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Other names: Alford, Ayre, Beadle, Beedell, Besley, Bidgood, Blake, Bryant, Cheriton, Chown, Collard, Collins, Collings, Cording, Crook, Cruwys, Dobell, Doble, Elston, Eveleigh, Fulford, Gould, Hill, Holman, Horwood, Jackson, James, Knight, Knowles, Lake, Lee, Lockett, Loosemore, Manley, Manning, Martin, Maunder, Mogford, Morrish, Norrish, Radford, Reed, Richards, Rowe, Sanger, Sayer, Stephens, Stevens, Tapp, Tucker, Veysey, Voysey, Webber, White

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This page updated with new information on the Norrish, Bidgood and Elston connections July 2007

Susanna Nicholls died aged 19 in Tiverton and was buried in Templeton on 6 Aug.1834

Sarah Norman m. George Knight on 20 Jul 1793 in Templeton [Note - in original register]

Norrish Family
This name is very common throughout Devon. The ones of particular interest to Templeton were not residents but were closely related to other families there. Johns and Marys have been numbered to identify them more easily on the tree below which is not complete but merely intended to show connections.

John Norrish (1) was the miller at Calverleigh in 1851. His wife Mary(1) - now known to be Mary Eveleigh - was listed as born in 1805 in Whimple. They had 7 children by 1841, Amelia 1826, John 1829, Sarah 1830, Mary(2) 1833, Elizabeth 1838, James 1839 and Louisa 1841. (Dates approximate).  By 1881 and a widow, Mary(1) is given as born in Ottery St Mary, but the two places are only about three miles apart. John and Mary had three children living at home in 1851, Amelia, Mary (2) and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Norrish ('Norish') married James Nott in the Sep Q 1860 [Tiverton Vol.5b p.729]. 'Emilia' Norrish (Emila, Emelia, Emilia - so the initial E seems intended, but maybe incorrectly entered on the tree as 'Amelia') was probably  Elizabeth's daughter, born in 1857 before her marriage. She is listed as 'daughter-in-law' of James Nott, then meaning also 'step-daughter'. The only other censuses in which she has been found so far are 1861 with John and Mary Norrish as their granddaughter and 1871 as a schoolteacher aged 14 in Calverleigh under the supervision of a Joanna White Adams from Highclere, Hampshire, the village schoolmistress. Such a school would have two classes, seniors probably leaving at about the age of 11, and juniors. Typically an able older girl was selected to teach the younger group, the children sitting on benches and writing on slates. Much of the learning was by rote, reciting tables or spellings.  Her experience there must have helped Emilia who was obviously very serious-minded to take the next step, for by 1881 she is listed as a 'Bible woman' which almost certainly meant that she was able to preach on the Bible and belonged to a sect called the 'Bible Christians' (see note below). They were a breakaway group from the Methodists who allowed and encouraged preaching by women, unheard of then in the mainstream churches and if one of them she must surely have visited and preached in the chapel at Templeton which was in the narrow valley near the mill, perhaps even regularly. She has not yet been found after 1881 so no more is known of her at present. The Bible Christians settled their differences and rejoined the Methodists early in the 20th century.

John Norrish (2), b.1829, was the miller at 'Withley' (Withleigh) Mill in 1851. His wife, Jane, was a daughter of William Crook, the thatcher. They had three children, John 1856, James 1859 and Sarah 1863 by 1881, all born in Tiverton. Not included on the tree above is their grand daughter, Emma Reed 1874, who lived with them. Jane's brother, George Crook, married Mary (2). George and Mary 'eventually settled at Withleigh', where both their son and their grandson were born.

New information (in July 2007) has revealed that Isabella E.Norrish, born at East Anstey in 1859 and working as housekeeper for William Elston was the eldest of ten children of the John Norrish, born in Sandford in 1834 and his wife Elizabeth Kelly born about 1838 in Bridford. 'John Norrish later farmed in Cadeleigh and spent most of his adult life there so that must be how Isabella came to work for William Elston' at Millhayes, Bickleigh in 1881. William H. Bidgood, William Elston's nephew, was born in Templeton - where this study began, but this a good illustration of how small fragments of information can lead to wider connections in what is a large and fascinating network of families. So far there is no known connection of this Norrish family with the others here.

With many thanks to a Crook/Norrish descendant and a gg-niece of Isabella Norrish for extra information.

