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Farms and Cottages in Templeton

There are no details of whether rent was paid for land or housing. If a directory lists a farmer as an owner presumably he paid rent for extra fields not for the whole farm but the account book does not give this information.

Table of farms and farmers in chronological order, when occupied, and rents paid
Same details as above but the names of the farmers are arranged alphabetically
Table of cottages and succeeding occupiers deduced mainly from the rents with dates and rents paid
Alphabetical tabled list of the people so far found living in the village from the account book, directories and the censuses of 1851 and 1881
Family details - wives and children - of some of the above, including relatives and others of the same surname from neighbouring villages
Account Book The account book kept by the land steward between 1846 and 1864; separate pages for rents and payments, each arranged for every half year, Lady Day (25th March) and Michaelmas (25th September); full texts in pdf format
Sample page copy of the original first page of the book
Landlords The Chichester family of Calverleigh ( not the only land-owners or landlords in the village!)
Land steward George Jackson, also farmer and gamekeeper, a brief history. Or with much more detail on the family pages beginning with George in Hampshire