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Hepper ; Hex ; Hiles ; Hill(s) ; Hobbs ; Hobson ; Hodge ; Holmes ; Hooper ; Horwood ; Hunt ; Hynam ; Heriper ; Heywood ; Hurford ;
; Kerslake ; Kingdom ; Knight ; Knowles

Other names : Arthur, Authur, Authurs, Beedell, Berdell, Berry, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bray, Bryant, Burnett, Cheriton, Collard, Collings, Collins, Crooke, Crook, Crocker, Cox, Davey, Ebbet, Gard, Gibbons, Leworthy, Matthews, Maunder, Murch, Norman, Payne, Reed, Roberts, Sparks, Stephens, Stevens, Tapp, Taylor, Tout, Venn, Warren, Whiddon

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updated with more names and more census information November 2005

Hackworthy/Hockworthy Family
Robert Hackworthy occupied a cottage in 'Mill Village' from at least May 1846 to May 1849.His name was spelt both ways at different times by George Jackson which is probably a confusion of pronunciation not a 'mis-spelling' as such, especially as Robert was almost certainly illiterate.

In the 1836 Tithe document and in 1851 Robert is listed as 'Hackworthy'. He was born about 1781 in Templeton and was a Chelsea Pensioner, 'formerly agricultural labourer' aged 70. His wife Mary, 66, was born in Winkleigh about 1785. In 1871 Mary was a lodger with Sarah Stevens in 'Temple Town' in 1871. Now given as a widow, formerly a weaver, the census lists her as born in 'Warkleigh' (a wrong transcription). and 84 (not 86)

The name Hockworthy, though there is a village of that name, hardly appears at all in the 1881 Census whereas Hackworthys are very common, the name occurring in very large numbers in Kingston and also in Exeter and Tiverton.

Hagley / Hagly Family
Marriages in Templeton
Mary Hagley m. George Hex on 25 Dec 1760 (probably the only day they were free!)
Richard Hagley m. Mary Murch on 7 Dec 1795 (Note - in marriage register)
Thomas Hagley m. Grace Brey on 25 Apr 1833.

Mary Hagly, 64, of Stoodleigh, b.abt 1763 was buried in Templeton on 13 Apr 1827.

Richard Hagley of Stoodleigh was apprenticed to 'Thomas Copp of Templeton yeoman for Great Stoneland' in 1753. The indenture of this apprenticeship is listed on the A2A website as being among the records of Stoodleigh Parish. [ref. 2985 A/PO 8/35 - date: 1753]

Thomas Hagley, ag.lab. was born in Templeton about 1806 and living with his family in Lagg Village, Templeton in 1841. His wife Grace was born in Morchard Bishop about 1811.

A marriage of a Thomas Hagley and a Grace 'Brey' was recorded in Templeton on 25 Apr 1833. In 1841 their children were Mary, 8, Robert 6, Elizabeth 4, and John 2. More details appear in the 1851 census. Their (more accurate) ages were Thomas 45, born in Templeton, and Grace 40, born Morchard Bishop, so Thomas was born about 1806 and Grace about 1811. Mary, now 19, was given as born in Sandford. Still at home were George 9, Sarah 6, Joseph 4 and Ann 1, all born in Templeton. Since Robert could only be about 16 and John about 12 by 1851 the granddaughter, Elizabeth, 6 months old, living with them, must be the daughter of an older, unknown, son, or possibly of Mary.

(Another Thomas Hagley was born in Stoodleigh about 1804 with a wife Grace the same age, also born in Stoodleigh. They had two children, Thomas 12, and Emma 6 in 1851, both born in Washfield. These two were probably married in Stoodleigh and the ages don't match, so are not included further here.)

In 1871 Thomas Hagley born in Templeton about 1807 (aged 64), a disabled ag.lab. was living with his wife Elizabeth, 49, born in 'Devon' in Temple Lane, next door to George Hagley aged 29, which suggests that they were father and son. The age gap between Thomas and Elizabeth also suggests that she was Thomas's second wife.

*Robert Hagley, 16 in 1851, born in Templeton, was a servant in the Beedell (mistranscribed Berdell) household at Thelbridge (the Beedells also being a Templeton family) He was almost certainly Thomas's eldest son.

