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Other names : Allen, Ayre, Beedell, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bodley, Bond, Bowden, Brice, Brook, Buckingham, Burnet, Burnett, Carew, Carpenter / Carpinter, Chamberlain, Channing, Clark, Collard, Collins, Cornwell, Crocker, Crook, Curtis, Davey, Davis, Drake, Elston, Gardiner, Goss, Govier, Gunn, Hagley, Harris, Helyer / Hillyer, Heywood, Holmes, Hooper, Hussey, Johnson, Lawdon, Lewis, Loosemore, Melhuish, Morrish / Morrishle, Mosegrove, Northcott, Palmer, Parker, Pester, Pitts, Pleace, Pole, Patterson, Poole, Prouse, Roberts, Row, Rowe, Smale, Snell, Stevens, Tucker, Venn, Venner, Veysey / Voysey, Webber, Wills, Wreford, Wyatt

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Lake Family
John Lake m. Anne Brook 3 Jun 1756 in Templeton .

This family was associated with Templeton in the 19th century. George Lake, aged 31 and born at Poughill, was living at Partridge Farm, Templeton as an ag. lab. with his wife Sarah, 27, born at Nether-Exe. The farm was then rented by George Wreford. By 1881 they appear to have moved to Pope's, Poughill. (Sarah is given as born in Silverton but it is very near Nether-Exe).

Eliza aged 29, wife of John Lake, was born in Templeton, perhaps the Eliza Melhuish recorded in the Tiverton registration district who married a John Lake in the Mar/Q of 1846. John, also 29, is listed on the 1851 census as living at Churchtown, Poughill. It is obviously worth considering whether George and John were brothers. John was an ag.lab., born in Poughill and he and Eliza had four children, all also born in Poughill. By 1881 Eliza was a widow, still living in Poughill with a boarder Mary Lake, 53, born in Poughill, perhaps a cousin rather than a sister. Mary is listed in the 1851 census as 22, living in the workhouse in Crediton. She had a daughter Elizabeth aged 1 but was still single in 1881.

Another Lake, Thomas, came from Cruwys Morchard and lived at Puddington but had a servant Lucy Roberts, 21 who was born in Templeton.

Langsford / Lanksford
Henry Lanksford m. Jane Collard in Templeton on 3 Apr 1804 [Note - in original marriage register]

Elizabeth Langston, 1, of 'Bickly' (Bickleigh), b 1815, bur. Templeton 30 Jun 1816

Lawdon Family
Ellen Lawdon, born in Templeton and aged 6 in 1881 was living with her grandparents Thomas and Jane Loosemore in Park St, Crediton in 1881

Lee / Ley
Mary Lee m. Francis Morish 18 Sep 1775 Templeton
Richard Lee m. Betty Parker 31 Dec 1786 Templeton. [Note - only in original register]
James Ley, 73, of Bampton b.abt 1755, bur. Templeton 30 Apr 1828.

In 1871 Mary Lee aged 60, a widow, born in Belstone, was a servant in the household of the Rector, Edward Pole at Templeton Rectory. There was also another servant, Maria Lee, 15, born in Witheridge, but no evidence of the two being related. By 1881 Maria, still unmarried but given as 27, not 25, had moved to Tiverton where she was a housemaid at Collipriest House. This grand early 18th century house outside the town was at one time the home of the Blundells. Thomas Carew, Rector of Bickleigh also lived there but he died in 1848. Whoever owned it in 1881 was not at home. (An interesting sidelight on this house - a picture but very little information can be found through Google - is that apparently US troops were billeted there before the D-day landings)

Elizabeth Letheby m. George Drake on 27 Jul 1800 in Templeton

Lewis Family
The farmer at Partridge in 1891 was William Lewis, 48, born about 1843 in Mariansleigh. His wife, Grace, was born about 1842 in Rose Ash as were their six children, Jessie 19, John 18, William 17, Grace 14, James 12 and Elizabeth 10. [Folio 59 Page 5 Sched. 17 - Partridge 1891]

James Livell, a 'stray', was born about 1836 in Ilford, Essex. In 1871 he was lodging in 'Temple Town' with William and Elizabeth Chown. He was employed as a 'labourer (drainer)' along with Charles Crocker from Dorset, their jobs almost certainly explaining why they were both so far from home. James has not been found in 1881 and had either emigrated or died - no doubt it was often a dangerous job - but Charles had returned home.

Lock (Locke) Family
George Lock, 33, is listed in the 1851 census at Cleave [or Clieve] Farm, 66 acres with two men and a boy. The farm was being run by Roger Chamberlain from 1846 but is not listed in May 1851. George Lock then paid rent for it from November 1851. He could only have just moved in at the time of the census and it must have been empty for a while. George then continued to occupy the farm right up to the last entry in November 1864 and presumably until well into the 70s. He was born in Hockworthy and was married but his wife must have been away visiting as she was not in Templeton. A George Lock was married in the Mar/Q of 1844 in the Tiverton Registration District (FreeBMD) but the only name given so far in this record is a Mary Ann Patterson. However no Mary Ann of similar age (ten years either way)has been found. The only person who in any way fits the description of 'visitor', and the 'right' age is Ann Lock, aged 30, born Crediton. She is described as a 'traveller' and was staying at Falcon Inn Corte (Court?), North St, Exeter. Neither of them have been identified in 1881 so this remains a mystery at present until there is some evidence from the censuses of 1861 and 1871 at least.

Only one (house) servant is listed, a James Brice, aged 11 and his place of birth is not given, presumably because George Lock spoke to the enumerator and didn't know it.

