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Other names : Baker, Baring-Gould, Barkill, Barrow, Beedell, Berry, Besley, Bidgood, Billing, Blake, Bowden, Brown, Burnet, Burnett, Cheriton, Chown, Cockram, Collard, Collins, Cornwall, Cornwell, Cross, Courtney, Dalling, Darch, Edworthy, Ellies, Fowler, Gale, Gardiner, Gibbon, Gibbons, Goss, Greenslade, Hatswell, Heard, Hill, Hobson, Hooper, Kilcoame, Lloyd, Lock, Lockett, Loosemore, Manley, Martin, Maunder, Mitchell, Mogford, Mogridge, Morrish, Packer, Page, Pellow, Philips, Pitts, Saunders, Snow, Squire, Stevens, Strong, Tapp, Thorne, Titball/Tidball, Tout, Tucker, Turner, Yendale

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updated with more names and more census information November 2005

Venn Family
It is not known where Joan Venn was born, probably before 1736, but on 25 Apr 1756 she married William Heard in Templeton.

John Venn was born in Chittlehampton in 1819 and married Grace Lock from Puddington on 29 Mar 1848 in Poughill. In 1851, aged 30, he was living at "Black Dog", Washford Pyne in the registration district of Crediton. His wife, Grace, was 27 and they had two children, Eli, aged 2, born in Poughill, and John, 6 months, born in Washford Pyne. John was described as a 'shoeing smith'. About 1860-1861 the family moved to 'Temple Town', the centre of the village, a single row of cottages around a long narrow green with the church at the end. Here John was running a grocer's shop and was also the blacksmith with William Pope aged 20 living in as a journeyman smith (paid by the day, but it does presume some skill). No doubt Grace was actually running the shop when John was busy (i.e. more often than not) a common arrangement. Their children in Temple Town were Eli 12, John 10, Lucy 8, Reuben 6, Lydia 3, and Mary A. 1. They were next-door neighbours to George Jackson (webmaster's ancestor) until George left Templeton to join his daughter in Sussex about 1864, at which time the account book was 'closed'. No later records of a similar kind have yet been found.

Hopefully a rather large number of misreadings on one major website will soon be corrected as they made this record very difficult to find.  The family were all identified as 'NUN', the Blacksmith and Grocer as a Brick Layer and Farmer, the Journeyman Smith as 'formerly Smith', Eli, the 'Smithing Boy' as an 'Errand Boy', Reuben was not named (...) and Lydia is named as Lucia. This vital note will be removed when the transcription is corrected!

From May 1862 till November 1864 (and beyond.) John Venn was paying rent on the house, shop  and smithy at 3. 10s for the half year. (The average rent for a cottage was about 1) and he was still there in 1871 at 'Templeton Shop'. The enumerator went there from the cottages in the Temple Town - those around the church - straight on to Little Esworthy. John was given as aged 53, his wife Grace 47 , and they had seven children at home: Eli 22, wheelwright, b. Puddington, John 20, blacksmith, b.Poughill, Lucy 18, domestic servant , and Lydia 14, both b. Loxbeare, and the rest born in Templeton, Mary Alice 11, Albert 9 and Levi 4. There was one other child who was not at home in 1871, Reuben who was baptised in 1854 in Loxbeare so was old enough to work away from home. (Children sometimes left home as early as 9 years old)

By 1881 John Venn and Grace were  living in Templeton had moved to one of the Mount Pleasant Cottages inTempleton. They still had three (unmarried) children at home. Lydia, 24, a dressmaker, and Mary A., 21. Mary was a 'general servant unemployed', which implies that she might have been living elsewhere when she was employed. The servant was a journeyman smith called William Greenslade who was born in Rackenford in 1860 and was presumably the '1 man' employed by John Venn, 'Smith and Wheelwright'. John is listed in various directories, as a farmer in Morris's of 1870, and as blacksmith and wheelwright in Harrod's of 1878 and was still there in 1908 as wheelwright and blacksmith in a directory of 1909 (and a year out of date when published) The two occupations are not exclusive as 'farmer' may imply only that he rented a small piece of land.

In 1881 Eli Venn, now 34, was a wheelwright on Chapel St. Tiverton. He married Jane, the daughter of William Cornwall (or Cornwell) the miller, on 27 Dec 1879 and the witnesses were Lucy Venn, Eli's sister, and John Collins, Jane's cousin (his mother was Mary, formerly Cornwall). Mount Pleasant where Eli's parents were still living, is just up the hill from Temple Mill where William Cornwell lived. At the census Jane claimed to be 39 but was actually about 43. (See the Cornwell family) Eli and Jane were still living in Chapel St Tiverton in 1891 and 1901. (New information from descendants of the Venn family confirms that Jane was William's daughter, for which many thanks!)

Perhaps there is no significance in the Biblical names John Venn gave his sons, but in Templeton Eli and Jane lived near the chapel belonging to the Bible Christians at Temple Bridge and Eli's address - Chapel St - at least indicates a nonconformist chapel nearby in Tiverton.

John Venn junior moved to Newark, Notts and was there in 1891 and 1901.

