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Salter ; Sanders/Saunders ; Sangar/Sanger ; Sargent ; Selley/Sulley ; Sharland ; Simmons ; Skinner ; Snell ; Snow ; Southcote/Southcott ; Southwood ; Sparkes ; Steer ; Stevens / Stevins/ Stephens ; Stook/Stuke ; Strong ; Sullivan ; Sweet ; Tancock ; Tapp ; Tarr ; Taylor ; Tedball/Tidball,Titball ; Tout ; Treble ; Tucker ; Turner

Other names : Anstey, Ayre, Back, Baker, Barrow, Bassent, Beedell, Beedle, Blake, Bodley, Bodleigh, Boundy, Bowden, Buckingham, Burnet, Channing, Chichester, Clapp, Coles, Collard, Cooksley, Cornwell, Cosway, Crook, Curtes, Curtis, Darch, Darke, Doble, Drake, Duckham, Edwards, Elston, Elstone, Farr, Fulton, Gibbet, Gibbons, Gold, Gosland, Hackworthy, Harris, Hex, Hill, Hunt, Jackson, Kerslake, King, Knowles, Lock, Loosemore, Lugg, Mallett, Manning, Mildon, Mogford, Morgan, Murch, Nagle, Nott, Paun, Perham, Pole, Punchard, Radford, Rowe, Sanders, Smith, Tapp, Toole, Tozer, Veysey, Webber, West, White, Wood, Wreford, Wyatt, Yendale

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Salter Family
James Salter seems to have taken over his cottage from John Channing, but he only stayed for a year, from November 1853 to May 1854.

Sanders (Saunders) Family
Ann Saunders married Abraham Doble on 21 Oct 1792 in Templeton.

George Sanders was a farm servant aged 9, born in Tiverton who was living in 1891 at 'Stanton' (Starraton), Templeton. He was working for Thomas Tapp of Molland and his wife, who were both blind. He is the youngest 'servant' found so far.
Alice Sanders, 16, born Newport, Monmouth in Wales.was a visitor at Temple Lane Cottage, Templeton, in 1901, staying with Maria Gosland aged 72.. A grandchild?

Sanger Family
The following marriages and burials took place in Templeton:
Joan Sangar married Alexander Crook on 21 Dec 1760n
Sarah Sanger married Samuel Duckham on the 31 Aug 1775
John Sanger married Elizabeth Beedle on 21 Dec 1822.
Elias Sanger, born about 1767, died in Tiverton aged 68 and was buried on 12 Mar 1835.
Hannah Sanger born about 1803, died in Tiverton aged 34 and was buried on 2 Jul 1837.
John Sanger, born about 1827, died in Bampton aged 2 and was buried on 21 Jan 1829.

Elizabeth Sargent was schoolmistress at Templeton from at least 1871-1875. She was born about 1838 in Salcombe and was widowed by 1871 when she was living in the schoolhouse at Cloggs. Her niece, Susan Toole aged 17, also born in Salcombe, was living with her and working as a milliner and dressmaker. She has not been found on the 1881 census in Devon.

Selley / Sulley Family
William Selley aged 15 was an ag.lab at Lower Town Living, Templeton, in 1841, living with the Beedell family.

Living at Cleave Farm in 1901 were the Selley family. George Selley, farmer, was 30, from Hilltown Farm in Witheridge, son of a farmer born in Washford Pyne. His wife Ettie (Ethel) 25, was also born in Witheridge. They had been in Templeton at least three years, all three of their children being born there, Hilda Emily, 3, Gladice Laura (Gladys?), 2, and George Henry 4 months. They also had a visitor in Annie Sulley, 28, born Witheridge. The name 'Sulley' is not a mistake,though spelt 'Sully' in 1881, but this looks like a distinct family. Annie's father was an ag.lab. and dairyman from Brushford in Somerset. (The nearest match found for Ettie at present is Ethel Baker aged 2 in 1881)

Thomas Sharland born about 1881 in Cruwys Morchard was working as a farm servant at Town Farm, Templeton (often referred to as a 'Living') in 1891 and living in the household of William Ayre, 39, the farmer. At 10 he is the second youngest servant found to date in Templeton.

Walter Sharland, born about 1870 in Poughill was an indoor farm servant at Northcott, Cruwys Morchard, in 1881. (See the other servant William Stevens born about 1853 in Templeton for details of this household.)

Elizabeth Sharland, 16, born Tiverton, was a general domestic servant with the Barrow family at Great Esworthy in 1901.

