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How you can help - Much remains to be filled in on the people of the village, their backgrounds, where they came from, where they went to... If you find one of your ancestors here - and there are plenty of 'strays' - any details or stories you can add will be very welcome.

The aim is not to include complete family histories but to pinpoint two or three generations. At present these pages are concerned only with the 19th century. They are not looking at the history or the people in other centuries except where concerned with a family which had been living in the village for a long time.

Indications are given throughout the text where information is incomplete or as yet unknown. Many assumptions have been made which may appear questionable in the light of new evidence. If you have corrections or extra information please state your sources or the reasons for your statements wherever possible.

Genealogical, historical or other more general queries cannot be answered. Please keep your comments short.

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