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Gale ; Gard ; Gardiner ; Gibbet(t) ; Gibbons ; Gill ; Gold/Gould ; Gosland/Godsland ; Goss ; Govier ; Grattan ; Greenslade ; Gueritz ; Gunn ;

Other names : Blake, Bryant, Burrow, Cornwell, Cosway, Helyer, Madge, Maunder, Palmer,
Panes, Sanders, Snow, Stevens, Sullivan, Tucker, Venner, Webber, West, Whiddon

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Updated November 2005

William Gale, 19, born Bishops Nympton, was an indoor servant with the West family in Templeton in 1881

Gard Family
In 1871 a Sarah A. Gard aged 18 was working as a domestic servant for Robert West at Middle North Coombe (farm) in Templeton. Her birth place is given only as 'Devon' so she has not been identified. However, FreeBMD gives a possible match in Sarah Ann Gard born in the Sep Q of 1853 [Plymouth Reg. Dist. Vol.5b p.223]

Bessie Gard, 16, born in Rose Ash was an indoor servant working for the Helyer family in Templeton in 1891 at Higher South Coomb.
[Enumerator 06 Folio 57 Page 2 Sched. 5 - Higher South Coomb] She matches Bessie Mildred Gard born in the Mar Q 1876 [S.Molton Reg.Dist Vol 5b p.457] though in the 1881 census she is listed as 'Bessy Guard', 3rd of 5 children of George Guard, labourer and his wife Mary, of Ash Moor, Rose Ash. The two girls would seem to be unrelated, the name being quite common in Devon.

Gardiner Family
William Gardiner married Sarah Whiddon on 25 Dec 1771 in Templeton. A note is added on the original parish register.
Gregory Gardiner married Susannah Maunder in Templeton on 19 Aug 1778.

Gibbet(t) Family
Selina Gibbet, 23, b.South Molton, was living at Partridge (farm) in 1901 as a general domestic servant in the house of Frank Tucker, 30, b. Morchard Bishop, the farmer. She was the daughter of William 'Gibbett', 48, a blacksmith's labourer, and in 1881 living at 17 North St, South Molton. Her mother Jane was 38, born in Somerset and she had one brother, Charles aged 6. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2241 Folio 14 Page 21]

Gibbons Family
William Gibbons married Mary Snow on 20 March 1813 in Templeton. Their connection with Templeton is not known. They may have been the William and Mary Gibbons who set up home in Kingsbrompton, Somerset, where their first five children were born between 1814 and 1824. After this, the family returned to Devon and farmed at Stoodleigh and Oakford. This William Gibbons was born in 1787 at Cheriton Fitzpaine. His brother Joseph Gibbons was born in 1790 at Cheriton Fitzpaine. Joseph Gibbons, 28, married Frances Snow on 23 April 1818 in Rackenford and their fourth child, Hugh Snow Gibbons, was born in Rackenford in 1824.

Tree showing Gibbons and Hill families

Hugh Snow Gibbons, 25, married Christian Hill on 26 August 1850 in Exeter. Hugh and Christian Gibbons farmed at Rackenford and Bradninch. They produced six children. Then tragedy struck. In 1861, Hugh fell from his horse and died. In 1863, Christian also died. The six children, whose ages ranged from 3 to 13. went to live with relatives. The 1871 census recorded two of the children, John Gibbons, 20, born East Anstey, and Mary Ann Gibbons, 17, born Bradninch, living with their uncle William Hill (Christianís brother) at Colstone Barton, Templeton. It also recorded another of the children, Frederick Hugh Gibbons, 13, born Bradninch, living with his aunt Mary Ann Blake (Christianís sister) at Starraton, Templeton.

John Gibbons, 20, married Sarah Blake, 20, on 17 January 1871 at the Methodist Chapel in Tiverton. [Reg.: Tiverton Vol 5b p.615]. Their daughter, Christian Gibbons was born in 1871, but tragedy struck again and John Gibbons died in 1871. In 1873, Sarah [Blake] Gibbons married Robert West, the farmer at Middle North Coombe, Templeton, a widower some 27 years her senior. (See the Stevens family for Robert's first wife, Mary) Robert and Mary's daughter Lavinia, born about 1859, is recorded at home in 1871 but by 1881 she was working as a domestic servant on a farm in West Anstey. Sarah and Robert West had seven children. (For more details see under the West family)

Mary Ann Gibbons, 24, married George Burrow on 30 April 1878 in Templeton. George and Mary farmed in Witheridge.