Reuben married Fanny Ann Viles who was born in 1861 in Somersham, Huntingdon and they moved to Cambridge where in 1881 they were living at 32 Grafton St. Five year old Ada Viles was a 'visitor' but obviously related. Reuben died in the Jun Q 1887 at Cambridge [FreeBMD Vol.3b p.276]

Lydia and Levi had both moved to Dalwood by 1901, and Levi moved to Willand later with his family. John and Grace also moved to Willand and died there, John in 1902 and Grace in 1899.

Extra information added from the Venn Family history - see Links ( link updated with new address, Feb.06)

Venner Family
Isobel Venner of Washfield married George Besley (see the Besley family) and had seven children, all born in Templeton. Also see Links for further information. Isobel's parents were Jacob Venner (chr. 30 Jan 1771 in Washfield according to one descendant, d.1841, son of John Venner 1732-1811 and Mary Dalling.) and Elizabeth Hatswell (1774-1839) who had 16 children altogether (details available) all b.Washfield but christened in Stoodleigh. One source has speculated that Jacob and Isaac were the same person but this is unlikely. According to another source, quoting the Stoodleigh register, Isaac was the father of 'Isabella' who was baptised on 8 Nov 1805, whereas 'Isobel', daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth was born on 8 Nov 1806 and baptised on 6 Dec 1806 (researched from the Parish Records in Devon Records Office and from David Venner's book on the Venner family)

Correction One of the 16 children of Jacob Venner and Elizabeth Hatswell was Eliza, b. 4 Sep 1796 and chr. 20 Dec 1796 in Stoodleigh was not as first stated, 'F.S.' - female servant in 1841 aged 30 to George Maunder (35) at Colston [Farm]. Jacob's daughter Eliza was born on 4 Sep 1796 whereas the F.S. Eliza was born about 1811. The Eliza who married George Maunder before 1851 does not appear to be either of these two as she was born about 1798. George is not named as a widower in 1861 but so far [Nov 2009] his wife has not been found anywhere then, nor on the 1871 census.

Old Testament names such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Emanuel (sic) turn up in all the Stoodleigh Venner families so it seems likely they are all related. A search for the origins of this family, unless based in Templeton, is beyond the scope of this study but any information sorting out just the relevant families for Isobel (or Isabella!), or Susanna, below, would be very welcome.

Susanna Venner married John Bowden (for details see the Bowden family) and are listed on the 1841 census, both as aged 70, with three sons living at home, John, William and Christopher. They also both seem to have died before 1851. Stoodleigh shares a long western boundary with Templeton and the church is not far from the parish boundary, which means that people christened there could actually be born in Templeton. Whatever the case, their son William Bowden lived for some time in Templeton, dying there in 1859.

Jane, born in Templeton about 1844 was the wife of William Venner born about 1834 in Oakford. She could be Jane Wood, daughter of Richard Wood and Barbara who matches age and place of birth. William and Jane were living at 10 Cardiff St Llangeinor, Glamorgan, Wales in 1881. William was a coal miner and Jane a dressmaker and they had 7 children, Mary 16, born in 'Devon', Richard 14, born Rose Ash, ('Rosash'), Annie 10 and Matilda J., 8, both born in Witheridge, William G. 6, born in St Nicholas, Glamorgan, Elizabeth E. 4, born in Gloucester and Arthur Thomas, 1, born in Portbury.
[PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5328 Folio 89 Page 51]


Vesey, Veysey, Voysey Families
These are grouped together here as it seems likely the names are related though the spellings are varied. They are listed in that order directly below

.James Vesey, 72, labourer, was born in Templeton about 1779. He was at Court Cott, Bickleigh in 1851, with his wife Elizabeth, 75, b. Combestock. [PRO Reference: HO/107/1888 Folio: 22 Page: 8 FHL Film: 0221038]

George Vesey, b. Templeton 1801, was also a labourer, surely the son of James above? In 1851 he was living in Home Cott, Bickleigh, with his wife Ann, 42, b. Silverton and two children b. Bickleigh, James 11 and William 6. [PRO Reference: HO/107/1888 Folio: 23 Page: 10 FHL Film: 0221038]

Veysey Family
A Sarah Veysey married John Loosemoor, 1746-1814, son of Thomas Loosemoor of Witheridge. He died in Templeton and was buried there on 27 Apr 1814, aged 65
See the Loosemore Family and also Personal Links for more on this family and on the related Mallets

In 1841 Sarah Veysey was a servant, aged about 20, in the household of Henry Martin at Cleave.
Ann Veysey, 85, was a pauper living in Coomb Mill Village (usually referred to as 'Mill Village' or 'Temple Mill') in 1841 with the Tapp family. John Tapp (b. according to different censuses in 1791 or 1801!) had married Ann Veysey in Templeton on 9 Feb 1829. Ann senr was born (very approximately) about 1756 and in view of her age could have been the grandmother of Ann, John's wife ( (See the Tapp Family)

Another George Veysey, from Cruwys Morchard, was buried in Templeton on 5 Jul 1829, aged 75 so he would have been born in 1754 and was perhaps also related.

Voysey Family
Thomas Voysey married Elizabeth Berry on 11 Jul 1754 in Templeton. Then on 20 Dec 1768 a Sarah Berry married a William Hooper in Templeton. The two girls were perhaps related.