The wife of Martin Norrish of Rackenford must have been previously married to a Webber. Nothing much is known of this family but Mrs Norrish had a son William from her previous marriage who worked as a young boy around the local villages, including Templeton. See the Webber family for more details.


Northcott Family
William Northcott, a resident of Templeton was buried there on 23 Apr 1814. He was aged 30.
Mary Northcott married William Maunder on 6 Jul 1815.
Elizabeth Northcott married George Loosemore on 29 Jun 1816.
Stephen Northcott died in Cruwys Morchard and was buried in Templeton on 26 Jan 1822. He was aged 23.
John Northcott died in Cruwys Morchard and was buried in Templeton on 6 Sep 1829. He was aged 75. Perhaps he was the father of all the above?.

Nott Family
The name appears only among the bills as "Ironmonger", and only in 1846, in both May and November. In 1881 a James Nott aged 65 was a blacksmith at Bone Gate, Hockworthy, and he had lived there from about 1860 at least. He was born in East Anstey ('Astey' in the LDS transcript) in 1816 and his wife Jane was born in West Buckland in 1836, but their children were all born in Hockworthy. They are listed in an odd order, especially as the youngest two must be twins, Henry James 20, "farm labourer", Tom 1, "smith's son", Emily 10, William 6, Charles 4 and Frank 1. It seems more than likely that James Nott lived in Templeton for a time before 1846 when he was 30 and that he is the one who appears in the account book.

There could also be a connection to Templeton in the family of James Nott, b. 1833 also in East Anstey (transcribed correctly) miller at Calverleigh for many years. His wife Elizabeth, b.1838 in Templeton was a daughter of John Norrish and Mary (formerly Eveleigh), and their children also were all born in Calverleigh. Elizabeth's mother, Mary, b. 1806 in Ottery St Mary, lived with them after her husband John died, as recorded in both the 1871 and 1881 censuses. James and Elizabeth Nott had three children, James Henry 1863, Alfred John 1866, and Amy A.K. 1878. There is also his 'daur in law' Emilia (Amelia?) Norrish, born in Calverleigh in 1857. 'Daughter-in-law' was used frequently at this time to mean 'step-daughter' so it would appear that she was born well before Elizabeth (Norrish) married James Nott in the Mar Q 1860. [Tiverton Vol.5b p.729]

The 'connection' with Templeton is two-fold. The Norrish family (see that family above) had relations in Templeton and Emelia is described as a 'Bible' woman. There was a chapel at Temple Bridge, across the mill stream from Combe Mill, which belonged to the Bible Christians. Sects like these tended to gather their followers in fairly close knit groups around them. [More information listed under the Norrish family].

Thomas Nott aged 13, born in Rackenford, son of John from Rose Ash, a farmer, or George of Rackenford, farm labourer, who each then had 4 children, was working in Templeton as a farm servant in 1891 in the household of Thomas Tapp, farmer at 'Stanton' (i.e. Starraton). No connection with the family above is known at present.

Nutters Family
Simeon Nutters aged 46 was the farmer and also a thatcher, at 'Clogs Moor' in 1901. He was born in Whitstone, Cornwall and his wife Emma, 39, came from Thornbury, Cornwall.

Lodging with the Voysey family in Templeton in 1851 was a live-in farm labourer, William Packer aged 22

Frederic(k) Page aged 20 born in Sidbury was working for Frank White in Templeton in 1891

Palmer Family
William Palmer was a baker in Templeton in 1871, living in 'Temple village' which, from the route taken by the enumerator, must refer to the settlement around or near the mill, elsewhere called 'Mill Village or Temple Mill', and not to the village round the church, known as 'Temple Town'. He was 26, born in Raddington, Somerset and his wife Emma, 29 was born in Wootton Courtenay in Somerset. They had two children, John aged 2 born in Wootton Courtenay and Edith one month old, born in Templeton. There was also one servant, Phillis Luxton born in Skilgate, Somerset.

In 1881 William Palmer, 38, described as a baker and grocer, and Emma, 40, were living in a cottage at Mount Pleasant, Templeton in 1881. This does appear to have been a move, though not very far. William is also listed in Harrod's directories of 1873 and 1878. 'John R.' was now 12, Edith 10, and they had another son, William H. aged two, born in Templeton. The age gap does suggest there might have been other children in between, but probably not surviving as they would not be old enough to go away to work. Last but not least in this household was Maria Gould, 63, milliner, born in Selworthy, Somerset.