In 1851 Grace Sharland, 18, b.Puddington.was a house servant in the household of William Beedell in Stoodleigh.

Elizabeth Simmons married John Edwards on 31 Aug 1807 in Templeton.

Elizabeth Skinner married William Elstone on 25 Mar 1781 in Templeton. [Note - only in original register]

Snell Family
George Snell married Susanna Mogford on 6 Mar 1820 in Templeton.
John Snell is listed on an estate document from Humberside County Archives [DDCC 114/12] from the Chichester documents No address is given though it was probably in Town village like the others listed there. He was paying rent of £1.0s 6d (each half year) to the Chichester family. This is probably about 1842, in connection with the commutation of tithes.

Snow Family
Ann Snow married William Webber in Templeton on 25 Aug 1806 (Note - in original register only)
Mary Snow married William Gibbons in Templeton on 20 Mar 1813

Mary Snow was baptised on 3 Jul 1785 at Molland, the daughter of Hugh and Ann Snow and the sister of Frances and William Gibbons was born about 1787 in Cheriton Fitzpayne. It seems that they had two children, John who was the second husband of Christian Hill in 1863 and Mary born 1828 in Rackenford but this still needs postive proof. (See more information under the Gibbons family)

Southcott (Southcote) Family
This name also occurs in Calverleigh where a George Southcott became lord of the manor when he bought it from Sir George Carew about the 16th century. This is from a church leaflet but no date is given for the sale. The writer adds, "There is a monument at the east end of the South Aisle to three generations of the Southcott family, erected in 1638." They owned the land which passed to one more family, the Fanes, before being bought by Joseph (Chichester) Nagle. (see Chichesters and Calverleigh) One directory (probably Kelly's of 1866) stated that an Act of Parliament had to be passed to enable the trustees to continue with the sale. The new owner was given as Lord Viscount Vane, but a date of 1822 does not seem to agree with other sources.

Robert Southcott was a farmer in Templeton listed in Harrod's directory of 1878. There are too many of this name to make a positive identification in 1851 but he was possibly the ag.lab. at Witheridge, aged 27.

In 1871 William Southcott aged 50 was farming 150 acres at Loosland, Templeton. He was born in Witheridge and his wife Ann, probably formerly Webber, was 50, born in Sampford Peverell. It was her second marriage as William Smith, a farm servant of 21, and James Smith, carter, aged 19 were living with them, both described as 'son-in-law'. William was 21, a farm servant and James, 19, was a carter.

Ann had been married before, to John Smith, who is listed in the 1851 census as a farm carter born in Clayhanger. This was in the Sep Q 1846 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol.10 p.398] John and Ann, who were living in 1851 at Bouverie, Sampford Peverell, had two children then, Grace, 3 (born 1848) and William, 1, both born in Sampford Peverell. It is the same William of course who was still living with his mother and his brother James in 1871.

William Southcott died in the Dec Q 1880, aged 59, leaving Ann as a widow for the second time. [Tiverton Reg.Dist Vol 5b p.291] She is listed as a widow, and herself the farmer of 140 acres at Loosland Farm. Living with her were James, now 29, and another, younger son, John Smith aged 24. Grace was married to Charles Coles, a foreman papermaker in Bradninch and William was a coachman at the Rectory in Poughill.

In 1891 Ann is given as aged 69 and John as 32! Mary Darch aged 20, also born in Sampford Peverell was visiting them at the time.[Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 22 - Loosland 1891]

Mary Southwood married Charles Collard on 19 Jul 1801 in Templeton[Note - only in original register]

Albert Sparkes was a servant in the household of William Rowe at Cloggs Moor Farm in 1871. He was ten years old and is listed only as born in 'Devon'. No more is known of him at present.

Sarah Steer married Francis Bowdon in Templeton on 5 Aug 1759 [Note, available only from the parish register]

Stevens / Stevins / Stephens family
The spellings of this name are as given in the records - the earlier spelling tends to be 'Stephens' and the later one 'Stevens' - but are probably not important! Some errors have now been corrected and new information added resulting in new connections in the Tucker>Mallett>Stevens line. (November 2005) Any further additions or corrections welcomed!