William Lock is listed in Harrod's directory of 1873 as a farmer in Templeton.

Grace Lock, b.1824 in Puddington, m. John Venn, (b.1819 Chittlehampton), at Poughill in 1848. John Venn was the wheelwright in Templeton listed in the account book from 1862. Two of their children and the wife of another ( Jane Cornwell) were born there. Grace's family is not identified but it would be interesting to know if she was related to George Lock, the farmer at Cleave (see above).

In 1871 John Lock, a 'carter (domestic)' aged 17 was a servant with the Bidgood family at Middle Town Living. He was born in Tiverton and may be the John Lock who was a gardener and nurseryman in Exeter in 1881 but there is no obvious identification.

John Locke, born Templeton about 1851, was a farmer of 128 acres at Hutswell Farm, Oakford, in 1881 and a Visitor, perhaps his sister? was Ellen Locke, 22, born Templeton. John's wife Elizabeth, 42, was born at Uffculme and their eldest daughter, Ellen, 6, at Culmstock. Fred, 4, was born at Culmstock. Also living with them were the farmer's 'Daur in Law', Elizabeth M.Hussey, 15, his 'Son in Law', John W. Hussey, 18 and 'Daur Law' Emma J. Hussey, 14, all born Butterleigh. Emma was apprentice to a dressmaker. As these three were all unmarried they were obviously John's stepchildren and John's wife Ellen must have been previously married to a Hussey.

In 1891 another John Lock was nephew of and apprenticed - as a blacksmith - to Thomas Burnet, (Burnett), shoeing and jobbing smith, of Rose Ash. Aged 16 he was living with the Burnet family at Templeton Cottage. [Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 10 - Templeton Cottage 1891] his parents were John Lock and Grace, Grace's maiden presumably being Burnett. The 1891 says gives him as born in Bishops Nympton but this is incorrect. He was living there in 1881 but was born in Rose Ash.
Mary Lock aged 19, born in Bishops Nympton (???), was probably John's sister. She was working at Town Farm Templeton in 1891 as a domestic servant in the household of William Ayre, farmer, and his family. [Folio 58 Page 4 Sched. 16 - Town Farm 1891]

Lockett Family
The Lockett family came from Redruth, Cornwall, but Sarah Lockett, wife of William, was born in Templeton in 1841. It is now known that Sarah was the daughter of William Way, tailor, who was living in Templeton in 1841. The Locketts were living in Swansea, Glamorgan in 1881 at 61 New Oxford Street. William was 42, fireman on board a steamer, and there were 6 children, Mary 15, dressmaker's apprentice, Melinda 13, domestic servant, Albert 10, Sarah 7, William J. 4, and Charles Henry, 11 months, all born in Swansea. Presumably they were all living on the steamboat!
[ PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5362 Folio 40 Page 11]

Loosemore Family
Victor Loosemore quotes 'George Loosemore of Tiverton (c1500-1561), wool merchant, owner of Manors ot Templeton and Aller Peverell, totalling 2,500 acres.' So far this does not appear to be directly connected to Templeton in the 19th century, but research is still ongoing. See Victor's website . He is continuing the work of the one-name Loosemore site (with many details from Templeton) which is still available, but not developing further.

Burials in Templeton:
John Loosemore, 65, of Templeton, b. abt 1749, .bur. 27 Apr 1814; Will available on the A2A website - proved in: 1814
Sarah Loosemore, 73, of Stoodleigh, .b. abt. 1754 bur. 9 Apr 1827.
Mary Loosemore, 41, of Cruwys Morchard, b. abt. 1789 bur.17 May 1830
George Loosemore, 3, of Templeton, b. 1809 d..aged three and a half, bur. 21 Mar 1813
John Loosemore, 8, of Rackenford b. abt. 1812, bur. 24 Jan 1801.
George Loosemore, 3, of Cruwys Morchard, b. abt. 1814, bur. 28 Mar 1817.

John Loosmore of Templeton, Devon who died in 1814 left a Will which is listed on the A2A website [ref. 1078/IRW/L/694] under Estate Duty Office Wills.

Marriages in Templeton
Elizabeth Loosemore m. George Luxton, 13 Aug 1798 [Note, in original register]
George Loosemore m. Elizabeth Northcott, 29 Jun 1816
Mary Loosemore m. Henry Mathews 10 May 1808 [Note - in original marriage register]

No Loosemores appear in the account book but George Loosemore, born in Templeton in 1819, probably son of the above couple who were married in 1819, was farming at Lower North Combe, Templeton in 1836 and is listed in the Tithe Commutation documents. He is also listed at Lower North Combe in the 1841 census where George is given as aged 50 and Elizabeth as 45. There were then 5 children at home, John, 15, Elizabeth, 15, Sarah 14, Maria 10 and Georgiana, 5. About 1843 this farm was taken over by William Blake.
George left Templeton with his family and is next listed in 1851 as 62, farming 100 acres at Blatchworthy, Stoodleigh. His wife Elizabeth was born in Puddington about 1793. Their two daughters were still at home, Georgiana, 15, and Maria, 24, both born in Templeton. Maria was married to James Channing, 25, born in Stoodleigh, who was a 'servant in this parish'.
There were in 1851 also two ag.labs. Abraham Hagley 20 and John Crook, 13.

It appears that George and Elizabeth had another daughter Mary who married William Mallett but died before 1849 (and the 1851 census of course), and a granddaughter Mary Buckingham, 4, born at Rose Ash, living with them
A servant in the household was Elias Tucker, aged 19, an 'ag.servant', born Rackenford. There was a Mary Tucker aged 14 visiting Templeton in 1851.