The reason for the Palmers moving to Templeton could be the Goulds. There was another Gould family who came from Oakford, Devon, but a connection, if any, with Somerset would need to be examined by a descendant of that family! It may be just a coincidence of names.

Parker Family
Joan Parker married William Fulford on 27 Nov 1766 in Templeton
Betty Parker married Richard Lee on 31 Dec 1786 in Templeton. [Note - only in original register]

John Purslew married Catherine Parslew on 22 May 1757 in Templeton. [Note - only available from the parish register]

Partridge Family
Mary 'Partridge', (married or single is unknown) born about 1756 died in Cruwys Morchard in Sep 1820 aged 64 and was buried in Templeton on 6 Sep 1820.
Elias Partridge (perhaps husband of the above?) was born about 1745 and died in Cruwys Morchard in Feb 1822 aged 77. He was buried in Templeton on 23 Feb 1822.

Amos Partridge was living in Church House in 1841 and is listed as the parish clerk. He next appears in the account book in 1846, living in the smallest of the cottages with a rent of £1 per half year. As he was between ages 50-55 in 1841 and died in 1850, it suggests that he 'retired' from being parish clerk.through ill health rather than age.
In May 1850 the rent was only 5s. (As there is no other cottage at this rent it seems likely that it is the same cottage which William Collins was occupying from November 1850.) The account book states bluntly "Dead"! It is now almost certain that he was born in 1787, son of Elias Partridge and Elizabeth (Sanger) and that he was the Amos Partridge whose death was registered at Crediton (Crediton Vol.10 p.55) in the Jun Q of 1850. A search for 'Elias Partridge' on the census obviously won't find his father but the one born in 1785 in Tiverton and living in 1851 in Cruwys Morchard could perhaps be a brother. More interestingly the name Sanger appears as a middle name for members of the Tucker family, two from Exeter, grandfather and grandson, and one, a farmer's daughter, from Morchard Bishop.

With thanks to Bernard Spaughton and Dorothy Elliott for extra information.

No family was listed for Amos. He could have been a widower with children and grandchildren who moved elsewhere. In 1901 James Partridge aged 51, born in Witheridge, an ag. lab., was living Town Farm Cottage Templeton. His wife Mary Ann, 50, and children Francis James, 16, Lucy, 13 and John 9 were all born in Chawleigh. The youngest, Margaret aged 6 was born in Lapford. (Francis James is transcribed as a daughter!)

Payne family
Elizabeth Payne, 58, of Tiverton, wife of Thomas Payne, was born about 1779, died 25 Jan 1837 and was buried in Templeton on 3 Feb 1837 (also recorded on her gravestone)
The grave above also records that Thomas died 25 Jan 1852 at Waspbrightleigh, Stoodleigh, aged 80. (He was born about 1772 in Rose Ash) (new) This was presumably the same 'Thomas Payne of Templeton' who left the Will listed on the A2A website [ref. 1078/IRW/P/391 - date: 1852]
James Payne died at Wapsbrightleigh Stoodleigh on 1? Dec 1876 aged 59 (b.1776) - from inscription on his grave in Templeton.
Thomas Payne d. 9 Jul 1878 aged 70 (b.1807) and his wife Jane d.17 Jan 1882 aged 81 - from the inscription on their grave at Templeton.

Elizabeth Payne married James Beadle on 10 Feb 1826 in Templeton.

The Thomas Payne in the account book was living at 'Cloggs' from 1836. It is listed in the Tithe record at the PRO [IR30/9/404 - No.590 Court House Buildings 'Courts and Garden', dated 1842] as 'Cloggs House' though the 's' of House looks more like a 'p'. The 1841 census lists it as 'Cloggs Farm'. Thomas is listed in the account book too, paying rent from May 1846 to May 1847 which is perhaps when George Jackson the land steward moved in.