The following marriages were in Templeton:
Humphry Stevens married Agnes Hex on 18 Jun 1759.
Mary Stephens married Elias Crook on 18 Mar 1792
Sarah Stephens married William Rowe on 12 Apr 1810 (The record includes a note for which the original should be consulted)
James Stephens married Mary Harris on 25 Jul 1815
Mary Stephens married James Radford on 8 Apr 1819

John Stevens, 67, of Tiverton, b. abt 1766, was buried in Templeton on 24 Feb 1833.
Another Elizabeth Stephens, 15, of Bampton, b. abt.1813, was buried in Templeton on 2 Oct 1828.
William Stephens 22, of Tiverton b. abt 1814, was buried in Templeton on 21 Dec 1836.
Elizabeth Stephens, 2, of Stoodleigh, was buried in Templeton on 26 Jun 1825

William Stevens, born about 1756 is listed on the 1841 census as aged 85, a pauper, living in a 'House in Templeton village'. Living with him were Sarah Stevens, 25, washerwoman, presumably a granddaughter, and Joseph Mogford 25, carpenter.

William Stevens farmed at Middle North Combe, (148 acres) from 1835/1836 at least as he is listed there on the Tithe documents. He is listed again on the 1841 Census with his wife Catherine, their ages being entered as William 55 and Catherine as 60. They had three children living at home, John, 23, born about 1817 in Tiverton, Thomas 21, born about 1820 and Mary 16, born about 1825 in Templeton. They also had two ag.labs living with them in 1841, James Cooksley, 25 and John Veysey, 14. Some time previously William Webber aged 15 or 16 must have been working for them, though in 1841 he was in the workhouse through illness.

William also appears from May 1846 to May 1850 in the account book, but must have died about then for his widow, Catherine (Kate) Stevens took over, paying rent from November 1850 to May 1862. (new) William 'Stevins' , whose Will, dated 1850 is listed under Estate Duty Wills on the A2A website, is probably this William but could easily be checked. (ref. 1078/IRW/S/1474)

Catherine was born in Bishops Nympton about 1780 and is given in 1851 as aged 70. John, now given as 34 and Mary, 26, were both still unmarried, living at home, Middle North Combe. William Stevens then aged five was a visitor. He could be a son of Thomas who may have died as he can't be found on the 1851 census. As the births of their children seem rather late for this couple, there could have been more children before John.

1. John Stevens, son of William and 'Kate' married Sarah Mallett, daughter of Henry Mallett and Sarah, formerly Tucker, in the Dec Q 1852 [S.Molton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.844] They had at least three children. The 1881 census gives John aged 18, born Hockworthy and Thomas aged 13, born at Rose Ash. There was also a son-in-law William Wyatt born in 1851 in Churchstanton described as a farmer, but no sigh of John and Sarah's daughter. The only possible match, though not proved, is a Louisa Wyatt aged 25 and married but with no husband present, who was born in Dowland where she was staying as a visitor in the house of William Hooper and his wife Jane. She also had an 11 month old son, James W.Wyatt born in Bideford. (N.B. Previous dating error of 1851 with incorrect or no connections corrected to 1881!)

3. In the mid-1850s Mary Stevens married Robert West who is listed in 1851 as an indoor farm servant at Middle North Combe, aged 28 and born in Uplowman. When Kate Stevens died, some time during the 1860s Robert took over Middle North Combe Farm, described in 1851 as 100 acres. The 'missing' 48 acres could perhaps be explained as extra fields sometimes rented, judging by the slightly fluctuating rents of similar properties. They had a daughter, Lavinia West, born in Templeton about 1859. On the 1861 census the family is listed as Robert, 37, farmer of 100 acres, Mary 36, born Templeton and Lavinia, 3, born Templeton and in 1871 the ages all agree. In 1881 Robert's age is wrongly transcribed as 36 when it should of course be 56. Lavinia by this time had gone into service and was employed as a domestic servant on a farm at West Anstey run by Fred Yendale. Mary however died soon after the 1871 census for in the Mar Q of 1873 [ Vol 5b p.615] Robert, now a widower, married Sarah Gibbons (formerly Blake).

Also in 1851 there was another indoor farm servant, Jacob Curtes (Curtis?), 20, born Rose Ash.