Frederick Hugh Gibbons, 23, married Jane Blake, 20, on 14 March 1881 in Bideford. Jane was the daughter of Henry and Ann Blake who had farmed at High and Low Town Living, Templeton before moving to Babeleigh farm, Parkham. Frederick and Jane farmed at Cruwys Morchard.

With many thanks to Paul, a descendant, who drafted most of this and backed it up with considerable research and sources

Gill Family
John Gill married Ann Cornwell in Templeton on 13 May 1824.
Two Gills who lived in Cruwys Morchard were buried in Templeton, Andrew aged 13 weeks, and Ann aged 22, both on 4 Oct 1824.

In 1871 John Gill, 70, a disabled ag.lab born in Molland and his wife Elizabeth, 49, a charwoman born in Sampford Courtney, were living in Temple Town. John appears to be the same person as the John Gill aged 47 who was an indoor farm servant at Lower North Coombe, Templeton, the farm of William Blake. This John was born in Molland and the only discrepancy is the 4 years difference in the ages quoted. It was common enough for people not to know their own ages at that time. It is probably this same John Gill who died in the Jun Q of 1871 'aged 70'. [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol.5b p.292]

Gold Family
Although this name and Gould (see next below), could be variants of the same name the two families seem to be quite distinct. In 1841 there was a Henry Gold approx. 35 living at Templeton Hill. His wife Ann Gold, 30, was perhaps formerly Sullivan. They had three children, Ann Gold, 4, Benjamin Gold 3, and Richard Gold, 9 months, but also a William Sullivan, aged 8, living with them who might have been a son of Ann's.

In 1851 they were living at Moor Cot No.7, Cruwys Morchard. The name is now entered as Gould with the additonal information that Henry was actually 48 (born about 1803) and was born in King's Crompton. Ann 46 (not 40) was born in Exford. By this time they had two more children, John, 7 and Mary 5. All three at home, Benjamin, John and Ann were given as born in Templeton. It is not known what happened to William after 1841.

So Henry and Ann had now had five children, (dates approximate) Ann 1837, Benjamin 1838, Richard 1840, John 1844 and Mary 1846.

Benjamin is listed on the 1881 census as born in Rackinford in 1839, not Templeton in 1841 as listed in 1851, an odd discrepancy. In 1881 he was at the Royal Military Academy in Woolwich, Kent as a gunner in the Royal Artillery. (RG11 Piece 0748 Folio 148 Page 23) It seems unlikely that he crossed paths with Albert Jackson, son of George although they were both gunners in the RA and both spent time at Woolwich as they otherwise went in quite different directions. Benjamin met his wife Ellen, 29, in Canada and his eldest son Henry was born there in 1871. Sons William, 7, and Alfred 5, were born in Dover, George, 3, in Pembroke and Emily 1, in Woolwich, all these accounting for some of Benjamin's various postings.
Of the rest no more is known except that Richard went into the Royal Marines in 1860.

With thanks to a descendant of Richard Gold for some of this information, especially from the 1841 census

Gould/Gold Family
Henry Gould, an ag. lab, was living in a 'House in Templeton Lane' in 1841, but his name was spelt as 'Gold'. He is given as aged 35 and his wife Ann (formerly Sullivan) as 30 because of the rounding up or down of ages, though they were actually about 38 and 36 respectively. The children were William Sullivan, 8, Ann 4, Benjamin 3 and Richard, 3 months. In 1851, Henry now 48, and his family (Ann now 46, Benjamin 10, John 7 and Mary 5) were living at Moor Cot No 7 in Cruwys Morchard. Henry was said to be born at King's Crompton in 1851 and his wife, Ann, was born in Exford. (HO/107/1889 Folio 403 Page 8) Could 'King's Crompton' be a misreading of King's Nympton, 4-5 miles south of South Molton as it doesn't seem to exist? Exford is in the heart of Exmoor Forest in Somerset.

John Gold or Gould living in Templeton in 1841 and John Gould farming at Esworthy in 1891 were father and son. There are several discrepancies between the censuses but little doubt about their identity. The following table, with notes and comments in italics,.is hopefully easier to follow than a narrative. John senior is listed in the first column and John junior in the 3rd. Note especially the 1881 census, included in both columns because of an apparent mistake in transcription.. The only way to be sure of this is - as always - to check the original. Notes are in italics.