The 1841 census listing implies that Thomas, aged 65, described as 'Ind' (of Independent means) and heading the list, was father-in-law to John Collard, ag.lab. who was also living there with his family. There was also Mary Knowles aged 3 who could be a grandchild, but the 1841 census does not give relationships. (This is merely a suggestion, not proof) The 1851 census adds that Thomas Payne born in 1772 was a widower and an annuitant, then living with his son, also called Thomas, 44, head of household, and his grandson Thomas 16, at Broadmead, Stoodleigh

Thomas Payne junior was born in Templeton in 1807. In 1851 he was farmer at Broadmead, Stoodleigh. This was a farm of 91 acres, employing 2 labourers. His wife Jane was born in 1801 at Sampford Peverell. They had three children at home in 1851, Thomas, aged 16, James aged 14, and Elizabeth, 10. The two boys were born at Bradninch and Elizabeth at Stoodleigh, so presumably Thomas had been at this farm for about a dozen years or more. Elizabeth married Henry Besley, son of George Besley of Lower South Coombe, Templeton, in 1867
By 1881 Thomas, both father and son, had died. Thomas senior died in 1852 (see above). Thomas Payne, farmer, appears in Harrod's Dir.1878 for Templeton. (Definitely not the Thomas, born about 1835 in Bradninch, son of Thomas and Jane, who was a shepherd, living in Exminster with his wife and their two children.) The directory would be a year late and this is Thomas Payne junior who died on 9 Jul 1878 aged 70.

Jane, now widowed, returned to Templeton and was living at Bridge Cottage in 1881. She had a visitor, Isabella Besley, born in Stoodleigh in 1807 who was also a 'farmer's wife retired'. (Isabella was her daughter Elizabeth's mother-in-law so they were joint grandmothers of the 9 children) Jane died on 17 Jan 1882 (The dates of death for Thomas and Jane are inscribed on their gravestone in Templeton churchyard)

Payne family updated Jul 2005 - more to come


Pearse Family
In 1841 William Pearse 35, Agricultural Labourer, was living in Lagg Village, Templeton. His wife Mary is listed as 25 and they had two children, Elizabeth aged 5 and William 1. No more is known of this family but it would be interesting to know if they were related to an Absalom Pearse who enlisted in 1854 in Tiverton to fight in the Crimean War at the same time as Albert Jackson, son of George Jackson the land steward for Templeton.

Elizabeth Pepper married Abraham Dobell on 19 Jan 1766 in Templeton. (alt. spelling: Doble)

Perratt / Perrott
The apparent difference of spelling in this name may be through a mis-reading, but they must all belong to the same family from Clatworthy, a village in the Brendon Hills some 15 miles or so slightly north-east of Tiverton. All those of this name in Templeton were living in 'Temple Village' which could be the same as 'Mill Village', Temple Mill being not far away, judging by the route the enumerator took. The village centre round the green and the church was called 'Temple Town' in 1871 and is quite a distance away.

Eliza Perrott married John Cheriton in the Sep Q of 1870 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.697]. She was born in Clatworthy in Somerset about 1843 and
was up to three years older than her husband. She and John had one daughter Mary, born about 1874. See the Cheriton family

James Perratt, 42, a 'Pensioner (corporal)', born in Clatworthy, Somerset, was living in 'Temple Village' in 1871. His mother, Betty, a widow aged 80, born in Huish Champflower in Somerset, was visiting him, along with Jane Gadd, 22, unmarried, born in Clatworthy. Betty Perratt was presumably also Eliza's mother and had perhaps come initially for the wedding which could have been as late as December.

There was an additional reason for the visit. Not long after this visit, James married Jane Gadd. The 1881 census lists them as James, 53, pensioner, and Jane 33. They had two children born in Templeton, Lucy, 9, and William J., 7. They returned to Clatworthy where two more children were born, Henry J., 4, and Beatrice J., 2 [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2357 Folio 96 Page 3]

Elizabeth Pester, about 60, was a farm servant at Cleave in 1841 when Henry Martin was the farmer there.

Ann Pitts married George Veysey in Templeton on 25 Nov 1778.

Pleace / Pleass
Jane Pleace married William Manley on 21 Apr 1825 in Templeton

At Parsonage House in 1841 was Edward Pole 35, Minister of the parish born in Salisbury, Wilts (or more accurately, Barford St Martin which is a few miles west of Salisbury).. His wife Mary Ann was 20, born in North Hyde, Essex (or as given in 1881, Mdx). They had two children, Edward 1, and Reginald 2 months. There were also in the household three servants. Louisa Babb 25, Mary Tarr 25, and Anna 15. (Ages all rounded down except for 15 years old and under).

