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Account book - the original A scanned copy of the first two facing pages (May 1846) of the Account Book can be seen here. They are rather large - 69k and 64k - in order to keep them legible.

Account Book - copies About the accounts book with a complete listing. The files are all now available in PDF format. This 'working copy' is in 72 quite small files converted from the documents as deposited in Exeter Local Studies library and in Tiverton Museum. Each year from 1846 to 1864 inclusive is in four parts: rents and bills for Lady Day and for Michaelmas.
George Jackson's son Albert used the free spaces in the book for his own notes. They have been included to give a more accurate version of the original.

The Land Steward
George Jackson and his wife came from Hampshire and retired to Sussex. Their daughter, Emma, was born in Washfield in 1828 and reappears on the Chichester pages as lady's maid to "Miss Chichester" (Eliza). Their son Albert was born at South Combe farm in 1835.

Census details Only 1851 and 1881 used so far. Plenty of room for more!

Directories List of those consulted, plus other books and pamphlets which are relevant.

Record Offices Correspondence of the Chichester and Chichester-Constable families and others. Records deposited in Beverley Record Office, East Riding.

Correspondence Some information has been collected already from descendants of people in the Account Book. Acknowledgements of this - and any more! - will appear here or on the relevant pages.


Those consulted were mainly those of 1851 and 1881 with additions from 1891. A search on the 1881 Census without names but with the birthplace marked as 'Templeton' found a few more, like William Bond, barman b.1863, Betsy Curtis b.1838, wife of John Curtis, beadle, who was himself born in Calverleigh. There were very few people in London who were born in Templeton, which is not surprising but a similar search substituting Witheridge produced quite a large number most of whom had moved to London some time before. In the case of the Chichesters found in both Devon and London most of those found were mostly members of the large extended family which originated in the Barnstaple area. Some were in London where they often had a town house at the very least for 'the season', dividing their time between the two.

Some information on Births and Marriages was also obtained from the IGI online.


There are quite a number of directories available for Devon for the 19th century. They contain descriptions of each village, a list including the incumbent of the church, parish officers, farmers and others. The number of tradesmen etc listed is variable. The later directories have more details and by the 19th century often include residents as well. Not all directories are in alphabetical order and it is also important to note that they are bound to be at least a year out of date.

Those consulted for Devon were in Tiverton Museum:

Other directories are those of Pigot & Co. of 1823-4 and 1844, Robson's London & Western Counties Directory of 1838 and White's of 1850.

Members of the Chichester family, especially Sir Charles Chichester, appear in the Dictionary of National Biography and the Dictionary of Catholic Biography, both available in the larger public libraries.

Volumes of Burke's Peerage and Baronetage and Burke's Landed Gentry are held by most large Reference Libraries, though many of those available are not kept on open shelves. Consult the index to find the relevant volume. Chichesters of Hall, near Barnstaple, Fellowes of Hants and Devon, Welds of Chideock, Lulworth etc in Dorset (who owned the house Stonyhurst) are in Volume I.

Crockford's Directory - this is the official directory of the Anglican church (also referred to as the Church of England, the Established Church), published each year with details of dioceses, parishes, their incumbents and various organisations besides contact addresses and telephone numbers, names of the clergy etc

The Catholic Directory - the official directory of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, published annually since 1837, listing parishes under their dioceses and archdioceses. Dates of church foundation are given, parish clergy, times of regular services, addresses, telephone numbers etc. Older editions obviously give fewer details, especially 1830! The Catholic hierarchy was only restored in 1851 so Bishops were preceded by Vicars Apostolic. Diocesan boundaries have also changed considerably over the whole period and dioceses were preceded by large divisions called vicariates.

Other Catholic records which are invaluable to genealogists researching Catholic families are those produced by Michael Gandy:-
Catholic Missions and Registers, 1700-1880 in 6 volumes at £7.10 each, Vol.3 being that for Wales and the West Country. It is easily obtainable through the Family tree Magazine postal service. (£7.48 with postage)
Historical Notes on English Catholic Missions by Bernard W.Kelly. This is a reprint of a book first published in 1907. 'Missions' includes all churches and chapels then in existence and should not be confused with the use of the word for an annual 'mission' - a course of special services and sermons, lasting usually one week and given by visiting priests, which was a regular practice for a very long time in the larger settled parishes.