The rest of the Stevens/Stephens associated with Templeton aren't obviously related to each other. They were:

*Mary Stephens, who married James Radford on 8 Apr 1819 in Templeton. By 1851 they were living in Tiverton. [PRO Ref: HO/107/1889 Folio: 407 Page: 17]

*Sarah Stevens 1797. Unmarried, aged 74, a 'seamstress (pauper)' in 1871, born in Templeton. She had a lodger, Mary Hackworthy, 84, born about 1887 in Winkleigh (transcribed 'Warkleigh') who was a former weaver. There was also a niece, presumably of Sarah's, Mary Kerslake who was 12 (birthplace not given). In 1851 Mary Hackworthy and her husband, Robert, had been living in Mill Village. Robert was then 70 (born about 1781) in Templeton and a 'Chelsea Pensioner Formerly Ag.Lab'. The death certificate gives him as aged 87 which would make him born about 1879 rather than 1781 but none of these dates are really reliable. Robert died in the Jun Q 1866 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.349]

*Thomas Stevens 1808. Aged 73 in 1881, born in Templeton, a former gardener living at no.60 Upper Cheltenham Place, Bristol St James & St Paul Out, Gloucester. His wife, Charlotte, 70, was born in 1811. He and Charlotte were living in Loxbear in 1851 and in Bristol in 1881, but there are several discrepancies between those censuses. In 1851 Thomas is given as 'Stephens' aged 45 (born 1806) but as 'Stevens' aged 73 in 1881 (perhaps a 5 wrongly read as a 3?). Charlotte was supposedly born in Washfield in 1851, but 1881 lists her as born in Tiverton (a small error since Washfield is part of the registration area of Tiverton), but she was 35 in 1851 and 70 in 1881 instead of 65. (Most people would prefer to grow younger rather than older!)

*George Stevens 1811. Given as 40 in 1851, a labourer born in Templeton, like his wife Mary A., 39, and their eldest son William, 16. They had six more children born in Tiverton, probably in Silver St where they were living, George 14, John 10, Henry 8, Mary 6, Jane 4 and Samuel 6 mths. In 1871 Henry, now 29, was living by himself, still single, in 'Parsonnage' Cottage, Templeton, and working as an ag.lab. In 1881 George has not been found in the Devon area, John was married to Louisa, had 5 children, and was living in Silver St. George and Mary have not been found in that census so perhaps John and Louisa had stayed on in the same house. Henry, Mary and Jane have not been identified, but a possible match for Samuel is a lodger aged 29, described as a widower, a timber hauler (Ft)(?), lodging at the King William Inn, Exeter Alphington, Samuel Tozer then being the innkeeper. Perhaps Thomas Stevens aged 23, another timber hauler lodging in the inn, was related.

*George Stevens 1823. Born in Cruwys Morchard, 58 in 1881, was then living at Churchyard House, Templeton. His wife Elizabeth, was born at Sampford Courtenay about 1821. Neither of them can be found on the 1851 census at present and may have been in Somerset or some other county. In 1881 they had lodgers, Sarah Murch, a widow of 68, born Calverleigh, and William Radford, 29, an 'ag.lab.', born in Cruwys Morchard and unmarried. George was paid 11s 6d for a labouring job in November 1861, his only appearance in the account book. However he was still living in 'Church Cottage' - probably the same house but a different description in 1891 as in 1901, the Stevens still being in residence, it is listed as 'Church Cottage No.1' In 1891 George was an ag.lab. aged 69 and his wife Elizabeth is described as 71, a laundress. Living with them that year was Mary Jane Lugg, niece, born in Exeter, who was an assistant to her aunt. [Enumerator 06 Folio 58 Page 4 Sched. 14 - Church Cottage] Perhaps Elizabeth was formerly Lugg? By 1901 though she had lost a couple of years, now being only 79 instead of 81.

*William Stevens 1831. Widower born in Cruwys Morchard, aged 50 in 1881. His sister Elizabeth Stevens, 37, (born 1844) living with them, was from the same village but both of William's children, John W., an errand boy of 15 and Henry, 13, were born in Templeton. They lived at Cooks Court, Gold St, Tiverton in 1881.

*William Stevens 1832. Born in Poughill, was 19 in 1851 and working as an indoor farm servant at Cloggs Moor farm, Templeton.

*Harriet Stevens 1850 She only appears in the 1851 census aged 1 and born in Templeton. So the family, James 27 born Cruwys Morchard, and Mary 24, born North Tawton, Elizabeth aged 3 born in Cruwys Morchard and Harriet, had presumably not lived in Templeton for long and had only recently moved to become lodgers at Lower Bradley (farm), Tiverton. These were typical moves of an ordinary ag.lab. They were frequently taken on for a year less one day which meant they could be'turned off' at the end of the year and have to look elsewhere for work. None of them have been found in the south-west in 1881.

*William Stevens 1853. Born in Templeton, 28 in 1881, was working as an indoor servant at Northcott, Cruwys Morchard. This was the household of John H. Back, 69, born in Cadbury, a farmer of 330 acres employing 3 labourers and one boy.