The three members of this family listed as associated with Templeton in 1851 may also have been related - there is no obvious connection between them.

*Elizabeth Voysey, a widow of 51 and a farmer, was born in Templeton but was living at Furze (farm), Cheriton Fitzpayne. Also resident were Edward Burnet, 10, nephew, and William Burnett, 20. (Was William a nephew? The variation in spelling is not unusual at a time when it was not considered of any importance. Thomas Mogridge aged 69, a pauper originally a farmer, was living with the family. There was also a live-in farm labourer, William Packer aged 22 [PRO Reference: HO/107/1887 Folio: 463 Page: 3 FHL Film: 0221037]
* John Voysey was a farm labourer of 60, b.Templeton but living at Puddington where hiis wife, Margaret, 57, had been born. [HO/107/1887 Folio 484 p.1]
*Sarah Voysey, a widow of 71, b.Templeton was a nurse (of her infant grandchild) and mother-in-law of the Brown family of Poughill. John Brown was certainly versatile! He is listed as a farmer of 33 acres, a baker and innkeeper of the Rose & Crown, Poughill. He was born in Stockleigh-English and his wife Sarah, 37, was born in Woolfardisworthy. All the Brown children were born in Poughill, Walter V.Brown, 7, Alfred Hodge Brown, 5, Peter Voysey Brown, 4, Sarah Jane Brown, 2, and Anna Maria Brown, 2 months. There were also 4 servants in this busy household.

Vicary/Vickery Family
This is spelt Vickery in 1851 and Vicary in 1881. James Vicary was born in Newton St Cyres about 1845 but moved north to Templeton some time in the 1860s. He married Dinah Collard, almost certainly the daughter of John Collard and Elizabeth in the Dec Q 1869 [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Vol 5b p.791] They had one child in 1871, Lucy aged 4 months, born in Cruwys Morchard and then two more, Harriet A. born in Thelbridge in 1873 and Walter J. born in Cheriton in 1879. By 1881 they had moved to Coombe near Crediton.

Vile Family
James Vile married Elizabeth White in Templeton on 23 Jun 1823. A child, Henry Vile aged 3, was buried in Templeton on 1 Jun 1827.


Waller Family
John and Joseph Waller are both listed as farmers in Templeton, John in Kelly's directory of 1866, both in Harrod's of 1873 and 1878 and John in White's of 1878-9. White's gives the name of the farm, South Coombe. The account book ends in 1864 but John is still listed in a directory of 1909 as the farmer at South Coombe. Joseph, in the same directory, is listed as the farmer at 'Templetown', perhaps the same place as 'Town Living'?

In 1871 John Waller was farming 270 acres at Higher South Coombe, Templeton. He was 47 and born in Cruwys Morchard. His wife Ann was 46, born in Honeychurch and the children record their moves around the south-west. Mary B. was 17, John 15, both born in Cruwys Morchard, Thomas P.B. was 11, born in Westbury-on-Trim, Glos., 'Agness' was 9, born Nailsea, Som. and William 7 was born in Cruwys Morchard.

In 1881 Joseph Waller is recorded as being at Middletown Living, rated as a farm of 336 acres employing four labourers. He was born in Cruwys Morchard about 1841 and his wife Julia, 2 years younger, was born at Cheriton Fitzpaine. They had five children, Lily, 9, born at Cruwys Morchard, Mark 7, Fred 4, Charlie 3, and Ella L, 1, all born in Templeton.

Warren Family
At present the earliest known Warren in Templeton is Thomas Warren who married Mary Hobson on 24 Jan 1755 there. (Note - in original register only)

In 1881 Mary Warren (formerly Mary Burnett, wife of John Burnett), widow for the second time, was living alone at 'Midle Week' in Bishops Nympton. She is described as a nurse, aged 60, born in 'Roseash' (i.e. Rose Ash) By 1891, aged 70, she was living at 'Templeton Cottage' and is described as 'sick nurse', but it is impossible to tell who it was that she was nursing. The household was that of her son Thomas Burnet(t), 31, 'shoeing & jobbing smith'. He and his wife Lydia (formerly Ayre and a dressmaker), 35, both born in Rose Ash had four children, all born in Templeton, William Ayre Burnett, 7, Mary Burnett, 5, Fredric Burnett 6, and Lydia Burnett, 11 months. Also living with them was John Lock 16, blacksmith's apprentice to his uncle. John was born in Bishops Nympton. [1891 Enumerator 06 Folio 58 Page 3 Sched. 10 - Templeton Cottage] (See other Lock families associated with Templeton)

Way Family
Marriages in Templeton
John Way m. Sarah Baker 10 Aug 1810 (Note - only available in the original register).
John Way m. Sarah Collard 25 Aug 1825

Burials in Templeton
Mary Way, 4 weeks, of Templeton, b. 1813, bur. 16 May 1813.
Sarah Way, 1, of Rackenford, b. 1814, bur. 16 Nov 1815
Martha Way, 2 mths, of Stoodleigh, b.1825, bur. 20 Mar 1825.
Priscilla Way, 10 mths, of Tiverton, b. 1830, bur. 27 Oct 1831
Mary Way, 7 wks, of Tiverton, b. 1832 bur.13 Aug 1832,