House in Templeton Lane
John Gold, 35, ag.lab
Ellen Gold, 30,
William Sullivan, 8
Ann Gold, 4
Benjamin Gold, 3
Richard Gold, 9 months

Ellen was formerly Sullivan
John should be about 41, given as 40 with the rounding down.
Ann, Benjamin and Richard have not been identified on the 1851or 1881 censuses.
See 'Other Goulds' below for a possible Wiliam

RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 70 Page 6
Esworthy (farm) Templeton

John Gould, 81, farmer, b,Oakford
Jane Gould, 32, wife, b.Bishops Nympton
Martha Gould, 15, dau., b.Molland
John aged 31 doesn't appear to be on the 1881 Census under either 'Gould' or 'Gold' - the age of '81' must be a misreading for '31' , this John being the junior, not his father.
Also John junior was born in Oakford.
HO/107/1889 Folio 445 Page 13
Prt of Western, Oakford

John Gould, 51, b.Brushford SOM, ag.lab
Ellen Gould, 42, b.Ilfracombe
Ellen Gould, 19, house servant, b.Oakford
Elisabeth Gould, 9, b.Oakford
Frederick Gould, 5, b.Oakford
John Gould, 1, b.Oakford

Frederick was not found on the 1881 Census

John aged 1 is the one referred to as John junior
Probably Frederick in Rotherhithe, 1881,with wife Louisa & 5 daughters. (b. 'Oakfield' Devon)

Enumerator 06 Folio 57 Page 1 Sched. 3 -
Esworthy (farm), Templeton

John Gould, 42, farmer, b.Oakford
Jane Gould, 45, wife, b.Bishops Nympton
Martha Gould, 24, dau, b.Molland
Ellen Gould, mother (widow) 80, b.Ilfracombe
James Davey, nephew, 20, servant, b.Exeter,
William Davey, nephew, 16, servant, b.Collaton
This suggests that Jane was wife of John junior, not of his father, and that Martha was their daughter, not John's sister.
Was Jane a Dav(e)y or did one of John's sisters, Ellen or Elisabeth, marry a Dav(e)y?
RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 70 Page 6
Esworthy (farm) Templeton

John Gould, 81, b,Oakford
Jane Gould, 32, b.Bishops Nympton
Martha Gould, 15, b.Molland
James Davy, 11, nephew, b.Exeter
farmer of 65 acres
Jane given as John senior's wife; Martha as his daughter - (really daughter-in-law?)
John senior was born in Brushford, not Oakford (see 1851).
Little Esworthy
John Gould, 50, farmer. b.Oakford
Jane Gould, 52, wife, b.Bishops Nympton
Charlie Bryant, 11, servant, horse teamster, b.Tiverton
Little Esworthy is not the same as Esworthy, though it is the next place.
There were Bryants in Templeton

Other Goulds:
Emma Gould, b.1841 in Wotton Courtenay, Somerset, married William Palmer of Mount Pleasant Cottage, b. Raddington, Somerset, in 1843. Two of their three children listed on the 1881 Census were born in Templeton..

William Gould born in East Worlington, Devon in 1833 was living in Witheridge in 1851 as a farm servant to Abel Blake, (b. Templeton) Could this be the missing William Sullivan? Or another William Gould in 1881 who was a Post Office Letter Carrier in Tiverton. He is given as aged 49, born in Tiverton and with a wife Mary also 49, from Chideock, Dorset, living in Bicks Square.. (PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2235 Folio 5 Page 3)

Gosland / Godsland Family
Living at Lane Cottage in 1881 was William Gosland, ag.lab., son of Samuel Gosland (or Godsland) born at Morchard Bishop in 1828. He married Maria Cann (1830-1909) b. Morchard Bishop, there on 26 Dec 1850 and they had 7 children. Anna (or Hannah) 1851, Samuel 1853-1875, Mary Ann 1856-1875, Eliza 1860, William 1862, Maria 1864 and John Thomas 1870. By 1856 they had moved to the Tiverton area and are recorded in 1871 at 'Blackhall Cottage Tiverton'. William and Maria moved to Templeton by 1891 and lived in 'Temple Lane cottage'. Eliza is given in the 1881 census as born in Templeton but this seems to be incorrect as all the children were born in Tiverton according to both the 1861 and 1871 censuses.