In 1881 in the household of Thomas Loosemore of Witheridge, in Park St, Crediton was his granddaughter, Ellen Lawdon, aged 6, born in Templeton.

John Loosemore was 33 (unm.) when he visited James Poole (b.Washfield) in Tiverton in 1851. Hhe was born in Templeton and was a farm labourer He perhaps died before 1881 as he is not listed on that census (1851 details available if required)

See Personal Links for more on this family (and as related to the Mallett family below)

Mary Jane Lugg was the niece of George Stevens. In 1891 she was working with George's wife, 71 as laundry assistant and living in Church Cottage, Templeton. [Folio 58 Page 4 Sched.14]

Luston / Luxton
George Luxton married Elizabeth Loosemore on 13 Aug 1798 [Note, only in the orginal register]
Mary Luston, aged 40 was living with the Beedell family in Templeton in 1841.

In 1871 Phillis Luxton, aged 16, born in Skilgate, Somerset, was working as a general domestic servant in the household of William Palmer in a cottage (no.20) on Mount Pleasant, Templeton. By 1881, her name rendered obscurely as 'Luiton', she was living, still single though given as aged 24, at 21 Newfoundland St Bristol and working as a domestic servant to a butcher, Henry Johnson, whose wife and daughter were blind.

Jane Madge m. William Gunn on 15 Dec 1836 in Templeton.

Mallett Family
Henry Mallett, 79, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1752, was buried in Templeton on 1 Aug 1831
Estate Duty Office Wills Catalogue Ref. 1078/IRW - Henry Mallett 1846 of Templeton ref. 1078/IRW/M/68

Henry Mallett was christened at Woolfardisworthy (pronounced and often abbreviated to 'Woolsery' ) on 7 Dec 1774. He married Sarah Tucker (b.abt 1781 Cheriton Fitzpayne) at Cheriton Fitzpayne on 31 Mar 1808. By 1810 they were living in Washfield and eventually had at least 8 children

  1. Henry, chr. Cheriton Fitzpaine 29 Dec 1808.
  2. Elizabeth b. 23 Aug 1810, chr. Washfield 1 Apr 1810, m.Robert Hepper and had 14 children.
  3. William b. 9 Jun 1811, chr. 28 Jun 1811 in Washfield m. 1) Mary Loosemore d. bef 1849, 2) Elizabeth Buckingham d.1858. William d.1859. They had 8 children.
  4. John b. 5 Jan 1815, chr. 16 Feb 1815 in Washfield d. 1876 in Canada
  5. Ann b. 1821 in Templeton married Charles Drake, b.1824, in the Mar Q 1851.[Tiverton Vol 10 p.424 Scan available on FreeBMD] Born in Witheridge, he was a farmer of 85 acres plus 45 acres of moorland at Blythen, Witheridge, The daughter Emily, 9, of this couple, was also born in Templeton.
  6. Sarah Tucker Mallett of Rackenford b. Nov or Dec 1819, died at 2 wks, bur. Templeton 16 Dec 1819.
  7. Thomas Tucker Mallett b. March 1821 Templeton m. (1) Emily Clapp 1829-1869, in 1851, and (2) Rosa Gertrude Maidment, and had 4 children in all. (Emily Clapp was born 8 Mar 1829 in Tiverton, daughter of John) Both names Clapp and Tucker appear in this family as middle names.
  8. Sarah b.1826 Templeton m....Stevens

    Correction - the Richard Mallett shown here previously, born in 1825, is a mistake. There were at least two born in 1825, neither of them belonging to this family.

It seems likely that Henry Mallett moved into Templeton before Ann was born, perhaps about 1816, and took over Middle Town Living, a farm of 148 acres according to the Tithe records of 1842, paying rent to the Chichester family. He is said to have been 'a stern, upright and truthful man..'

The 1841 census shows Henry Mallett, 65, and his wife Sarah, 60, at Middle Town Living. In 1851 the name 'Susan' is entered by mistake - Sarah was still very much alive in 1846 (in the account book) and in 1851 (in the census). In 1841 there were 7 children at home, John 25, Ann 20, Thomas 20, Sarah 15 (b.Templeton) , Richard 15 and John 1, plus Ann Mallett, 85 and 'Ind' , i.e. of independent means, who could be either Henry's mother or a much older sister.. (Ages were rounded up or down to the nearest 5 in the 1841 census - there were no twins)
Also living with them in 1841 was Robert Bowden 20, ag.lab.
Henry Mallett was buried at Templeton 25 May 1845. A copy [for GDP3.50] of his will, dated 1846, can be downloaded from Documents Online

Sarah Mallett (nee Tucker) took over the farm in Templeton for a while after her husband died and paid rent of £70 on Middle Town Living for both May and November of 1846 (£140 in total). Then she moved in with her son Thomas and is listed at Holmmead, Tiverton, in 1851 where Thomas farmed 270 acres with the help of three labourers. (See the account book - small pdf files for transcript - and account book p1 - reduced photocopy - 69k). George Wreford paid the rent due 'Lady Day', i.e. 25th March 1847. (It was actually always paid a month or more later, as here on May 7th 1847) Living with them was Sarah's 9th child, Sarah aged 25, and a nephew, Henry who was 12, born in Cruwys Morchard about 1839. Three servants, William Hooper, 22, Daniel Mosegrove, 25, and Thomas Crocker, 17, b.Washfield, are also listed on the 1851 census.