There are quite a few Ways associated with Templeton, the name also appearing on a number of occasions as witnesses,

John Way born about 1787 in Rackenford, and a tailor, was living at Pond Head Tenement in Templeton in 1841. He married Sarah Baker, b. in Rose Ash, almost certainly Sarah Baker in 1810 (see above - he is the only 'matching' John Way of the right age). They had at least four children, all born in Templeton, three still at home in both 1841 and 1851. A Margaret Whitmore, 45, was also living with them in 1841.
1. William Way b.abt.1816, a tailor like his father, was married to 'Ellinor', b. abt 1817 in Bampton. In 1841 they had one child, Sarah, aged 9 mths and were living in Mellhuish Tenement. By 1881 William was a farmer of 8 acres at 17 Norton Row, Oystermouth, Glamorgan, Wales. In 1891 William Way (1816) now 74 and farming 8 acres, was still living in Oystermouth with Ellinor, 75,. Living - or just staying - with them was their son John, 36, and John's wife Grace. Also presumably just visiting, was their daughter Sarah Lockett, 50, born in 1841 (above) and her son William who was then 7. Sarah's husband, William Lockett, now found in 1881, was a fireman on board a steamer, born about 1839 in Redruth, Cornwall. See the Lockett family for more details.

With thanks to Russ for 1891 census details giving the Way and Lockett family link

2. Ann Way b.abt 1822, a 'sempstress' by 1851.
3. Louisa Way b.abt 1823 a dressmaker by 1851
4. Raymond Way b.abt 1827 , a tailor by 1851. By 1861 he had moved to Swansea, working as an outfitter at 32-33, Strand. He married Mary Ann from Bideford and had two children, Albert R.Way b.1859 and Frederick C.Way b.1860. Also living with them was a niece, William's daughter, Sarah, , now 20 and a tailoress. Mary Clarke, 55, from Barnstaple, was the housekeeper (the 1871 census reveals that she was Sarah's mother) and there was also a servant, John Crook, 27, listed as a 'porter', also born in Barnstaple. In 1881 Raymond, now 52 still an 'outfitter' and Mary Ann, 51, were at 1 Mackworth Terrace, Swansea St Thomas, Glamorgan [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5363 Folio 128 Page 17]. Their sons, Frederick C. Way, 21 and Alfred R. Way, 16, both born in Swansea. Frederick was a schoolmaster and Alfred an accountant's clerk. There was also a 'daughter', Matilda Barkill, 16, born in Newdown, Cornwall, employed as a domestic servant, but this is surely an error by the enumerator - a daughter of the same age as Alfred born so far away does not make sense, quite apart from her name and occupation!

'John Way of Templeton' died in 1856 [Free BMD Deaths Jun 1856 (>99%) Way John Tiverton Vol 5b p,277] and left a Will which is held by the Estate Duty Office. A copy [for GDP3.50] can be downloaded from Documents Online ref. 1078/IRW/W/310 - date: 1856

Another John Way, born in 1801 in Morchard Bishop, first appears on the 1851 census for Templeton. He was an ag.lab. then living in Mill Village. His wife Mary, 38, was born in Cadeleigh and a lodger, James Billing, aged 26, was a Chelsea Pensioner, formerly an 'ag.lab.', born in Cadeleigh. James is listed as 'blind', perhaps from a wound received in military service in view of his young age. [PRO Reference: HO/107/1889 Folio: 391 Page: 4 FHL Film: 0221039]

This must be the same John Way as immediately above, a 'former agricultural labourer (pauper)' who was living at Lagg, Templeton in 1871 - he was 74, born in Morchard Bishop and Mary was 59, born in Cadeleigh. Although the ages do not quite agree this is typical of many people at the time who were not accurate about either their own ages or anyone else's. They had a 'StepDau' living with them, Sarah Greenslade aged 20, a milliner born in Cheriton Fitzpayne. The meaning of 'step-daughter' is variable and rarely the same as now.. If she was Mary's daughter she would have been a Way. Perhaps it was some kind of 'adoption' and she was related in some other way.

Sarah Way, wife of John Way (1807, b.Poughill), was born in Templeton about 1815, but this family was living at Mudfords No.1, Cruwys Morchard in 1851. She was obviously John's second wife as the eldest of the children was Henry, an ag.lab. aged 24. He and the rest of the children, Ann, 12, Sarah, 10 and Mary, 6.were all born in Puddington.(By 1881 Henry, an ag.lab. was a widower living in Puddington with three daughters) Sarah's identity is unknown. She was too young (about 10 in 1825!) to be the Sarah Collard, above, in the Templeton marriage register. [HO/107/1889 ff 401 p.4] George Way, 15, was also born in Puddington, which suggests that he was another son of this John but not of Sarah. He was working as a servant for George Besley at Higher South Coombe.

Yet another John Way (1829) was born in Templeton but neither he nor his wife Sarah, born in Moretonhampstead have been found in Devon in 1851. In 1881 they were living at Camins Cottage, Thelbridge. John was then aged 52, a land drainer and his wife Sarah, was 51. They had one son living with them, John, an ag.lab. of 19, born Lapford about 1861. [PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2227 Folio 51 Page 9]

Mary J. Way was born in 'Temple' in 1856 but living in Tiverton in 1881.