*John Hagley, b.abt 1840 in Templeton was probably the John aged 12 in 1851 working as an indoor farm servant in the household of George Besley at Higher South Combe. He married Emily Cheriton who was born in 1843 in Templeton.(See the Besley family and the Cheriton family)

In 1871 John and Emily were living at Partridge, John, 32, working as an agricultural labourer, and Emily was 27.

In 1881 they were living at Gibbet Moor, Stoodleigh, John being 41 and Emily 38.. No children are listed. They had returned to Templeton by 1891 and were living in Mill Cottage, John being an 'ag.lab' but also an 'employer', not an employee! John's age is give as 57 but the '7' must be a misreading of '1'. Emily's age at 48 is correct. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 34 2 - Mill Cottage 1891] They were still in Templeton, at Pond Head Cottage (thought to be only a short distance away, if not the same) in 1901, John now being given as 62 and Emily as 58. John's age is still not quite right as the census was early that year, so even with a birthday in April he must be 61 not 62 (unless the others are wrong, or he simply wasn't sure). With them in 1901 was a granddaughter, Letty Cheriton aged 7, born in Tiverton. Unless an unknown daughter of theirs married a Cheriton it's difficult to see why the child had this surname!

*George, 29, was an in Temple Lane in 1871 with his wife Sarah, 24, born in Cruwys Morchard. Their children, all born in Templeton, were Mary J. 7, Louisa, 4, Emma 2 and Georgianna 1. In 1881 they were living in Washfield.Mary J., now 17 was an invalid, and given as born in Loxbear, and Georgianna 11, as born in Tiverton. Two more children Charles 6, and William 4, were both born in Templeton. but the last two, Annie, 2, and George 1 month, were born in Washfield. The moves are fairly typical for an ag.lab in search of work but the discrepancies should be checked from other records.

*?Joseph Hagley was said to be 31 in 1881 but born in Templeton. No other Joseph born in Templeton is listed in the 1851 census so perhaps this is not a mistake and there was another born after the census. The Joseph listed in 1881 was a journeyman blacksmith living in Yatton, Somerset. His wife Emma, 39, was born at Bradninch. Their only child Albert Ernest, 3, was born in Yatton. Mother-in-law Eliza Morrall, 70, born Tiverton, was also living with them, described as a pauper - in other words she was unable to support herself. (Eliza Morrall, who would have been about 40 by 1851 and presumably already married, is not listed on the 1851 census for Devon so was perhaps living in Somerset by then.)

Another Hagley family was that of George Hagley born in 1806 in Stoodleigh, very likely a brother of Thomas above. In 1851 he was living with his family at 'Hagley's Tenement', Templeton. His wife Jane Milton was born in Tiverton but they were married in Templeton on March 25th 1831 and Harriet was born there about 1837. The children were Harriet 14, (Templeton), Thomas 11 (Loxbear), Emmanuel 8 (Rackenford), Eliza 5 and Jessy 3, (both Templeton). Perhaps Robert, 16, (son of Thomas above), the indoor servant, was his nephew. There were also two Burnetts, ag.labs. from Rose Ash, Robert, 51, a lodger, and John, 54, just visiting.

There's a slight discrepancy of age but proof enough from a family birth certificate of one of her children, that Harriet Hagley was the wife of John Sparks, a cellarman born in Somerset in 1836. Harriet is given as 43, i.e. born in 1838 and she was living in Plumstead, Kent in 1881 with 6 children. (More details available if needed).

With thanks to a descendant of the Sparks family who added that the place of birth of Harriet Sparks was given as Templeton in the 1891 census.

Apart from the fact that the Hagleys of Templeton and of Stoodleigh were probably closely related - the two parishes have a long common boundary - a number of other Hagleys could well be brothers of George and/or Thomas, though none lived in Templeton as far as is known. In 1851 they were John aged 43 with three children, William also 43, a farm labourer with four children living in Washfield, Samuel, 39, an unmarried labourer in Oakford, and Jacob 38, widower and ag.lab living in Bampton with two daughters. Siblings can be useful in identifying families - more details are available if needed.