Sarah's daughter Sarah, born about 1826, was born in Templeton. She married a John Stevens, son of William Stevens and Kate of Middle North Coombe in the Dec Q 1852 [South Molton Reg.Dist Vol 5b p.844] As a widow in 1881, then aged 56, she had taken over West Spurway Farm, Oakford. Her son John, 18, was born at Hockworthy, Thomas, 13, at Rose Ash and a (married) son-in-law, William Wyatt, 30, born Churchstanton was a farmer. In this case he must be a son-in-law in the modern sense not a stepson as the census often implies.

By 1881, now widowed, Thomas Mallett had moved to Blagrove Farm, Street, Somerset, a farm of 327 acres, employing '4 labourers, (4 boys and 1 woman)'. His three children living at home were Rosa Ann, 28, John C., 24, (who later emigrated to Canada), and Lucy L., 22, all unmarried, all born in Tiverton. There were also two indoor servants, Benjamin Wills, 15, born North Wootton, Somerset, and Thomas Davis, 14, born Butleigh, Somerset.

With thanks to Ken Smith of Reading and to Alison for a great deal of extra information on this family.
See also Bob Mallett's Webpages on the family.

If required, further details are available, especially on Henry's son William (b.1811) but please be specific. More information is also welcome - especially on the Loosemore and the Mallett/Stevens connection

Manley Family
Events in Templeton
Ann Manley, 18, of Rackenford, b.abt.1801, bur. 25 Aug 1819.
William Manley m. Jane Pleace 21 Apr 1825

(New) James Manley of Cruwys Morchard, presumably in his teens, was apprenticed to 'William Maunder of Templeton, yeoman', in 1729 by the 'Overseers of the Poor'. This record is listed under Apprenticeship Indentures for Cruwys Morchard Parish on the A2A website. [ref. 1092A/PO 67 ]

In 1841 William Manley and his wife Susan were living at Esworthy [Farm]. William, an ag.lab. is given as 70, and Susan as 60. William Manley is recorded on the Tithe record (between about 1836-1842) as renting a cottage, so this probably not the farm itself but a cottage 'attached' to it.. At the same address were the Besley family, James,30, also an ag.lab and Ann, 35 with one child, Henry Besley aged 2. It seems likely that Ann was a daughter of William and Susan as this is all one household..
Also living with them was another ag.lab, William Pitts aged 30.

Susan ('Sussanna') Manley, a former sempstress, born in 1773, must have been widowed by 1846 as she was paying the rent on the cottage then, not William.. (The assumption is that there is only one cottage concerned here, but this is not proven) She remained there in Templeton till 1853. being widowed before 1851. However, while William had paid 1.10s Susan only paid 16s, so either she had less land or had moved to a different property. In 1851 she had a lodger in Richard Manley, b.1774, an ag.lab, single and aged 77. Both Richard and Susan were born in Cruwys Morchard. Perhaps he was her husband's brother or cousin.

Although this Manley family were more associated with Loxbear and Calverleigh later they were closely related to other Templeton families.
1. William and Susan had a son called William (1801-1879) born in Cruwys Morchard
2. The 2nd William married Jane Pleace b.about 1874 in Tiverton. This was the couple listed above who married on 21 Apr 1825 in Templeton. [Was she related to Elizabeth Pleass born about 1793 in Tiverton who married William Crook?] William and Jane had two [known] children, William 1829 and Ann 1838, both born in Calverleigh.
3. This 3rd William married Mary Ann Crook of Rackenford in 1860. Mary Ann was born in 1834, the daughter of Alexander Crook who was born in Templeton in 1799 and his wife 'Johannah' who was born in Thelbridge in 1797. In 1851 they were living at Tuckers Tenement, Witheridge. William and Mary Ann had nine children altogether. For thirty years or so they ran the Royal Oak inn in Loxbeare which also figures in the Crook family history, so is worth mentioning here. (More details available)

With many thanks to a descendant of the Manley family for more information.

New information February 2006
Richard Manley, born in Cruwys Morchard about 1772, is listed in 1842 in the Settlement Examinations in Devon Record Office. In 1842 he was living in Templeton. His father had originally arranged for him to go there to live with Mr Charles Brooks for a year. He moved on to work for John Wright of Cadeleigh, yoman for 18 months and continued working as a day labourer (journeyman) until about 1790 when he moved on to the farm of Mr Oacock in Cruwys Morchard for a year, followed by another spell as a day labourer. He was recruited by the North Devon Militia, remaining with them for six months after which he volunteered for service on a man-of-war, 'Majestic', then the 'Rodney' and finally the 'Superb' (during which time he would have fought in the Napoleonic wars). He was discharged in 1815, as were many other such servicemen and worked again as a day labourer. This was a particularly difficult time as there were thousands of men returning from the wars and a 'glut' in the labour market.
Settlement Examination - Richard Manley - ref. 1092A-1/PO 100 - date: 1842

Richard Marsh married Jane Bodley on 11 Apr 1768 in Templeton

Martin Family
Henry Martin m. Grace Bowden on 10 Nov 1802 [Note - in marriage register]

At Cleave Farm in 1841 were Henry Martin, 65, b. about 1776, farmer and his wife Grace (60).. He was about 26 and Grace was about 20 when they married in 1802.. They had two servants, Elizabeth Pester, 60, and Sarah Veysey, 20. In addition the household inluded Robert Addicott, 25, ag.lab, and John Govier, 20, apprentice.
Henry Martin only appears briefly in the account book, in 1846 at Clieve (Cleave, Cleve) Farm but he was farming there in the early 1830s as it is reported by a descendant of the Goss/Bowden family that Thomas Goss was working for him there for a couple of years before marrying. He is also listed in the Tithe records for 1836-1842 as the farmer at Cleave and was also paying rent for Cloggs Moor.
As he was not there in 1851 and the name is very common in Devon it has not been possible to identify any matches from other sources. He was succeeded at Cleave by Roger Chamberlain.