Mary Ann Way, was born in Rackenford about 1847. She married John Chown of Templeton in the Sep Q of 1876 [Ref: S.Molton Vol.5a p.778a] and had 6 children. All of them (listed under the Chown family) had the middle name listed as 'Way' on at least one census. Mary Ann was the daughter of Robert Earl Way, yet another tailor, who was born in Rackenford about 1794, and Mary his wife born about 1811 in Stoodleigh, a dressmaker. Two of Mary Ann''s older brothers were also tailors in 1851 so it must have been quite a busy family business! She was the 5th child of 6 and one brother was also yet another Raymond. Whether this implies any relationship with the families above is unknown, but the coincidences are interesting.

The 1841 Census for Rackenford gives Mary Ann's family, though of course she was born later. Her grandmother, Mary was living with them and about 80 years old. Mary Ann's father, Robert Earl Way was given as 45, her mother Mary as 30 and the rest of the family were John, 7, Robert 5, and Raymond 1. Ada was born 1844, Mary Ann in 1846 and Louis William in 1848, all dates approximate and all born in Rackenford. Robert Earl Way's signature appears on many records - including the marriage in 1781 of John Crook to Mary Mogford, parents of William Crook senior, the thatcher of Templeton - so perhaps he was the Rackenford parish clerk.

[Note - originally confused with Mary Ann Norrish, the same age and born in the same village, but now corrected.
Also many thanks to a Crook family descendanrt for extra Rackenford census information]


Webber Family
The following Webbers have been re-listed in order of birth in case they are related. In general in most cases farmers, even of very large farms, seem to have worked their way up after setting out as agricultural labourers - basically like the old apprentice system, learning all aspects of husbandry.

*William Webber married Mary Cockram in Templeton on 25 Feb 1770

*William Webber married Ann Snow in Templeton on 25 Aug 1806 . (Note - in original register only)

*William Webber, born in Woolfardisworthy about 1825 was apprenticed at 9 to Mr Anthony Gill in Tiverton but three years later Mr Gill died. Mrs Gill agreed that he could live with his mother and father-in-law, (step-father?) Martin Norrish in Rackenford, but after three weeks he went to work for William Beedell of Rackenford. After that he seems to have been unable to settle, being three months with William Beedell in Cruwys Morchard, returning to Rackenford and then working in turn for Bealey of Calverleigh, William Stevens of Templeton and then returned to Cruwys Morchard. He was 16 by then, in 1841, when he became ill and was admitted to the workhouse.
[Settlement Examinations: William Webber ref. 1092A-1/PO 97 date: 1841]
'Mr William Stevens of Templeton' was almost certainly the farmer at Middle North Combe.

*William Webber b. Bampton in 1845 married Sarah A.Cornwall who was born in Stockleigh in 1843 but lived in Templeton for a while.Her youngest siblings, Emily and Benjamin George, were born there in 1848 and 1850 respectively. William Webber and Sarah had nine sons, some of them born in Whitchurch, Glamorgan. (Details if required)

*William Webber, born in Rackenford in 1846, married Susan Cornwell daughter of William Cornwell and Anna (nee Tout) who was born in Templeton in 1845.

The farmer - at Higher Way Tiverton was a William Webber, 35, born Rackenford and his wife Susan A., 36, was born in Templeton. [The only Susan found so far in Templeton who is the right age is Susan Ann Cornwell. and the 'Susan A.'. backs this up

John Webber, 37 in 1851 born at Bradninch about 1814, was an ag.lab. living at Pond Head Cottage, Templeton with his wife Ann, 59, born Thelbridge. (An unusual age difference!) Other Bradninch Webbers on the 1851 census don't appear to be connected with Templeton.

George Webber, 23, was farming 270 acres at South Coombe Farm in 1881, employing 1 labourer and 3 boys. He was born in Cruwys Morchard and his wife Mary, 28, was born in Tiverton. They had one son, George T.Webber, 5 months old, born in Templeton. There were also in the household two indoor farm servants, Thomas Goss, 15, from Washfield, and Arthur Baker, 14, from Tiverton.

Other Webbers also turn up in the Way family of Cruwys Morchard but this is outside the scope of this study.

West Family
*Robert West (b.1827). had been a servant in 1851 at Middle North Combe, Templeton, then rented by Catherine (Kate) Stevens. He was 28 in 1851, born at Uplowman about 1824. Before 1858 he married Mary Stevens, Kate's daughter, eventually taking over the farm in 1862. Kate continued to pay the rent up to and including May 1862. (See the account book) but the following November it was Robert himself who was paying the rent and the entries continue for a further two years to the end of the book.

Tree showing relationships between the West and Gibbon families

In 1871 Robert, 47, and Mary, 46, were of course still at Middle North Coombe, a farm of 36 acres. Their daughter Lavinia, born in Templeton, was 12. There were also two servants in the household, John Coles, 38, an indoor farm servant born in Somerset, and Sarah A.Gard, 18, a domestic servant born in Devon. William Maunder, a widower of 77, a disabled agricultural labourer born in Somerset, was visiting. It is not known whether he was related to the Maunder family of Templeton or not.