In 1851 John Hagley aged 16 (born in Templeton about 1834/5 and therefore older than Thomas's son) was the son (step-son?) of William Leworthy, 45, at Deepaller (Farm), Tiverton. This means that Sarah, William's wife, born about 1796 in Sampford Peveril, was previously Sarah Hagley, but presumably widow of some unknown member of the Hagley family.

Digressing from Hagleys for a moment, Abraham Arthur, a 'son' aged 15 and born in Tiverton was surely another stepson? Although Sarah Leworthy, William's wife, Sarah, was 55, born in Sampford Peveril in 1796 so ten years older than him, it seems unlikely, though not impossible that she married twice in such a short space of time. Or perhaps it was William Leworthy who had married a widow or two before!
(A George Arthurs, born 1837 was born in Stoodleigh and a servant to Robert Beedell in Stoodleigh in 1881. This name is complicated by all the variants, Authurs, Arthur, Arthurs etc) . (see the Beedell family for another reference to the name)

In Crooks Cottage no. 1 in 1901 lived John Hammett aged 84, a 'Road man' born in Morchard Bishop. His wife Mary Ann Hammett, 80, was born in Cruwys Morchard. They don't appear to be on the 1851 census so were perhaps out of the county at the time. As a 'Road man' perhaps John had to move around rather a lot.

Henry Hancock, 82, of Cruwys Morchard, b.abt 1747, was buried in Templeton on 1 Jun 1829

Harris Family
Burials and marriages in Templeton
William Harris, 77, of Rackenford, b.abt 1754, was buried on 11 Feb 1831.
Elizabeth Harris m. Nutcomb Cornwall (Cornwell) on 27 Jul 1820
Mary Harris married James Stephens on 25 Jul 1815
William Harris married Elizabeth Tout on 1 Jan 1825

In Templeton Village in 1841 was Elizabeth Harris 35, Lace mender, with two children, Maria 11 and Henry, 6. It is probably the same Henry, (b. about 1835) who was a farm labourer aged 17 living at Higher Bickington in 1851 in the household of John Tidboald. (See the Tidball, Titball and Tedball families - probably the same name, and if so implying a connection with Templeton) Elizabeth Harris is listed on the Tithe Commutation record made in 1842, available from the PRO [IR30/9/404] with details of a cottage and garden in the centre of Town village, Schedule 557.

Another Elizabeth Harris, perhaps her mother-in-law, was a pauper aged 80, living with Mary Maunder, 'Ind' (i.e.of Independent means, not needing to work) aged 60 and Mary's daughter Elizabeth aged 20 at Higher Town Living.

Sarah Harris 13 was a female servant with the Beedell family in Templeton in 1841

Henry Harris, a general labourer, was born in 1844 in Templeton and is another 'stray' who moved to Monmouth. In 1881 he was living with his wife Grace, born 1844 in George Nymton, at South Row Rd, Redwick. They had 5 children, Annie L. 13, Joseph H. 10, Emily H. 7, all born in Tiverton, William J. 5 born in Magor, Monmouth, and Lily 2 born in Redwick.

William Harris, probably a brother of Henry's, was born in 1845 in Templeton, and by 1872 was a general dealer at St Clears Somerton in Somerset. He married Emma, born 1842 in Puddletown and they had 6 children by 1881, John 1872, William 1874, Charles 1876, Sarah 1877, Alice 1879 and George 1880.

Henry Hawkins was working as a 'shepherd's man' at Middle Town Living, the farm of Henry Bidgood, in 1871. He was 16, born in Ashbrittle, Somerset.

So far only one of this name has been found, a Thomas Hayman born in Tiverton. Aged 59 in 1851, he was lodging with Thomas Bidgood's family at Loosland Farm and working as a farm bailiff.