*Mary A. Stevens 1865. Born in Templeton, aged 16 in 1881, and living in Tiverton at the "Bazaar", a fancy goods institution. The head (and Partner) was a Mary S. Fulton, a fancy goods dealer, 42, born in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Also living there were Miriam Sudbury (Partner), also a 'fancy goods dealer', 35, born Halstead, Essex, and Mary Taylor, 24, shop assistant, born Tiverton. Mary Fulton was a widow and the other three were unmarried.

*Eliza Stevens 1868. Born in Templeton, aged 13 in 1881, a general domestic servant at Forke, Cruwys Morchard in the household of Robert Morgan, a farmer of 200 acres. He employed 2 labourers, and was born about 1852 at Sampford Arundell in Somerset.

*Mrs Martha Stevens recorded in Kelly's directory of 1866 as the village schoolmistress was perhaps another who married into this family. Harrod's of 1873 entered her name as 'Stephens' but she is obviously the same person and the two spellings were probably interechangeable until much later.

Stook /Stooke/ Stuke
The following burials and marriages took place in Templeton:
Robert Stuke, born about 1729, died in Rackenford aged 91 and was buried on 3 Feb 1820
Jane Stook, born about 1756, died in Tiverton aged 81 and was buried on 30 Jan 1837.

Robert Stooke married Anne Bodleigh on 7 Apr 1763
Robert Stooke married Jane Crook on 29 Jun 1794. [There is a note, available only from the parish register]
Jane Stooke married William Anstey on 29 May 1829

(new) A Will is listed for 'Robert Stooke of Templeton' in 1820 under Wills in the Estate Duty Office on the A2A website. It seems quite likely that this is the same person as Robert Stuke above who was buried in Templeton in 1820 but the Will should be consulted to confirm this. [ref. 1078/IRW/S/1581]

John Strong was lodging in Templeton in 1891and 1901. See the West family

Sullivan Family
William Sullivan was born about 1833, possibly a son of Ann, wife of Henry Gold if Ann was named Sullivan previously.. In 1841 he was living in Templeton Lane with Henry, 35 and Ann, 30, along with their three children, Ann 4, Benjamin 3, and Richard, nine months who were all born in Templeton. He was not with the 'Gould' family as the name was then spelt and nothing more is known of him.

Another Sullivan found in 1871 who was a servant at the Rectory when Edward Pole was the Rector, was William aged 15, born in Puddington. but he was probably not related to the family above. He also has not been found in the West Country in 1881.

Sweet Family
Richard was a farm labourer born about 1819 but died before 1881. He must be the agricultural labourer aged 20 given in the 1841 census who was living at Higher North Coombe and working for the farmer William Blake. He almost certainly married Mary, a widow, who is listed in the 1881 census aged 57, charwoman, born in Witheridge. They may have had two earlier children not listed then, Sarah and John, born in Tiverton in 1846 and 1849 but Mary certainly still had two unmarried sons at home, at Little Silver near Tiverton. [Source: PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2235 Folio 137 Page 12] There was Henry 25, a butcher (unemployed) and Sydney 19, a silk lace machine worker and also William 27, who had been an indoor farm servant at Great Esworthy in 1871. William was born in Cruwys Morchard about 1854 and in the Mar Q of 1875 he married Mary Norrish, born about 1855 in Morchard Bishop. (The 1881 census gives her as aged 26). There were also three grandchildren in the household but it seems very unlikely that they were all children of William and Mary's! They were William aged 1, born in London, Ellen aged 1 born in Brentor, ('Brent-Tor' on the edge of Dartmoor, wrongly transcribed as Brentar), and Sarah 5 months born in Tiverton. Whose children they were is at present a matter of guesswork. Perhaps Ellen was a child of John's if nearly two years old, a likely 'candidate' for Mary's son in 1881 being John Sweet, a butcher in Exeter St Thomas with wife Elizabeth 30 and one son, William aged 8 months. (updated April 2006)


Tancock Family
William Tancock was a farmer in Templeton, listed in the directories of Kelly's of 1866, Morris's of 1870, Harrod's of 1873 and 1878, and White's of 1880 where the farm is named as 'Cleeve' (Cleave or Clieve). Born in Cruwys Morchard about 1825, in 1851 he was 26, an ag.lab. living with his wife Charlotte, 30, born Cadleigh, at Morgains Cott in Tiverton. [PRO Ref: HO/107/1889 Folio 17 p.27] Their daughter Sarah, was born in Tiverton about 1852 and they moved to Templeton before their eldest son James was born about 1854. Charlotte S. was born in Templeton about 1857 and finally William junior in 1860.