In 1881 Lavinia, born in the Jun Q of 1859 in Templeton [Tiverton Reg.Dist. Jun Q 1859 Vol.5b p.411], was employed as a domestic servant on a farm of 305 acres, Woodland Pleasant, at West Anstey. The farmer was Fred Yendale, 29, born Rackenford. His wife Susan, 26, was born at Molland and a cousin, Emily Yendale, 14, born West Buckland, was living with them.

Sarah [Blake] and John Gibbons had a daughter, Christian, born in 1871. John Gibbons died in 1871. Sarah, now a widow, married Robert West in 1873.and had seven more children over the next 15 years. (See the Blake and Gibbons families) Elizabeth Blake, 26, Sarah's sister, was also living at Middle North Combe farm in 1881

There were also two other indoor servants, William Gale, 19, born Bishops Nympton and James Courtney, 16, born West Anstey. [Tiverton Jun Q 1859 Vol.5b p.411]

1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 where born

Robert West b. 1823?
Sarah [Blake] b. 1850
Christian Gibbons [step-dau]
Robert West
Mary Ann Blake West
William Blake West
Frank West
Sarah Blake West
Samuel John West
Dora West
Frederick H. Gibbon[nephew]

9 mths
- 47

1 mth
b. Bradninch

When their parents had both died in a short space of time the Gibbons children were sent round to relatives. John and sister Mary went to live with their mother, Christian Hill. Frederick married Jane Blake, daughter of Henry, so perhaps she was a cousin of his aunt-by-marriage, Sarah Blake.

Robert West is listed as 36 in 1881 but this is a wrong transcription of 56 - there was no Robert West born about 1845! His exact age in fact does seem to be somewhat uncertain, being given as 67 in 1891 and 74 in 1901 though he is quite definitely still the same person but this is not uncommon for the time. Middle North Combe was a farm of 137 acres and he is recorded there in 1881 with his wife Sarah, 30, born Templeton 1851. Step-daughter often means daughter-in-law but obviously not in this case! All the family, except himself (b. Uplowman) were born in Templeton.

Robert is listed as farmer in Kelly's directory of 1866, Morris's of 1870, and Harrod's of 1873 and 1878. White's of 1878-9 gives the name of the farm as Middle Combe, the designation 'North' not being added. This may not be of any significance. He is still also to be found in a directory of 1909.

In 1891 there was also a John Strong, 29, from Tiverton, a living-in farm servant. [1891 - Enumerator 06 Folio 57 Page 2 Sched. 7 - Middle North Coomb] In 1901 he is described as a lodger and a 'road contractor' aged 39.


Wescott/Westcott Family
Tom Wescott, aged 27, was living in Templeton in 1901. He was a horse carter on the farm of his brother-in-law Eli Alfred Barrow, 31, farmer b.High Bray and sister(?) Lucy Barrow, 33, b.Hawkridge.

Edward Charles Westcott, b. Newton St Cyres married Emily A. Chown, b. 1874 in Templeton. They had one son, Percival John Westcott about whom nothing is known other than one daughter called Jo who became Jo Moore. Emily was the daughter of Thomas Chown and Dinah Cheriton and granddaughter of William Chown and Elizabeth Tucker, also of John Cheriton and Mary Bennet.

Westron Family
Richard Westron was born in 1811 at Halberton. He was a farmer in 1851 but at Filbrook Farm, Butterleigh. His wife, Elizabeth, 38, was born in Cullompton and his sons Frank, 4, and Septimus, 3, were born in Uffculm. The name 'Septimus' suggests he could have been the 7th child, but it isn't proof by itself. They had three servants.

Very shortly after this the Westrons moved to Templeton, taking over from George Wreford at Middle Town Living & Partridge, a farm said on the 1851 census to consist of 179 acres, from 1852 to 1864 and later.

Whiddon Family
No sign of the 'Dan'l Whiddon' from the old Devon song, 'Uncle Tom Cobley', but several others! The first known Whiddon is Sarah who married William Gardiner in Templeton on Christmas Day 1771 (probably his only free day). There is an additional note in the original register. It's also worth noting that a Gregory Gardiner married Susannah Maunder in Templeton on 19 Jun 1776, so perhaps these two Gardiners were brothers.

Next comes Thomas Whiddon who married Sarah Hooper on 2 Sep 1787 in Templeton. Nothing more is known of him personally but it looks highly probable that William Whiddon, a farmer of 152 acres born about 1790 in Templeton was his son. William was living at East Court, Cadeleigh in 1851. His wife Sarah, 58, was born in Tiverton which is where the children, all then unmarried, were also born, William, 27, Henry 25, Caroline 22, Charlotte 17 and Eliza 13. There were two labourers on the farm and one servant, a John Ellies, 19, b. Halberton.

Perhaps all these Whiddons were related. More information either way is always welcome.

White Family
This name is given simply as 'White' in the bills for glazing and plumbing so the 'plumber' cannot be identified. White is also a fairly common name but there were local families who appear to have lived in Templeton for much of the 18th century at least.