Marriages in Templeton:
William Heard married Joan Venn.on 25 Apr 1756.
Agnes Heard married Alexander Crooke on 2 Feb 1761
Sarah Heard married Robert Cox on 30 Sep 1792 (Note - only recorded in the original register)

Helyer Family
At Higher South Combe in 1891 was James Helyer, farmer, 37, b. Chagford. His wife Florence, 36, was born in Whitestone and they had five children, James 11 and Frank 8 born in Chagford, Mahala 5, John 2 and Tom 1 born in Templeton.
There were three servants, Frank Holmes, 19, born Tiverton and Sydney Crocker 13, born Rackenford, farm servants, and Bessie Gard 16, domestic servant born Rose Ash. [Folio 57 Page 2 Sched. 5 - Higher South Coomb 1891]


Hepper Family
The earliest known member of this family is Robert Hepper born in Woolfardisworthy (known as 'Woolsery') about 1797. He married Elizabeth Mallett, born in Templeton in 1810, daughter of Henry Mallett and Sarah Tucker. Robert and Elizabeth were married in All Hallows church Exeter in 1834 and had 10 children, or perhaps more. Those for whom evidence has been found (mainly on censuses) were, with approximate years of birth:

Henry b.1834 Cruwys Morchard Charity b.1842 Rose Ash Dec Q 1842 Vol.10  p.201,m.William Leigh Sep Q 1868 in Tiverton
John b.1836 Cruwys Morchard m. Henrietta Besley Jun Q 1865 in Tiverton Robert  b.1844 Rose Ash Sep 1844 South Molton Vol.10 p.199
 Retick b.1839 Rose Ash Emma Jane abt 1848  d. Minehead  (on 1851 census aged 2)
Elizabeth Ann (Eliza)b.1840 Rose Ash Dec Q 1840 Vol.10   p.186 William Thomas  b.1851 Rose Ash Mar Q 1851 Vol.10 p.224
Rebecca abt 1842 ? Frederick Edward Tucker  b.4 Nov 1853 Rose Ash m.Sarah Ann Henson in 1885. He d. 23 Apr 1917 in Somerset

Henry Mallet, father of Robert's wife Elizabeth, had also been born in Woolfardisworthy and he moved to Templeton before 1821, his son ~Thomas Tucker Mallet being the first born there.


1. Henry Hepper (read as 'Hipper' on FindMyPast!) was still living at home with his parents, West Catkill Farm, Rose Ash on the 1861 census. A marriage has been found in the South Molton Reg. Dist. Vol 5b p.801 for Henry Hepper and either Mary Fisher or Elizabeth Snow in the Mar Q 1864 but he hasn't been found on the 1871 census or later yet. 

2. John Hepper, 2nd son of Robert and Elizabeth, was 'at home' in 1851 but has not been found with any certainty in 1861. By 1871, aged 35 he was farming 147 acres at Higher North Coombe in Templeton having married Henrietta Besley, born in Templeton in 1837, daughter of George Besley and Isabella née Venner in the Jun Q 1865 [Tiverton Reg.Dist Vol 5b p.782] By then they had three children, all born in Templeton (Tiverton Reg.Dist)  : Mary B.  Mar 1866 [Vol.5b p.483] , 5, Annie L., 1868 [not in Free BMD] and Robert Charles F. Jun 1869 [Vol 5b p.441] . There were four more to follow, John Thomas Sep Q 1875 [Vol 5b p.425], was born in Templeton.
    Another member of the household in Templeton in 1871 was Emma B. Besley aged 12, born in the USA.  She must have been Henrietta's niece, not John's They also had two servants, William Griffin, 31, b. Uffculme, and Frederick Channing, 14, born in Stoodleigh.
     John then moved to Rackenford where Eva Louise was born Sep Q 1873 [S.Molton Vol.5b p.429], then Amy Florence Sep Q 1875 [Tiverton Vol.5b p.408] and Frederick Henry Sep Q 1877 [Tiverton Vol.5b p.417] were born in Butterleigh. By 1881 [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2365 Folio 104 Page 10] John and Henrietta had moved yet again, to Creech St Michael, Somerset where John, 44, was now a farm bailiff. The children above were still at home.

Elizabeth Heriper of Cruwys Morchard was 78 when she died. She was buried in Templeton on 15 Feb 1824. Could she in fact have been a Hepper, or rather, married to one? The chances of this surname being simply a misreading of 'Hepper' and therefore of her relationship to the family above would seem to be quite high.