It is worth recording here that the Parish Clerk in 1841, living in Church House, was Amos Partridge

In 1851 Edward Pole was still living in Templeton but on his own. His wife and household were all at Prescott Cottage in Tiverton, most likely because the two older boys, Edward 11, and Reginald 10, were at Blundells School. There were also four more children, Arthur Stuart 7, born in Tiverton and the rest in Templeton, Henry L. 6, John 4, and Frederick W. 1. There were also 3 servants, Elizabeth Himbrow, 20, a nurse from Bishops Hule (?), Mary Ann Mills, 18, a housemaid born in Tiverton, and Charles Wood, 13, a 'servant boy' born in Hule (?), Somerset.

In 1871 the whole family - apart from Edward and Reginald - was together in Templeton at the Rectory, with Arthur S, 27 and crippled, John 22, Caroline J. 19, Stephauna(sic) M. 13, Edith Buller, 11, Ethel Stuart, 9. and Charles (variously listed as Charles S. and Charles F.), 7., all except John given as born in Templeton. John is listed as born in Tiverton - but this seems the wrong way round and should probably be Arthur.

By 1881 Edward Pole senior had left to become Rector of Rackenford. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2239 Folio 105 Page 1] Arthur, 37, Edith 21, Ethel 20 and Charles 17 were still 'at home' and unmarried..

Thomas Pool was living in a house on Templeton Hill in 1841 with his family. He is given as 35, an ag. lab., his wife Sarah as 30, and their children were James 5, Sarah 3 and Henry 6 months. Also living with them was James Rowe, 20, also an ag.lab. It's worth considering whether James Rowe might have been Sarah's younger brother.

Prouse family
James Prouse, 44, a poulterer living in Bampton St, Tiverton in 1851, was born in Buckland Brewer and is not known as associated with Templeton, but his wife Charity, 45, (surname unknown) was born there.. Living with them was a niece, Caroline Beedell 17, also born in Templeton, who was helping with the poultry and a servant Ann Morrish. Ann, also 17, was born in Rackenford but lived for some time in Templeton.

Quant family
This family were living at Lower S.Combe Farm in 1881. John H.Quant, ag.lab. and dairyman was 31, born in Cruwys Morchard. (The farm just across the road was occupied by another 'dairyman', William Rowe, in 1851 - there was obviously plenty of work round about there!) His wife, Sarah Quant, was born in Templeton in 1852 - just too late to identify her and discover her maiden name. Their son William H. Quant was born in Templeton and was 8. The next son was Fred, aged 6, and last on this list was Mary G. Quant aged 3, born in Templeton.

Another 'Quant' born in Templeton was Ann Quant, charwoman, a widow of 77 who was lodging at Withleigh Church Cottage in Tiverton. (This may just reflect the fact that Withleigh was counted as 'part' of Tiverton)

Maria Quick was a female servant with the Collings family at Ashey Farm, Templeton in 1841.


Radford family
James Radford married Mary Stephens on 8 Apr 1819 in Templeton

In 1891 Samuel James Radford was a blacksmith living in Partridge Cottage. He was 24, born Tiverton and his wife Ellen, born Topsham, was 22. [Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 11 - Partridge Cottage]

John Reed married Mary Horwood in Templeton on 27 Aug 1758

Reese family
The village school teacher in 1901 was Rhoda Catherine Reese, a widow aged 50 born in Cowbridge, Glamorgan. She was living in the School House with her children, Harriet Mabel, 20, born in Flint, Wales, a pupil teacher, William James, 12 born in Stainton, Yorks and Undine Daisy aged 7 born in Nash, Monmouth. Pupil teaching was still an accepted form of teacher training.

Richards family
Sarah Richards, born about 1791 died in Tiverton aged 34 and was buried in Templeton on 4 Sep 1825.
John Richards married Sarah Crook on 30 Mar 1825 in Templeton

John Richards, born about 1840 in Tiverton and an agricultural labourer, married Ann Chown, born 1849 in Templeton, daughter of William Chown, the mason, and his wife Elizabeth. John and Ann were living at Waymill, Halberton with their three children in 1881, James 8, born in Tiverton, Elizabeth Ann, 6 and Charles 3, both born in Templeton. There was also a servant William Pring aged 14, an ag lab born in Huntsham living with them, [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2234 Folio 134 Page 7]

The Richards family moved back to Templeton before 1891 and James became the farmer at Clogs Moor (not to be confused with Cloggs, quite a distance away). James Richards and Anne were now 41. Their son James had left home but the other two were still there, Elizabeth Anne, 16, and Charlie, 13. They had visitors, Anne's brother Thomas, 40, and his wife Dinah, 39. Annie Cruwys aged 6, was described as a niece, probably of Thomas as she is listed last, after Thomas and Dinah and was born in Templeton. [Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 24 - Clogsmoor] The identity of Annie Cruwys is unknown - perhaps Ann's parents, William and Elizabeth Chown, had another daughter but none has been found so far..