A William Martin had lived in Templeton during the 1840s, his son John, being born there in 1847. By 1851 they had moved to Brook Farm, Tiverton. Perhaps there was a connection between William and Henry Martin but there is not enough information on either family as yet.

William Martin 20 - perhaps the same as the above? - was an ag.lab. lodging with the Beedell family in Templeton in 1841 at Lower Town Living.

Maslin Family
In 1841 Joseph Maslin, 55, and his wife, Jane also 55, were living at Lagg Cottage(s) with their (obvious) daughter Maria who was 25. All three are given as 'BOD' - born out of Devon, but none of them have been found in 1851.

However, in another of these cottages nearby lived Matthew Maslin, about 30, ag.lab, also 'BOD', probably though not proved to be, Joseph's son. As the 1851 census reveals his birthplace was Dibden, Hants. His wife Sarah was born in Winchester, Hants, and is also given as 30. The 1851 census in fact lists them as 39 so they were both born about 1812. They had two children Daniel 8 and then 17, following in his father's footsteps as a shoemaker and Jacob, 6 in 1841. By 1851 they had another son, Joseph who was then 6.

In 1851 Jacob, 16, was working for Samuel Blake at Starraton [Farm], and is listed as born in Dibden, Hants but the 1881 says he was born in Romsey, Hants. The confusion is not surprising as the family had moved to Templeton before Jacob was ten, perhaps several years earlier so he could be guessing. There is quite a distance between the two places, so his father could have moved to Romsey, nearly halfway to Winchester, at some point..

Matthew is also given in Morris's directory of 1870 and Harrod's 1873 as a boot and shoe maker in Templeton but in 1871 the census describes him as a cord winder. He and Sarah were now 59 and their son Joseph was the only one at home, aged 23, unmarried and working as an agricultural labourer. It is not known where Daniel and Jacob were living at that time.

By 1881 Jacob was married to Jane, 40, and farming 23 acres at Polbathic Village, St Germans, in Cornwall with a son Joseph aged 23. Matthew and his wife were still in Templeton, listed as living in 'Lag Cottage' (often spelt 'Lagg') - probably still the same house - but Matthew was now working as a nursery man. Their granddaughter Eliza Maslin aged 2, born in Tiverton, was living with them. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2281 Folio 65 Page 5] Joseph, Jacob's brother, born about 1845, was married to Anna, born 1851 in Morchard Bishop. Joseph and Anna were living in Barton Cottages, Loxbeare with their four children, Sarah 6, Matthew 5, Eliza 3, born in Tiverton and 'Jessey' (sic) 1 born in Loxbeare. [ PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 31 Page 6]

Mathews / Matthews Family
Burials in Templeton
Harriet Mathews of Cruwys Morchard, b.abt Jan 1823, d. at 1 yr 9 mths, bur. 29 Oct 1824.
Mary Mathews 47, of Stoodleigh, b.abt 1880, bur.14 Feb 1827
Mary Mathews, 12, of Cruwys Morchard, b.abt 1813 bur. 28 Sep 1826.

Marriages in Templeton
Henry Mathews m. Mary Loosemore 10 May 1808 .[Note - in original marriage register]
John Matthews m. Sarah Holmes 7 Feb 1822

John Matthews was a blacksmith at Templeton. He was baptised in Rackenford on 25 Sep 1794 and his wife Sarah Holmes was born in Witheridge about 1804. John and Sarah married in Templeton in February 1822.and were living in Cross Moor House at least from 1841 for ten years, John being 45, Sarah 35. They had three children, Thomas 15, May 15 and Ephraim 5.
The 1851 census lists John as 55. All the children, including an older pair, were born in Templeton. Dates given are those of baptism - Thomas 4 Aug 1822, Mary 18 Feb 1824, George 20 Mar 1825, John 11 Feb 1827 and Ephraim (or Henry?) 4 Aug 1834. By 1881 John senior had been joined as blacksmith by his son John.

In 1851 the census describes Thomas Matthews, 27, as a smith (the 1881 census says 'blacksmith'), born in Templeton and living at Moor Cot No.1, Cruwys Morchard. This must be Thomas, eldest son of John, above. There was also an 'inmt' (presumably a 'slip of the pen' for lodger), George Matthews, 24, carpenter, born in Templeton. There is a slight discrepancy with the ages but they are the only ones listed in 1851 as born in Templeton. Thomas's wife Mary Ann, 23, came from Sampford Arundel and their two children, Amelia, 4, and William Henry, 2 months, were both born in Cruwys Morchard.
In 1881 Thomas was living with his daughter Lucy, 15, in Wellington, Somerset so presumably there were more children in between, born her and William in the years from 1851 to 1866. Thomas is not listed as a widower in 1881 so his wife must have been visiting elsewhere.

The known descendants in the next generation went to Butleigh in Somerset. However they may have had other connections with Templeton. William, born in Rackenford about 1805, was married to Jane Bond.

There was also a Mary Matthews who was born in Templeton in 1851 but presumably too late for the census. She was working as a cook for a retired and widowed clergyman of 83, William Allen, and his family, at Exe Villa, Tiverton in 1881.

With thanks to the Kightleys of Ipswich for a family tree and other information.