Many books of Catholic history have references to the Chichester family, but mainly over three or four centuries, like John Bossy's The English Catholic Community 1570-1850 or Bernard Bassett's History of the English Jesuits but none of these books deal with the ordinary population.

The Victoria County Histories are held by most large reference libraries but not on the open shelves.

Devon Village Schools by R.Sellman could be very useful for many enquiries but see Templeton for information he doesn't include!

Record Offices

Exeter Local Studies Centre
A complete printed copy of the account book was sent to Exeter Record Office in 1995 and placed in the Local Studies Centre. See the Devon Record Office pages for lists of other extensive holdings here. Among their other documents is a set of Tithe maps of 1840+, viewable on microfiche (also to be seen at the PRO). Each map shows all tithable land as listed on the page for George Jackson. All buildings (including outbuildings), fields, woodland, streams and boundaries are shown. The accompanying Tithe Applotment records list of occupants owning or paying rent on propert , use of the land (gardens, orchards etc) and acreage - 'rods, poles and perches' if less than an acre! There may be other early maps of this area (contact the DRO) but the modern Ordnance Survey large scale map (Tiverton Sheet SS 81/91) is remarkably unchanged compared to many others!

The Tiverton Museum, seen here, is well worth a visit. A complete printed copy of the account book was deposited here in 1995 and placed in the Secondary Source material File for Templeton. It was proposed to start a personal name file for Templeton, listing all those found in the account book and elsewhere. Families.

Tiverton Library
A box of documents relating to Calverleigh is held in this library and is the source for information about David Nagle of Calverleigh. (Eccl.Antiq. of Devon No.33)

Tiverton Museum

Beverley Record Office, East Riding of Yorkshire
Many of the Chichester family records have been deposited here by Mr J.R.Chichester-Constable of Burton Constable. The boxes contain the following diaries:-

Burton Constable Hall is in the parish of Sproatley, Yorkshire, a few miles north-east of Hull. For available information on that area go to the Yorks/East Riding section of Genuki. There is now a camping and caravan site in the grounds of the Hall beside the two ornamental lakes.

Public Record Office
Tithe Maps are held at the PRO at Kew and can also be viewed in Exeter (see above). There is of course a charge for copies. The maps for Calverleigh etc are at IR 18. The tithe map for that part of Templeton at South Combe Farm on which George Jackson's 'holdings' are shown is at IR 29/9/404. The maps show fields which are numbered with reference to the schedule. The owner, occupier, field name and description (arable etc) are given, also houses, outhouses, workshops, shops, gardens and orchards. The Tithe Commutation Acts were in force from 1836-1860 and the rents were based on the average price of corn for the last seven years.

The PRO website has information leaflets on a vast number of subjects. These can only be obtained in person or online, not by post.

Catholic Central Library
This library kindly sent a photocopy of a couple of pages from the Catholic Directory for 1830, a rather rare book! This gave the name of the French emigré priest at Calverleigh Court, the Abbé Moutier.

Many thanks to those people - from places as far apart as Devon, Reading, Berks, and New Zealand - who have already sent information on ancestors and relatives or have kindly answered queries by looking up directories and books.

Thanks are due to:
Alan Voce, Genealogy & Local History Co-ordinator at Tiverton Museum
M.Rowe, County Archivist, Exeter (1995 - reply to query about the school)
Tim Wormleighton, Senior Archivist, North Devon Record Office, Barnstaple (1995 - entry relating to Templeton from R.Bovett's Historical Notes on Devon Schools)
Mary Turner (2000) for a directory look-up concerning Wreford, Rowe and Jackson
Stephen Davey (1995) - the Davey family
David Kightley (1995) - the Matthews family
Adrienne Richards (2000) - the Besley family

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