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Names beginning with E

Eastmond ; Ebbet ; Ebdon ; Edwards ; Edworthy ; Ellicott ; Ellis ; Elston(e) ; Elworthy ; Eveleigh ;

Other names : Barbara, Besley, Bidgood, Dicker, Hex, Hodge, Norrish, Sanders, Simmons, Skinner, Wright

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Updated November 2005

Ebbet Family
John Ebbet married Mary Hex on 19 May 1776 at Templeton. A note is added to the parish register (not available here) (A George, Agnes and Mary Hex will also be added on pages H-K)

Ebdon Family
Thomas Ebdon married Susanna Dicker on 29 Jul 1794 in Templeton. The parish register has an added note.

Edwards Family
John Edwards married Elizabeth Simmons on 31 Aug 1807 in Templeton.
(new) There was an Edwards family - who must be the same two, referred to as John and Elizabeth - who were living in Templeton in 1817 [ref. 2917 A/PO 8/14 - date: 1817] but obviously thought not to 'belong' there. They are listed on the A2A website, the record of their removal under 'Settlement' being in the Hatherleigh Parish Records, which suggests that they came from there originally and that Templeton didn't therefore feel obliged to support them. The children are listed as follows: Sally 9, Mary Ann 7, Eliza 5, Ancilla 3 and John 10 months, being 'from Templeton' which probably means they were born there.

William Edworthy, 15 in 1901, b. Meshaw, was working as a horse carter on the farm of William Wright, 46, b. Rose Ash, the farmer at Higher North Coomb, Templeton.

Ellicott Family
Thomas Ellicott was an ag. lab aged about 25, working on the farm of George Besley in 1841 (a cottage attached to the farm also being at that time the home of George Jackson, land steward). The only possible match found so far is Thomas Ellicott, widower. aged 69, an ag. lab. born in Hatherleigh and living there in 1881. [ FHL Film 1341535 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2223 Folio 46 Page 29]

Ellis Family
In 1891 John Ellis 70, and his wife Mary, 73, born in Ide, were living at Pond Head Cottage in Templeton. John, an ag.lab, born in Thorverton, was deaf.
[Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 2 - Pond Head 1891]

Elstone / Elston Family
William Elstone married Elizabeth Skinner on 25 Mar 1781 in Templeton. The orginal parish register should be consulted for an added note.
The Elston family were closely related to the Bidgood family of Templeton, but it's not known whether they themselves were ever in Templeton.

Another William, born about 1837 in Tiverton, was the son of Samuel Elston, (born about 1808 in West Morchard), who was a farmer of 90 acres at Newcott, Tiverton in 1851. William was the 3rd of 8 children. The family also had a servant, John Hodge, 24, born at Sampford.

In 1881 William Elston, 45, born in Tiverton, now a widower, was a farmer of 270 acres at Millhayes, Bickleigh. He employed 4 labourers and one boy. He had two children at home, John, 13, born in Loxbeare, and Elizabeth Jane, 11, born in Cadeleigh.
There was a housekeeper, Isabella E. Norrish, 22, born in East Anstey and a nephew, William H. Bidgood, 12, born in Templeton, was living with them as 'Assistant (Farm Lab)'. There was also a 'Farm Servant (Indoor)', Edwin Sanders, 17, born in Cadeleigh, living in. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2232 Folio 130 Page 5]

In the Dec Q of 1884 William married Isabella Norrish [Tiverton Marr. Reg. Vol 5b p.769].
By 1901 there was no sign of Isabella. A search of FreeBMD has so far failed to find her death by that time.
An Elizabeth Elston, 42 in 1901, born at East Anstey, has not been identified as related to William.

Elworthy Family
Samuel Elworthy married Joan Barbara on 5 Dec 1757. in Templeton. A note is added in the parish register. (N.B. 'BARBARA' is used as a surname here)

Mary Eveleigh was the wife of John Norrish, miller at Calverleigh in 1851, a family connected with several others in Templeton.