Maunder Family
The Maunder family had been in Templeton for a hundred years, perhaps longer. William Maunder of Colston [Farm] was church warden in 1740. It is reported in the church history that it was at his instigation that the church was 'beautified' when it was in a poor state from 200 years neglect, though the repair was paid for by the parish. William is probably the yeoman referred to on the A2A website when various people were apprenticed to him, James Manley in 1729, Unice Milford in 1739 and William Ayre in 1748.

Burials in Templeton.
Mary Maunder, 85, of Templeton, b.abt.1729, bur. 14 Jul 1814.
William Maunder, 71, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1758, bur. 21 Feb 1829.
Susanna Maunder, 51, of Templeton, b.abt. 1762, bur.. 22 Mar 1813.
William Maunder, 28, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1797, bur.. 27 Oct 1825.
Thomas Maunder, 27, of Cruwys Morchard, b.abt. 1800, bur.. 22 Dec 1827.
Elizabeth Maunder, 31, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1805, bur.. 8 Jun 1836.
Emma Elizabeth Maunder, 7mths, of Tiverton, b.abt. 1834 bur. 13 Oct 1834.

Estate Duty Office Wills [Cat.Ref.1078/IRW]
Mary Maunder 1818 Ref.1078/IRW/M/397
William Maunder 1829 Ref.1078/IRW/M/404
Copies [for GDP3.50] of these wills can be downloaded from Documents Online

Marriages in Templeton
Susannah Maunder m. Gregory Gardiner 19 Jun 1776
Elizabeth Maunder m William Crook 20 Apr 1786
!st Banns of George Maunder & Ann Heywood from Witheridge on 22 Nov 1795
George Maunder m. Ann Heywood 6 Dec 1795 [Note in original marriage register]
William Maunder m Mary Northcott 6 Jul 1815 .

George, son of George & Ann Maunder chr. 6 May 1798 in Templeton.
Wiliam Maunder, farm lab.was born in Templeton about 1797. He married Ann who was born about 1807 in Willand and they had 5 children. The eldest, George, was born about 1832 in Tiverton and the rest were born in Washfield, Martha, 1839, Margaret 1841, Charles 1844 and John 1846. They were all still living in Washfield in 1851.

At Higher Town Living in 1841 was Mary Maunder, 60. Perhaps Elizabeth Maunder aged 20 was her daughter and Elizabeth Harris, pauper was her mother. Robert, 33, and George, 41 (actual ages), could be Mary's sons but so far this is speculative.
In 1851 Elizabeth Maunder, dressmaker, is given as born in Templeton in 1820 and living in Tiverton with her mother Mary who was 72, a widow and annuitant born in Lapford.  They also had a lodger in Mary Ann Elston 15, born in Morchard Bishop
In 1881 if the dressmaking is any clue Elizabeth could be the wife of John Hodge, thatcher, in Cruwys Morchard. (Elizabeth Hodge was 60 and born in Templeton and had two daughters, Georgina 28, and Eliza Ann, 24, both dressmakers).

Robert Maunder about 30, ag. lab. was living at Lagg Cottage in 1841 with his family, Sarah, 35, and their children, George, 9, Jane 6, Harriett 3 and Eliza, 4 mths. In 1851 he was 53, living at North Venhay, Rose Ash, now a farmer of 30 acres. Sarah was 47 and Harriott 13 and Eliza 10 were still at home. No birthplace is given for any of these in 1851

Robert Maunder must be the retired farmer living at North Pennymoor, Cruwys Morchard in 1881, the only match at the age of 73, and to confirm it, his wife Sarah was 77. This shows that Robert was born in Washfield and that Sarah was born in Rose Ash. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 59 Page 18]

George Maunder, ag. lab, could be Robert's eldest son, 19 in 1851 and born in Templeton about 1832. He was living at Gibbet Moor Cottage, Loxbeare in 1881 with his wife Mary, 47, b. Thelbridge and sons William 10, b. Washfield and Albert 6 b. Dulverton, Somerset. Gibbet Moor is only just over Templeton parish boundary northwards, facing Higher North Combe across the A361.

Jane Maunder could be the servant aged 17 and born in Templeton, living at Down No.2 in Cruwys Morchard in the household of Peter Chamberlain. In 1881 the only match is a Jane, born 1835, wife of Thomas M.Memery, a tailor, living in Dartmouth. (details if required)

George Maunder was farming the 145 acres at Colston [Colstone] Farm from before 1841. In that year he was given as aged 35 but he was born in Templeton about 1800 and is described later as 'Fundholder and Farmer'. He had two children, William 10 and John 5, but his wife is not mentioned.
They had three servants, Eliza Venner 30, George Mogford, 15 and John Hillyer / Helyer 12, ag.labs.
White's Directory of 1850 shows George as one of the only two in Templeton who owned their farms and of course he does not appear in the account book. The 1851 census lists George's wife as Elizabeth, born in Stoodleigh in 1798 (not Eliza Venner, servant in 1851 as thought at one time. So far, apart from her birth in Stoodleigh nothing is known about her originsw). The children, William now 20, Susan (Sussanna) 18, and John 14, were born in Templeton.  (In 1841 Susan was with a family called Glanfield in Tiverton, connection unknown) No matches have been found in Devon in the 1881 census for any of the children). Their servants in 1851 were John Crook 19, Ann Crook 17 (brother and sister) and William Davey, 20.