Roberts family
The Roberts family of Sandford and Stockleigh obviously lived in Templeton for a time as five of their children were born there between 1822 and 1835.. Head of the family was William, born in 1792 who farmed 84 acres at Stockleigh English in 1851. His wife was Frances, born 1798 at Sandford. There was John, 29, Sophia 26, Emma 21, Daniel 19 and William, 16, all born in Templeton. Three more children were born at Stockleigh English, Walter, 14, Fanny 11, and Edwin, 8.

In 1881 John, now 59, was a farm bailiff at East Anstey. He could not be the father of Henry at Ash Farm as he had a son Henry aged 12 living with him.

There were also three morenamed Roberts who were listed on the 1881 census as born in Templeton. Lucy, 21, was working as an indoor servant at Pultisware Farm, Puddington in the house of Thomas Lake. There was Henry, 21, at Ash Farm, Puddington with the Manning family, and Mark, 19, the only one still in Templeton, working at Colston Farm for farmer William Hill. Mark moved to Cruwys Morchard and then Witheridge before returning to Templeton by 1899. On the 1901 census, now 39, he followed Edward Bond as farmer at Mount Pleasant, with his wife Ellen, 34, born in Tiverton, and their children, Lucy, 13, born in Cruwys Morchard, William James 11 born in Witheridge and Mark, 2, born in Templeton..
The size of the farm at Mount Pleasant is unknown. At the top of the steep hill to the west of Templeton Bridge, it appears to be little more than a cottage or group of cottages in earlier records. It borders Colston Farm to the south, where Frank White had taken over from William Hill.

At Cross Moor (Farm) in 1901 were George and Mary Roberts following Thomas Ayre of Rackenford, an ag. lab. and his family. George was 37, born in Witheridge and Mary, 38, was born in Stoodleigh. No connection is known with other Roberts families here.


Rowe family
The following burials and marriage took place in Templeton:
Sarah Rowe, born about 1782, died in Tiverton aged 53 and was buried on 25 Mar 1835.
Anne Rowe, born about 1762, died in Tiverton aged 73 and was buried on 26 Jul 1835.
Another Sarah Rowe died in Tiverton aged 4 months. She was buried on 28 Aug 1836.

William Rowe married Sarah Stephens on 12 Apr 1810 [Note in marriage register] Probably no.1 below.
John Rowe married Mary Cording on 9 Dec 1835
William Rowe married Mary Ann Mogford on 3 Feb 1836.

There appear to be three generations of Rowes born in Templeton which may indicate relationships. In order of age they include (with approximate birth dates in brackets):

1. In 1850 (White's Directory) William Rowe (1791), is listed as one of the two farmers who owned his own farm. This was 'Cloggs Moor Farm', 40 acres. He is most probably the William Rowe listed above as marrying Sarah Stephens. At the 1851 Census William is given as aged 60 and born in Templeton.. His wife Sarah, 68, was born in Washfield, and his daughter Jane 21, was born in Templeton. William does not of course appear in the account book but he is listed in various directories, Kelly's of 1866, Morris's of 1870, and Harrod's of 1873 and 1878. They had one servant, William Stevens, 19, born at Poughill.On the 1881 Census the farm is named as 'Clogsmoor'. It was some distance from the village, not next door to Cloggs Court where George Jackson was living in 1851 and 1861 though it is possible that George may have rented land from him if there was a connection in the name.

William's daughter Jane married William Alford, born 1829 in Witheridge. The Alfords had ten children, all born in Templeton, from 1855 to 1875. (See the Alford Family for more details)

2. George Rowe (1804) 47 a farm labourer living at Higher House Slade, Washfield with his family, his wife Elizabeth 46 born Loxbear, and children all born in Washfield, Ann 13, Elizabeth 11, James 7, and Mary 3. they also had a visitor, a blacksmith (single and a pauper) William Sayer, 69, born in Washfield.

3. John Rowe (1811) was born in Templeton and was a sawyer, living in Bedminster, Somerset in 1881 with one daughter called Frances.