Samuel had moved to Templeton by 1871 as he was working as a farm servant at Lower North Combe for William Cosway. At the age of 20 in 1881 Eliza was in Tiverton Union Workhouse. Although listed as 'inmt' she appears to have been an assistant. In 1882, she had moved to Burnley, Lancs where she married and settled. John Thomas followed her, marrying in Burnley in 1896.

By 1891 all the children had gone, leaving William, now 62 and Maria, 61 still in Temple Lane Cottage. [Enumerator 06 Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 29 - Temple Lane Cottage]

By 1901 Maria, now 72, was on her own, still at Temple Lane Cottage, but William may have been staying with one of the family as Maria is still listed as 'M' (married) not as 'W' for widow. She had a visitor in Alice Sanders, 16, born Newport, Monmouth in Wales. Some people from Templeton and a lot from devon as a whole migrated to Wales in search of work. It's possible that Alice was a grandchild.

With thanks to a descendant researching this family for a one-name study for extra information. See Personal Link

Goss Family
Joan Goss married John Wood in 1759 in Templeton. Unfortunately the exact date was either illegible or not entered in the parish register.

Thomas Goss, born in Cruwys Morchard about 1848, married Mary (surname unknown) who was born in Templeton. Another marriage, of Henry Bowden to an Elizabeth Goss also linked this family to Templeton through the May family as Henry's mother, Sarah May, was born there about 1813. There were Bowdens living in Templeton for a time and they were also linked to a Venner family through Henry's paternal grandmother. See the relevant families - more details are added as they become available.

Thomas Goss, 15, from Washfield, was working as an indoor servant with the Webber family in Tiverton in 1881.

Govier Family
John Govier, aged abt 20 was an apprentice to Henry Martin, the farmer at Cleave, Templeton, in 1841. There's no sign of him in Devon by the 1851 census but the farmer himself left Templeton (or died) as he only appears on the first page of the account book, dated 7th May 1846, so perhaps John also left at this time.

Grattan / Gratton Family
George Grattan rented a cottage and shop, that is, a smith's shop as he did various jobs of "smithing and ironwork" for the Chichesters - and surely for many a farmer. This cottage was no.19 on the 1851 schedule, George Jackson's being no.20, next door presumably. It was named as 'Cottage in Town Village', one of those around the 'green' by the church. George Grattan was there from November 1850 to May 1861 but in November 1853 his rent went up from £2.10s to £3.10s., a really steep rise so he must have had some fundamental improvements to his property. On the 1851 census he is listed as aged 30, born in South Molton, with his wife Sabina, 22, born in Birmingham (Warwickshire). They had two children then, both born in Witheridge, William aged 5, and Elizabeth aged 2, but George, another son, was born in 1854 in Templeton.. George senior had an apprentice of 14, Henry Lavercombe, also born in Witheridge. Obviously the Grattans had lived in Witheridge for a few years before moving into Templeton.

*By 1881 William is listed as living at 4 Green Row, Rhydgwern, Glamorgan, Wales, a blacksmith like his father, born 'Withridge' and aged 36. His wife Mary, aged 40, was born in Newport, Monmouth. (This is England though on the Welsh border, the dividing line being the R.Usk. The 'village', called 'Rhiwderin' on a modern map, is just across the river from Newport.) William and Mary had three children, William M. 9, Mary A., 8, and George, 6, all born in Wales. There are two very minor differences from the 1851 census - William is now listed as 'William H. Gratton'.

*George junior also moved to Newport, where there were now far more opportunities for work than in the rural areas of Devon. George's wife, Ada, was also born there and the family were living at 16 Marshes Rd, Newport in 1881, by which time they had three children, Elizabeth 1876, Ada 1879 and Florence 1881. George, then 27, was working as an 'Engine Driver Portable'.

*Richard 'Gratton' was born in 1855 in Templeton so probably another son of George Grattan senior, above. He also went to Wales, working as as a miller at 13 Adeline St, St Woollos, Monmouth in 1881. He married Martha A. of Bridgewater. Somerset and by this time they had one son, John, born Machen, Monmouth. Also living with them was Robert Panes, a labourer of 18 from Bristol, described as brother-in-law, so it can reasonably be assumed that Martha was formerly Martha A. Panes.