Heywood/Haywood Family John Thomas,
Ann Heywood m.George Maunder 6 Dec 1795 in Templeton. [Note in original marriage register]

The Heywoods' address was Partridge (Farm) in 1851 and Templeton for the preceding 5 years at least. Simon Heywood was an agricultural labourer of 47, born in Witheridge. His wife Elizabeth (42) and first three children were born in Cruwys Morchard and the two youngest in Templeton. The children were Mary Ann, 18, Susanna, 10, Sarah Anne 8, Samuel, 5, and Elizabeth 2.

Hex Family
The following three marriages were all in Templeton.
Agnes Hex married Humphry Stevens on 18 Jun 1759.
George Hex married Mary Hagley on 25 Dec 1760 (probably the only day they were free!)
Mary Hex married John Ebbet on 19 May 1776 (note added, available only from the original register)

No other marriages (for Hex or any other possible spelling) are recorded for 1754-1837, and there were no Hex burials in Templeton between 1813 and 1837.

Mary Hiles m. William Fewings in Templeton on 1 Apr 1811. (Note - in the marriage register)

Hill Family
William A. Hill was born about 1789 in Knowstone. He married Mary A. (former surname unknown) who was born about 1800 in Rackenford and in 1851 was a freehold farmer at Burnsclose, Dulverton, on the edge of Exmoor and in Somerset.. They had four known children, Christian (abt 1827), , Mary Ann (abt 1829), William(abt 1832) and John(abt 1837), all born in East Anstey. William junior was then 19 and presumably working on the farm with his father. Later, he was listed in Kelly's directory of 1866, Morris's of 1870, and Harrod's of 1873 and 1878 as a farmer himself. He was a 'farmer and landowner' in 1873 and in 1878 the entry adds "and landowner Colstone". (See note at the top of the page about owners - most farmers rented their land)

(new) 'William Hill of Templeton' whose Will is listed on the A2A website under the Estate Duty Office Wills is presumably William Hill senior above, born about 1789. He must have died in Templeton, in or before 1856. [ ref. 1078/IRW/H/959 - date: 1856]

Tree of the Hil & Gibbons families

William junior is recorded at Colston(e) in 1871 (210 acres). William then 39 had two labourers working for him but not living in.. His wife Sarah, 32, was born about 1839 in Witheridge. The 1871 census reveals that she was almost certainly Sarah Blake, born about 1839, daughter of James Blake born about 1810 in Oakford, not the same person as Sarah Blake who married firstly John Gibbons and then Robert West who was the daughter of . Samuel Blake and Mary Ann Hill. (See Sarah's brother Robert Blake, a visitor in 1871) Their children, George M., 8, Sophia E(lizabeth).D(avey). 2, and Sarah 10 months,were born in Templeton. There was also John Gibbons 20, nephew, born at East Anstey, who was assisting on the farm and Mary Ann Gibbons, niece, aged 17, born in Bradninch and 'domestically employed'. The mother of the last two was his sister, Christian. Christian married Hugh Snow Gibbons but her husband died in 1861 and she herself died in 1863. John and Mary Ann Gibbons had probably been living with William since then.. It was this John who married Sarah Blake in 1871 and died the same year. (See the Blake and Gibbon families)
[ 1871 census RG10/2174 folio 87, Colstone Barton, Templeton] They had one servant, James Tapp, aged 35..

In 1881 Colston farm was reduced by a field or two to 205 acres. The household now also included William 8, Florence E. 6, Frank 2, and Alice S. 8 months.
There were three servants living in, Mark Roberts 19, who was born in Templeton and John Hill, 15, William's nephew, who was born in Dulverton, Somerset where his grandfather had been in 1851. This John could have been son of the John born about 1837 in East Anstey above, or of some other as yet unknown son. There is a James Hill, a shepherd, aged 34 who was born in East Anstey listed on the 1881 census as living Huish Champflower, Somerset, but he is more likely to have been John's uncle than his father. The conclusion is that John's father was probably deceased by this time. John himself was not listed in Templeton in 1891 or 1901.