The Crook children were almost certainly related to Jane Crook who married George's son, William Besley Thomas Maunder, in 1854. So far the reason for William's collection of names is unknown - as is his mother's maiden name. Perhaps there is a Besley relationship as well? He and Jane were living in Cardiff in 1881 which suggests that 'Thomas' may also have been a surname? Middle names usually imply relationships a generation or two back. The date and place of William's death is not known, but in 1890 Jane died in Loxbeare where she had been living with her sister Eliza, wife of Abel Blake. Abel's son, also Abel, is named as the informant on the death certificate.

May Family
There were quite a few of this family living in Templeton at various times. One who may belong is William May, born in Templeton in 1811. A dairyman, he married Susanna who was ten years older than him and in 1851 they had two daughters living at home, Elizabeth, 14, born Bradninch, and Amy May, 9, born Cullompton. According to the 1851 census Susanna was born in Shobrooke. She died before 1881. By then William, now a widower, was living at Higher Ford, Halberton with Elizabeth and her husband, William Coombes, a gardener, and four children at Trent Rd, Trent, Somerset.

Another as yet 'unattached' member is Ann May, 36, born in Templeton in 1815 and still unmarried in 1851, who was living at Cowick St, St Thomas' and working as a sempstress. In 1881 she was living in 1 Rudds Buildings, Rudd St, Tiverton.

The principal known family is that of Robert May and Mary (former name unknown). Robert was born about 1776 (place unknown) but Mary was born in Templeton about 1774. They had three children, Robert (1805), John (1808) and Sarah (1813), all born in Templeton
In 1841 they were living at Partridge Farm], both Robert and Mary being listed as 65. but only Sarah, '25' was at home.
In 1851 Mary, now a widow, 'formerly Lab Wife', was living at Pankridge, Loxbear with her son-in-law William Bowden 46, (described as born in 'Coxbear' which should of course be Loxbear) and her daughter Sarah, 38, also born in Templeton.

  1. Robert May (junior), born in 'Temple' in 1805 married a Mary born in Cheriton Fitzpaine in 1806 and had four children, Robert (1832), William (1840), Emma 1842) and George (1845), all born in Cullompton where they were living in 1851.
  2. John, an ag.lab, born about 1808, married Margaret Skinner (d. bef 1851) and had three children, Henry (1834), Emma (1838) and William (1841).John and Margaret were witnesses as Sarah's marriage. . They were living at Withley Mill in Tiverton in 1851.
  3. Sarah married William Bowden

With special thanks to Rick Bowden, a descendant , for many new details.

Jane Mildon married George Hagley on 25 Mar 1831 in Templeton. She was born about 1808 in Tiverton. They had 5 children.( For details see the Hagley family)

Milford Family
The first mention of a Milford found so far is of Unice, apprenticed to William Maunder of Templeton 'for Northcott in Cruwys Morchard' in 1739.. The record is included under those of the Overseer of the Poor for the parish of Cruwys Morchard and listed on the A2A website. [ref. 1092A/PO 107]

George Milford, 25, was a groom and gardener, as yet still single in 1891 when he was living at Town Cottage.All the family were born in Cruwys Morchard, consisting of his mother Maria, a sick nurse aged 63, his sister Sarah 22, dressmaker and his nephew Bertram Milford aged 5. (In 1851 a Maria Boyce aged 22 was a servant in the same house as William Milford aged 27 born Witheridge. Maria's details match) [Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 12 1 - Town Cottage 1891]
Interestingly in 1881 George had been a 'Farm Servant (indoors)' aged 15 in the household of the Rector of Rackenford, Edward Pole, 75. Edward had been Rector of Templeton back in 1851, though before George was born.

George was still living in 'Town Cottage no. 1' in 1901, but now at 35 he was a 'Rural postman & agricultural labourer'. He had married Emma Jane, 31, of Cheriton Fitzpaine (probably Emma J.Dunn) and they had three children, Winnifred Ellen 6, Annie Maria, 2, and William Andrew, 1, all born in Templeton.

Mogford Family
Marriages in Templeton
Christian Mogford m. Richard Crook 6 Feb 1780
Susanna Mogford m. George Snell . 6 Mar 1820.
Mary Ann Mogford m. William Rowe 3 Feb 1836.

Estate Duty Office Wills - Catalogue Ref. 1078/IRW
Maria Mogford of North Combe 1856 Catalogue Ref. 1078/IRW/M/784.
A copy [for GDP3.50] of this will can be downloaded from Documents Online

Joseph Mogford was a carpenter living in a 'House in Templeton village' in 1841 ('Cott in Town Village'.in 1851) and is given as aged 25. Also in the household were Sarah Stevens, 25, washerwoman and William Stevens, 85, a pauper. Although William heads the list of names and was perhaps nominally head of household, it seems more likely that it was Joseph who paid the rent! This was fairly 'high' at 2.7s 6d. against the more usual 1.10s or so for each half year for an ordinary cottage. The 1851 census lists him as a carpenter employing one man. He was there throughout the whole of the period of the account book, 1846-1864 and received payments as well for his own work.

Joseph came from Tavistock, was still single in 1851 and his age is given as 48. The age does not tallying with that given in 1841 even allowing for the method of rounding down. (Perhaps one of the censuses is very difficult to decipher), nor does the age of Sarah Stevens, supposedly 25 in 1841 but 50 in 1851.

A Joseph Mogford listed in Tiverton has been removed from this list as he doesn't 'match' on a number of counts.

Two Mogford children were born in Templeton, Maria in 1835 and George in 1840. In 1851 they were living in Tiverton and Maria was working at the lace factory. Their mother Ann was a laundress, born about 1800 at Silverton but she was by then a widow. Perhaps Joseph above was their uncle? There were Mogfords living in Templeton earlier as Christian Mogford married Richard Crook on 6 Feb 1780 in Templeton but perhaps they were not related.