It's not known where the Tancock family lived in Templeton between 1853 and 1865 for William didn't take over from George Lock at Cleave till about 1865. By 1871 William (46) was listed as the farmer at Little Esworthy with its 42 acres with his wife Charlotte and their two children at home. Cleave is not listed as occupied.

William is also named in White's of 1880 as farming at Little Esworthy and the family are all listed again in 1881but they were living at Cleave which had g 63 acres, with James, Charlotte and William. Running the farm at Little Esworthy would involve quite a trek unless with a horse, as Cleave is at the other end of the deep combe of Templeton Bridge but he could have sub-let it as often appears to have been done with rented farms. Charlotte, now aged 60, was not at Cleave but staying with their eldest daughter Sarah who was living at 'Pt. of Bradford', in Witheridge with her husband, Daniel Arscott, a 'woodman'. Sarah had a two year old son and another, as yet unnamed, a month old, so Charlotte had perhaps been there for a while.

William Tancock senior died in the Mar Q 1887 aged 62 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol. 5b p.347] and his son James took over as the farmer at Cleave, his mother and sister living with him. He was 36 and still single.[Folio 59 Page 5 Sched. 20 - Cleve 1891] William Tancock junior was no longer in Templeton and none of the family were at Cleave in 1901, George Selley (above) perhaps having taken over about 1897.

.Tapp Family
John Tapp, a Greenwich Pensioner, was born about 1776 in Uplowman. In 1851 he was a widower lodging with William Rowe and his family at Higher North Combe [Farm] Templeton.

John Tapp, presumably son of John, above, born 1801, married Ann Veysey on 9 Feb 1829. In 1841 John, now about 50 and Ann about 45, were living in Combe Mill Village in Templeton with son George aged 11. His wife was formerly Ann Veysey, the marriage taking place on 9 Feb 1829 in Templeton. Ann Veysey aged 85 who was living with them was described as a 'pauper' and may have been Ann Tapp's mother but could just have been her grandmother. (See the Veysey family)

In 1851 George Tapp, 21, John's son, was working as an ag.lab for Charles Drake at Blythen, Witheridge. By 1881, now 51, he was living in Bedminster, Somerset, Foreman of Building at a chemical works. His wife Mary, 46, came from Taunton and his two children 'G.T.'16, and Florence, 6, were born in Bristol.

In 1851 Thomas Tapp, then 11, (born about 1839 in Molland) was a farm servant in the household of William Mildon a maltster and farmer in Molland. His wife Sarah was born in Oakford, being about the same age, possibly Sarah Farmer, daughter of a master mason from Somerset. By 1881 Thomas was the farmer of 160 acres at Starraton. A niece, Selina Wood, 16, born in Rackenford, was working for them as a domestic servant. Another servant was Thomas Knowles aged 20, born in Cruwys Morchard. Both Thomas and Sarah were listed as blind in 1891 when they were still at Starraton (entered as 'Stanton') A niece, Blanche Wood, aged 20 was then working for them as a general domestic servant, along with Thomas Nott aged 13, born in Rackenford and George Sanders, a farm servant aged only 9 from Tiverton! [1891 Census : Folio 59 Page 6 Sched. 25 ] Both Thomas and Sarah Tapp had probably died by 1901, neither of them being found in Templeton.

In 1871 James Tapp, a servant aged 35, was working for William Hill at Colstone Barton farm. As his birthplace was only given as Devon he has not so far been identified and it is not known if he was connected with any of the above.

Tarr Family
The family at Thorne Tenement in 1891 was called Tarr, 'Farr' being a misreading as handwritten capital 'F' and 'T' are often very similar. A search in 1851 for the name Tarr in Bampton, where both husband and wife were born in the 1850s also reveals a family named as 'Tarr or Parr' so this is obviously not the first time! (The youngest child of this other family was Diana, born about 1848) There is no match in Bampton or Templeton - either living there or born there - in 1851 for the name Farr.

