara aged three months, all born in Templeton. John was a son of William Delling, 37, a farm labourer born in Thelbridge, and Jane, 34, born in Witheridge. who were living in Washford Pyne (nr Crediton) in 1851. The three older children of William and Jane were born in Witheridge and the youngest in East Worlington, being just one month old. This obvious moving around is typical of farm labourers at that time, probably going 'from fair to fair' in search of work.

None of them have been found in the 1881 census in Devon or elsewhere so it seems very likely that they emigrated. The name appears to be rare. In 1851 William and his family were the only Dellings living or born in Devon or the other counties on that CD and in 1881 there were only four of that name in Devon, one of them coming from Somerset.

Dicker Family
William Dicker married Betty Cockram on 27 Dec 1781 in Templeton.
Susanna Dicker married Thomas Ebdon on 29 Jul 1794 in Templeton. A note is added in the parish register.
Information is also sought on an Absalom Dicker who attested at Tiverton in 1854 for the war in the Crimea. (He may not be associated with Templeton)

There must surely be numerous alternative spellings for such a curious name. It is probably foreigh in origin, or a mishearing of some name beginning 'De Vi...'(Could it be a rendering of 'Devotion'?) William Dievoiton married Christian Beck on 27 Oct 1754, and there is an extra note in the parish register
[Possibilities for this name range from an Italian 'Devoto or Devote (accented final e) to Devrington, Deverett, or just Devonshire. Although the name is transcribed as this from the parish register there are no examples of anything like it in the 1851 or the 1881 censuses]

Anna Dimond was the schoolmistress in Templeton in 1881, living in Paynes Cottage which was attached to or near Cloggs Court Buildings. The cottage is shown as plot 590 on the Tithe map of 1842. Anna was born in Exeter and was only 21 in 1881. She must have succeeded Elizabeth Sargent who was schoolmistress from at least 1871-1875.

Dobell / Doble Family
Abraham Dobell married Elizabeth Pepper on 19 Jan 1766 in Templeton
Abraham Doble married Ann Saunders on 21 Oct 1792 in Templeton.

Drake Family
George Drake married Elizabeth Letherby on 20 Jul 1800 in Templeton. A note is added in the parish register.

Drew or Drewe Family
William Drewe was born 1806 in Ashburton, and a farmer of 28 acres at Depford, Cruwys Morchard, in 1851. He married Jane Collard on 18 Feb 1831 in Templeton, where she was born about 1809, and they had one son still living at home, William aged 17, born in Loxbear. Their son Richard Drew, born in Templeton was aged 19 and working for William Lake, a farmer at Edgeworthy, Cruwys Morchard. From the births of these two sons it appears that the family moved from Templeton to Cruwys Morchard about 1833. (There was also a Lake family in Templeton) In 1881 they were living at Halls Court, Tiverton, William now 76 and Jane 71 (and the name was spelt 'Drew') [FHL Film 1341538 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2235 Folio 27 Page 10] The sons William and Richard Drew have not been found on the 1881 census for Devon.

Duckham Family
Samuel Duckham married Sarah Sanger on 31 Aug 1775 in Templeton.