Thomas Mogridge aged 69, a pauper originally a farmer, was living with the Voysey family in 1851

Moore Family
William Moore, his wife Mary Ann and their son John were not natives of Templeton but were living in Rectory House in 1851 as servants to the Rector, the Revd Edward Pole. William was born in Morchard Bishop in 1820, Mary Ann in Stoodleigh in 1818 and John in Witheridge in 1850. There was also one other servant, a Mary Cann, 15, from Witheridge in the house.

Morrish Family
Francis Morish m. Mary Lee 18 Sep 1775 in Templeton

Martin Morrish, was living in Coomb Mill Village in 1841, an. ag lab, his age given as 45. His wife Thomasin was '55' and they had two daughters, Ann Morrish, 7 and Susannah Morrish 2. Another child, Maria Webber aged 8 was also living with them.
In 1851, more accurately, Martin is listed as 60, and Thomasin as 71. Martin was an agricultural labourer, born about 1791 in Poughill. Thomasin, 71, born in Morchard Bishop about 1780. Susan, now 12, born in Rackenford is described as 'daughter'. Probably all three, Ann, Susan and Maria, were granddaughters in view of Thomasin's age. Their address in 1851 was Temple Hill, which could refer to the same cottage as the 'lane' goes up from the Mill to Temple Cross. [The view of the roof-tops on the village page is looking from Temple Cross almost due south to the Town village which is just visible. Mill village is directly to the right (west) from there and the steepness of the road can be seen on the last photo on that page] Neither Ann nor Maria were present in 1851 but Ann appears to be the house servant aged 17 in the household of James Prouse of Bampton St, Tiverton, a poulterer. His wife Charity and niece Caroline Beedell, 19, were both born in Templeton.

Susan (or Susannah) Morrish 'spinster' appears in the Rackenford Parish Records in 1859 under a Removal Order which is listed on the A2A website.[ref. 3532 A/PO 4 a, b - date: 1859] Now about 20 she was sent by the Overseers of the Poor from Templeton to Rackenford which suggests that she was unable to support herself. Although she had lived in Templeton since she was two years old she seems to have been the responsibility of the place where she was born.

A John Morrisle at Woolfardisworthy (pronounced Woolsery!) in 1851 would not seem to be relevant to Templeton but this must be a misreading of Morrish, especially as he was born in 1831 at Poughill. He was a farm labourer working for a William Mallett who was the son of Henry Mallett, the farmer at Middle North Combe at Templeton until his death in 1846.
John Morrish is recognisable again in 1881, now living at Smallbrook, Newton St Cyres as an ag.lab. His wife Eliz, 50, was born in Tiverton and they had four children, Alice, 9, b. Newton St Cyres, Emily 7, b. Stockleigh, Sydney 4, b. Stockleigh and Bertha, 1, b. Newton St Cyres.

Sarah Mortimore m. John Clark in Templeton on 4 Apr 1831

Thomas Murry (Murray?) m. Ann Carpinter (Carpenter) on 8 May 1815 in Templeton

Murch Family
Mary Murch m. John Hagley in Templeton 2 Dec 1794 [Note - in original marriage register] These two families probably lived 'next door' to each other if the enumerator in 1841 didn't deviate!
John Simon Murch (known as 'Simon') m. Sarah Crook 4 Jun 1834 in Templeton. [Sarah was born in Calverleigh]

This family does not figure in the account book but some seem to have lived in Templeton for many years and the connection with the Crook family 'next door' in this small hamlet, is fairly obvious just from Alexander's middle name. In 1841 John Murch, an ag.lab of about 35 and Sarah [Crook] , 25, with their two children Alexander, 4, and Elizabeth 1 month, lived between Crook's Cottage and Mount Pleasant.

In 1851 John, listed as John Simon Murch, 49, b. Bradninch, was an agricultural labourer living at Ashey in Templeton. This was presumably a row of cottages, the ones either side of the Murch family being unoccupied or still being built. With him were Sarah now 41, born Calverleigh, and their two children, Alexandra (Alexander) Crook Murch, 14, ag.lab. and Elizabeth, 10, both born in Templeton.
Also lodging with them was Sarah Collins, born Colyton, a widow formerly a farmer's wife.

In 1871 John Simon, now 70, is described as a 'disabled agricultural labourer', living with his wife Sarah, 60, in 'Temple Town. All the children had left home. John Simon Murch died about 1877 and in 1881 Sarah, a widow, was lodging in Churchyard House, Templeton, the head of the houseld being George Stevens. In the March Q 1865 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b .p.681]their eldest son, Alexander Crook Murch, an ag.lab., had married Henrietta Smale, born in Witheridge ('Witherage') about 1837. In 1881 he and Henrietta were living at Bicton Down, Holcombe Burnell with three children, Sarah Jane 9 and Edmund 6, both born in Dawlish, and Ernest 2, born in Dunsford. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2146 Folio 38 Page 1]

Elizabeth Murch, daughter of John Simon, probably married John Curtis, born 1837 in Loxbeare, a farmer of 60 acres at Hashes Card Mill, Washfield in 1881. She is the only Elizabeth found - as Eliza - who was born in Templeton in 1841, not proof but looking quite likely. This couple had 8 children, John, 16, Eliza 14, Maria 12, Elizabeth 10, William 6, George 3, Henry 1 and Hariet 5 all born in Washfield.[PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2237 Folio 4 Page 1]