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4 January Update of the Venn family - beginning major updates from the last file for a change, rather than the first. Plus a note on the hazards of finding badly transcribed records - fortunately I knew they were in Templeton in 1861 or I would still be looking! (This update may criss-cross the alphabet where marriages are to local people, but details will be given here)


7 July Update of information on Isabella E.Norrish born 1859, working for William Elston, farmer at Millhayes, Bickleigh, with thanks to her great-great niece. More information (non-Templeton) available by request.

20 April Further update on the descendants of William Davey, Templeton mason. Also updates on the file 'Families BAK-BLE' (families_b1.htm)

16 March Update on children of John Davey, son of William Davey, Templeton mason (listed in the account book) Connections made with previous 'strays'

16 March 2007 This page begun

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