4. John 'Row' (1812) a widower in 1851, was born in Templeton but living at South Devon Gate, Tiverton. He had 3 children, Sarah 11 born in Templeton, William, 7 born Cruwys Morchard and Mary 1 born Tiverton. Sarah could be the one who married William Lockett and lived with her family on a steamboat at Swansea in 1881. (See the Lockett family)

5. William Rowe (1815) 36 in 1851 born in Templeton, was an ag.lab and Dairyman. His wife was Mary Ann, 36, formerly Mogford. Although there were a few Mogfords connected with the village in one way or another, there is no obvious connection of any of these. She came from Washfield, and they were married in Templeton on 3 Feb 1837. They had two children, Caroline, 11, born in Templeton and James aged 7 born at Stoodleigh. In 1851 they had a lodger, John Tapp, a widower of 75 born in Uplowman, a Greenwich Pensioner and ag.lab. Mary Ann died in the Jun Q 1870 aged 56
[Tiverton Reg.Dist.Vol.5b p.325] and only Caroline, said to be 29, was still at home, which was now Clogsmoor, a farm of 42 acres. (By 1851 reckoning Caroline should have been 31). They also had a servant, Albert Sparkes aged 10 who is a mystery as he was born in 'Devon' and has not been found in 1881. William died in the Dec Q of 1881 aged 68 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.283], the farm being taken over by James Richards, a farmer from Tiverton.

In 1891 Caroline, now 48, was living at Crooks Cottage on her own and working as a dressmaker. She was 'Not-Empr/empee' but this would be normal for a dressmaker, making clothes to order for other people. [Folio 60 Page 7 Sched. 28 2 - Crook Cottage 1891]

James (1844) was the farmer at Lower North Combe Farm in Templeton at least from 1881 to 1901 There is a discrepancy. The 1891 census claims that he was born in 'Stoodley' while the 1881 and 1901 censuses say Templeton. Stoodleigh has a very long common border with Templeton so confusion is not surprising. Whoever gave the information to the enumerator may have been just guessing, which is also suggested by the widely differing ages given.

  b abt. 1851 1881 1891 1901
James Rowe
Ellen Rowe
Elizabeth Ellen
Lucy Ann
Henry James
Caroline Mary
Matilda Emma
7 Stoodleigh
8 Ellen Webber?
37 Templeton
38 Rackenford
12 Oakford
9 Oakford
6 Oakford
1 Oakford
47 Stoodley
5 Templeton
55 Templeton
James's wife Ellen was probably formerly Ellen Webber, daughter of a farmer at Rackenford, Joseph Webber, 41 in 1851
James was running the 166 acre farm at Lower North Combe with the help of 1 man & 1 boy in 1881.From evidence in the directories, Harrod's of 1878 and White's of 1878-9 James was there from at least 1878 (or rather, 1877 as directories are about a year old when published)Enumerator 06 Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 9 - Lower North Coomb 1891
There was also1 indoor servant in 1881, William Morrish, 15, born at Knowstone.
Lower North Combe must be part of the one named "Low and High North Combe" in the account book which was occupied for a long time by the Blake family.

6. James Rowe (1820) appears on the 1841 census as an ag.lab.aged 20, living in a 'House on Templeton Hill' with Thomas Pool 35, head of the household, also an ag.lab, his wife Sarah Pool 30 and three children, James 5, Sarah 3 and Henry 6 months. By the 1851 census the Pool family had moved to Warwickshire. If this is the same James (now aged 30) he turns out to have been born in Walkhampton, (Tavistock area) and had returned (?) to the house of his widowed mother and family.

7. Anne Rowe (1826), 15 in 1841, was a servant in the household of George Besley at South Combe. In 1851 aged 25 she was still single and a visitor at West Town Farm, Bishopsteignton to the family of Richard Holman.

8. William E.H. Rowe (1856) was also born in Templeton. He was a wheelwright aged 25, living at Brays Cottage, Butterleigh in 1881, with his wife Mary A.Rowe aged 28, born in Tavistock. There are no children listed. He could be a son of one of the above but this could be confirmed by looking at the 1861 census.(Not yet available here)


Note: The chapel of the Bible Christians was at Templeton Bridge - known as Temple Bridge or Temple Mill or Mill Village - and directly opposite Combe Mill on the opposite bank of the stream. The leader of this group was a William Bryant from Cornwall and the village of Shebbear was an important base in Devon. A history and analysis of the movement can be found through a link on the GENUKI page for Shebbear.