The Rev. Charles and Thomas Hobbs appear in the 'Miscellaneous Shapwick Records' on the A2A website, catalogue Ref. DD\X\WR, dated 1791 and 1821. Perhaps they were brothers? This concerns Dispensations for Charles to hold the living of Shapwick and Ashcott in addition to Cossington, which he must have held jointly with Thomas for whom the Dispensation was to hold the living of Templeton as well. [ref. DD\X\WR/17]. No more is known of Thomas Hobbs at present.

Mary Hobson married Thomas Warren on 24 Jan 1755 in Templeton. (Note - in original register only)

John Hodge, a thatcher, married Elizabeth Ann Crook in St Peter's, Tiverton on 25 Dec 1838 and had 5 children. (Connection to the Norrish family given previously is incorrect) Elizabeth was born on 7 Aug 1820 in Templeton. They lived in Tiverton at various addresses for the whole of their 53 years of married life and had 5 children, two daughters being still at home in 1881, Georgina 28, and Eliza Ann, 24, both dressmakers, at Juryhayes Cottage, Tiverton. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2236 Folio 70 Page 2] John died aged 65 in the Jun Q 1890 and Elizabeth aged 71 in the Mar Q 1891 [Tiverton Vol.5b p.275 and Vol.5b p.350]

Another John Hodge, 24, born at Sampford about 1827, was in 1851 a servant in the household of Samuel Elston, father of the William Elston who was related to both the Norrish and the Bidgood families, and perhaps also the Maunders.

Sarah Holmes m.John Matthews in Templeton on 7 Feb 1822

Hooper Family
William Hooper married Sarah Berry in Templeton on 20 Dec 1768
Sarah Hooper married Thomas Whiddon on 26 Mar 1789 (Note - in original register only).

Mary Horwood married John Reed in Templeton on 27 Aug 1758

Hunt Family
Burials in Templeton
Elizabeth Hunt, 77, of Tiverton, b.abt.1752, was buried in Templeton on 19 Apr 1829.
William Hunt, 70, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1756, was buried in Templeton on 31 May 1826.
They look like the couple below and parents of William, John and Richard.
Marriages in Templeton
John Hunt m. Rachel Hynam on 31 Mar 1766
John Hunt m. Elizabeth Hunt on 2 Jul 1772
William Hunt married Elizabeth Taylor on 8 Oct 1780.

William Hunt, b.1786 in Templeton, paid rent for a cottage in the 'Town Village' from at least May 1846 to May 1859. He appears on the 1841 census living in Templeton Village, described as an ag.lab. aged 50. The 1851 census list him as a mason lodging with William Collins and his wife Elizabeth. He probably died about 1859 which would explain his non-appearance both from then on in the account book or elsewhere.

There were two other Hunts listed on the 1851 census as born in Templeton, John, 70, and Richard,69 , who are of the right ages to be older brothers of William, 65.

In 1851 John Hunt was 70, a butcher in Tiverton at Windmill No.3 but under the area for Cruwys Morchard. His wife, born in that village was 55 and their son Thomas, also born in Cruwys Morchard, was 24. Thomas is not on the census for Devon in 1881.

Richard Hunt was born in 1782 and a 'Parish Relief Labourer' in 1851 at Lower Black Dog, Crediton, (an inn?) His wife Ann, 67, was born at Thelbridge. Their children were Ann, 20, a 'day dressmaker' born in Washford Pyne as was John, a 35 year old farm labourer. There was also a 'Visitor', a Mary Hunt aged 2 who was born at Clyst St Lawrence. A search of the Devon census for John Hunt has not found him there.

Hurford (Harford) Family
In 1871 William Hurford and his family were living in Lower South Coombe, William being brother-in-law to Isaac Collard who was living with them. William was 23, probably born in Monkton rather than Honiton as given, and his wife Ellen, the daughter of John Collard and ', was 22, born in Templeton, probably in the hamlet known as 'Lagg'. Their daughter, Mary J. aged 1, given as born in Templeton was probably born in Calverleigh as was Isaac T. Hurford, 5 months.