In 1881 John F. Tarr, 29, b. Bampton, was an ag.lab at West Bowley, Cadbury. He and his wife Hannah 22, also born in Bampton, had two children, Maria 1, born in Witheridge (she must have been nearly 2) and Rhoda F.Tarr, 10 mths, born in Cadbury. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2232 Folio 115 Page 12]

George Tarr was born in Cadbury about 1882 and then before 1887 the family moved to Thorne Tenement, Templeton where three more children were born, Dinah, about 1887, Frank 1889 and Sidney 1890. [Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 8 - Thorne Tenement 1891] Unfortunately this has been misread as Farr since it is obviously not clear, but there is no doubt about the name Tarr in view of the other evidence.

The 1901 census adds that John's middle name was Francis. He was 48 and Hannah, entered as Anna (a not uncommon change) was 40,both of them born in Templeton not Bampton! They were still living at Thorne Tenement, now with five more children, William 1892, 'Aurthur' (Arthur?) 1893, Edith 1894, Bessie 1895, and Emily 1897. The total was now 10. Three of the older children were now living as servants (Tarr) at Town Farm in Templeton with the Turner family. Maria was 21 and a housemaid, George was a farm servant aged 18, both now given as born in Cadeleigh. The third was Sidney aged 11, born in Templeton, a 'cattle tender'.

Bampton seems the more likely birthplace for John and Hannah. Further information on the Cadbury/Cadeleigh discrepancy in birthplaces given for Maria and George would be welcome
Reminder - all dates with no month could be a year earlier.

Elizabeth Taylor married William Hunt on 8 Oct 1780 in Templeton.

Tedball / Tidball / Titball Family
John Titball married Ann White on 21 Jul 1808 in Templeton.
John Tidball died in Tiverton aged 63 and was buried in Templeton on 15 Aug 1833. Born about 1770, he could be the father of John above.
Elizabeth Tedball, 43, of Calverleigh, b. abt 1773, was buried in Templeton on 2 Jan 1836.

Susan Toole, 17, born in Salcombe, was the niece of Elizabeth Sargent the village schoolmistress in 1871. She was a milliner and dressmaker.

Tout Family
The following 4 were all buried in Templeton.
Jane Tout died in Rackenford aged 22 and was buried on 28 Jun 1822.
Sarah Tout died in Stoodleigh aged 29 and was buried on 20 Mar 1825.
Elizabeth Tout died in Bampton aged 64 and was buried on 23 Nov 1828.
William Tout died in Tiverton aged 70 and was buried on 29 Feb 1832

The following 4 marriages were all in Templeton:
Elizabeth Tout married William Harris on 1 Jan 1825 .
Mary Tout married Francis Cornwell on 17 Apr 1828.
Charity Tout married William Davey on 10 Jun 1829
Anna Tout married William Cornwell on 28 Sep 1831

William Tout was given as aged 50 in the 1841 census and was then living in 'New Cottage, Hillside' in Templeton. In 1851 was (still) single, a mason aged more correctly 63, born in Cruwys Morchard and living in Mill Village. No-one is recorded on the 1881 census as born or living in Templeton..

There were 131 with that surname on the 1851 census and 147 on the 1881 census born and living in Devon but no obvious relatives.

Treble Family
Elizabeth Treble born about 1749 died in Rackenford aged 74 and was buried in Templeton on 2 Feb 1823.
William Treble married Charity Darke on 2 Apr 1813 in Templeton.
Elizabeth Treble died in Cruwys Morchard aged 74 and was buried in Templeton on 2 Feb 1824

Tucker Family
Sarah (Tucker) Mallett is so far the only positively identified member of this family. She was the wife of Henry Mallett whom she married on 31 March 1808 at Cheriton Fitzpaine. She may have been born there in 1780 but it is not known for sure. Henry was born about 1808-9 in Cheriton Fitzpayne, but by 1810 they were living in Washfield and had 7 more children, Elizabeth 1810, William 1811, John 1815, an unnamed child about 1819, Thomas 1821, Ann 1821, (ages are approximate - they weren't necessarily twins), Richard 1825 and Sarah 1826. They next moved to Templeton where Henry became the farmer at Middle Town Living. He died there in 1845 and was buried in the churchyard on 27 June 1846.

Sarah has one appearance in George Jackson's account book when she paid the rent for the property on May 7th 1846. The total rent was usually £70 but there was another £10 12s 4d owing. The farm was then taken over by George Wreford. Sarah has not been found on the 1851 census. As she was 60 (age probably rounded to nearest 5) on the 1841 census she may have died by the time of the 1851 census.