John White of Cruwys Morchard was buried in Templeton on 9 Nov 1811, aged 68, so he was born about 1753
Mary White married John Collyns 16 Mar 1760 in Templeton.
Ann White who married John Titball in Templeton on 21 Jul 1808 was perhaps a sister of Henry White, below? John Titball must be the same person as the John Tidball of Tiverton who was buried in Templeton on 15 Aug 1833 aged 63.
Elizabeth White married James Vile on 23 Jun 1823 in Templeton.

(new) The Will of a John White of Templeton who died in 1822 or earlier is held by the Estate Duty Office and is listed on the A2A website. He has not been identified though his Will may help on this. [ref: 1078/IRW/W/673 - date: 1822] The same also applies to the Will of 'Elizabeth White of Templeton' who must have died in or before 1841, and White could be either a maiden name or a married name but of course she can't be the identified with Eilizabeth [White] Vile above![ref. 1078/IRW/W/656 - date: 1841] Copies [GDP3.50 each] of the wills can be downloaded from Documents Online

Henry White, born about 1796 in Templeton, was living at Little Esworthy, in 1841. He was about 45, with one servant, Elizabeth Squire, 30, an ag lab of 65, Richard Manley, and an apprentice, George Thorne, 15.
In 1851 Henry was still at Little Esworthy, given as 55, a farmer of 40 acres and unmarried, employing two labourers. He had two servants, Sarah Squire, 34, (sister of Elizabeth?) born Cadeleigh and William Collard, 19, born in Tiverton.

In 1871 Henry was living on Temple Hill, aged 75 and described as a 'retired farmer and landowner' born in Templeton. He was now married to Ann who was 60 and born in Cruwys Morchard.

By 1881 Henry, now described as ' retired farmer', had moved to Rose Cottage. His wife Ann born 1811 at Cruwys Morchard was twin sister to Henry's 'sister-in-law' Elizabeth Chown, "formerly mason's wife" also born 1811 at Cruwys Morchard who was living with them.

Elizabeth White could be another sister of Henry's perhaps. She married James Vile in Templeton on 23 Jun 1823. . A child, Henry Vile, from Stoodleigh, born in 1824 was probably a member of their family as he was buried, aged 3 in Templeton on 1 Jun 1827.
( A less likely match is to the couple living at Bishops Nympton in 1851 with three children, John 27, Jane 14 and 'Fredric' 5. James, 63 would have been 35 at his marriage and Elizabeth would have been 30 but all the family, including Elizabeth are given as born in Bishops Nympton.)

John White, a widower aged 59 in 1851, was born in Templeton. He had two daughters living with him at Thorne, Cruwys Morchard, Elizabeth 11 and Charlotte 9, both born there. There were four servants, Mary Pellow,23, born in Sourton, Susanna Darch, 16 and John Stevens, 19, born in Cruwys Morchard, and John Chown 14, born Tiverton. He was probably Henry White's brother.

Another Henry White, this time 'Mr Henry White' - 'the 'Mr' implying some status - is listed in a directory of 1909 as living at Temple Bridge.

Frank White was the farmer at Colston in 1891. He was born on 11 May 1864 in Sowton, the 3rd son of Francis White, farmer. He married Mary Elizabeth Clements (the name 'Mary' does not appear on the census) who was born about 1862 in Tiverton and in 1891 they had a son John, 2, who was born in Tiverton on 28 Feb 1889, the first of 8 children. They do not appear to have been related to any of the other White families in Templeton at that time and by 1901 were living in Witheridge parish, later moving again to Manor Mills Farm, Cruwys Morchard.
In 1891 the Whites had one servant, Frederic(k) Page aged 20 born in Sidbury.
[Folio 59 Page 5 Sched. 21 - Colston 1891]

With many thanks to a descendant of Frank White for more information on this family.
who also added "I remember my grandmother telling me that her father was burnt out
of his farm when she was a young child and think it may have been at Colston."


Wood Family
(new) The earliest known member of this family in Templeton is now no longer John Wood below but 'William Wood of Templeton, yeoman' who was one of the trustees responsible for the funds belonging to the Baptist Chapel in Tiverton in 1704-5. His name is listed under the heading 'Title Deeds' along with Richard Cock the younger of Tiverton, clothier, and Thomas Dunsford the younger of Tiverton, sergemaker. At this time a 'yeoman' was still a farmer who did not quite have the status of 'gent.' but was more prosperous than a husbandman, though the term gradually came to mean simply 'farmer'.
[5 documents - Ref. 3958D - 3/66 to 3/70]

The next person found with this name is John Wood who married Joan Goss in 1759 (exact date not known). Joan, given as from Cruwys Morchard, was buried in Templeton on 27 Oct 1822 aged 90 so she was born about 1732. If related to William Wood above John would be a grandson rather than son.

Another Joan Wood who was buried in Templeton on 12 Oct 1823 was only aged 56 (born 1767) so she was perhaps a daughter - or daughter in law - of John Wood and Joan.

William Wood given as aged 25 in 1841, was an ag.lab. living at Lower Town Living and working on the farm of James Beedell.

In 1871 George Wood, 15, born in Tiverton, was a carter working for Edmund Bidgood at Middle Town Living in Templeton. It is not known what became of him as he was not in the south-west in 1881.

