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Farmers of Templeton


Name 'Address' Dates known Notes
James Beedell High & Low Town Living, then Cloggs 1846-1852 farmer
George Besley Lower South Combe 1846-1864 farmer
Henry Blake High & Low Town Living 1852-1864 farmer
Robert Blake Starraton Farm 1846-1850 farmer; 
Samuel Blake Starraton Farm 1850-1864
William Blake Low & High North Combe 1846-1864 farmer
Roger Chamberlain Clieve Farm 1846-1850 farmer
George Jackson South Combe
 (dates from birth of son & census 1851))land steward, gamekeeper, farmer; no rent paid
George Lock Clieve Farm 1851-1864 farmer
Sarah Mallett Middle Town Living 1846 (1 yr) farmer -148 acres;
Henry Martin Clieve Farm 1846 (1 yr) farmer
Thomas Payne Cloggs 1846-M1847 farmer
William Stevens Middle North Combe 1846-1850 died 1850?
Kate Stevens Middle North Combe 1850-1862 wife of William Stevens? died 1862?
Robert West Middle North Combe 1862-1864 farmer
Richard Westron Middle Town Living & Partridge 1852-1864 farmer
George Wreford Middle Town Living & Partridge 1846-1852 farmer

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