Elias Tucker, a servant aged 19 (unm.), born at Rackenford, was working for George Loosemore at Stoodleigh in 1851. At first glance this seems to have nothing to do with Templeton but George and two of his children were born there. George was the farmer at Middle North Combe in 1836 so must have known the Malletts well. There was also a Mary Tucker, born Morchard Bishop in 1837 visiting the Wreford family who (see above) took over Middle Town Living from Sarah in 1846. Perhaps Wrefords and Malletts and/or Tuckers were related? It certainly looks like it.

See also Mallett family for more details.

In 1901 Frank Tucker, 30, was farming at Partridge. He was born in Morchard Bishop and his wife Eliza 25, was born in Rose Ash. They had two sons, Alvan William Tucker, 6, born Rose Ash, and Thomas Brown Tucker 4, born Washford (This was transcribed as Washleigh but no such place has been found). There were also two servants at Partridge, Henry Stevens, 20, a 'Horse carter' born in Tiverton and Selina Gibbet, 23, a domestic servant from South Molton. There was a Stevens family in Templeton but Henry has not been identified as a relation and may be quite unconnected.

Turner Family
It has been suggested that there are two distinct Turner families associated with Templeton so the information below should be treated with caution. The principle of working backwards from oneself and checking every connection scrupulously is particularly important where a family became scattered over a wider area in the 20th century.

In 1841 John Turner, (about) 35, born in Devon and an agricultural labourer, was living at Thorne Tenement in Templeton. John's wife was Ann, also (about) 35, born in Devon, and their children were Robert, 6, and Emma 1. There was also a Robert Burnet (a lodger?).

Perhaps it was the same John Turner and Ann who married at Washfield in 1833. Their son Robert was born in 1836 when John was described as a husbandman at Esworthy Farm. John died in 1841 at the age of 36 and was buried at Templeton on 1 Sep. 1841. He could have moved from Esworthy Farm to Thorne Tenement between 1836 and 1841

By 1851 Robert, John's son, was 15 and working as an indoor servant with William Blake at Lower North Combe. He was an ag.lab. at Esworthy with his wife Ann whom he married at Tiverton in 1858. They had two children, Emma, 2, born in July 1858 and John, 1, born in Nov. 1859, both at South Combe Farm. Another son, William, was born at Esworthy Cottage in May 1861.

Robert and Ann had more children, but born in Withleigh and Halberton. At the age of 12 in 1871 their daughter Emma was a general servant at Lower North Coombe in the household of William B. Cosway. She married William Bassent, a gardener from Huntsham, and was living at Bolham House, Tiverton in 1881. John joined the army, enlisting in the 11th foot Devonshire Regt. and served in India, 1877-1883. He married Ann Perham in 1885 in Tiverton and was killed on the railway in Tiverton in 1887.

In 1881 William, not yet married, was visiting his sister Emma (Bassent) in Templeton, but by 1891 he was married to Dora and had become a farmer at Higher North Coombe Farm. Both the 1891 and 1901 censuses give Ashreigney as his place of birth but he was said in 1881 to have been born in Templeton, where their daughter Annie was born in 1888. William's wife Dora was definitely born in Ashreigney, the only match found to date being Dora Boundy, daughter of Samuel Boundy a farmer of 117 acres at Westyard, Ashreigney in 1881.

By 1901 and now at 'Town Farm' Templeton they had two more children, William then 8 and Elsie, 3, both also born in Templeton. It's interesting to note that their three servants at Higher North Combe in 1901 were from the family at Thorne Tenement in 1891 where William's grandfather, John Turner, had been living in 1841. (See the Tarr Family) William was now 37 and Dora 38, both given as born Ashreigny. Dora is transcribed as 'Dow Ellen', the Dow probably being a misreading.

In 1891 there were three servants in the Turner household at Higher North Combe, Mary Ann Punchard, 12, from Rackenford, John Manning, 28, born Cadbury and 'Fredric' King, 16, born in St Austell, Cornwall. [Folio 57 Page 2 Sched. 6 - Higher North Coomb 1891]
In 1901 three of the Tarr family were live-in servants, George, 18, a carter, born Cadeleigh, Sidney 11, a cattle tender aged 11 and Maria, 21, a housemaid born Cadeleigh.

With many thanks to Geoffrey, a Turner descendant, and to Paul, who sent details from the later censuses.


Note: The chapel of the Bible Christians was at Templeton Bridge - known as Temple Bridge or Temple Mill or Mill Village - and directly opposite Combe Mill on the opposite bank of the stream. The leader of this group was a William Bryant from Cornwall and the village of Shebbear was an important base in Devon. A history and analysis of the movement can be found through a link on the GENUKI page for Shebbear.