Typical of a farm labourer of the time are the movements of the Woods. In 1881 Richard, 49, born in Rackenford and his wife Barbara, 48, born in West Anstey, had 5 children. Daniel, 12, was born in Creacombe, Eliza 9 in Knowstone, then Jane 7 and Andrew 4 in Templeton. George, 9 mths, was born in Rackenford and they were still living in a cottage there. Jane possibly married William Venner - further details are included only under the Venner family for the present.

Worth Family
William Lloyd Jones, born in Cheshire about 1832, and related to the Baring-Gould family, entered Emmanuel College Cambridge 10 Jun 1851 and received a B.A. in 1856. He was perhaps appointed to a parish in Newton Abbot, and married Henrica Duntz Worth, heiress to estates in Washfield. Their eldest child, alsoWilliam, was born about 1864 in Newton Abbot his father was Curate of Woolborough, Devon 1862 - 1864 and Curate of St Mary Major, Exeter 1864 - 1865. William senior became Rector of Washfield from 1865 (to 1884) and his next child, Lucy was born there. They had six children in all but it is just the fifth, Charles Henry Lloyd Worth, who is known to have connections with Templeton. Charles was born about 1872 in Washfield and in 1881 was still at home. Two of his older brothers were at school in Bampton but there was a governess in the Worth household, though by this time Charles at the age of 8 - then of an age to begin a classical education - may have been taught by his father.

In 1891, at the age of 18, Charles is listed in the Census for Templeton as "LLOYD Charles Henry" is interesting as it was only in 1882 that his father took the name of Worth by Royal Licence but he seems to have dropped the Jones already. Charles was then boarding as a .'Pupil Student Of Theology' with James Fowler, the Rector of Washfield. The set-up in Templeton does not seem to have been a regular 'school' as the pupils - if they were pupils - were very mixed, namely the Rector's own son, Herbert aged 21, a 'Student of Theology', William Cross an Oxford undergraduate aged 20 born in Cullompton, not far away, and Charles Kilcoame, a pupil of 13 from Scotland. Possibly Charles was being coached for entry to Oxford or Cambridge but it could have been the Easter vacation and just a gathering of old friends. James Fowler was not the Rector in 1881 and neither he nor William Cross have been found in Devon earlier than 1891.

In 1901 the Rector at Templeton was still James Fowler, and presumably William Loyd Worth was still Rector of Washfield. 'Charles Lloyd Henry Worth' - a rather odd order of his names - given as aged 29, born Washfield was visiting with his family. His mother, Henrica, had died in Washfield in 1891. Charles married Julia Mabel ('Mable') Wood born in Uffculme, in the Jun Q of 1894 [Tiverton 5b p.769], now 28, and they had one daughter, Mabel Winifred Lloyd Worth aged 6 born in Chichester, SSX, perhaps where Charles was previously a curate? There was also a visitor, Ethel Wood, born Uffculme, presumably Julia's sister.

Wreford Family
George Wreford was paying rent at Middle Town Living & Partridge from May 1846. He is recorded on the 1851 census at 'Middle Town Living', a farm of 179 acres with five labourers. He was aged 34, born in Morchard Bishop as was his wife Elizabeth who was 26. Their two children, William, 3, and Ellen Jane, 7, were both born in Templeton.

They also had a visitor, Mary A.Tucker, 14, born in Morchard Bishop. There were three servants, Mary Mitchell, 12, born Cruwys Morchard, Francis Western 17, born Stoodleigh and William Western, 13, born Tiverton. The name 'Western' is probably just a variant of 'Westron'.

By November 1852 Richard Westron had taken over the farm.

William Wreford, George's son, was was running Bradford Farm, 250 acres in Witheridge in 1881 , with 2 men and 2 boys. Already a widower at 33 he had one son living with him, Alfred K., aged 4 born in Witheridge. Elizabeth, now George's widow was also living with him, and they had three servants at the house. Honour Saunder, unmarried, was 65, birthplace unknown and not identified in 1851, William Phillips, 16, was born at Witheridge and an 'ag.lab. indoors', as was James Morrish, also 16, born Rackenford.

At Ford Cottage, Tiverton in 1881 was a large Wreford family. Robert, the head, another 'ag.lab' was born in Puddington in 1827. His wife Sarah A. was 20 years younger, born in Oakford in 1847. Their children were Minnie, 13, born Cruwys Morchard, Jessie 11 and Lillie 10, born 'Kennerleigh' Mills, Robert H. 8, born in Templeton, Fred J. 6, born Sandford, Eva, 5, born Silverton and William H. 2 and Arthur 1 born in Tiverton. A much-travelled family! (Kennerleigh is the same place as Kennerly).

Wright Family
William Wright was born in Rose Ash about 1856. He seems to have worked as a labourer there until at least 1886, living at Oatkill (Farm?) with his wife Elizabeth, two years younger, and their first child, Herbert F. Wright, given as aged two in 1881. By 1901 William was the farmer at Higher North Coombe, taking over from William Turner of Ashreigny, both Herbert, now 21, and another child, Bessie, 15, having been born at Rose Ash. They also had a servant, William Edworthy, aged 15, a 'horse carter' on the farm, born at Meshaw.