Rachel Hynam m. John Hunt on 31 Mar 1766 in Templeton

Jackson Family
George Jackson and his wife Mary Ann came from Hampshire after their marriage in 1826 and had no known connection with the village or even with Devon. Their two children were Emma, born 1828 in Washfield and Albert born 1835 at South Combe Farm (see the Besley family). Emma moved to Sussex and Albert enlisted in the army, serving in the Crimea and in India. He joined his parents and sister in Sussex and then moved to Woking where he ran the Rowbarge Inn for about twenty years, dying in 1902.

For more details and also photos see the Jackson page and Templeton

On the 1841 census the Jackson family were still at Lower South Combe, Emman now being 14 and Albert 5. About 1846-7 they moved to Cloggs Court, probably the house which went with the job of Estate Steward and no rent appears for it in the account book. Any wages George received do not appear there either, except for the 'book bill' - the keeping of the account book - 12 for the half year. Any other wages could be recorded in the Calverleigh documents if anywhere. George was also a gamekeeper, as described in Sussex on the 1871 census.

Albert appeared once in the account book on a labouring job and Mary Ann presented bills for items like a 'fowl', which must have been for the dinner table at Calverleigh Court. In 1854 Albert attested at Tiverton for the Crimean War and probably never returned except when on leave as he was first in the Crimea and then in India for a total of 20 years. Emma in 1851 was lady's maid to Miss Chichester and is recorded on the census for a house party at the hall at Burton Constable, Yks, near Hull. By 1854 she had moved to Sussex. In 1861 she is recorded as a schoolmistress. Perhaps she had been one of the early teachers or assistants at Cloggs around 1850 as Lady Chichester is known to have encouraged the opening of a school.

In 1871 Mary Kerslake aged 12 was living with Sarah Stevens, aged 74 and unmarried, a seamstress, in Templeton. She is described as Sarah's niece.

In 1901 Henry Kerslake was the blacksmith at Temple Cross, which had been the forge and shop for a long time. He was 25, born in Bishops Nympton. His wife Anna Maria was 24, born in High Bray and they had one daughter Evelyn Maud aged 3. Henry's brother, Fred. William aged 20, also born in Bishops Nympton was assisting him as a blacksmith

Harriett Kingdom, 18 was a female servant living with the Beedell family in Templeton in 1841. It is not known where she was born.

George Knight m. Sarah Norman on 20 Jul 1793 in Templeton [Note - in original register]

Knowles Family
New information February 2006
Among the documents in Devon Record Office for Templeton is a Bastardy Order against Henry Treble of Templeton, husbandman, who was named as the father of Susanna Knowles daughter, born 1 Sep 1807. Susanna belongs to the generation previous to John below, so the child could perhaps be half-sister to John?
Bastardy Orders - Henry Treble of Templeton, husbandman, father of Susanna Knowles's female bastard born 1 September -
ref. 1092A-1/PO 152-3 - date: 1807

Mary Knowles aged 3 in 1841 was living with the Collard family at Cloggs, Templeton. Thomas Payne was almost certainly head of the house. They were probably all related.

In 1841 Isaac Knowles 13 Agricultural Labourer, was living with the Collings family at Ashey Farm, Templeton.

John Knowles, carpenter, aged 40, was living in Temple Hill in 1851. He was born in Cruwys Morchard but his wife Susanna (spelt Sussanna), formerly Bryant, 34, was born in Templeton as were the eldest and the two youngest of their children. They were married on 22 Jun 1837 in Templeton and had seven children by 1851. First came Triphana, 12, then Edwin 10, and Isabella, 8, both born in Meshaw (entered as Mashett in 1881!), Mary Ann 6, was born in Cruwys Morchard and then Harriet 6, and Samuel 2. More of this family, probably brothers of John, could be among those found in Cruwys Morchard.

By 1881 they had moved to New Inn, Ashton, Devon. A son William, born about 1860, was working like his father as a wheelwright, and John and Susanna were also looking after a granddaughter, Annie Yarde, born in 1878 in Birmingham. Edwin was working as a carpenter in Puddington, being married with two children, and Samuel was also following in his father's footsteps as a carpenter in Holcombe Burnell, where his two sons were born.