There were three other Gratton blacksmiths listed from South Molton. There could be a connection but cousins rather than brothers if related. (South Molton shows typical problems in locating such places in the census as its entries also vary between So Molton and Southmolton.)

The shop seems to have been vacant for 6 months till John Venn took over in May 1862 but he also paid the higher rent and it was now described as a "House and Smiths Shop"

Greenslade Family
John and Elizabeth Greenslade were living at Hagley's Tenement in 1871. John, a dairyman 'of three cows' was 36, born in Witheridge. His wife was the same age but born in 'Chiedon' which must be Cheldon as given on the 1881 census. The most likely match is with John Greenslade and Elizabeth Lake married in the Jun Q of 1760 [South Molton Reg. Dist. Vol.5b p.833] .

John and Elizabeth had three children, William H. aged 8, born in Poughill, and Frederick J, 5, and Emily E. 2, both born in Witheridge. In 1851 John, then 16, was working at Priers Balls, St Thomas as an ag.lab. on the 10 acre farm of Zacharias Bushel. All four servants were Greenslades and look like John's family, Mary aged 18, b. East Worlington, Abraham 21, b. Tiverton, and William 14, b. Witheridge. This also suggests that there may be a relationship with the Bushels. Perhaps Zacharias, 67 and Joan his wife were their grandparents?

The 1881 census fills in a few more details. John, still a 'dairy man' and Elizabeth, both 46, were then living at Innes Marsh, Clyst Hydon. William H., 18, and Emily 12, were still at home. They had one more daughter, Louisa aged 9 who had been born in Templeton and another son, Froude aged 5, born in Culmstock. (Froude's full name was Walter Froude Greenslade). Frederick - now just 'Fred' - was living away from home at 6 High St, Littleham and working as an apprentice with a baker John Parsons. [FreeBMD birth of Fred Jun Q 1876, Crediton Reg.Dist Vol 5b p.405]

A Sarah Greenslade was also living in Templeton in 1871. She was 20, and a milliner, born in Cheriton Fitzpaine and described as a stepdaughter of Henry White, 'retired farmer and landowner' on Temple Hill. A confusing report on the 1851 census gives a Sarah Greenslade in the index as born in 1851 though on the family list she is given as 6 which appears to be correct. The household consisted of John Greenslade, 48, his wife Ann 40 and a servant Charlotte Greenslade aged 21. There was a Sarah born in the Jun Q 1846 in the Crediton area so this looks an unlikely match. [Crediton Reg.Dist Vol.10 p.80] No other has been found so far.

Gueritz Family
Aged 28, Mamerto Gueritz appears on the 1851 census at the Parsonage, 'Cumbers', in Brixham Totnes. He was a 'Priest of the Church of England Officiating Pro Tem' (i.e. 'for the time being'), and as a naturalised British subject born in Spain. His wife, Anne D., 31, was born in St Budeaux. His mother Antonia, 53, also a British subject but born in Spain, was listed as 'U', unmarried, but was actually a widow, and was living with them. (Antonia's husband, Jose Gueritz, died at the age of 34 and was buried in Plymouth) Their son, given in the census as Mamerto G. Gueritz, born in Shepton Beauchamp, Somerset, was 1 year old.

In 1881 Mamerto Gueritz was entered as 'Maenrto Gueritz', Vicar of Colyton. By this time he was a naturalised British subject, aged 58. He and his wife Anne D. Gueritz, 61, were living at the Rectory in Templeton. According to the list of Rectors for St Margaret's Church Joseph Fortescue Gueritz was Rector there from 1879 to 1887. Unless this is an alternative name for 'Mamerto' which looks improbable - and no age is given - he would appear to be another son of Jose and Antonia. No person of this name can be found anywhere on the 1881 census at present so he may have been out of the country. However, on the 1891 census Jose Fortescue Gueritz, aged 39 and born at Stoke Gabriel, is recorded as Vicar of Swimbridge. Not far away from Swimbridge is Castle Hill seat of the Fortescue family. Jose is of course the Spanish form for Joseph - he must be the same person, who would have been aged 27 when he became Rector at Templeton.

Gunn Family
William Gunn married Jane Madge on 15 Dec 1836 in Templeton